Kuru Sorcery

Author: Shirley Lindenbaum
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781317264729
Release Date: 2015-12-03
Genre: Social Science

Perhaps the best-documented epidemic in the history of medicine, kuru has been studied for more than fifty years by international investigators from medicine and the human sciences. This significantly revised edition of the landmark anthropological classic Kuru Sorcery brings up to date the anthropological contribution to understanding disease, the medical research that resulted in two medical Nobel Prizes, and the views of the Fore people who endured the epidemic and who still believe that sorcerers, rather than cannibalism, caused kuru. The kuru epidemic serves as a prism through which to see how Fore notions of disease causation bring into single focus their views about the body, the world of social and spiritual relations, and changes in economic and political conditions-aspects of thought and behaviour that Western medicine keeps separate.

Prions in Humans and Animals

Author: Beat Hörnlimann
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 9783110200171
Release Date: 2006-01-01
Genre: Medical

This comprehensive work, aimed at both students and researchers alike, systematically covers all aspects of prion diseases (transmissible spongiform encephalopathies), from their history, microbiology and pathology to their transmissibility and prevention. The book describes diseases such as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, kuru, mad cow disease (BSE), chronic wasting disease and scrapie, highlighting their biochemical, molecular biological, genetic, and clinical aspects. A renowned editorial team brought together 80 internationally respected authors for this translation and new edition of the successful German publication. The book includes chapters by, among many other notable scientists, William J. Hadlow, who discovered the relationship between the human and animal forms of prion diseases and Michael P. Alpers, with 45 years of experience in Papua New Guinea investigating the first known human epidemic form, kuru, transmitted by endocannibalism. Carefully edited with numerous illustrations, this work offers a systematic approach committed to a clear presentation of the current knowledge of prion diseases. It aims to inspire and stimulate interdisciplinary cooperation, innovative research ideas and effective prevention.

Laughing Death

Author: Vincent Zigas
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781461244905
Release Date: 2012-12-06
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

It has been a difficult, sometimes painful, story to tell in its entirety, but I have done my best to be accurate both in facts and in dates, for I feel that l owe the truth to the many who have become valued acquaintances, and sometimes friends. All these have constantly requested more news of my "Green Dwelling" and my discovery of a fatal neurological disease previously unknown to Western medicine. This book is for them, in lieu of letters that I ought to have written and did not. It is also my concern to produce innocent amusement, unrestricted by canon or precedent, for those who require some relaxation from the fatigue generated by so many parasitic forms of life in this less than perfect world. My peers, the medical scientists, who read this will realize that this book is neither a scientific treatise, nor a balance-sheet of all the achievements and failures of medical science, but a presentation of the major implications of the factors that continually determine our medical ethics - including some of the less prizeworthy drawbacks.


ISBN: UOM:39015035538621
Release Date: 1958
Genre: Sociology

Plagues and Epidemics

Author: D. Ann Herring
Publisher: Berg
ISBN: 9781847887559
Release Date: 2010-04-01
Genre: Social Science

Until recently, plagues were thought to belong in the ancient past. Now there are deep worries about global pandemics. This book presents views from anthropology about this much publicized and complex problem. The authors take us to places where epidemics are erupting, waning, or gone, and to other places where they have not yet arrived, but where a frightening story line is already in place. They explore public health bureaucracies and political arenas where the power lies to make decisions about what is, and is not, an epidemic. They look back into global history to uncover disease trends and look ahead to a future of expanding plagues within the context of climate change. The chapters are written from a range of perspectives, from the science of modeling epidemics to the social science of understanding them. Patterns emerge when people are engulfed by diseases labeled as epidemics but which have the hallmarks of plague. There are cycles of shame and blame, stigma, isolation of the sick, fear of contagion, and end-of-the-world scenarios. Plague, it would seem, is still among us.

Essays on Kuru

Author: R. W. Hornabrook
ISBN: STANFORD:36105035453781
Release Date: 1976
Genre: Kuru

Zapotec Deviance

Author: Henry A. Selby
Publisher: University of Texas Press
ISBN: 9781477302965
Release Date: 2014-09-10
Genre: Social Science

Henry Selby's ethnographic study of the Zapotec Indians of a small community in the Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico, reveals that the notion of the social basis of deviance is implicit in Zapotec thinking. Zapotecs recognize that crime and deviance arise out of society, and their methods of reducing criminal behavior are based on social networks and their dynamics. Professor Selby's consideration of witchcraft and deviant sexual behavior among the Zapotecs demonstrates how a deeper understanding of the rules upon which their society is based is necessary to an understanding of Zapotec ideas of deviance. The intent of this study is to show how in a contemporary traditional community the logic of the interactionist approach to the understanding of deviance has been borne out in detail. The transcultural comparisons, in many instances, can lead us to reexamine our own ideas about law and order.

Pacific Studies

ISBN: UCSC:32106005498214
Release Date: 1979
Genre: Islands of the Pacific


Author: E. Richard Sorenson
Publisher: Smithsonian Inst Press
ISBN: UOM:39015002202326
Release Date: 1976-11-17
Genre: Social Science