Author: Leigh Robinson
Publisher: Express
ISBN: 0932956378
Release Date: 2014-07-07
Genre: Business & Economics

This classic book on managing rental property, widely known among landlords and landladies as their bible, has been in print for thirty-nine years, has sold over 375,000 copies, and has twice been selected as one of the top ten real estate books of the year by nationally syndicated real estate columnist Bob Bruss. This latest edition has been thoroughly revised and updated and includes both the eighty-four forms in the previous edition plus TWO new ones. One of the new forms, the Household Pest Control Agreement, puts into words what both landlord and tenant need to understand about their cooperating to deal with household pests, especially bed bugs. The other new form, Automatic Clearing House (ACH) Recurring Payment Authorization, enables tenants to pay their rent through an automated clearing house (ACH), so they needn t bother writing a paper check every time their rent is due. ALSO, new in this 12th edition is a coupon which the first purchaser of the book may use to receive free of charge all of the forms in the back of the book in common computer formats, PLUS a trial version of Pushbutton Landlording(r), the author s stand-alone program for handling the tenant and income sides of rental property management."

What s a Landlord to Do

Author: Leigh Robinson
Publisher: Express
ISBN: 0932956289
Release Date: 2005-01-01
Genre: Business & Economics

The author of the Landlording book answers 286 questions from landlords and tenants, beginning with questions about Investing in Rental Property and ending with questions about Adapting to the Landlording Life.

The Good Landlord

Author: Peter Gilman Shapiro
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 9781483570983
Release Date: 2016-05-18
Genre: Business & Economics

Ever lost money from unpaid rent or property damage? Lay awake, furious over a tenant issue you couldn’t resolve? Clashed over a repair your tenant requested but wouldn’t give you access to complete? You may want to talk these things out but expect communication will break down unless you find a new way. How can you discuss your rights and your interests in the same conversation without confrontation? Landlords stand to lose not only their profits but peace of mind if unable to discuss both. Written for landlords, property managers and housing professionals, The Good Landlord will show you how to make communication work so you can increase your profits, positive impact and peace of mind. You’ll discover approaches to building tenant relationships that will save time and money. You’ll learn how to handle tenancy issues so they don’t escalate into costly disputes. And if court action is needed, Shapiro offers a step-by-step process to get results, including the back rent, or be able to get your tenant out -- at minimal expense. Included is a guide for reaching agreements without overspending on lawyers or other professionals. Whether your tenancies are stable or eviction is needed, The Good Landlord will help you maximize success with your tenants by day, and sleep at night! Drawing on 25 years of experience as a coach, mediator, trainer, and landlord himself, Shapiro offers stories, dialogues, checklists, and lessons learned to engage you and make learning fun. Most importantly, The Good Landlord will help you gain control as a landlord. You’ll experience greater freedom now and in the future from difficult conflict. You’ll feel more valued as a landlord, and have resources to do the things you love to do.

Landlording on Autopilot

Author: Mike Butler
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781119108733
Release Date: 2017-03-15
Genre: Business & Economics

Discover how Mike Butler managed 75 rental properties while working full-time as a police detective--before he hired any part-time help For many investors, landlording is a pain, but not for those who use Mike Butler's Landlording on Autopilot system. It's a simple, proven method for managing rental properties in your spare time--without the headaches. Mike Butler developed this system while he worked full time as a police officer. Before long, he was buying and managing dozens of properties--and consistently bringing in more than 100% of his rents. Includes free customizable, downloadable forms! Butler shares all the vital techniques of autopilot landlording: * Screening and finding great tenants you can trust * Training tenants to do your landlording work for you * Increasing your cash flow with a simple push-button management system * Using little-known tax breaks available to full-time or part-time landlords * Easily complying with landlording regulations and legal stuff you might not think of * Identifying the most profitable types of properties * Marketing and advertising your properties at little or no cost * Utilizing powerful, ready-to-use landlording forms * Getting rid of bad tenants quickly, safely, and cheaply when buying properties * Using creative tactics to consistently bring in more than 100% of the rent Once you've learned Mike Butler's system, you'll make more money in less time with less effort. Today, Mike Butler is retired from the police force and enjoys more than $1 million a year from his rental properties. Using the techniques and strategies of Landlording on Autopilot will help you achieve your dreams.

Millionaire by 28

Author: Todd Babbitt
Publisher: Academic Learning Company LLC
ISBN: 0832950106
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Business & Economics

Todd Babbitt reached his goal of being a millionaire while still in his 20s. How he did it, how he became wealthy, is no mystery. In Millionaire by 28, Todd shares his formula for wealth-building. All it takes, Todd says, is a concentrated desire to achieve wealth, a burning, red-hot intensity to make it happen, the courage to be committed and deciding to be passionate about it. "My persistence was the difference between success and failure," he adds. Book jacket.

Kiplinger s Personal Finance

Release Date: 1994-06

The most trustworthy source of information available today on savings and investments, taxes, money management, home ownership and many other personal finance topics.

The Secrets of South Beach Real Estate

Author: Marie Anginette McBeth
Publisher: PageFree Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1589611241
Release Date: 2003-10-01
Genre: Business & Economics

Although situated for year-round enjoyment, Miami Beach represents the second or even third residence for many who consider it the perfect Pied-a-Terre. People from over 11 countries now call the seven mile long Miami Beach Peninsula ?home.? At poolside, one is as likely to overhear a conversation in French, German or Italian, as in English. Your neighbors might be internationally recognizable fashion models, entertainment executives, world-renown photographers and artists, professors or professionals, or entrepreneurs who have had the smarts to retire young. Come discover the new Miami Beach and take advantage of the luxurious and entertaining waterfront lifestyle awaiting you. From studio apartments to penthouses, from Town Homes to Waterfront Homes of every price range, size or layout imaginable, this book will help you find the right professionals and make informed choices so you too can acquire one of the most desired addresses of any oceanfront residence in the world?.


Author: Mireya Navarro
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9780698145115
Release Date: 2015-04-21
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Stepdog is the hilarious and heartwarming tale of a woman who has finally met the man of her dreams—and the dog of her nightmares. Winner of the June 2015 Elle Readers Prize Lots of dogs eat shoes, bite people, destroy furniture . . . but Eddie tried to destroy a marriage. After more than three decades of happy single womanhood, Mia Navarro wasn’t really looking to change her relationship status. The idea of being a step-anything to anyone was foreign to her, something she never thought about. . . . Until she fell in love with Jim and agreed to marry him. As it turns out, the marriage is pretty wonderful, the stepkids were, well, typical pre-teens, the weather in Los Angeles perfect. But life is not spotless. The spots belong to Jim’s mutt, Eddie. Possessive and jealous, Eddie behaves like Jim’s mistress—if a mistress could bark and compete for space on his beloved’s lap. As time goes on, a full-on war ensues. Mia slams the door in Eddie’s face, cordons off the house into dog- and wife-territories, and leaves the back door open . . . by, er, accident, of course. She even tries to leave Eddie behind in California when she and Jim abruptly relocate to New York. But in the end, it’s clear that not even a wife can come between man and dog. As Eddie ages, Mia softens, and as with any new family struggling to blend, the two must make peace with each other. Ultimately, Stepdog is a triumphant story about finding love at an unexpected stage in life and the many unforeseen obstacles—not only of the four-legged variety—that can get in the way on the road to happily ever after. From the Hardcover edition.

Every Landlord s Legal Guide

Author: Marcia Stewart
Publisher: Nolo
ISBN: 9781413322835
Release Date: 2016-05-25
Genre: Business & Economics

Guide for landlords and property managers with legal forms and state rules covering topics such as screening tenants, preparing leases, keeping up with repairs, and complying with laws regarding tenant privacy and disclosures. The 13th edition is revised to provide current state laws.

The Pre Foreclosure Property Investor s Kit

Author: Thomas Lucier
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780471717393
Release Date: 2012-07-02
Genre: Business & Economics

Pre-foreclosure real estate is one of the hottest investment opportunities on the market. The Pre-Foreclosure Property Investor?s Kit offers step-by-step instruction and no-nonsense advice on how to find great deals, estimate fair market value, negotiate with sellers, sell your property on your own, and win big in real estate. You?ll learn how to get the best deals on foreclosure properties before they go to auction and utilize simple ready-made worksheets, checklists, forms, and agreements that make getting started easy. Even people of modest means can get into pre-foreclosure investing—all it takes is a little hard work, persistence, and the tools you?ll find in this handy guide.

1 Minute to Rental Property Riches

Author: Michael Rossi
ISBN: 1430308060
Release Date: 2007-02-01
Genre: Business & Economics

This is the book that Finally tells "The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth" about successfully investing in rental properties. The Truth is much different than the hype often presented by the real estate "gurus." Nothing in this book is sugar coated and there isn't any hype. Starting any business is difficult. The vast majority of people who try will fail! If you are to have a good chance of succeeding, you need to have the facts -- NOT A BUNCH OF MOTIVATIONAL NONSENSE! All the motivation in the world won't keep you in business if you don't have the cash flow! This book contains straight talk about finding rental properties at a huge discount; buying with no money down; how to calculate real world cash flow; nightmare tenants; evictions; the amount of work that is REALLY required; tenant screening; dealing with bad tenants; the reasons newbies fail; and much more!

Building Wealth With Inner City Rentals

Author: Al Williamson
ISBN: 1499328249
Release Date: 2014-05-01
Genre: Business & Economics

This is a book for double bottom line investors:– those wanting to make a handsome profit while changing the world for the better.– It's for folks with thick skin who are willing to be misunderstood until their dream is almost a reality.– It's also for those who still believe, despite what cynics say, that one person can make a difference. If this sounds like you – great. Let's get started. In the following pages, I will unpack this central idea:Landlords in troubled neighborhoods can increase their cash flow, property values and quality of tenants by leading a campaign to improve the orderliness of the community surrounding their property.

The Landlord s Guide to Minnesota Law

Author: HOME Line
Publisher: HOME Line
ISBN: 9780692505618
Release Date: 2015-10-05
Genre: Law

The Landlord’s Guide to Minnesota Law addresses every landlord-tenant legal issue that is likely to arise over the course of a lease. From how to find a tenant to what to do once they leave, it is a practical and thorough legal analysis of what Minnesota landlords need to know about complying with the relevant federal, state and local laws. At the end of each chapter you’ll find “Tips from a Tenant Attorney.” These tips offer more creative advice on how landlords can solve difficult legal situations or prevent them from ever occurring. Also included is our exclusive line-by-line analysis of the Minnesota State Bar Association’s Model Residential Lease. Instead of guessing what your lease terms mean, this guide tells you why each term exists and how it applies to your situation. This book was written by practicing attorneys in Minnesota who work exclusively in landlord-tenant law. There are dozens of legal guides available online for landlords, but none of them focus on Minnesota statutes and regulations, and when it comes to landlord-tenant legal issues, state law is key. Both authors are currently practicing attorneys with over 25 years of experience in tenant landlord law, advising over 39,000 renters on HOME Line’s tenant hotline. They also train a wide variety of audiences in tenant landlord law, including over 100 trainings to landlord groups throughout Minnesota.