101 Top Tips for Digital Landscape Photography

Author: Carl Heilman II
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 9781781571262
Release Date: 2013-06-01
Genre: Photography

A comprehensive guide to improving your landscape photography by one of today's foremost landscape photographers. Landscape photography is perhaps the single most popular genre among DSLR owners. In 101 Top Tips for Digital Landscape Photography, experienced professional landscape guru Carl Heilman II gives the benefit of a lifetime spent shooting spectacular wilderness and mountain shots, offering a host of targeted tips and tricks that will allow photographers of all abilities to lift their landscape work to the next level. The reader will learn how to harness natural drama, use difficult lighting situations to your advantage and capture unusual perspectives, all the while benefiting from Carl's clear instruction and beautiful landscape work.

101 Top Tips for Digital Landscape Photography

Author: Carl Heilman
Publisher: Ilex Photo
ISBN: 1781579962
Release Date: 2014-04-30
Genre: Photography

The popularity of specialist periodicals testifies to the fact that landscape photography is perhaps the single most popular genre among hobbyist DSLR owners. In this title, experienced professional landscape photographer Carl Heilman II gives the benefit of a lifetime spent shooting spectacular wilderness and mountain shots, offering a host of easy-to-digest tips and tricks that will allow photographers of all abilities to lift their landscape work to the next level. The reader will learn how to harness natural drama, use difficult lighting situations to your advantage and capture unusual perspectives, all the while benefiting from Carl’s clear instruction and beautiful landscape work.

The Landscape Photographer s Field Guide

Author: Carl Heilman II
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 9781908150035
Release Date: 2011-09-05
Genre: Photography

Landscape photography remains one of the most popular genres for enthusiast and commercial photographers alike, but all of the books on the market are large in format and unsuited to use in the field. This latest addition to Ilex's popular Field Guide series meets this need perfectly, with Carl Heilman's unique expertise and brilliant photos presented for the first time in a go-anywhere format. Covering key areas like equipment, exposure, weather and post-processing, and with a handy ready-reference section in the back of the book, The Landscape Photography Field Guide will become an essential companion on any shooting trip.

Digital Outdoor Photography

Author: Heather Angel
Publisher: Lark Books
ISBN: 145470117X
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Photography

Presents 101 tips for taking effective outdoor photographs, covering such topics as meters, composition, lighting, action shots, and post shooting tasks.

Shot Doctor The

Author: Mark Edward Soper
Publisher: Que Publishing
ISBN: 0132714515
Release Date: 2009-05-22
Genre: Photography

The Shot Doctor is a new kind of digital photography book that focuses on the “how-to” and less on the “how it works” or the technology behind the camera. This book is designed to be small enough to fit in your back pocket or in a camera bag. It is aimed at everyday parents, students, sporting enthusiasts, and average joes who just want to take decent pictures at their kids’ soccer games and dance recitals and who don’t aspire to make digital photography a hobby. • Easy-to-follow when-why-how “recipes” help you set your camera to get great shots right away • Beautiful full-color interior • Step-by-step instructions for conquering everyday photography challenges, including sporting events, school recitals and performances, vacations, babies, children, and special events • Simple explanations of camera controls help you understand when to use them, why they work, and how to use them • Compact, stays-open design means you can carry it everywhere and refer to it while you’re taking pictures • Visual before and after examples of common photography problems help you choose the right solution for your photography challenges Mark Edward Soper has been using adjustable cameras since 1971 and digital cameras since 2000, for a total of more than 37 years as an enthusiastic and serious amateur photographer. Mr. Soper’s when-why-how approach to photography, which combines picture-based methods (take a picture, change settings, see how the picture improves), has been tested through years of teaching photography as well as by the hundreds of photographs he has taken for many of his books. Mark is the author of Easy Digital Cameras and Unleashing Windows Vista Media Center, as well as books on corporate and home networking, PC upgrades, home automation, and PC troubleshooting. Category: Digital Photography Covers: Digital Cameras User Level: Beginner-Intermediate


Author: John Freeman
Publisher: Franz Steiner Verlag
ISBN: 184340270X
Release Date: 2005-03-24
Genre: Photography

No matter what type of camera you're shooting with--digital or traditional--this is the best all-around guide for learning how to photograph better and smarter. Acclaimed photographer John Freeman simply covers all the basics...and more. Become a better photographer with hundreds of tips for taking more creative and expressive photographs with APS, SLR and digital cameras. Sixteen easily understood sections, including Understanding Cameras and Film, Photographing People, Nature, The Urban Landscape and more, offer valuable insights for improving the quality of your photos and increasing your enjoyment of the art. From artificial lighting to texture and hue, from increasing depth of field and the proper use of wide angle and telephoto lenses to the special challenges of photographing babies and children, every crucial artistic aspect of photography becomes clear. See how selecting the right background and props can dramatically enhance the composition, and learn how weather and lighting conditions affect the final print. In addition, tips for shooting film outdoors, in arctic and desert conditions, and even underwater are all included, along with guidelines for buying lenses, using filters, and the secrets of developing and retouching.

The Ultimate Field Guide to Landscape Photography

Author: Robert Caputo
Publisher: National Geographic
ISBN: UOM:39015069296088
Release Date: 2007-01-16
Genre: Photography

Written by a master photographer, a comprehensive introduction to the art of landscape photography for both film and digital camera users offers an overview of the latest cameras and equipment, beginning and advanced techniques, new software for editing digital images, and other valuable information, suggestions, and tips. Original. 15,000 first printing.

Digital SLR Cameras and Photography For Dummies

Author: David D. Busch
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118971833
Release Date: 2014-09-15
Genre: Photography

The perennial DSLR bestseller—now expanded with morephotography tips Digital SLR Cameras & Photography For Dummies hasremained the top-selling book on DSLR photography since the firstedition was published. Now in its Fifth Edition, itcovers thelatest technologies in the world of DSLR cameras and photography tohelp you master the techniques that will take your digitalphotography skills to the next level. Written in plain English andcomplemented with full-color photos, this hands-on, friendly guidecovers the mechanics of the camera; exposure, lenses, andcomposition; how to capture action, portrait, and low-light shots;editing and sharing images; tips for improving your digitalphotography skills; and much more. Digital SLR cameras offer the mechanisms and flexibility oftraditional pro-level cameras with the instant results and outputof digital cameras. If you're a proud owner of a DSLR camera andwant to take stunning shots that were once only achievable by thepros, this is the guide you need. Written by one of the mostrecognized authors in digital photography, this accessible resourcemakes it fast and easy to start capturing professional-qualityphotos. Full-color format helps bring the information to life Includes coverage of the latest DSLR cameras to hit themarket Provides a foundation on exposure settings, file formats, andediting photos Offers expanded content on capturing the portraits, actionshots, nature shots, and night shots photographers love totake If you're interested in capturing more than just a "selfie" andtruly want to hone the craft of digital SLR photography, DigitalSLR Cameras and Photography For Dummies sets you up forsuccess.

Kodak Guide to Shooting Great Travel Pictures

Author: Jeff Wignall
Publisher: Fodor's
ISBN: 0679032436
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Photography

Discusses light, weather, composition, and special effects for creating vacation photographs using point and shoot, single lens, or digital cameras.

The Joy of Nature Photography

Author: Steve Price
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781632209474
Release Date: 2015-07-21
Genre: Photography

The best tips anyone can use to take better outdoor pictures. Nature and the outdoors provide us with exceptional beauty year-round. Now, author and professional photographer Steve Price has put together a collection of tips, tricks, and pointers for any photographer—amateur or pro—to take and develop excellent outdoor and wilderness photos. The Joy of Nature Photography is an informative, entertaining, and easy-to-understand book that will help you take your best nature pictures, no matter where you are. Broken into eleven chapters, this book combines technical know-how and real-life examples to offer tips that cover all the basics of photography. Each tip is carefully explained, and every chapter features stunning photos by the author to demonstrate particular methods. The Joy of Nature Photography will help anyone hone their skills as an outdoor photographer, and it provides experienced wisdom on topics such as: Choosing your equipment Composing your image Shooting with a smartphone Special wildlife photography techniques And more! From taking photos of leopards in Africa to grizzlies in Alaska, and from using the latest zoom lens to snapping a quick pic with your phone, The Joy of Nature Photography will give you the tools and knowledge you can use to capture the beauty of the wilderness and wildlife you love.

National Audubon Society Guide to Landscape Photography

Author: Tim Fitzharris
Publisher: Richmond Hill, Ont. : Firefly Books
ISBN: 155407195X
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Photography

A complete guide to landscape photography, from choosing the best equipment and learning field strategies for professional-quality pictures, to preparing digital images for publication.

The Sierra Club guide to 35 mm landscape photography

Author: Tim Fitzharris
Publisher: Three Rivers Press
ISBN: 0871564041
Release Date: 1994-10-04
Genre: Photography

Internationally acclaimed nature photographer Tim Fitzharris teaches professional techniques for turning vacation snapshots into award-winning images. Fitzharris thoroughly discusses each element the aspiring shutterbug must master for a complete understanding of the photographic arts. 112 color photos, appendix, bibliography, index.

Daybreak 2000

Author: Roger Tefft
Publisher: Creative Publishing International
ISBN: 1559717408
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Photography

As millions of people woke up on the morning of January 1st, 2000, more than 100 internationally-acclaimed nature photographers were capturing the natural beauty of the day on film. This text presents that collection of photographs, each focusing on the timeless wonder of nature and all taken between midnight and noon on New Year's Day morning. In addition to the photographs, each photographer has provided a thoughtful caption about the photo, the location and his or her impressions, reflections and emotions at that moment. The photographs illustrate daybreak across the world at such locations as Ayers Rock in Australia, the island of Fiji, the Garden of the Gods in Colorado, USA, the Baltic Sea coast of Sweden, Zimbabwe, Kenya, England and Indonesia.