Lawn Gone

Author: Pam Penick
ISBN: 9781607743149
Release Date: 2013
Genre: Gardening

Describes how to remove high-maintenance, resource-hogging lawns and replace them with alternative grasses, ground cover plants, and hardscaping that are more eco-conscious and easier to sustain.

Lawn Gone

Author: Pam Penick
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
ISBN: 9781607743156
Release Date: 2013-02-12
Genre: Gardening

A colorful guide covering the basics of replacing a traditional lawn with a wide variety of easy-care, no-mow, drought-tolerant, money-saving options that will appeal to today's busy, eco-conscious homeowner. Americans pour 300 million gallons of gas and 1 billion hours every year into mowing their lawns, not to mention 70 million pounds of pesticides and $40 billion for lawn upkeep. No Wonder the anti-lawn movement is thriving, as today's eco-conscious consumers realize that their traditional lawns are water-hogging, chemical-ridden, maintenance-intensive burdens. Lawn Gone!, from award-winning gardening blogger Pam Penick, is the first basic introduction to low-water, easy-care lawn alternatives for beginning gardeners, written in a friendly style with an approachable package. It covers all the available time-saving options: alternative grasses, ground cover plants, artificial turf, hardscaping, mulch, and more. In addition, it includes step-by-step lawn-removal methods, strategies for dealing with neighbors and homeowner associations, and how to minimize your lawn if you're not ready to go all the way.

Beautiful No Mow Yards

Author: Evelyn Hadden
Publisher: Timber Press
ISBN: 9781604693904
Release Date: 2012-05-17
Genre: Gardening

With Beautiful No-Mow Yards, you can transform your lawn into a livable garden and bring nature's beauty into your life! What has your perfect green lawn done for you lately? Is it really worth the time, effort, and resources you lavish on it? Armed with encouragement, inspiration, and cutting-edge advice from award-winning author Evelyn Hadden, you can liberate yourself at last! In this ultimate guide to rethinking your yard, Hadden showcases dozens of inspiring, eco-friendly alternatives to that demanding (and dare we say boring?) green turf. Trade your lawn for a lively prairie or replace it with a runoff-reducing rain garden. Swap it for an interactive adventure garden or convert it to a low-maintenance living carpet.

Covering Ground

Author: Barbara W. Ellis
Publisher: Storey Publishing
ISBN: 9781612122168
Release Date: 2012-11-09
Genre: Gardening

Ground covers are a pretty and practical way to bring diversity, elegance, and durability to open sweeps of lawn. Give your landscape a vibrant new palette that is both sustainable and low-maintenance through plantings of herbs, shrubs, mosses, and more. Barbara W. Ellis provides a variety of full-color lawn designs and professional planting advice to get you started. You’ll be amazed as your ordinary lawn transforms into a striking display of color and texture.

Taylor s Master Guide to Landscaping

Author: Rita Buchanan
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0618055908
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Gardening

Reveals the vital components of landscape design, offering advice on choosing a site, selecting plants, creating garden accessories, and maintaining a landscape.

Low maintenance Gardening

Publisher: Sunset Publishing Corporation
ISBN: 0376035129
Release Date: 1998
Genre: Gardening

Create a garden you can live with. For almost every time-consuming chore, there's an easy-care alternative. This book is full of recommendations for hundreds of trouble-free plants, plans for simple designs, and ways to create a wonderful garden.

Waterwise Plants for Sustainable Gardens

Author: Lauren Springer Ogden
Publisher: Timber Press
ISBN: 9781604691696
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Gardening

Suggests two hundred plants that can thrive with little water; with full color photographs, growing information, and design ideas for each plant.


Author: Nancy J. Ondra
Publisher: Storey Publishing
ISBN: 9781580174237
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Gardening

From spring green to winter gold, the drama of grasses is nonstop. One of the few books available that advises the gardener on how to uses grasses in the garden, "Grasses" features plans and practical advice for more than 24 unique gardens. The book includes an identification guide to the plants and features more than 150 color photos, illustrations, and landscape plans.

The New American Front Yard

Author: Sarah Carolyn Sutton
Publisher: Karin Hoffman
ISBN: 0983158711
Release Date: 2013-02-01
Genre: Gardening

The Complete Guide for Creating a Beautiful, Eco-friendly, Water-Wise, Low Maintenance Front Yard With increased drought conditions and water restrictions, many homeowners are choosing to let their lawns die, but do not know what to do next. People are seeking green and "green" alternatives that are attractive, affordable and easy to maintain. This book is designed to provide the reader with a recipe for designing their own custom, beautiful and eco-friendly front yard. Like a recipe, there can be limitless variations in ingredients, flavors and presentation but the basic steps always apply. The author takes the reader from Getting Started, where she shows how to create a base plan, drawn to scale on grid paper, which will become the foundation for Defining Your Vision, Creating Your Design, Selecting Your Plants, Accessorizing Your Yard, and finally, Installing Your Design.

Reimagining the California Lawn

Author: Carol Bornstein
ISBN: 0978997131
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Gardening

"Reimagining the California Lawn" features water-conserving plants from around the world and offers design ideas and practical solutions to help you create a vibrant garden that complements our mediterranean climate. From greenswards and meadows to succulentand kitchen gardens, this book presents alternatives to the traditional lawn that can reduce water use, beautify the landscape, and attract birds and butterflies. The authors of "Reimagining the California Lawn"—Carol Bornstein, David Fross, and Bart O'Brien—are visionary horticulturists who wrote the award-winning book "California Native Plants for the Garden." With this new publication, they share their passion for water-wise plants and landscapes to help Californians discover the many possibilities and pleasures that come with reimagining the lawn. If you are thinking about removing or reducing your lawn, this inspiring book is the perfect companion to help you begin the process. Its detailed text provides information about how to plan, install, and maintain an attractive landscape that can replace your lawn and describes hundreds of water-thrifty plants from California and other mediterranean climates of the world. "Reimagining the California Lawn" is illustrated with more than 300 color photographs and offers a variety of plant palettes to choose from as you begin the process of creating a more sustainable landscape.

Xeriscape Handbook

Author: Gayle Weinstein
Publisher: Fulcrum Publishing
ISBN: 1555913466
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Gardening

An easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach to creating a water-wise gardening environment, no matter where one lives. Photos.

Front Yard Gardens

Author: Liz Primeau
Publisher: Firefly Books Limited
ISBN: 155407598X
Release Date: 2010-03-11
Genre: Gardening

In Front Yard Gardens, Primeau explains how an environmentally friendly and well-planned front yard garden is a small step toward healing the damage done by pesticides and other lawn-care products. This book covers planning and designing, and outlines the steps involved in removing grass, enriching the soil and planting. Primeau discusses the key elements of various front yard garden styles, gives tips on how to create and maintain the garden, and provides lists of complementary plants.--COVER.

Water wise Gardening

Author: Thomas Christopher
ISBN: UOM:49015002039650
Release Date: 1994
Genre: Gardening

Assesses the water crisis facing American gardeners, looks at new approaches to gardening with less water in various regions around the country, and describes the use of native plants

Natural Landscaping

Author: Sally Roth
Publisher: Rodale Books
ISBN: 0875968856
Release Date: 2002-04-20
Genre: Gardening

Now Create a Landscape that's Naturally Beautiful, Naturally Inviting, Naturally Easy to Care for! Natural Landscaping shows you how to create your own woodland gardens, shade gardens, wildflower meadows, prairie gardens, water gardens, songbird gardens, hummingbird gardens, and butterfly gardens! It includes: - 9 detailed, full-color plans to provide plenty of inspiration. - 234 easy-care plant ideas to take the guesswork out of plant-work! - Plenty of projects and techniques that let you build in structure at your own pace! - Plus scores of finishing touches to help you achieve just the look you want! It's packed with real-life examples, garden plans, colorful combinations, at-a-glance plant charts, expert tips, related projects, and custom options, with lavish color photos and illustrations.

Sustainable Landscaping For Dummies

Author: Owen E. Dell
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470480602
Release Date: 2009-03-09
Genre: House & Home

Sustainable Landscaping For Dummies provides hands-on, how-to instruction for realizing the benefits of a sustainable landscape, from selecting sutainable hardscape materials to installing a rain-water catchment system to choosing native plants.