Left to Themselves Valancourt Classics

Author: Edward Prime-Stevenson
Publisher: Valancourt Books
ISBN: 1943910278
Release Date: 2016-05-31
Genre: Fiction

"The rare boys' adventure story that marked the first-ever gay young adult novel republished for the first time in over a century" Edward Prime-Stevenson (1858-1942) has been described by one critic as "the first modern gay American author," and his novel "Imre: A Memorandum" (1906) has been cited as the first openly gay American novel. But fifteen years earlier, Stevenson published another milestone work, "Left to Themselves" (1891), a young adult novel described by its author as "homosexual in essence," the first such book ever published. A thrilling, fast-paced boys' adventure tale in the tradition of R. M. Ballantyne and Horatio Alger, "Left to Themselves" follows young Gerald Saxton, en route from New York to meet his father in Nova Scotia, chaperoned by the older youth Philip Touchtone. Along the way, Gerald and Philip's romantic friendship will blossom as they contend with a number of extraordinary events and obstacles, including a shipwreck that leaves them island castaways, and a mysterious, predatory figure who dogs their steps and will stop at nothing to get his hands on Gerald. Out of print for over 120 years and long unobtainable, Stevenson's book returns to print at last in this highly anticipated new edition, which is introduced and annotated by Prof. Eric L. Tribunella. This edition also features an appendix of supplementary materials, including contemporary reviews of the novel and selections of other writings by Stevenson. "A wonderful addition to gay studies in general, and in particular to the continuing 'resurrection' of Edward Prime-Stevenson." - Prof. James Gifford"

Only Lovers Left Alive Valancourt 20th Century Classics

Author: Dave Wallis
ISBN: 1941147623
Release Date: 2015-03-24
Genre: Fiction

A sudden rash of suicides quickly spirals out of control, as all the adults do away with themselves in a wave of existential ennui. With the "oldies" dead, teenagers inherit the world, suddenly free to smash, loot and love as they like. Motorcycle gangs hold wild orgies in abandoned apartments and prowl through the shambles of disintegrating London in search of disappearing stocks of lipstick, gasoline and food, now the currency in a new world of unspeakable violence .


Author: Xavier Mayne
Publisher: Arno Pr
ISBN: UOM:39015019188047
Release Date: 1975
Genre: Fiction

"Imre is one of the first openly gay American novels with a happy ending. Described by the author as "a little psychological romance," the narrative follows two men who meet by chance in a cafe in Budapest, where they forge a friendship that leads to a series of mutual revelations and gradual disclosures. With its sympathetic characterizations of homosexual men, Imre's 1906 publication marked a turning point in literature in English." "This edition includes material relating to the novel's origins, contemporary writings on homosexuality, other writings by Prime-Stevenson, and a contemporary review."--BOOK JACKET.

The Fall of Valor Valancourt 20th Century Classics

Author: Charles Jackson
ISBN: 1943910480
Release Date: 2016-07-26

Charles Jackson (1903-1968) achieved international success with his first book, The Lost Weekend (1944), a groundbreaking novel about alcoholism that sold more than 600,000 copies and was adapted for an Academy Award-winning film version. Jackson followed this triumph with a novel that was even more daring, The Fall of Valor (1946), arguably the first major American novel to deal openly with the theme of homosexuality. The Fall of Valor is an unflinching portrayal of a marriage that has faded to a mere duty. John and Ethel Grandin take a summer vacation to Nantucket with the hope of recapturing the happiness they felt in the early days of their relationship. But instead the holiday blasts their marriage wider apart than ever when John falls hopelessly in love with a handsome marine captain. This edition features a new introduction by Michael Bronski, who argues that Jackson's novel deserves rediscovery and a place alongside later classics such as Gore Vidal's The City and the Pillar, Norman Mailer's The Naked and the Dead, and the works of James Baldwin. "A finer and more skilful work than [The Lost Weekend] ... a milestone in our literary progress." - Saturday Review "A courageous, ruthlessly probing book." - Thomas Mann "One of the best books I've ever read." - Book Week


Author: Umberto Saba
Publisher: New York Review of Books
ISBN: 9781681370828
Release Date: 2017
Genre: Fiction

In English, translated from the Italian.

The Great Wash Original U S Title The Secret Masters Valancourt 20th Century Classics

Author: Gerald Kersh
ISBN: 1941147658
Release Date: 2015-03-17
Genre: Fiction

"An extravaganza . . . fertile invention and forceful style . . . Mr. Kersh's many admirers will undoubtedly devour this highly flavoured hotch-potch with avidity." - Julian Maclaren-Ross, "Sunday Times" "[F]irst-rate Kersh, richly peopled with the odd bit roles he sketches so well and written with style and individuality." - Anthony Boucher, "New York Herald Tribune" "Sometimes funny, sometimes nightmarish, always first-class entertainment." - Basil Davenport, "New York Times" Journalist George Oaks and his friend Albert Kemp, a mystery novelist, are on their way to meet their friend, the celebrated philosopher Dr. Monacelli. But when a clerical mix-up leads to their meeting the American gangster Monty Cello instead, Oaks and Kemp quickly find themselves caught up in a bizarre and dangerous plot involving a murdered reporter, a missing scientist, and a group of powerful madmen with a plan to destroy the world as we know it. It's a race against time as Oaks and Kemp must infiltrate the villains' stronghold and save humanity before it's too late! Equal parts hard-boiled crime novel and apocalyptic science fiction tale, "The Great Wash" (1953) is one of the most exciting novels by Gerald Kersh (1911-1968), who is best known for his classics "Night and the City" (1938) and "Fowlers End" (1957). "Fowlers End" and four volumes of Kersh's strange and brilliant short fiction are also available from Valancourt.

Burnt Offerings Valancourt 20th Century Classics

Author: Robert Marasco
ISBN: 1941147704
Release Date: 2015-03-17
Genre: Fiction

Ben and Marian Rolfe are desperate to escape a stifling summer in their tiny Brooklyn apartment, so when they get the chance to rent a mansion in upstate New York for the entire season for only $900, it's an offer that's too good to refuse. There's only one catch: behind a strange and intricately carved door in a distant wing of the house lives elderly Mrs. Allardyce, and the Rolfes will be responsible for preparing her meals. But Mrs. Allardyce never seems to emerge from her room, and it soon becomes clear that something weird and terrifying is happening in the house. As the suspense builds towards a revelation of what really lies behind that locked door, the Rolfes will discover that their cheap vacation rental comes at a terrible cost . . . The basis for a classic 1976 film adaptation and an acknowledged influence on Stephen King's "The Shining," "Burnt Offerings" is one of the most original and scariest haunted house novels ever written. This edition, the first in decades, features a new introduction by award-winning author Stephen Graham Jones. "[N]ear brilliance . . . a disturbing tale . . . highly recommended." - Stephen King ""Burnt Offerings" has no peer. Better than "Rosemary's Baby," "The Other," and "The Exorcist."" - "Hartford Courant" "Insidiously frightening . . . It snares you early and draws you inexorably to one of the most nerve-shattering finales in years." - "Publishers Weekly" "Terrifies even by daylight." - "New York Times"


Author: Sanford Friedman
Publisher: New York Review of Books
ISBN: 9781590177877
Release Date: 2014-09-02
Genre: Fiction

Totempole is Sanford Friedman’s radical coming-of-age novel, featuring Stephen Wolfe, a young Jewish boy growing up in New York City and its environs during the Depression and war years. In eight discrete chapters, which trace Stephen’s evolution from a two-year-old boy to a twenty-four-year-old man, Friedman describes with psychological acuity and great empathy Stephen’s intellectual, moral, and sexual maturation. Taught to abhor his body for the sake of his soul, Stephen finds salvation in the eventual unification of the two, the recognition that body and soul should not be partitioned but treated as one being, one complete man.

The Godsend Valancourt 20th Century Classics

Author: Bernard Taylor
ISBN: 1941147755
Release Date: 2015-04-14
Genre: Fiction

Alan and Kate Marlowe are a typical, loving, middle-class couple, with four young children. But they wish they had just one more, a beautiful baby daughter. So when a strange young woman abandons her infant at their house, they view it as a blessing-a godsend-and adopt little Bonnie as their own. But it is not long after Bonnie's arrival before terrible things begin to happen to the Marlowe family, beginning with the death of their son Matthew. As the tragedies mount, Alan starts to suspect Bonnie and fears he may be losing his grip on his sanity. After all, surely such a small, lovely, innocent child could not possibly be responsible for such horrors ... ? The classic first novel by Bernard Taylor, "The Godsend" (1976) earned widespread critical acclaim on its initial publication and was the basis for a 1980 film. This edition, the first in over twenty years, features a new introduction by Mary Danby. Taylor's "Sweetheart, Sweetheart" and "The Moorstone Sickness" are also available from Valancourt. "If you liked "The Exorcist," "The Other," and "Rosemary's Baby," The Godsend is for you!" - "Hartford Courant" ""The Godsend" is a splendidly readable and creepy story." - "Sunday Express" "A shocker . . . I enjoyed every horrid word of it." - "Daily Telegraph"

Cecil Dreeme

Author: Theodore Winthrop
ISBN: UCAL:B4102840
Release Date: 1861

The Folded Leaf

Author: William Maxwell
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 9780307484970
Release Date: 2009-09-09
Genre: Fiction

Here is a classic novel from one of our most honored writers--the author of such acclaimed works as So Long, See You Tomorrow and All the Days and Nights." The Folded Leaf is the serenely observed yet deeply moving story of two boys finding one another in the Midwest of the 1920s, when childhood lasted longer than it does today and even adults were more innocent of what life could bring. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Sins of Jack Saul Second Edition The True Story of Dublin Jack and The Cleveland Street Scandal

Author: Glenn Chandler
Publisher: Grosvenor House Publishing
ISBN: 9781786237682
Release Date: 2016-09-09
Genre: True Crime

The Cleveland Street scandal, involving a homosexual brothel reputedly visited by the Queen's grandson, shocked Victorian Britain in 1889. This is the first full-length account of one of its key players, Jack Saul, a working class Irish Catholic rent boy who worked his way into the upper echelons of the aristocracy, and wrote the notorious pornographic memoir The Sins of the Cities of the Plain. Glenn Chandler, creator of Taggart, explores his colourful but tragic life and reveals for the first time the true story about what really went on behind the velvet curtains of Number 19 Cleveland Street.