Legality and Legitimacy

Author: David Dyzenhaus
Publisher: Oxford : Clarendon Press
ISBN: UOM:39015040612569
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Germany

The relationship between law and legitimacy is investigated in this book. The legal theories of three eminent public lawyers of the Weimar era are analyzed and the problems they address of legal and political order in a crisis-ridden modern society remain relevant to contemporary legal debates.

Legality and Legitimacy

Author: David Dyzenhaus
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198298465
Release Date: 1999-09-02
Genre: Law

This book investigates one of the oldest questions of legal philosophy---the relationship between law and legitimacy. It analyses the legal theories of three eminent public lawyers of the Weimar era, Carl Schmitt, Hans Kelsen, and Hermann Heller. Their theories addressed the problems of legal and political order in a crisis-ridden modern society and so they remain highly relevant to contemporary debates about legal order in the age of pluralism. Schmitt, the philosopher of German fascism, has recently received much attention. Kelsen is well-known as one of the main exponents of the philosophy of legal positivism. Heller is virtually unknown outside Germany. Dyzenhaus exposes the dangers of Schmitt's legal philosophy by situating it in the legal context of constitutional crisis to which he responded. He also points out the severs inadequacies of Kelsen's legal positivism. In a wide-ranging account of the predicaments of contemporary legal and political philosophy, Heller's position is argued to be the most promising of the three.

Legality and Legitimacy

Author: Carl Schmitt
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 9780822385769
Release Date: 2004-02-05
Genre: Law

Carl Schmitt ranks among the most original and controversial political thinkers of the twentieth century. His incisive criticisms of Enlightenment political thought and liberal political practice remain as shocking and significant today as when they first appeared in Weimar Germany. Unavailable in English until now, Legality and Legitimacy was composed in 1932, in the midst of the crisis that would lead to the collapse of the Weimar Republic and only a matter of months before Schmitt’s collaboration with the Nazis. In this important work, Schmitt questions the political viability of liberal constitutionalism, parliamentary government, and the rule of law. Liberal governments, he argues, cannot respond effectively to challenges by radical groups like the Nazis or Communists. Only a presidential regime subject to few, if any, practical limitations can ensure domestic security in a highly pluralistic society. Legality and Legitimacy is sure to provide a compelling reference point in contemporary debates over the challenges facing constitutional democracies today. In addition to Jeffrey Seitzer’s translation of the 1932 text itself, this volume contains his translation of Schmitt’s 1958 commentary on the work, extensive explanatory notes, and an appendix including selected articles of the Weimar constitution. John P. McCormick’s introduction places Legality and Legitimacy in its historical context, clarifies some of the intricacies of the argument, and ultimately contests Schmitt’s claims regarding the inherent weakness of parliamentarism, constitutionalism, and the rule of law.

Hans Kelsen und die offene Gesellschaft

Author: Robert Chr. van Ooyen
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 9783658173074
Release Date: 2017-04-28
Genre: Political Science

Hans Kelsens „Staatslehre ohne Staat“ und „Volk“ ist eine bedeutsame politische Theorie, vielleicht sogar die Verfassungstheorie der offenen Gesellschaft in der postnationalen Moderne: Ob Zuwanderungsgesellschaft oder europäische Integration – mit ihr lassen sich genau die aktuellen demokratie- und verfassungstheoretischen Herausforderungen pluralistischer Gesellschaften erfassen, an denen die tradierten Staats- und Verfassungslehren bis in die Rechtsprechung des Bundesverfassungsgerichts hinein scheitern. Kelsens modern-demokratische Konzeption einer Bürgerschaft als Rechtsgenossenschaft bedarf weder der „Souveränität“ noch der „homogenen Nation“; sie ist daher auch die für das zeitgemäße Verständnis des Grundgesetzes adäquate Staats- und Verfassungstheorie.

Hermann Hellers Theorie der Politik und des Staates

Author: Michael Henkel
Publisher: Mohr Siebeck
ISBN: 3161516850
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Political Science

English summary: Hermann Heller developed a modern theory of politics as a whole which made him the father of political science in Germany. Michael Henkel traces the internal development of Heller's work, provides the first analysis of his basic concepts of social theory and does a systematic reconstruction of Heller's later theories. German description: Hermann Heller (1891-1933) ist einer Gruppe von deutschen Staatsrechtslehrern der Weimarer Republik zuzurechnen, die sich gegen eine positivistische Beschrankung der Staatsrechtslehre auf rechtsnormative Fragen wandte und die eine Berucksichtigung sozialer, politischer und historischer Aspekte des Staates in eine juristische Wissenschaft vom Verfassungsstaat einforderte. Im Unterschied zu den anderen Vertretern einer solchen antipositivistischen Position zielte Heller nicht nur auf eine Neubesinnung der juristischen Staatslehre, sondern daruber hinaus auf die theoretische Grundlegung einer modernen Politikwissenschaft. Dies suchte er durch die Ausfuhrung einer systematischen Theorie der Politik und des Staates zu realisieren, die vor allem in seinem Hauptwerk Staatslehre entfaltet ist.Michael Henkel unternimmt eine systematische Rekonstruktion dieser Theorie Hellers. Dabei werden die Genese der Theorie und sodann erstmals in der Forschung die sozialtheoretischen Grundlagen von Hellers Ansatz detailliert offengelegt und in ihren theoriegeschichtlichen Zusammenhang eingeordnet. Der Autor zeigt auch, wie Hellers wissenschaftliches Unternehmen als die spezifisch politikwissenschaftliche Auspragung einer Sozialtheorie begriffen werden muss, die er im Leipzig der Zwischenkriegszeit gemeinsam mit seinen Kollegen Theodor Litt und Hans Freyer formuliert hat.Schliesslich wird Hellers Theorie im Lichte aktueller Debatten in der Politikwissenschaft und der deutschen Staatsrechtslehre auf ihre Aktualitat hin befragt. Hierbei erweist sich Hellers Ansatz als fur eine Selbstverstandigung der heutigen Politikwissenschaft uberaus fruchtbar.

Constitutional Failure

Author: Ellen Kennedy
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 0822332434
Release Date: 2004-09-29
Genre: History

DIVThe author's argument that Carl Schmitt's critique of Weimar Republic liberalism cannot be countered by reforming liberalism is also a contribution to current political theory and an analysis of contemporary liberalism./div

Carl Schmitt

Author: William E. Scheuerman
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0847694186
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Philosophy

This is the first full-length study in English of twentieth-century Germany's most influential authoritarian right-wing political theorist, Carl Schmitt, that focuses on the central place of his attack on the liberal rule of law. This is also the first book in any language to devote substantial attention to Schmitt's subterranean influence on some of the most important voices in political thought (Joseph Schumpeter, Friedrich A. Hayek, and Hans Morgenthau) in the United States after 1945. Visit our website for sample chapters!

Constitutional Theory

Author: Carl Schmitt
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 0822390582
Release Date: 2008-01-02
Genre: Law

Carl Schmitt’s magnum opus, Constitutional Theory, was originally published in 1928 and has been in print in German ever since. This volume makes Schmitt’s masterpiece of comparative constitutionalism available to English-language readers for the first time. Schmitt is considered by many to be one of the most original—and, because of his collaboration with the Nazi party, controversial—political thinkers of the twentieth century. In Constitutional Theory, Schmitt provides a highly distinctive and provocative interpretation of the Weimar Constitution. At the center of this interpretation lies his famous argument that the legitimacy of a constitution depends on a sovereign decision of the people. In addition to being subject to long-standing debate among legal and political theorists in Western Europe and the United States, this theory of constitution-making as decision has profoundly influenced constitutional theorists and designers in Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. Constitutional Theory is a significant departure from Schmitt’s more polemical Weimar-era works not just in terms of its moderate tone. Through a comparative history of constitutional government in Europe and the United States, Schmitt develops an understanding of liberal constitutionalism that makes room for a strong, independent state. This edition includes an introduction by Jeffrey Seitzer and Christopher Thornhill outlining the cultural, intellectual, and political contexts in which Schmitt wrote Constitutional Theory; they point out what is distinctive about the work, examine its reception in the postwar era, and consider its larger theoretical ramifications. This volume also contains extensive editorial notes and a translation of the Weimar Constitution.

The Constitution of Law

Author: David Dyzenhaus
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781139460507
Release Date: 2006-10-05
Genre: Law

Dyzenhaus deals with the urgent question of how governments should respond to emergencies and terrorism by exploring the idea that there is an unwritten constitution of law, exemplified in the common law constitution of Commonwealth countries. He looks mainly to cases decided in the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada to demonstrate that even in the absence of an entrenched bill of rights, the law provides a moral resource that can inform a rule-of-law project capable of responding to situations which place legal and political order under great stress. Those cases are discussed against a backdrop of recent writing and judicial decisions in the United States of America in order to show that the issues are not confined to the Commonwealth. The author argues that the rule-of-law project is one in which judges play an important role, but which also requires the participation of the legislature and the executive.

From Empire to Union

Author: Jo Eric Khushal Murkens
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 9780191652011
Release Date: 2013-01-17
Genre: Law

Germany has long been at the centre of European debates surrounding the modern role of national constitutional law and its relationship with EU law. In 2009 the German constitutional court voted to uphold the constitutionality of the Lisbon Treaty, but its critical, restrictive decision sent shockwaves through the European legal community who saw potential threats to further European integration. What explains Germany's uneasy relationship with the project of European legal integration? How have the concepts of sovereignty, state, people, and democracy come to dominate the Constitutional Court's thinking, despite not being defined in the Constitution itself? Despite its importance to the whole enterprise of the European Union, German constitutional thought has been poorly understood in the wider European literature. This book presents a historical account of German conceptions of constitutional law, providing the understanding necessary to see what is at stake in contemporary debates surrounding the constitution and the European Union. Examining the modern development of German constitutional thought, this volume traces the key public law concepts of state, constitution, sovereignty, and democracy from their modern emergence in the 19th century through to the present day. It analyses the constitutional relationship between Germany and the EU from a sociological and historical perspective, looking at how German constitutional law has conflicted and compromised with EU law, and the difficulties this has raised. Filling a significant gap in comparative constitutional law literature, this book provides an account of the major schools of German constitutional thought and their development. Against this backdrop it offers a fascinating insight into Germany's relationship with the European Union.

Der Staat

ISBN: STANFORD:36105063237023
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Constitutional history

Index to vols. 1-35 (1962-1996) in supplement no. 13.

Why Grundnorm

Author: Uta Bindreiter
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9041118675
Release Date: 2002-12-31
Genre: Philosophy

Who presupposes Kelsen's basic norm? Is it possible to defend the presupposition in a way that is convincing? And what difference does the presupposition make? Endeavouring to highlight the role of basic assumptions in the law, the author argues that the verb "to presuppose', with Kelsen, has not only a conceptual but also a normative dimension; and that the expression 'presupposing the basic norm'is adequate in so far as it marks the descriptive-normative nature of utterances made in specifically legal speech-situations. Addressed to legal theorists in general, the treatise purports to show that Kelsen's doctrine lends itself to an interpretation according to which the very act of "presupposing" the Grundnorm can be understood as a Grund, i.e. normative source of all positive law; and, what is more, that this interpretation admits of addressing the issue of the (formal) legitimacy of supra-national and directly applicable rules and other norms.

Carl Schmitt als Jurist

Author: Volker Neumann
Publisher: Mohr Siebeck
ISBN: 3161537726
Release Date: 2015-02-03
Genre: Law

Es vergeht kaum ein Monat, in dem nicht irgendwo auf dieser Welt ein neues Buch über Carl Schmitt erscheint. Warum also noch ein Buch? Betrachtet man die Sekundärliteratur, fällt auf, dass es so gut wie keine Monographie gibt, die Schmitts rechtswissenschaftliches Werk juristisch würdigt. Diese Lücke will die hier vorgelegte Untersuchung schließen, indem sie den eindeutigen Schwerpunkt auf seine Beiträge zum Staats- und Völkerrecht legt. Das erfordert die Untersuchung seiner Stellung im zeitgenössischen Schrifttum und die Klärung der Frage, ob einzelne seiner Positionen und Begriffe noch heute in der Staatsrechtswissenschaft präsent sind. Erst in zweiter Linie werden seine Schriften zu den Grundlagenfächern Rechtstheorie und Rechtsphilosophie, Verfassungsgeschichte und allgemeine Staatslehre gewürdigt. Schmitts Arbeiten wollen immer auch Antworten auf aktuelle politische Herausforderungen geben. Deshalb kann auf die Thematisierung seiner Biographie und des zeitgeschichtlichen Hintergrunds nicht verzichtet werden.