Author: Mwikali Words
ISBN: 1478782366
Release Date: 2017-03-31
Genre: Poetry

In the first moments of breathing it in there was no turning back. She could not forget the beautiful pain and the relief that came when it was easy to breathe it all in. She had never planned to breathe it in so deep. To feel the burn and find herself craving the fire. She had let her heart wrap itself around this new thing and her mind did not always have a say...often had no say at all. This is the tale of a heart's journey in the mornings and midnights of life. It is the giddy, naive proclamations and the heavy, grown whispers. It is the soaking that came from tears and touch...both. It is the wild, bare beginnings and the fruitless attempts to tame it. It is the story of the Love that was the drug that made her high and held her low and let her fall and fly...both. This is the story of how she first came to know this new danger... this delicious escape. Come....see...come see...come see what the Love had done.

Treating Alcohol Problems

Author: Frederick Rotgers
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780471786801
Release Date: 2006-06-05
Genre: Psychology

This handy guide provides a single source of evidence-based methods for assessing and treating alcohol problems Part of the Wiley Series on Treating Addictions, Treating Alcohol Problems offers the latest evidence-based guidance on effectively diagnosing and treating the full spectrum of problems related to drinking. Whether you are an addictions counselor, mental health professional, or physician, you can use this all-in-one guide as a stepping-stone to seek out and develop better treatment options for your clients. Bringing treatment approaches into harmony with scientific findings, Treating Alcohol Problems summarizes methods proven to be successful. Written in a clear and accessible style, the text focuses on presenting the information most directly useful for helping clients. This handy guide is ideal for training and continuing education, as a refresher for seasoned professionals, and as a useful primer for all who come into contact with individuals suffering from alcohol abuse. Coverage includes: Conceptual foundations-defining alcohol problems Identifying alcohol problems Assessment and treatment planning Treatment tools, programs, and theories When and how clients should be discharged to aftercare Increasing recovery success Culture, coaching, and change-moving beyond alcohol problems Finding and getting the best out of professional resources Supporting this expert coverage, the reader-friendly series format features quizzes, checklists, diagrams, "Research Frontier" boxes, problem-solving scenarios, "Dos and Don'ts" lists, "Test Yourself" questions, suggested resources, and more. These tools help you reinforce your understanding and integrate this knowledge into your practice. In addition, a thorough bibliography and appendix provide lists of contacts for self-help groups, residential and outpatient treatment programs, support groups, Web sites, and reading material. Treating Alcohol Problems is an essential resource for mental health professionals, as well as an indispensable study guide for students in psychology and social services courses.

Passages Through Recovery

Author: Terence T Gorski
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781592858057
Release Date: 2009-07-30
Genre: Self-Help

Passages through Recovery presents an action plan for preventing relapse, one that can help us understand how recovery works and what is needed to move from active addiction to sobriety. "Abstinence from alcohol and other drugs is only the beginning of sobriety. It's the ticket to get into the theater, not the movie we are going to see."--Passages through RecoveryOne of the most important things we learn in recovery is that there really is a way out of all the misery--if we know which way to go. But abstinence from alcohol and other drugs is just the beginning of our journey, not our destination. And, that journey can be a rough one if we don't know what lies ahead.Based on the experiences of thousands of recovering men and women, Passages through Recovery presents an action plan for preventing relapse, one that can help us understand how recovery works and what is needed to move from active addiction to sobriety. Gorski's pioneering work describes six stages of recovery from chemical dependency and offers sound advice for working through the challenges of each stage--challenges that can create frustration and lead to relapse.Passages through Recovery clearly demonstrates that sobriety is more than just healing the damage. "It's a way of thinking, acting, and relating to others," Gorski writes, "that promotes continued physical, psychological, social, and spiritual health. The skills necessary for long-term sobriety are all directed at finding meaning and purpose in life."Use this book as a compass in your recovery to help you stay on course.

Addict in the House

Author: Robin Barnett
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
ISBN: 9781626252622
Release Date: 2016-08-01
Genre: Self-Help

"This is a straightforward, rich resource for anyone who lives with, and loves, an addict." —Publishers Weekly Everyone suffers when there’s an addict in the family. Written by an expert in alcohol and drug addiction and recovery, this no-nonsense guide will help you understand the causes of addiction, end enabling behaviors, support your loved one’s recovery, and learn how to cope with relapses. If you’re the family member of an addict, you may feel confused, guilty, and scared of doing the wrong thing. And when you don’t know how to help, you may find yourself in a codependent role, trying so hard to keep your addicted loved one alive, out of jail, or emotionally appeased that you may actually prevent them from realizing they need help. Drawing on her own personal experience with her brother’s addiction, Addict in the House offers a pragmatic, step-by-step guide to dealing with a loved one’s addiction, from accepting the reality of the disease to surviving what may be repeated cycles of recovery and relapse. You’ll learn how to encourage your addicted loved one to get help without forcing it, and finally find the strength to let go of codependence. With this revealing and straightforward book, you’ll have the support you need to take an honest look at how addiction has affected the family, cope with the emotional hurdles of having an addicted family member, create and maintain firm boundaries, and make informed decisions about how to best help your loved one.

Life Love and Music

Author: Bharath Kumar P
Publisher: Notion Press
ISBN: 9781946983091
Release Date: 2017-04-15
Genre: Fiction

In high school, Swaraj was struck with grief and anxiety and lived in panic and regret. His eyes were filled with tears of helplessness as he sauntered aimlessly in the dark. Then came a ray of hope in the form of music, which helped him overcome his afflictions, pick up the pieces and look ahead in life. Swaraj then began a wonderful journey in one of India’s prestigious colleges. Life in campus, with several ups and downs, marked an important detour in his journey, as he steered towards a life in music. The departure of his mother, who had always been his source of inspiration, threatened to overpower him once again. A fear of being stranded and not reaching the destination gripped him. But once he discovered the power within, he derived the strength needed to endure difficulties and conquer challenges. All through his life, Swaraj kept his dreams alive, guided by his strengths: his parents, his passion for music, and the true love of a real friend. When everything came in perfect harmony with the universe, his predicaments eventually became accomplishments.


Author: Sylvia Hawthorn-Deppen
Publisher: BalboaPress
ISBN: 1452555648
Release Date: 2012-10-10
Genre: Medical

Yes, today she feeds the goose that lays the golden eggs! But her life once read like a mystery, because for forty-five years she had spasms of the face and neck, her head would ring and, most baffling of all, she had an ache deep in her chest like she was having a heart attack. Unbeknownst to her family, she lived with depression from the age of ten, until finally ending up in a psychiatrist’s little crash pad shortly after having a beautiful little girl. From here she began a quest to try to do herself in—she tried six times! Then it finally became apparent she was living with chronic pain, and a sublime head injury that kept her from accomplishing her quest of a nursing career. Then, in 2002, at the age of fifty-four, she finally threw up her arms and became willing to do whatever it took to get her life back. She began the twelve-step process of recovery that would open her life to healing. She soon found herself, strangely, thanking God for her affliction. Then, one day in June of 2002, she decided to live. Today she still has the pain but no longer suffers. Now it is a blessing to have lived, because her life has become part of one very big, ongoing miracle, a miracle of which you, the reader, are a part.

Addiction to Recovery

Author: David E. McCauley
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781514482940
Release Date: 2016-04-08
Genre: Self-Help

This book, Addiction to Recovery: Unlocking Your Potential, is an accumulation of existential realization, many resources, years of recovery, education, insights, and years working in the field of addiction, with all adepts in the goal of personal transformation from addiction to recovery. This is an integrative approach to living in wellness of recovery. I vacated my own mind through deep personal process, my own form of meditation, and this book came about. My hope is this book unlocks the potential that advances new insight into the recovery process for each individual by reframing the process in such a way that the right interpretation by the reader will help recovery click into place. What we need to celebrate in recovery is the self-discovery of the individual. I offer my carefully considered overviews and assessments on the best-known treatments (theories) connected to recovery. I have provided a new outlook as a guide for the unwary who had failed at recovery in the past and those just coming into recovery for the first time. I count myself among the autodidacts, the self-taught perpetual student fueled by a passion for new answers and a sense of mission.

Sex and Love

Author: Eric Griffin-Shelley
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 027596065X
Release Date: 1997-05
Genre: Psychology

More than 10 years ago the US National Institute of Health identified sexual addiction as a research priority. Experts now conservatively estimate a prevalence rate of 5 percent of the American population. Eric Griffin-Shelley provides a detailed definition of sex and love addiction as well as an outline of treatment and recovery.

Blind Love

Author: Wilkie Collins
Publisher: 谷月社
Release Date: 2015-11-06
Genre: Fiction

SOON after sunrise, on a cloudy morning in the year 1881, a special messenger disturbed the repose of Dennis Howmore, at his place of residence in the pleasant Irish town of Ardoon. Well acquainted apparently with the way upstairs, the man thumped on a bed-room door, and shouted his message through it: "The master wants you, and mind you don't keep him waiting." The person sending this peremptory message was Sir Giles Mountjoy of Ardoon, knight and banker. The person receiving the message was Sir Giles's head clerk. As a matter of course, Dennis Howmore dressed himself at full speed, and hastened to his employer's private house on the outskirts of the town. He found Sir Giles in an irritable and anxious state of mind. A letter lay open on the banker's bed, his night-cap was crumpled crookedly on his head, he was in too great a hurry to remember the claims of politeness, when the clerk said "Good morning."...

Lust Anger Love

Author: Maureen Canning
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 9781402248146
Release Date: 2008-01-01
Genre: Psychology

Sexual addiction is a problem that affects millions of people. Maureen Canning, LMFT, who has extensive experience treating sex addicts, explains its roots and how those afflicted can recover.

Maintaining Recovery from Eating Disorders

Author: Naomi Feigenbaum
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 0857002503
Release Date: 2011-09-15
Genre: Self-Help

After achieving a level of recovery from an eating disorder, it is vital to ensure the right practical and emotional supports are in place to maintain that recovery indefinitely. In this important book, Naomi Feigenbaum confronts the often neglected subject of how to take the essential steps towards a healthy and happy life after recovering from an eating disorder. This inspirational companion offers a wide range of healthy coping skills that are supported by expert advice from treatment professionals. Issues explored range from the practical aspects of recovery such as how to confront triggers and work with a treatment team, to the emotional hurdles that include accepting one’s body, coping with trauma and sustaining meaningful relationships. A number of real people in recovery are introduced, proving that every experience is unique and the key to maintaining a healthy life is finding a path that works for the individual. This guide will help to signpost that path and inspire those in recovery with the confidence to take responsibility for their choices and ultimately their lives. Written with the aim of helping those in recovery discover their own unique insights and passions and awaken a desire to enjoy life to the fullest, this positive and life-affirming book will be an invaluable aid for anyone in recovery from an eating disorder, their family, friends, and the healthcare professionals who work with them.

The Recovery Book

Author: Al J. Mooney
Publisher: Workman Publishing
ISBN: 1563050846
Release Date: 1992-01
Genre: Self-Help

Explains what recovering addicts and their families will face during each stage, includes information on groups, and answers questions