Lucifer s Hammer

Author: Larry Niven
Publisher: Del Rey
ISBN: 0345421396
Release Date: 1998-01-01
Genre: Fiction

A comet on a collision course with Earth renews hope in a filmmaker, provides immortality for a millionaire, and gives two astronauts a chance to relive their past fame, but when the comet strikes, all walks of life must turn to one another in order to survive. Reprint.

Postapocalyptic Fiction and the Social Contract

Author: Claire P. Curtis
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 0739142054
Release Date: 2010-07-17
Genre: Political Science

Postapocalyptic Fiction and the Social Contract: "We'll Not Go Home Again" provides a framework for our fascination with the apocalyptic events. The popular appeal of the end of the world genre is clear in movies, novels, and television shows. Even our political debates over global warming, nuclear threats, and pandemic disease reflect a concern about the possibility of such events. This popular fascination is really a fascination with survival: how can we come out alive? And what would we do next? The end of the world is not about species death, but about beginning again. This book uses postapocalyptic fiction as a terrain for thinking about the state of nature: the hypothetical fiction that is the driving force behind the social contract. The first half of the book examines novels that tell the story of the move from the state of nature to civil society through a Hobbesian, a Lockean, or a Rousseauian lens, including Lucifer's Hammer by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank, Malevil by Robert Merle, and Into the Forest by Jean Hegland. The latter half of the book examines Octavia Butler's postapocalyptic Parable series in which a new kind of social contract emerges, one built on the fact of human dependence and vulnerability.

365 Motorcycles You Must Ride

Author: Dain Gingerelli
Publisher: Motorbooks International
ISBN: 9780760334744
Release Date: 2011-01-10
Genre: Transportation

These 365 must-ride motorcycles range from classic gaslight-era bikes, racers, and modern sportbikes to oddities that have to be ridden to be understood (or believed).

Cyberpunk Science Fiction

Author: Jiré Emine Gözen
Publisher: transcript Verlag
ISBN: 9783839417010
Release Date: 2014-06
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

Die Cyberpunk-Literatur - eine kurzlebige, aber bis heute einflussreiche Strömung der 1980er Jahre. Als erste ausführliche Auseinandersetzung mit den nahen Zukunftswelten der Cyberpunk-Literatur zeigt dieses Buch, wie das Genre mit seinen zentralen Topoi der Verschmelzung von Mensch und Maschine medientheoretische Konzepte in sich aufnimmt, fiktionalisiert - und letztendlich fortschreibt. Neben der Auseinandersetzung mit Cyberpunk und Medientheorie des 20. Jahrhunderts präsentiert Jiré Emine Gözen einen ausführlichen Überblick über die deutsche und anglo-amerikanische Science-Fiction-Forschung sowie die künstlerische Umsetzung postmoderner Ästhetik und Wirklichkeitsdarstellung.

Komet Der Einschlag

Author: Jerry Pournelle
Publisher: Mantikore-Verlag
ISBN: 9783945493960
Release Date: 2017-10-17
Genre: Fiction

Das Ende der Zivilisation. Der Beginn einer neuen Zeit. Das öffentliche Interesse ist groß, als Amateurastronomen einen bis dahin unbekannten Kometen entdecken. Doch schon bald steht fest, dass sich das Objekt auf Kollisionskurs mit der Erde befindet. Als das Unvorstellbare geschieht und der Komet auf der Erdoberfläche einschlägt, stürzt er die Welt ins Chaos. Der Kampf um das nackte Überleben und den letzten Rest Menschlichkeit hat begonnen... Der visionäre Science-Fiction Klassiker (engl. Titel "Lucifers Hammer") in neuer Übersetzung.

N Space

Author: Larry Niven
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0812510011
Release Date: 1991-09-15
Genre: Fiction

An outstanding collection of the author's science fiction is accented by annecdotes, gossip, and wit, and is accompanied by an introduction by Tom Clancy. Reissue.

Playgrounds of the Mind

Author: Larry Niven
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0812516958
Release Date: 1992-07-15
Genre: Fiction

Presents a collection of stories from the second half of Niven's writing career, many previously unpublished in book form, plus a wealth of gossip and anecdotes

American Nerd

Author: Benjamin Nugent
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9780743288019
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Psychology

"American Nerd" explores the concept of nerdiness and the history of the nerd subculture: how they developed and how they have manifested in media, literature, schools, the workplace, and in the general public.