Making a Success of Brexit and Reforming the EU

Author: Roger Bootle
Publisher: Nicholas Brealey
ISBN: 1473668476
Release Date: 2017-10-31
Genre: Business & Economics

FULLY REVISED EDITION FOR THE UK'S PATH TO BREXIT The Trouble with Europe is the authoritative text on the EU and the Brexit debate. This major new edition lays out how the UK can best make a success of Brexit and the place of Europe in the new, Trumpian world. In a major rewrite, award-winning economist Roger Bootle addresses the issues of trading relationships, hard vs soft Brexit, concerns of key industries, Scotland and the future of the EU and NATO. Roger Bootle, the author who successfully predicted the financial crash and the outcome of the referendum, will also examines the possible future developments of Europe.

The Trouble with Europe

Author: Roger Bootle
Publisher: Nicholas Brealey
ISBN: 9781473645127
Release Date: 2015-03-01

The EU needs fundamental reform: it has not delivered the prosperity and growth it promised; the euro has turned out to be part of the problem rather than the solution; the EUs share of world GDP is set to fall sharply. Moreover, no one is clear what the EU is for, or how ever closer union can be matched with expanding borders and huge disparities of income and culture. The EU is the most important thing that stands between Europe and success. Cut down to size, renationalized, and democratically controlled, the EU could prosper. But there are serious political barriers to this and also real alternatives. Leaving the EU would not be risk-free, but BREXIT is a viable option for the UK. This updated and expanded edition of Roger Bootle s critically acclaimed book includes new material on federal union, policies to avert catastrophe in the Eurozone (including the Greek situation) and mass migration. It s time to raise the level of debate, examine the options, and tackle the trouble with Europe.

The Trouble with Europe

Author: Roger Bootle
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 9781857889673
Release Date: 2015-03-01
Genre: Political Science

"I recommend our diplomats and ministers read this book: it will provide them with an intellectual backbone. On the big calls [Bootle] has a spectacularly good record." Dominic Lawson, The Sunday Times "Bootle is right on every count." The Guardian HOW BREXIT WILL WORK FOR BRITAIN AND EUROPE Making a Success of Brexit and Reforming the EU is the extensively revised and expanded new edition of the acclaimed The Trouble with Europe. Following Britain's vote to leave the EU and the ensuing uncertainty in both Europe and the UK, here, one of Britain's best known economists Roger Bootle, charts a way forward for all. For Leavers and Remainers alike, this book analyses the choices the UK faces about its relationship with the EU - and the rest of the world. It discusses the key issues concerning a 'hard' or 'soft' Brexit, Free Trade Agreements, the Single Market and the Customs Union, as well as the principles and pitfalls of the negotiating process. Meanwhile, with or without Brexit, the EU faces an existential crisis. It needs to choose between three different paths: radical reform, further integration or break-up. This book assesses the costs and benefits of each, concluding with a version of how the world would look without the EU. Bootle's exemplary outline of the origins and historical context of the EU is retained from the previous edition, where he acknowledges the remarkable achievements of the EU, before laying out the shortcomings which have led to the parting of the ways with Britain. This is the essential read as the Brexit negotiations progress.

Clean Brexit

Author: Liam Halligan
Publisher: Biteback Publishing
ISBN: 9781785902598
Release Date: 2018-08-16
Genre: Political Science

In this optimistic and inclusive guide, Sunday Telegraph columnist Liam Halligan and renowned economic forecaster Gerard Lyons cut through the complexity and spin to offer a vision of how Britain, and the world, can make a great success of Brexit. ‘We are linked to Europe, but not combined,’ wrote Winston Churchill in 1930. To Halligan and Lyons, that sentiment rings true. And if the Article 50 negotiations go well, Clean Brexit argues, the UK could become an inspiration, a source of strength for voters elsewhere in Europe who have long demanded EU reform, but been rebuffed. From manufacturing, fishing, banking, universities, travel, immigration, Scottish independence and the spectre of renewed tension between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic, to ongoing trade and good relations with our EU neighbours and the rest of the world, Clean Brexit provides answers to the questions hanging over all these issues, and many more. Unashamedly optimistic about Britain’s future, Clean Brexit draws on extensive discussions with leading politicians and diplomats across the UK, Europe and the world to argue that leaving the EU provides an opportunity for the UK to re-invent its economy, while reclaiming our place as a premier global trading nation.

Brexit and Beyond

Author: Benjamin Martill
Publisher: UCL Press
ISBN: 9781787352766
Release Date: 2018-01-29
Genre: Political Science

Brexit will have significant consequences for the country, for Europe, and for global order. And yet much discussion of Brexit in the UK has focused on the causes of the vote and on its consequences for the future of British politics. This volume examines the consequences of Brexit for the future of Europe and the European Union, adopting an explicitly regional and future-oriented perspective missing from many existing analyses. Drawing on the expertise of 28 leading scholars from a range of disciplines, Brexit and Beyond offers various different perspectives on the future of Europe, charting the likely effects of Brexit across a range of areas, including institutional relations, political economy, law and justice, foreign affairs, democratic governance, and the idea of Europe itself. Whilst the contributors offer divergent predictions for the future of Europe after Brexit, they share the same conviction that careful scholarly analysis is in need – now more than ever – if we are to understand what lies ahead for the EU. Praise for Brexit and Beyond 'a wide-ranging and thought-provoking tour through the vagaries of British exit, with the question of Europe’s fate never far from sight...Brexit is a wake-up call for the EU. How it responds is an open question—but respond it must. To better understand its options going forward you should turn to this book, which has also been made free online.' Prospect Magazine 'This book explores wonderfully well the bombshell of Brexit: is it a uniquely British phenomenon or part of a wider, existential crisis for the EU? As the tensions and complexities of the Brexit negotiations come to the fore, the collection of essays by leading scholars will prove a very valuable reference for their depth of analysis, their lucidity, and their outlining of future options.' - Kevin Featherstone, Head of the LSE European Institute, London School of Economics 'Brexit and Beyond is a must read. It moves the ongoing debate about what Brexit actually means to a whole new level. While many scholars to date have examined the reasons for the British decision to leave, the crucial question of what Brexit will mean for the future of the European project is often overlooked. No longer. Brexit and Beyond bundles the perspectives of leading scholars of European integration. By doing so, it provides a much needed scholarly guidepost for our understanding of the significance of Brexit, not only for the United Kingdom, but also for the future of the European continent.' - Catherine E. De Vries, Professor in the department of Government, University of Essex and Professor in the department of Political Science and Public Administration Free University Amsterdam 'Brexit and Beyond provides a fascinating (and comprehensive) analysis on the how and why the UK has found itself on the path to exiting the European Union. The talented cast of academic contributors is drawn from a wide variety of disciplines and areas of expertise and this provides a breadth and depth to the analysis of Brexit that is unrivalled. The volume also provides large amounts of expert-informed speculation on the future of both the EU and UK and which is both stimulating and anxiety-inducing.' -Professor Richard Whitman, Head of School, Professor of Politics and International Relations, Director of the Global Europe Centre, University of Kent

The Great Deception

Author: Christopher Booker
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 0826480144
Release Date: 2005-01-01
Genre: Political Science

The Great Deception shows how the most ambitious political project of our time has for more than 50 years been based on a colossal confidence trick - the systematic concealment from the people of Europe of what the aim of this project has always been since its inception in the late 1940s. Updated to include the recent developments in Europe, including the referendum and the upcoming votes in France and Holland. As it reveals for the first time the true story behind the long-term plan to build a politically united Europe, the authors show how all previous attempts to reconstruct the history of this project - whether written by Europhiles or Eurosceptics - have got it wrong, at almost every step along the way. With all the suspense of a detective story, drawing on thousands of books, papers, and official documents, many of which have only become publicly available in the past few years, the book traces how a handful of determined visionaries set out more than half a century ago to weld the countries of Europe into a single political state.

The castle of lies

Author: Christopher Booker
Publisher: Duckbacks
ISBN: 0715626930
Release Date: 1996
Genre: Political Science

This book will explode a bombshell at the heart of the debate over Britain's place in Europe. It reveals for the first time, and over a vast canvas, how in recent years Britain has been through a hidden revolution - a revolution that is already beginning to have devastating effects on almost every aspect of our lives. Today, far more than most people are aware, we are living under a wholly new system of government, run not by elected politicians but by anonymous armies of officials in Brussels, Whitehall and all over Europe. It is a system that carefully disguises its true nature behind a labyrinth of lies. Furthermore, as the authors demonstrate beyond doubt in this chilling expose, it creates havoc in whatever it touches. It is a system that is heading for disaster.

The EU

Author: John Gillingham
Publisher: Verso Books
ISBN: 9781784784249
Release Date: 2018-06-19
Genre: Europe

With Britain leaving the EU, now is the time for an obituary for the EU as an institution. In this short, rigorously argued book, updated after Brexit, John R. Gillingham tells the history of an idea that has soured and withered away. He reveals the failures from its postwar origins to set out what the EU was; the role that Delors played in creating the neoliberal monster it is today, and the contemporary crises; refugees, Brexit, the Euro that the current institution fails to deal with.

Brexit and British Politics

Author: Geoffrey Evans
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781509523894
Release Date: 2017-11-10
Genre: Political Science

Brexit has changed everything - from our government, to our economy and principal trading relationship, to the organization of our state. This watershed moment, which surprised most observers and mobilized previously apathetic sections of the electorate, is already transforming British politics in profound and lasting ways. In this incisive book, leading analysts of UK and EU politics Geoffrey Evans and Anand Menon step back from the immediacy and hyperbole of the Referendum to explain what happened on 23 June 2016, and why. Brexit, they argue, was the product of both long-term dissatisfaction with the EU and a gradual breakdown in the relationship between parties and voters that spawned detachment, disinterest and disenchantment. Exploring its subsequent impact on the June 2017 General Election, they reveal the extent to which Brexit has shattered the contemporary equilibrium of British politics. These reverberations will continue to be felt for a very long time and could pose a real danger to the health of British democracy if the government fails to deliver on the promises linked to Brexit.


Author: Ian Kearns
Publisher: Biteback Publishing
ISBN: 9781785903892
Release Date: 2018-04-17
Genre: Political Science

It is now commonplace to hear people say the EU is embroiled in an existential crisis. Indeed, Brexit may mean the process of EU disintegration has already begun. However, while much political and journalistic attention is centred on describing the EU’s woes, far less attention is being paid to what the consequences of such a disintegration might be. From the terrorist and migration crises facing the Continent to the new threat from Russia, and from the euro’s unending fragility to the rise of a new, Eurosceptic politics, Ian Kearns tells the story of the biggest crisis to hit Europe since the end of the Second World War. It makes clear just what is at stake. With the EU in a far more fragile state than many realise, Collapse sets out the specific scenarios that could lead to the breakdown of the European Union. It charts the catastrophic economic, political and geopolitical developments likely to follow should such a collapse occur. And it offers bold solutions to challenge those in positions of authority to build a new, reformed union one capable of riding out the storm and of positioning Europe for success in the remainder of the twenty-first century. Drawing on the author’s extensive network of senior political, diplomatic, military and business leaders from across the Continent, Collapse tells the story of Europe’s super-crisis from within. Both an urgent warning and a passionate call to action, it seeks to defend not just the EU but the seven decades of peace and progress the union represents.

Europe in Or Out

Author: David Charter
ISBN: 1849546843
Release Date: 2014-03-18
Genre: European Union countries

No subject has more bearing on the future economic prosperity of Britain, no subject has been the cause of so many arguments across the land, in Parliament and pub, no subject has been the touch-fire of so many late-night monologues by irate taxi-drivers than Europe, and, more specifically, Britain's place in it. This is ironic really, because no subject has been so poorly explained, and no subject has been so meagrely addressed by politicians. Ahead of the 2014 European Parliament elections, David Charter seeks to address that staggering shortfall in public information.

Should Britain Leave the EU

Author: Patrick Minford
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 9781785360336
Release Date: 2015-12-18

Placed in the context of the upcoming referendum, this second edition brings up to date a thorough review of all economic aspects of the UK's membership of the EU. It notes the intention of the EU to move to 'ever closer union' and the nature of the regulatory and general economic philosophy of its dominant members, whose position is enforced by qualified majority voting. The book highlights the UK’s dilemma that, while extending free markets to its local region is attractive, this European philosophy and closer union are substantially at odds with the UK's traditions of free markets and freedom under the common law. This comprehensive examination of the economic costs and benefits of membership uses state-of-the-art modeling methods and includes estimates of its net costs as a percentage of GDP. The book explains how the decision to leave would follow from a judgement on the political economy of the EU as compared with that of the UK. It details the misconceptions involved in much of the debate about trade with the EU, and argues that the key issue is not access to markets but rather the prices at which trade takes place. Covered in careful detail is the economics of the UK’s trade with the EU in the key sectors of agriculture, manufacturing, and services.

This Blessed Plot

Author: Hugo Young
ISBN: UOM:39015073974571
Release Date: 1998
Genre: History

A survey of the relationship between Britain and Europe, drawing from recently available material and in-depth interviews, discusses the role of figures from Churchill to Tony Blair in changing perspectives of this important and often difficult association. 12,000 first printing.

Brussels Laid Bare

Author: Marta Andreasen
ISBN: 095541881X
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Waste in government spending

Marta Andreasen is an accountant who says the EU doesn't account for the money it disburses to the projects it approves and she has first hand evidence. She ought to have taken advice on the way her story is written but I cannot argue with the facts she presents. If we want to be ruled by a junta of spendthrift rogues everyone should know how they manage matters, if we don't, we may care to consider what we get out of this monstrous confidence trick. Neither of these alternatives will make you sleep better at nights and so I suppose her story will fall on deaf ears as bad news is never welcome. But you have to read this book if you are a European citizen, if only to discover why no-one knows where your money is going and who is lying about it.

The Trouble with Markets

Author: Roger Bootle
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 9781857889888
Release Date: 2012-07-05
Genre: Business & Economics

A trenchant, topical, and thought-provoking exploration of both our economic future and the future of the market system itself.