Marijuana Botany

Author: Robert Connell Clarke
Publisher: Ronin Publishing
ISBN: 9780914171782
Release Date: 1981-06-15
Genre: Science

Marijuana Botany presents the scientific knowledge and propagation techniques used to preserve and multiply vanishing Cannabis strains. Also included is information concerning Cannabis genetics and breeding used to begin plant improvement programs. The book presents scientific and horticultural principles, along with their practical applications, necessary for the breeding and propagation of Cannabis and in particular, marijuana. It will appeal not only to the professional researcher, but to the marijuana enthusiast or anyone with an eye to the future of Cannabis products.

Indoor Marijuana Horticulture

Author: Jorge Cervantes
Publisher: Van Patten Publishing
ISBN: 1878823299
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Gardening

Indoor Marijuana Horticulture is the most authoritative, complete, up-to-date book on indoor marijuana cultivation available today. The New Totally Revised Edition contains over 250 photographs and drawings to illustrate the well researched text. Step-by-step guide to: Grow Rooms, Lamps & Electricity, Container Gardening, Water & Fertilizer, Hydroponics, Air, Co2, Bugs & Fungi, Cloning, Harvesting, Breeding, and Garden Calendar. This book gives simple, yet complete, written and pictorial descriptions of basic gardening techniques used to grow the largest quantity of dynamite marijuana indoors, under High Intensity Discharge Lamps, in the shortest time possible. All information contained in this book has been tested and proven successful. This book has everything an indoor grower could want to know about organic and hydroponic gardening, building a grow room, seed selection, cloning, grow lights, growing techniques, problem solving, harvesting and more. Garden calendar and weekly checklist and three case studies are the frosting on the bud!

Rainbow vice

Author: Ted Leggett
Publisher: Zed Books
ISBN: 1842771353
Release Date: 2002
Genre: History

Rainbow Vicedepicts the fast growing drug culture of South Africa, tightly linked to the world of commercial sex and in conflict with a profoundly Christian population. Through research based on several hundred interviews, the author show how multifarious the drug scene is across different ethnic groups. He pays special attention to South Africa's very own indigenous dagga (cannabis), and the much newer Mandrax (or 'buttons'). He explains precisely what is known of the drugs and examines the South African government's inherited policy of blanket prohibition of all vice.

High Times Cultivation Tips

Author: Steven Hager
Publisher: High Times Press
ISBN: 0964785846
Release Date: 1995
Genre: Gardening

Drawn from more than 20 years of cultivation stories, reader reports, growing tips, and cannabis photographs that have appeared in "High Times" magazine, this is one of the best marijuana growing guides ever produced. Photos.