Materialism and Empirio Criticism

Author: V. I. Lenin
ISBN: 0898758939
Release Date: 2002-04-01
Genre: Philosophy

This text is a classic of Lenin - his essay explores materialism and its relation to capitalism and how Communism can get over this psychological wish for material and empirical ownership.

Taking Back Philosophy

Author: Bryan W. Van Norden
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 9780231545457
Release Date: 2017-12-05
Genre: Philosophy

Are American colleges and universities failing their students by refusing to teach the philosophical traditions of China, India, Africa, and other non-Western cultures? This biting and provocative critique of American higher education says yes. Even though we live in an increasingly multicultural world, most philosophy departments stubbornly insist that only Western philosophy is real philosophy and denigrate everything outside the European canon. In Taking Back Philosophy, Bryan W. Van Norden lambastes academic philosophy for its Eurocentrism, insularity, and complicity with nationalism and issues a ringing call to make our educational institutions live up to their cosmopolitan ideals. In a cheeky, agenda-setting, and controversial style, Van Norden, an expert in Chinese philosophy, proposes an inclusive, multicultural approach to philosophical inquiry. He showcases several accessible examples of how Western and Asian thinkers can be brought into productive dialogue, demonstrating that philosophy only becomes deeper as it becomes increasingly diverse and pluralistic. Taking Back Philosophy is at once a manifesto for multicultural education, an accessible introduction to Confucian and Buddhist philosophy, a critique of the ethnocentrism and anti-intellectualism characteristic of much contemporary American politics, a defense of the value of philosophy and a liberal arts education, and a call to return to the search for the good life that defined philosophy for Confucius, Socrates, and the Buddha. Building on a popular New York Times opinion piece that suggested any philosophy department that fails to teach non-Western philosophy should be renamed a “Department of European and American Philosophy,” this book will challenge any student or scholar of philosophy to reconsider what constitutes the love of wisdom.

Naming and Necessity

Author: Saul A. Kripke
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674598466
Release Date: 1980
Genre: Philosophy

If there is such a thing as essential reading in metaphysics or in philosophy of language, this is it. Ever since the publication of its original version, Naming and Necessity has had great and increasing influence. It redirected philosophical attention to neglected questions of natural and metaphysical necessity and to the connections between these and theories of reference, in particular of naming, and of identity. From a critique of the dominant tendency to assimilate names to descriptions and more generally to treat their reference as a function of their Fregean sense, surprisingly deep and widespread consequences may be drawn. The largely discredited distinction between accidental and essential properties, both of individual things (including people) and of kinds of things, is revived. So is a consequent view of science as what seeks out the essences of natural kinds. Traditional objections to such views are dealt with by sharpening distinctions between epistemic and metaphysical necessity; in particular by the startling admission of necessary a posteriori truths. From these, in particular from identity statements using rigid designators whether of things or of kinds, further remarkable consequences are drawn for the natures of things, of people, and of kinds; strong objections follow, for example to identity versions of materialism as a theory of the mind. This seminal work, to which today's thriving essentialist metaphysics largely owes its impetus, is here published with a substantial new Preface by the author.

Absolute Recoil

Author: Slavoj Žižek
Publisher: Verso Trade
ISBN: 9781781686829
Release Date: 2014
Genre: Philosophy

"In this major new work the leading philosopher Slavoj éZiézek argues that philosophical materialism has failed to meet the key scientific, theoretical and political challenges of the modern world, from relativity theory and quantum physics to Freudian psychoanalysis and the failure of twentieth-century Communism. To bring materialism up to date, éZiézek proposes a new foundation for dialectical materialism. He argues that dialectical materialism is the only true philosophical inheritor of what Hegel designates as the speculative approach of thought - all other forms of materialism fail. In Absolute Recoil, éZiézek offers a startling reformulation of the ground and possibilities of contemporary philosophy"--

The Philosophy of Living Experience

Author: Alexander Bogdanov
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9789004306462
Release Date: 2015-10-12
Genre: Political Science

In The Philosophy of Living Experience, Alexander Bogdanov summarises his philosophy of empiriomonism, situates it in the history of materialist thought, explains the social genesis of each stage of that history, and anticipates his ultimate achievement – universal organisational science.

Anarchism Or Socialism

Author: Joseph Stalin
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 147003915X
Release Date: 2012-02-07
Genre: Anarchism

At the end of 1905 and the beginning of 1906, a group of Anarchists in Georgia, headed by a well-known Anarchist and follower of Kropotkin, conducted a fierce campaign against the Social-Democrats. The Anarchists had no support among the proletariat, but they achieved some success among the declassed and petty-bourgeois elements. J. V. Stalin wrote a series of articles against the Anarchists under the general title of "Anarchism or Socialism?" The first four instalments appeared in Akhali Tskhovreba in June and July 1906. The rest were not published as the newspaper was suppressed by the authorities.


Author: David Shub
Publisher: Berkley
ISBN: 0451601408
Release Date: 1970

The Nature of Human Brain Work

Author: Joseph Dietzgen
Publisher: PM Press
ISBN: 9781604860368
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Philosophy

Dietzgen was a pioneer of dialectical materialism and a fundamental influence on Anarchist and Socialist thought. He discovered that the thinking process involves two opposing events, generalisation and specialisation, and is therefore dialectical in nature. Although a philosophical materialist, he extended these concepts to include many factors that had a real impact on the world. His work is vital for theorists today, laying the basis for non-dogmatic, flexible yet principled Socialist politics.

The Dialectical Biologist

Author: Richard Levins
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 067420283X
Release Date: 1985
Genre: Science

Scientists act within a social context and from a philosophical perspective that is inherently political. Whether they realize it or not, scientists always choose sides. The Dialectical Biologist explores this political nature of scientific inquiry, advancing its argument within the framework of Marxist dialectic. These essays stress the concepts of continual change and co-determination between organism and environment, part and whole, structure and process, science and politics. Throughout, this book questions our accepted definitions and biases, showing the self-reflective nature of scientific activity within society.

Marxism and Philosophy

Author: Karl Korsch
Publisher: Verso Trade
ISBN: 9781781680278
Release Date: 2013-01-15
Genre: Philosophy

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The Development of the Monist View of History

Author: Georgii Valentinovich Plekhanov
ISBN: 1410203220
Release Date: 2002
Genre: History

The "father of Russian Marxism", George Plekhanov (1857-1918) directed most of his writings against the Russian "populist" movement to which he once belonged. He insisted that although, in principle, in semi-feudal societies such as the Russian, the first revolution would of necessity have to be a "capitalist" one. However, he noted that bourgeoisie was too weak to bring it about and thus it fell upon the proletariat to conduct "both" revolutions. However, he condemned the methods of Lenin and the Bolsheviks soon after 1917. In books such as Socialism and the Political Struggle (1883), Our Differences (1884) and On the Development of the Monist View of History (1895), Plekhanov argued that a successful Marxist revolution could only take place after the development of capitalism. According to Plekhanov, it was the industrial proletariat who would bring about a socialist revolution. Plekhanov was strongly opposed to the political views of people who argued that it would be possible for a small group of dedicated revolutionaries to seize power from the Tsar. Plekhanov warned that if this happened, you would replace one authoritarian regime with another and that a "socialist caste" would take control who would impose a system of "patriarchal authoritarian communism.