Matisse in the Studio

Author: Henri Matisse
Publisher: MFA Publications
ISBN: 0878468439
Release Date: 2017-04-25
Genre: Art

Published to accompany the Royal Academy exhibition 'Matisse in the Studio', this book is the first in English to explore the essential role that Henri Matisse's personal collection of objects played in his studio practice. Featured frequently in the modern master's bold paintings, drawings, and cut-outs, and influencing the development of his work in sculpture, Matisse's objects formed a secret history hiding in plain sight. Works that span the artist's entire career are presented here alongside the objects that inspired them, from Asian vases and African masks to intricate textiles from the Islamic world. With lush illustrations and archival images, Matisse in the Studio provides exceptional insights into the world of the artist at work.

Matisse in the Studio

Author: Ellen McBreen
ISBN: 0878468455
Release Date: 2017
Genre: Art, French

This book is the first in English to explore the essential role that Henri Matisse's personal collection of objects played in his studio practice. The artist traveled with his collection even to temporary residences, and letters to family members often included requests for objects to be moved to where he was working, revealing them to be critical creative stimulants. Featured frequently in the modern master's bold paintings, drawings and cutouts, and influencing the development of his work in sculpture, Matisse's objects formed a secret history hiding in plain sight.

Matisse his art and his textiles

Author: Hilary Spurling
Publisher: Royal Academy Books
ISBN: UOM:39015060622563
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Art

A lavishly illustrated exploration of the textile works of Henri Matisse, published to coincide with a major international exhibition, considers the artist's relationship with textiles throughout his career, documenting how the art form and its materials significantly impacted many of his key works.

Henri Matisse

Author: Gilles Néret
Publisher: Taschen
ISBN: 3822886580
Release Date: 1994
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

A classic, prize-winning novel about an epic migration and a lone woman haunted by the past in frontier Waipu. In the 1850s, a group of settlers established a community at Waipu in the northern part of New Zealand. They were led there by a stern preacher, Norman McLeod. The community had followed him from Scotland in 1817 to found a settlement in Nova Scotia, then subsequently to New Zealand via Australia. Their incredible journeys actually happened, and in this winner of the New Zealand Book Awards, Fiona Kidman breathes life and contemporary relevance into the facts by creating a remarkable fictional story of three women entangled in the migrations - Isabella, her daughter Annie and granddaughter Maria. McLeod's harsh leadership meant that anyone who ran counter to him had to live a life of secrets. The 'secrets' encapsulated the spirit of these women in their varied reactions to McLeod's strict edicts and connect the past to the present and future.

Matisse the Master

Author: Hilary Spurling
Publisher: Alfred a Knopf Incorporated
ISBN: 9780679434290
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Art

Chronicles the later years of the influential artist, interweaving analyses of his work with a study of Matisse's relationships with family and friends, trips around the world, the women in his life, and the continuing influences on the evolution of his a

Henri Matisse Jazz

Author: Henri Matisse
Publisher: Prestel Pub
ISBN: 3791342770
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Art

Presented in its entirety for the first time since 1983. First published in 1947, Henri Matisse's collection of paper cut-outs in Jazz represented a culmination of the artist's striving to combine his love of form and color. Like jazz, the musical genre they celebrate, these works are at once spontabeous and unified, improvisational yet clearly orchestrated. Serving as a complement of these blasts of color are messages, in matisse's own handwriting, of his ideas and inspirations. With the use of special colors (including 16 different tones) the 20 plates achieve the brilliant intensity of the original. The resulting book is one of the twentieth century's most significant works of art.

Matisse s Sculpture

Author: Ellen McBreen
ISBN: 030017103X
Release Date: 2014-04-01
Genre: Art

"In 1906, soon after Matisse acquired his first African sculpture, he began the first of his nudes based on erotic and ethnographic photographs. This reading of Matisse's early sculpture examines the artist's appropriations from two seemingly disparate visions of the body: commercial nude photography and African sculpture. Why would Matisse synthesize mechanically made traces of actual flesh with the hand-carved abstractions of Pende, Senufo, Baga, and Baule figural sculptures? In the twentieth century, halftone technology in France changed economics of photographic reproduction. The inexpensive illustrated revues where Matisse found substitutes for living models were full of plates, making the female body available for mass consumption as never before. One of the main appeals of African sculpture to Matisse and others was that it appeared as a productive antithesis to this; it represented an alternative experience and understanding of human sexuality. In this, Matisse's primitivism was as much a system of beliefs projected onto African sculptures and actual African bodies, as a series of visual and conceptual borrowings from them. To support this idea, the book uses primary materials from turn-of-the-century ethnography and comparative anthropology, popular erotica, and the visual culture of French colonialism. It draws connections between artistic debts and the ideological and historical forces informing them, and plots new study in a now-familiar story of early twentieth-century modernist primitivism. This book challenges an established convention about Matisse--a painter who sculpted merely as a "rest"-- proposing how the sculpture's play with period perceptions of race and gender is key to understanding the artist's fascinations with cultural and sexual origins"--

The Matisse Stories

Author: A. S. Byatt
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 9780307488046
Release Date: 2009-09-23
Genre: Fiction

These three stories celebrate the eye even as they reveal its unexpected proximity to the heart. For if each of A.S. Byatt's narratives is in some way inspired by a painting of Henri Matisse, each is also about the intimate connection between seeing and feeling--about the ways in which a glance we meant to be casual may suddenly call forth the deepest reserves of our being. Beautifully written, intensely observed, The Matisse Stories is fiction of spellbinding authority. "Full of delight and humor...The Matisse Stories is studded with brilliantly apt images and a fine sense for subtleties of conversation and emotion."--San Francisco Chronicle From the Trade Paperback edition.


Author: Rebecca A. Rabinow
Publisher: Metropolitan Museum of Art
ISBN: 9781588394675
Release Date: 2012-01-01

"Throughout his long career, Henri Matisse (1869-1954) continually expanded the boundaries of his art. By repeating images in pairs, trios, and series, he conducted an ongoing dialogue with his earlier works in order to, as he put it, "push further and deeper into true painting." In this fresh approach to a much-studied artist, prominent scholars from the United States and Europe examine more than sixty works in concise chapters that focus on this aspect of Matisse's working process. From early pairs such as Young Sailor I and II (1906) and Le Lexe I and II (1907-8) through a series of late studio scenes from Vence (1946-48), Matisse is shown revisiting a given theme with the aim of devising innovative, often radical, solutions to such problems as how to portray light, handle paint, select colors, and manipulate perspective. New technical studies of the early paired works and photographs documenting the evolution of his later paintings help to elucidate Matisse's complex evolution. In numerous excerpts from letters and interviews, he is revealed as an artist who regularly questioned himself and his methods, a man of powerful intellect who regarded each new painting as an adventure. A significant addition to art historical literature, Matisse: In Search of True Painting is a revelatory study of a seminal figure in 20th-century modernism."--Page 4 of cover.

The Vence Chapel

Author: Henri Matisse
Publisher: Skira
ISBN: UOM:39015047875623
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Art

Henri Matisse: The Vence Chapel, The Archive of a Creation Conversations and Correspondence with Marie-Alain Couturier and Louis-Bertrand Rayssiguier Edited and introduced by Marcel Billot Henri Matisse devoted four years of his life to designing the Vence Chapel, his "crowning achievement," as he himself stated on several occasions. Though the circumstances which led to the creation of this unique building are well known--the project originated with Sister Jacques-Marie, who nursed the aging painter back to health after his brush with death in 1942--the story of the Chapel's construction has long remained shrouded in mystery. Much of the material in this book is drawn from the Couturier Archives. The bulk of the archive consists of the notes of Brother Louis-Bertrand Rayssiguier, the young Dominican monk who drew the plan of the Chapel and worked closely with Matisse on all phases of its building and decorating. From December 1947 to June 1951, Rayssiguier met frequently with the artist and recorded their conversations verbatim. His notes allow the reader to follow day by day the unfolding of one of the supreme masterpieces of religious art in the twentieth century. Even more significantly, they give us a rare glimpse into the artist's private world. They chronicle his disappointments and his moments of elation, his habits and his foibles, his reactions to contemporary developments in the art world, as well as his deepest personal beliefs. Gifted with an unusually keen sense of observation, Rayssiguier shows us Matisse at work as well as Matisse relaxing in the intimacy of his own home. Completing this invaluable record, the correspondence between Matisse and Father Marie-Alain Couturier, the Dominican priest at the forefront of the post-World War II movement to commission works of religious art from leading modern painters and sculptors, details the creation of the Chapel's most remarkable feature--Matisse's bold stained-glass windows. An expert on stained glass and the chief editor of L'Art sacre, an influential review devoted to religious art around the world, Courutier took care of all the logistical and technical matters relating to these great windows. The numerous letters he and the artist exchanged are in themselves a fascinating exchange on the art and the significance of modern stained glass. This archive charts a unique journey to the heart of artistic creativity. The compilation of documents published here for the first time in English is abundantly illustrated with sketches by Matisse and photographic records that show the successive stages of the Chapel's completion.

Matisse Picasso

Author: Elizabeth Cowling
Publisher: Museum of Modern Art
ISBN: 0870700081
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Art

Matisse and Picasso have long been seen as the twin giants of modern art. In spite of their rivalry, each came to acknowledge the other as his only true equal. In later life Matisse commented that 'Picasso sees everything', and Picasso stated that 'All things considered, there is only Matisse.' This book explores their artistic relationship, revealing it to be much closer and more complex than has previously been understood. An introduction by John Golding explains how the work of each artist both inspired and provoked the other. Thirty-four groups of works exploring the artistic encounters of Matisse and Picasso throughout the course of their careers are analysed in illuminating texts by the six curators. There is also an extensive chronology, the fruit of new archival research. The exhibition is a collaboration between Tate Modern in London, the Reunion des Musees Nationaux/Musee Picasso with the Musee National d'Art Moderne in Paris, and The Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Matisse Diebenkorn

Author: Janet C. Bishop
Publisher: Prestel Publishing
ISBN: 3791355341
Release Date: 2016
Genre: ART

"This catalogue is published by The Baltimore Museum of Art and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in association with DelMonico Books * Prestel, Munich, London, and New York, on the occasion of the exhibition Matisse/Diebenkorn, held at The Baltimore Museum of Art, October 23, 2016-January 29, 2017, and at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, March 11-May 29, 2017.".

Matisse in Morocco

Author: Jack Cowart
Publisher: ABRAMS
ISBN: 0810925273
Release Date: 1992-09-01
Genre: Art

Discusses the French painter's visits to Morocco in 1912 and 1913, the works he painted there, and the influence of his stay on his later career

Matisse s Garden

Author: Samantha Friedman
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
ISBN: 0870709100
Release Date: 2014-10-07
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Describes how the artist Henri Matisse began cutting shapes out of paper and posting them on his walls, and how this simple pastime developed into a series of remarkable works of art, and presents fold-out reproductions of eight examples.