Mauser Military Rifles of the World

Author: Robert W.D. Ball
Publisher: Gun Digest Books
ISBN: 1440215448
Release Date: 2011-08-02
Genre: Antiques & Collectibles

More Models — More Photos — More History Robert Ball, the world's foremost authority on Mauser military rifles, continues to scour the continents in search of more details and models of this ubiquitous rifle. His years of research and expertise culminate in this definitive, full-color Mauser reference. In this new edition, you'll find: Previously unknown variations Rare coverage of experimental weapons and prototypes Meticulously cataloged descriptions, historical backgrounds, model specifics and markings, and detailed photographs One of a kind, this edition is the most exhaustive reference ever for Mauser military rifles!

Mauser Military Rifles

Author: Neil Grant
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 9781472805966
Release Date: 2015-03-20
Genre: History

This volume offers an insight into the iconic Mauser family of German bolt-action rifles. Drawing on first-hand accounts of the weapons in combat and primary sources regarding their mechanical performance, this fully illustrated study charts the Mauser's origins, combat record and lasting influence. It explores the full range of Mauser rifles, beginning with the hugely successful Gew 98, which entered service in the time of the Kaiser, provided the basis for the US Springfield M1903 and equipped combatants such as the South African Boers. It also investigates the Kar 98k, which was still in front-line use with Wehrmacht troops in 1945, saw use with Mexican and Yugoslavian forces, and even played a role in the 1990s Balkan conflicts in the hands of snipers. Featuring expert analysis, specially commissioned artwork and gripping first-hand accounts, this volume is ideal for anyone seeking an understanding of these sturdy and accurate rifles' unique place in the history of small-unit tactics in the 20th century.

Mechanical Variations of Mauser Bolt Action Military Rifles

Author: James A. Wingate
ISBN: 141967093X
Release Date: 2007-06-11
Genre: Antiques & Collectibles

Collecting these great historical battle rifles is great fun, but the serious novice will soon become confused, and then irritated. The Author, a veteran Mechanical Engineer, knows this, because it happened to him too. He actually wrote this book for his own use, from notes he made to avoid being cheated out of hard-earned gun-collecting investment funds, and now he shares it with you. Its Mauser Model identification procedure guides the new collector in sorting out a specific rifle identity from the world's hundreds of known physical variants, using standard photographic references commercially available to everyone. It is chock full of brand-new close-up photos, mechanical details, info on chamber crests, markings, and the historical time line of the many global manufacturers of this immortal rifle. It is written in a crusty, personal and often irreverent style (but only where irreverence is well past due!)

Argentine Mauser Rifles 1871 1959

Author: Colin Webster
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing
ISBN: 0764318683
Release Date: 2003
Genre: History

This is the complete story of Argentinas contract Mauser rifles from the purchase of their first Model 1871s to the disposal of the last shipment of surplus rifles received in the United States in May 2002. Between 1891-1959 Argentina bought or manufactured nearly 500,000 Mauser rifles and carbines for itself as well as for its neighbors Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay and Paraguay. It also supplied Spain with rifles to help suppress the Melilla revolt in Morocco, which were eventually used against the United States during the Spanish American War of 1898. The Argentine Commissions relentless pursuit of tactical superiority resulted in a major contribution to the development of Mausers now famous bolt-action system. The combined efforts of the Belgian, Turkish and Argentine arms commissions between 1889 and 1892 produced the origins of what became the Model 98 bolt-action system that is still in use today over 110 years later. Details include: thirty-seven identified variants; the history behind each purchase and the technical description of each variant; contract-by-contract, and in the case of the Model 1891, 1909 and 1947 weapons a month-by-month, detail of production and shipping data; over 400 pictures, illustrations, documents and blueprints; history and details of the manufacturing facilities in Europe and in Argentina as well as a description of the manufacturing process used by the Matheu (DGFM-FMAP) small arms factory in Argentina; interesting and colorful anecdotes about the people involved, including revelations about spying and secret alliances never before revealed.

German Military Rifles and Machine Pistols 1871 1945

Author: Hans-Dieter Gotz
Publisher: Schiffer Pub Limited
ISBN: 088740264X
Release Date: 2004-09
Genre: Antiques & Collectibles

Richly illustrated volume covers the development of modern German rifles and machine pistols, as well as their ammunition, and includes many rare and experimental types. Covered are the Werder rifle, Mauser rifles, the various M/71 rifles and ammunition, the 88 cartridge, the Infantry Rifle 88, the 98 rifles, the Fallschirmjger rifle, the 41 & 43 rifles, ERMA and Walther machine pistols and many more.

Rifles of the World

Author: John Walter
Publisher: Krause Publications
ISBN: 0896892417
Release Date: 2006-03-25
Genre: Antiques & Collectibles

The third edition of this definitive reference includes expanded coverage of commercial and military rifles from around the world. From modern battle rifles like the American M16 to classic designs like the British Cogswell & Harrison Double Sporting Rifle, Rifles of the World is the most comprehensive book of its type.Arranged alphabetically by country of origin, from Argentina to Yugoslavia, this superior resource provides background information for rifles and carbines, both well known and obscure, from the breech-loading era to the present. With a blend of entertaining historical background and detailed technical specifications this is an essential guide for any rifle enthusiast.· More than 1,000 photos, plus an 8-page full-color section aid in identification· 100+ new listings offer readers more resources to refer to· Covers rimfire and centerfire models and every action type

Mannlicher Military Rifles

Author: Paul S. Scarlata
Publisher: Andrew Mowbray Incorporated, Publishers
ISBN: 1931464146
Release Date: 2004-01-01
Genre: Firearms

This books contains all the information you need! Inside you will find: model-by-model specifications; modern test firing results; exciting service histories; ammunition details; rare combat photos; useful technical drawings; a discussion of Mannlicher's imitators, and more!

Military Rifles of Two World Wars

Author: John Walter
Publisher: Greenhill Books
ISBN: STANFORD:36105026617121
Release Date: 2003
Genre: History

A compact and authoritative guide to military rifles - Covers rifles from Britain, the USA, Germany, Russia, and elsewhere - Includes technical data and performance details The twentieth century was a true testing ground for tactics, conducting warfare, and, inevitably, weaponry. The mainstay of all armies in the two great confrontations of that century was the military rifle. This informative book presents information on more than 60 weapons, including semiautomatics and auto-loaders, including the Mauser, Lee-Enfield, and Tokarev. A detailed description of each rifle and its key features is supported by technical data and specially selected illustrations. Details of relevant ammunition and accessories complete the work.

FN Mauser Rifles

Author: Anthony Vanderlinden
ISBN: 099813970X
Release Date: 2016-10-05

Collector reference on book on FN Mauser rifles