Methods and Designs for Outcomes Research

Author: Elinor C. G. Chumney
Publisher: ASHP
ISBN: 9781585281114
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Medical

Outcomes research seeks to understand the end results of particular health care practices and interventions. By linking the care patients receive to the outcomes they experience, outcomes research has become the key to developing better ways to monitor and improve the quality of care. Methods and Designs for Outcomes Research introduces clinical professionals and students to common statistical methods and study designs used in pharmacoepidemiology and outcomes research, as well as issues related to the measurement, analysis, and interpretation of results of clinical trials and outcomes studies. This easy to read text will guide the reader to: Critically read published papers that incorporate patient outcome and cost measures Understand the strengths and limitations of controlled trials, observational, quasi-experimental, and epidemiological designs, and the contribution of integrative modeling studies used to estimate outcomes for specific patient groups in the short and long term. Each chapter focuses on the interpretation of results, providing a framework that the reader can use to better understand and assess research as they decide whether to incorporate the findings within their practices.

Topics in Medical Image Processing and Computational Vision

Author: Joao Manuel R.S. Tavares
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9789400707269
Release Date: 2013-03-27
Genre: Technology & Engineering

The sixteen chapters included in this book were written by invited experts of international recognition and address important issues in Medical Image Processing and Computational Vision, including: Object Recognition, Object Detection, Object Tracking, Pose Estimation, Facial Expression Recognition, Image Retrieval, Data Mining, Automatic Video Understanding and Management, Edges Detection, Image Segmentation, Modelling and Simulation, Medical thermography, Database Systems, Synthetic Aperture Radar and Satellite Imagery. Different applications are addressed and described throughout the book, comprising: Object Recognition and Tracking, Facial Expression Recognition, Image Database, Plant Disease Classification, Video Understanding and Management, Image Processing, Image Segmentation, Bio-structure Modelling and Simulation, Medical Imaging, Image Classification, Medical Diagnosis, Urban Areas Classification, Land Map Generation. The book brings together the current state-of-the-art in the various multi-disciplinary solutions for Medical Image Processing and Computational Vision, including research, techniques, applications and new trends contributing to the development of the related areas.

Neutron and X ray Optics

Author: Jay Theodore Cremer, Jr.
Publisher: Newnes
ISBN: 9780124071599
Release Date: 2013-02-18
Genre: Science

Covering a wide range of topics related to neutron and x-ray optics, this book explores the aspects of neutron and x-ray optics and their associated background and applications in a manner accessible to both lower-level students while retaining the detail necessary to advanced students and researchers. It is a self-contained book with detailed mathematical derivations, background, and physical concepts presented in a linear fashion. A wide variety of sources were consulted and condensed to provide detailed derivations and coverage of the topics of neutron and x-ray optics as well as the background material needed to understand the physical and mathematical reasoning directly related or indirectly related to the theory and practice of neutron and x-ray optics. The book is written in a clear and detailed manner, making it easy to follow for a range of readers from undergraduate and graduate science, engineering, and medicine. It will prove beneficial as a standalone reference or as a complement to textbooks. Supplies a historical context of covered topics. Detailed presentation makes information easy to understand for researchers within or outside the field. Incorporates reviews of all relevant literature in one convenient resource.

International Symposium on Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics 10 12 October 2012 Riga Latvia

Author: Yuri Dekhtyar
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783642341977
Release Date: 2012-09-28
Genre: Technology & Engineering

This volume presents the proceedings of the International Symposium on Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics and is dedicated to the 150 anniversary of the Riga Technical University, Latvia. The content includes various hot topics in biomedical engineering and medical physics.

Research Methods for Clinical Therapists E Book

Author: Carolyn M. Hicks
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 9780702041884
Release Date: 2009-08-07
Genre: Medical

Struggling to do a project or dissertation, evaluate published research or conduct your own research? Help is at hand with this 5th edition of Research Methods for Clinical Therapists, which explains, in a clear and simple manner, how to evaluate existing research and how to conduct your own research. Aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as the practising health care professional, the focus of the text is the design and analysis of experimental studies. These are vital to the effectiveness studies that are central to the work of the healthcare professional. Specific examples from different areas of healthcare are used to explain the core research concepts and relate them to clinical situations. Statistical theory and jargon are kept to a minimum. 'Key concept' boxes to explain technical research terms Activities and exercises (with answers provided in an appendix) to reinforce learning Sample critique of a published research article Comprehensive coverage of the key components of a robust research study Explanation of basic mathematical concepts Extended section on calculating sample sizes Guidelines on the preparation of posters Calculation of Inter-rater reliability measures, including Cohen’s Kappa, ICC (interclass correlation) and Bland-Altman graphs of inter-rater agreement Introduction to Receiver Operating Characteristics, for use in screening and diagnostic testing against gold-standards The Thurstone Paired Comparison Technique, valuable in capturing the user voice on a variety of service planning, design and development issues Undertaking Systematic Reviews Relevant further reading for each chapter to support readers in their work.

Wege zur Hochschulreife in Baden W rttemberg

Author: Olaf Köller
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 9783322809063
Release Date: 2013-03-12
Genre: Education

Die TOSCA-Studie beschreibt die Zusammensetzung der Schülerschaft anallgemeinbildenden und beruflichen Gymnasien in Baden-Württemberg, analysiert die Vergleichbarkeit der Abschlüsse und untersucht die Überleitung in eine Berufsausbildung oder ein Universitätsstudium. Die beruflichen Gymnasien Baden-Württembergs bieten einer traditionell eher gymnasialfernen Schülerschaft die Möglichkeit, mit einer berufsbezogenen fachlichen Schwerpunktsetzung das Abitur zu machen. Das Buch mit Ergebnissen aus der Studie Transformation des Sekundarschulsystems und akademische Karrieren (TOSCA) untersucht diese Form der Öffnung von Bildungswegen vor allem im Hinblick auf die Studierfähigkeit. TOSCA analysiert Eingangsunterschiede zu Beginn der gymnasialen Oberstufe an allgemeinbildenden und beruflichen Gymnasien, die Vergleichbarkeit der Abschlüsse und die erfolgreiche Überleitung in eine Berufsausbildung oder ein Universitätsstudium.

Tietz Textbook of Clinical Chemistry and Molecular Diagnostics E Book

Author: Carl A. Burtis
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 9781455759422
Release Date: 2012-10-14
Genre: Medical

As the definitive reference for clinical chemistry, Tietz Textbook of Clinical Chemistry and Molecular Diagnostics, 5th Edition offers the most current and authoritative guidance on selecting, performing, and evaluating results of new and established laboratory tests. Up-to-date encyclopedic coverage details everything you need to know, including: analytical criteria for the medical usefulness of laboratory procedures; new approaches for establishing reference ranges; variables that affect tests and results; the impact of modern analytical tools on lab management and costs; and applications of statistical methods. In addition to updated content throughout, this two-color edition also features a new chapter on hemostasis and the latest advances in molecular diagnostics. Section on Molecular Diagnostics and Genetics contains nine expanded chapters that focus on emerging issues and techniques, written by experts in field, including Y.M. Dennis Lo, Rossa W.K. Chiu, Carl Wittwer, Noriko Kusukawa, Cindy Vnencak-Jones, Thomas Williams, Victor Weedn, Malek Kamoun, Howard Baum, Angela Caliendo, Aaron Bossler, Gwendolyn McMillin, and Kojo S.J. Elenitoba-Johnson. Highly-respected author team includes three editors who are well known in the clinical chemistry world. Reference values in the appendix give you one location for comparing and evaluating test results. NEW! Two-color design throughout highlights important features, illustrations, and content for a quick reference. NEW! Chapter on hemostasis provides you with all the information you need to accurately conduct this type of clinical testing. NEW! Six associate editors, Ann Gronowski, W. Greg Miller, Michael Oellerich, Francois Rousseau, Mitchell Scott, and Karl Voelkerding, lend even more expertise and insight to the reference. NEW! Reorganized chapters ensure that only the most current information is included.


Author: Achim Bühl
ISBN: 3868942491
Release Date: 2014-01-01
Genre: SPSS (Computer system)


Author: Achim Bühl
ISBN: 3868941509
Release Date: 2012