Women s Press Organizations 1881 1999

Author: Elizabeth V. Burt
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 0313306613
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

Little has been published about press organizations, and even less about women's press organizations. This book is the first to document the history of women's press organizations. In addition to rich historical accounts of some of these organizations, it also provides a picture of many of the women journalists involved in these press organizations, many of whom were leaders, both in journalism and in the social movements of their time. This book is a description and analysis of forty women's press organizations that have been key to the development of women writers of the press since the first established organization in 1881. Each entry describes the challenges faced by women that brought about the establishment of the organization at that particular time and place, some of the women who played key roles in the group's leadership, the group' s major activities and programs and its contributions to women of the press. The main purpose of these organizations was to provide women with a place where they could discuss professional issues and career strategies at a time when they were largely excluded from or marginalized by male-dominated media institutions. However, many also reflected the interests of some of the social and political reform movements associated with the women's movements of the 19th and 20th centuries, including the woman suffrage, peace, and ERA movements. Although some of the organizations described here no longer exist, new ones have taken on the challenge, in a profession where women still do not have equity.

Whose news

Author: Ammu Joseph
Publisher: Sage Publications Pvt. Ltd
ISBN: UOM:39015034004732
Release Date: 1994-10-31
Genre: Social Science

"This book is an important and rare contribution to the scanty literature on the status of women in Indian Society and the media's coverage of women's issues. Though there is no dearth of literature on "women", yet this is a unique and rare attempt to point out the interaction between women and the media - both electronic and print.... The book is a detailed and indepth study on a topic which is very important, sensitive and quite controversial.... The get-up and printing are of the finest quality.... It is a useful, interesting and authoritative study with a lucid and forceful expression. The book is useful for media watchers and scholars of "gender studies" and "mass communication"." --Social Action "This book provides insights into the factors that govern and shape media content in India. It also brings to light media perception of issues that are of vital importance and particular concern to Indian women. . . . Ammu Joseph and Kalpana Sharma, the editors who initiated the study, are two experienced media practitioners who have held decision-making positions in their media organizations, and have been personally involved with women's groups in India. This lends more credence to the book. . . . This book is not only appropriate for women and feminist groups, but it is indeed a must for media professionals--both men and women--and for all concerned members of the world community." --The Journal of Development Communication The rising concern about the status of women in Indian society has found its most visible expression in the media's coverage of women's issues. Employing a novel methodology, Whose News? analyzes press coverage of five key issues related to Indian women: dowry-related deaths, rape, the right to maintenance of Muslim divorces, the misuse of sex determination tests such as amniocentesis, and the reemergence of the banned practice of sati. In addition, this unique volume carefully critiques the portrayal of women on prime time television between 1979 and 1988. As the first serious and systematic effort to analyze this issue, Whose News? will interest scholars in communication, gender studies, and development studies. "The study offers a veritable fund of information and gives extremely valuable suggestions. . . . The volume is a commendable addition to women's studies and to the communication research being conducted in journalism/communication faculties of our universities." -The Hindustan Times "Whose News? is a significant book because it takes studies about gender bias in the Indian media a stp further by providing firm quantitative and qualitative data bout the selective status of news related to women. It records a fact many of us recognize, but it does so with concrete proof and reasoned analysis." -The Times of India "This book serves as an important reminder against any complacency that may ensue from the increased visibility of women's issues in the media today." -The Telegraph "[This] is an important book in the still nascent field of media studies in India, particularly since it comes at a time when the Indian media is facing n unprecedented assault form `market forces' from within and abroad . . . The strength of the book lies in its painstaking and meticulous research and the insider knowledge both Sharma and Joseph have of how the media gathers, selects an projects `news'. . . This book is valuable for the insight it provides into the way the media, consciously and unconsciously works. As such, it should be read by all media professionals particularly desk people who determine to such a large extent the quantum, placement, and perspective of news and views." -The Hindu

International Handbook of Children Media and Culture

Author: Kirsten Drotner
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 9781446206645
Release Date: 2008-02-19
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

This essential volume brings together the work of internationally-renowned researchers, each experts in their field, in order to capture the diversity of children and young people's media cultures around the world. Why are the media such a crucial part of children's daily lives? Are they becoming more important, more influential, and in what ways? Or does a historical perspective reveal how past media have long framed children's cultural horizons or, perhaps, how families - however constituted - have long shaped the ways children relate to media? In addressing such questions, the contributors present detailed empirical cases to uncover how children weave together diverse forms and technologies to create a rich symbolic tapestry which, in turn, shapes their social relationships. At the same time, many concerns - even public panics - arise regarding children's engagement with media, leading the contributors also to inquire into the risky or problematic aspects of today's highly mediated world. Deliberately selected to represent as many parts of the globe as possible, and with a commitment to recognizing both the similarities and differences in children and young people's lives - from China to Denmark, from Canada to India, from Japan to Iceland, from - the authors offer a rich contextualization of children's engagement with their particular media and communication environment, while also pursuing cross-cutting themes in terms of comparative and global trends. Each chapter provides a clear orientation for new readers to the main debates and core issues addressed, combined with a depth of analysis and argumentation to stimulate the thinking of advanced students and established scholars. Since children and young people are a focus of study across different disciplines, the volume is thoroughly multi-disciplinary. Yet since children and young people are all too easily neglected by these same disciplines, this volume hopes to accord their interests and concerns they surely merit.

Women Power and Politics in 21st Century Iran

Author: Dr Elaheh Rostami-Povey
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 9781409476795
Release Date: 2013-04-28
Genre: Social Science

This book examines the women's movement in Iran and its role in contesting gender relations since the 1979 revolution. Looking at examples from politics, law, employment, environment, media and religion and the struggle for democracy, this book demonstrates how material conditions have important social and political consequences for the lives of women in Iran and exposes the need to challenge the dominant theoretical perspectives on gender and Islam. A truly fascinating insider's look at the experiences of Iranian women as academics, political and civil society activists, this book counters the often inaccurate and misleading stereotyping of Iranian women to present a vibrant and diverse picture of these women's lives. A welcome and unique addition to the vibrant and growing literature on women, Islam, development, democracy and feminisms.

Women Media and Sport

Author: Pamela J. Creedon
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 9780803952348
Release Date: 1994-02-14
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

This book - the first to link feminism, sport and media theory - provides a broad cultural studies orientation. In addition to a theoretical analysis, it provides a practical look at models of sport, media effects and the construction of the sportswoman and women's sports. Divided into three parts, the book: provides an overview of the three areas; focuses on the print and broadcast media portrayal of women's sport, examining such issues as the relationship of sports promotion to media representations of women's sports and the ways in which sports reporting is taught to future journalists; and seeks to develop a new model for the future.

Women and Media

Author: Carolyn M. Byerly
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781405153164
Release Date: 2008-04-15
Genre: Social Science

Women and Media is a thoughtful cross-cultural examination of the ways in which women have worked inside and outside mainstream media organizations since the 1970s. Rooted in a series of interviews with women media workers and activists collected specifically for this book, the text provides an original insight into women’s experiences. Explains the ways that women have organized their internal and external campaigns to improve media content (or working conditions) for women, and established womenowned media to gain a public voice. Identifies key issues and developments in feminist media critiques and interventions over the last 30 years, as these relate to production, representation and consumption. Functions as both a research case study and a teaching text.

American Bloomsbury

Author: Susan Cheever
Publisher: Suhrkamp Verlag
ISBN: 9783458752264
Release Date: 2017-04-10
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Concord in Neuengland, Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts: ein Eldorado für Freidenker. Schriftsteller um Henry David Thoreau schreiben dort ihre wichtigsten Werke und revolutionieren neben der amerikanischen Literatur auch den amerikanischen Lebensstil: ungezwungen, kreativ und naturverbunden. Durch ein Erbe frühzeitig an Geld gelangt, lädt Ralph Waldo Emerson von ihm bewunderte Schriftsteller nach Concord. Was hier entsteht, wird nicht nur die Bewohner der Kleinstadt, sondern die Geschichte der amerikanischen Kultur in Aufruhr bringen. Die Transzendentalisten, wie die Gruppierung um Henry David Thoreau genannt wird, brechen mit allen Anstandsregeln: Nathaniel Hawthorne und Ralph Waldo Emerson verlieben sich gleichzeitig in die exzentrische Margaret Fuller, Louisa May Alcott schwärmt für ihren viel älteren Lehrer Thoreau, sie diskutieren, lesen sich gegenseitig Manuskripte vor, ernähren sich vegetarisch, ersinnen feministische Ideen und unternehmen Streifzüge durch die Wälder Neuenglands. American Bloomsbury ist das faszinierende Zeugnis dieser amourösen und intellektuellen Begegnungen. Es ist die Geschichte von Idealisten, die ihrer Zeit weit voraus waren.

Women and Media

Author: Karen Ross
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780470777176
Release Date: 2008-04-15
Genre: Social Science

Comprised of original research in diverse genres and medias, Women and Media: International Perspectives brings together eight international scholars to explore key issues of the gender-media relation. Provides important insights into how gender is implicated in media industries. Address key issues of the gender-media relation, from an analysis of news media’s coverage of women politicians, to the marketing of ‘girl power’, to strategizing for equality in newsrooms. Highlights the theme that media have the potential both to reinforce the status quo in power arrangements in society but also to contribute to new, more egalitarian ones. Includes an introduction by the editors that carefully maps the contours of the international struggle between feminists and the media, section overviews, bibliographies, key terms, and discussion questions.

Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women

Author: Cheris Kramarae
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781135963156
Release Date: 2004-04-16
Genre: Reference

For a full list of entries and contributors, sample entries, and more, visit the Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women website. Featuring comprehensive global coverage of women's issues and concerns, from violence and sexuality to feminist theory, the Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women brings the field into the new millennium. In over 900 signed A-Z entries from US and Europe, Asia, the Americas, Oceania, and the Middle East, the women who pioneered the field from its inception collaborate with the new scholars who are shaping the future of women's studies to create the new standard work for anyone who needs information on women-related subjects.

The World s Women 2000

Author: United Nations
Publisher: United Nations Publications
ISBN: 9211614287
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Social Science

New and updated statistics on population, the family, health, education and communication, work, and politics and human rights in relation to women.

Women and Media in the Middle East

Author: Naomi Sakr
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 9780857730213
Release Date: 2004-09-24
Genre: Religion

Are women benefiting from current changes in the Middle East media? With media all over the world still marginalizing women and trivializing gender inequalities, how does the situation in the Middle East compare? Proliferating satellite channels have increased women’s visibility in the region but visibility does not necessarily confer power. This book explores various ways in which media have been used to open up possibilities for women in the Middle East or, conversely, to restrict them. Having as their starting point the diverse experiences and multi-layered identities of women, the contributors treat media institutions and practices as part of wider power relations in society. By analyzing media production, consumption and texts, they reveal where and how gender boundaries have been erected or crossed. In eleven chapters, Women and Media in the Middle East spans both the region, from Iran to Morocco, and the media, from film and broadcasting to the press and internet. It looks back at women’s journalism in pre-1952 Egypt and forward to future trends in women’s internet use. One chapter shows how Maghrebi women filmmakers achieved a belated symbolic liberation for the ‘colonized of the colonized’. Another reveals how Egyptian political films link the representation of women to nationalist ideals. A study of the women’s press in Iran shows how it forced gender to the forefront of government concerns, while an investigation of Kuwait’s mainstream press uncovers duplicity in the struggle over female suffrage. A chapter on audience reception exposes clashing identity constructions and competing knowledge systems in a rural community. Further chapters explore an experiment in gender awareness programming on Palestinian TV and women’s role on Hezbollah’s television station, Al-Manar. The book begins by considering whether research on women and media in other contexts can be applied to the Middle East. It ends by discussing the careers of seven well-knon Arab women journalists. Rich and illuminating, this highly original book will be useful to scholars, media professionals and general readers interested in women’s studies, media and shifting power structures in the Middle East.

Forging the Bubikopf Nation

Author: Marina Vujnovic
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 1433106280
Release Date: 2009
Genre: History

The era between World Wars I and II set East-Central Europe on a path of a modernization that was opening up numerous possibilities for challenging the region’s traditional politics and established gender roles. In interwar Yugoslavia, questions of ethnically driven nationalism dominated the public discourse, but the modernizing processes of industrialization and rising consumerism also opened up a small public space for the development of the women’s press. The intuitive and change-driven Croatian journalist and novelist Marija Juric Zagorka led this parallel and alternative public discourse in Yugoslavia’s most popular interwar women’s magazine, Ženski list. Forging the Bubikopf Nation is a book about this magazine, its editor, and its readers as well as about the alternative visions of modernity that they were offering to the magazine’s readers, both throughout Yugoslavia and within the diasporic communities in the United States and Canada during the thirteen years of the magazine’s existence from 1925-1938. Sensitively written, but researched with great methodological rigor and from a range of theoretical perspectives, this is a must-read book for all of those who are interested in mass communication, history, gender, and politics and for those who want to better understand this pivotal time in the history of a highly complex and intriguing part of the world.