Medical Medium Thyroid Healing

Author: Anthony William
Publisher: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 9781401948382
Release Date: 2017-11-07
Genre: Health & Fitness

The thyroid is the new hot topic in health. Across age groups, from baby boomers and their parents to millennials and even children, more and more people —women especially —are hearing that their thyroids are to blame for their fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, memory issues, aches and pains, tingles and numbness, insomnia, hair loss, hot flashes, sensitivity to cold, constipation, bloating, anxiety, depression, heart palpitations, loss of libido, restless legs, and more. Everyone wants to know how to free themselves from the thyroid trap. As the thyroid has gotten more and more attention, though, these symptoms haven’t gone away —people aren’t healing. Labeling someone with “Hashimoto’s,” “hypothyroidism,” or the like doesn’t explain the myriad health issues that person may experience. That’s because there’s a pivotal truth that goes by unnoticed: A thyroid problem is not the ultimate reason for a person’s illness. A problematic thyroid is yet one more symptom of something much larger than this one small gland in the neck. It’s something much more pervasive in the body, something invasive, that’s responsible for the laundry list of symptoms and conditions attributed to thyroid disease. In Medical Medium Thyroid Healing, Anthony William, the Medical Medium, reveals an entirely new take on the epidemic of thyroid illness. Empowering readers to become their own thyroid experts, he explains in detail what the source problem really is, including what’s going on with inflammation, autoimmune disease, and dozens more symptoms and conditions, then offers a life-changing toolkit to rescue the thyroid and bring readers back to health and vitality. It’s an approach unlike any other, and as his millions of fans and followers will tell you, it’s the approach that gets results.

The Body Talk System

Author: John Veltheim
Publisher: Parama Wisdom Teachings
ISBN: 0964594498
Release Date: 1999-09-01
Genre: Health & Fitness

What do you get when you combine the wisdom of advanced yoga, the energy dynamics of acupuncture, the clinical findings of applied kinesiology, and Western medical expertise?

Energy Eft

Author: Silvia Hartmann
Publisher: Dragonrising
ISBN: 1908269162
Release Date: 2012-02-01

Welcome To Energy EFT - the next generation of EFT as modern energy work. Using EFT with energy in mind, you can now experience faster, more focused, more logical EFT self help treatments and go much further into the realms of empowerment, mental clarity and having all the energy you need to succeed in life.

Healing with Essential Oils

Author: Jodi Sternoff Cohen
Publisher: Vibrant Blue Oils
ISBN: 0998534609
Release Date: 2017-02-06

In this ground-breaking guide to advanced essential oils, Vibrant Blue Oils founder Jodi Sternoff Cohen shares her thorough and comprehensive roadmap for using essential oils to balance the underlying causes of various health concerns, including poor sleep, stress, compromised digestion, detoxification, gut inflammation, poor circulation, and blood sugar issues. While many use essential oils to treat particular symptoms, like a stuffy nose or poor sleep, Jodi Cohen reveals in Healing with Essential Oils how essential oils can bring specific organs and regions of the brain, back into balance, thereby supporting the body to heal itself. She also has discovered that essential oils, when combined in certain synergistic combinations, expand their healing benefits exponentially, beyond that of the individual oils. Healing with Essential Oils will show you how oils provide an open backdoor into the body through the olfactory channel and topical application, especially when the front door of digestion is compromised. This book will empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to identify and prioritize your underlying health issues and support your healing journey with essential oils. Healing with Essential Oils offers a variety of tools and checklists to help both the home practitioner and the professional understand why essential oils work and how to use them to support: Restful Sleep Enhanced Mood Reduced Stress, Anxiety, and Depression Optimal Digestion Reduced Inflammation in the Gut and the Brain Enhanced Detoxification Balanced Blood Sugar Improved Circulation Healing with Essential Oils will empower you with the knowledge and tools to start feeling better with less work.

Energetic Kinesiology

Author: Charles Krebs
Publisher: Handspring Publishing
ISBN: 1909141038
Release Date: 2013-12-01
Genre: Energy medicine

This comprehensive, fully referenced text aims to provide a foundation statement on energetic kinesiology in order to bring greater coherence to both its theory and practice.

Healthy Medicine

Author: Robert J. Zieve
Publisher: Bell Pond Books
ISBN: 0880105607
Release Date: 2005-06-01
Genre: Medical

Dr. Zieve presents a model for health care that shows us how to go beyond the limitations of the present model and develop a new approach to health care that embraces and synthesizes the emerging models of integrative medicine, energy medicine, and energy psychology. This guide is for both those wish to provide a more complete form of health care for their patients and those individuals who are prepared to make the necessary changes in daily life in order to initiate or maintain a movement toward healing. This includes understanding the daily disciplines of a healing process, the deeper psychological processes of illness, and the creative arts in their therapeutic roles.

The Problem Is the Solution

Author: Marcella Bakur Weiner
Publisher: Jason Aronson
ISBN: 0765704668
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Psychology

Psychoanalyst Carl Jung said that a life without meaning is unlived. Today our secular worship of the material, the superficial, and the instantly gratifying is as powerful as any ancient idol worship. While our problems appear to be the enemy, they are really our secret allies, and by wrestling with them we become whole. Weiner and Simmons show us how to rely on the natural, spontaneous images that emerge from our dreams, daily life, relationship problems, and symptoms as the seeds of our own healing. We must recognize that our problems have not been randomly inflicted on us; they have a purpose, to act as guideposts pointing the way toward healing and wholeness. Book jacket.

The Serotonin Power Diet

Author: Judith Wurtman
Publisher: Rodale
ISBN: 9781594869723
Release Date: 2009-12-22
Genre: Health & Fitness

Identifies a link between serotonin levels and weight and outlines a twelve-week program of scientifically-balanced recipes designed to help reduce overeating urges, lose weight, and improve overall moods.

La Sant par le Toucher un guide pratique pour la sant naturelle

Author: John F. Thie
Publisher: Devorss Publications
ISBN: 0875161804
Release Date: 1973
Genre: Health & Fitness

Includes in-depth appendices for Goal-setting and Pain Management. Clear diagrams and photographs are all you need to reduce or eliminate pain & tension, energize your natural healing system, and experience more frequent peak performances and enhanced personal bests. the TFH Book is the classic guide to family self-care using the Chinese Model of balancing life energy -- Chi. the TFH Book is the basic textbook which forms the basis of most Energy Healing Kinesiology systems today. Touch for Health was named as the original pioneering work of the field of Energy Psychology by the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

Light Medicine of the Future

Author: Jacob Liberman
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781591437888
Release Date: 1990-10-01
Genre: Health & Fitness

Light: Medicine of the Future challenges the modern myth that the sun is dangerous to our well-being and claims that technological advancements, such as most fluorescent lighting, sunglasses, tanning lotions, and our indoor lifestyles, may be more harmful than helpful. Integrating scientific research, clinical experience, and his own insights, Dr. Jacob Liberman has worked effectively with more than 15,000 individuals, from the learning disabled and physically/emotionally traumatized to business executives and Olympic athletes. The book discusses the use of light in the treatment of various cancers, depression, stress, visual problems, PMS, sexual dysfunction, learning disabilities, and the human immune system.

Energy Diagnostic and Treatment Methods

Author: Fred P. Gallo
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393703126
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Psychology

A very old overcoat is recycled numerous times into a variety of garments.

Setting a Trap for God

Author: Rocco A. Errico
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 9780871597656
Release Date: 1997-06-15
Genre: Religion

What is prayer? What exactly does it mean? What does prayer accomplish? Dr. Rocco A. Errico answers these questions about prayer through this newly revised and expanded edition of his popular Ancient Aramaic Prayer of Jesus--the Lord's Prayer. He focuses on the original Aramaic manuscripts, the ancient culture of the Middle East, and its Aramaic language of two thousand years ago. Errico presents definitions for words such as our Father, hallowed, daily bread, temptation, evil, and amen from the linguistic and cultural viewpoint of the era. You will learn about the eight spiritual attunements within the prayer that strengthen your connection with God. Most important, Errico gives you a feeling for what Jesus said as he spoke this powerful message in his native tongue and what those words mean today. Discover the way of peace, health, prosperity, and understanding as you learn about the true meaning of prayer and how to "set a trap" for the inexhaustible power of God!

Building an Ageless Mind

Author: William J. Tippett
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
ISBN: 9781442220492
Release Date: 2013-06-27
Genre: Health & Fitness

As our population ages and fears about dementia, Alzheimer’s, and related brain problems continue to grow, this book will help shed light on how the brain functions, what we can do to prevent the most severe symptoms of aging, and steps we can take to ward off disease.

My Autistic Awakening

Author: Rachael Lee Harris
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9781442244504
Release Date: 2015-04-09
Genre: Psychology

Autism rates are on the rise, and many parents wonder what the lives of their children may be like in the future. This story of one woman’s experience growing up with Asperger’s illustrates both the experiences and obstacles someone on the spectrum may face – and offers hope that they may lead successful, rewarding, and very rich lives.