Is There a Single Right Interpretation

Author: Michael Krausz
Publisher: Penn State Press
ISBN: 0271046988
Release Date: 2010-11-01
Genre: Philosophy

Is there a single right interpretation for such cultural phenomena as works of literature, visual artworks, works of music, the self, and legal and sacred texts? In these essays, almost all written especially for this volume, twenty leading philosophers pursue different answers to this question by examining the nature of interpretation and its objects and ideals. The fundamental conflict between positions that universally require the ideal of a single admissible interpretation (singularism) and those that allow a multiplicity of some admissible interpretations (multiplism) leads to a host of engrossing questions explored in these essays: Does multiplism invite interpretive anarchy? Can opposing interpretations be jointly defended? Should competition between contending interpretations be understood in terms of (bivalent) truth or (multivalent) reasonableness, appropriateness, aptness, or the like? Is interpretation itself an essentially contested concept? Does interpretive activity seek truth or aim at something else as well? Should one focus on interpretive acts rather than interpretations? Should admissible interpretations be fixed by locating intentions of a historical or hypothetical creator, or neither? What bearing does the fact of the historical situatedness of cultural entities have on their identities? The contributors are Annette Barnes, No&ël Carroll, Stephen Davies, Susan Feagin, Alan Goldman, Charles Guignon, Chhanda Gupta, Garry Hagberg, Michael Krausz, Peter Lamarque, Jerrold Levinson, Joseph Margolis, Rex Martin, Jitendra Mohanty, David Novitz, Philip Percival, Torsten Pettersson, Robert Stecker, Laurent Stern, and Paul Thom.

Moll Flanders an Authoritative Text

Author: Daniel Defoe
Publisher: New York : Norton
ISBN: 039309412X
Release Date: 1722
Genre: Adventure stories

This Norton Critical Edition is again based on the first edition text (1722), the only text known to be Defoe s own. It is accompanied by detailed explanatory annotations and the editor s essay outlining the novel s textual history. Contexts collects related documents on criminal transport, contemporary accounts of lives of crime, and colonial laws as they applied to servants, slaves, and runaways. Criticism includes eleven interpretations by Juliet McMaster, Everett Zimmerman, Maximillian E. Novak, Henry Knight Miller, Ian A. Bell, Carol Kay, Paula B. Backscheider, John Rietz, Ann Louise Kibbie, John Richetti, and Ellen Pollak. A Chronology and Selected Bibliography are also included."

A Study Guide for Daniel Defoe s Moll Flanders

Author: Gale, Cengage Learning
Publisher: Gale, Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781410352880
Release Date: 2016-06-29
Genre: Literary Criticism

A Study Guide for Daniel Defoe's "Moll Flanders," excerpted from Gale's acclaimed Novels for Students. This concise study guide includes plot summary; character analysis; author biography; study questions; historical context; suggestions for further reading; and much more. For any literature project, trust Novels for Students for all of your research needs.

Writing British Infanticide

Author: Jennifer Thorn
Publisher: University of Delaware Press
ISBN: 0874138191
Release Date: 2003
Genre: History

The essays brought together in this volume pose the question: How are we to understand the proliferation of writing about child-murder in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Britain, or, more specifically, the overlap of an expanding print culture with the widely evident narration of this particular crime? Further, what are we to make of the recurrent and remarkably consistent representation of child-murder as the special province of unmarried, desperate women? Writing British Infanticide demonstrates the ways that narratives of child-murder in eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century Britain reflect, and in certain ways elicit, complexity if not outright paradox: it was a capital crime for which most of those indicted received no punishment; a crime definitive of barbarity for which juries and many observing writers urged sympathy; a crime in which the consideration of alleged perpetrators' motivations repeatedly founders in an inability to understand the economic and the affective as related. So doing, it argues both for the role of "writing British infanticide" in an emergent professionalism dependent upon print and for the special utility of a focus upon child-murder to the evaluation of the mutual constitution of gender and class.

The Politics of Motherhood

Author: Toni Bowers
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521551749
Release Date: 1996-07-13
Genre: Literary Criticism

Through detailed examination of a wide variety of novels, plays, sermons, songs, popular engravings, portraiture, and propaganda from the period, Toni Bowers examines the eighteenth-century social and cultural struggle to develop new ideals for virtuous motherhood. She shows how popular representations of mothers codified and enforced a private and domestic model of maternal excellence, and argues that contemporary Western culture is still limited by its commitment to the contradictory maternal ideals established in early-eighteenth-century discourse.

Daniel Defoe s Moll Flanders

Author: Harold Bloom
Publisher: Chelsea House Pub
ISBN: UOM:39015013537033
Release Date: 1987
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Essays to help you understand and appreciate Defoe's novel, Moll Flanders.

Textual Editing and Criticism

Author: Erick Kelemen
Publisher: W. W. Norton
ISBN: UOM:39015082694699
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

Textual Editing and Criticism: An Introduction addresses a gap in currently available materials for English and American literature teachers who bring textual editing and criticism into their courses.

Robinson Crusoe

Author: Daniel Defoe
ISBN: UOM:39015004702083
Release Date: 1975
Genre: Fiction


Author: Thomas Hardy
Publisher: Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag
ISBN: 9783423416351
Release Date: 2015-04-23
Genre: Fiction

Der große Schicksalsroman Durch Zufall erfährt die in ärmlichen Verhältnissen lebende Tess Durbeyfield, dass ihre Familie einem alten normannischen Adelsgeschlecht entstammt. Ihr Entschluss, vermeintliche Verwandte zu besuchen, hat fatale Folgen für die junge Frau: Sie trifft auf die zwei Männer, die den Gang ihres Schicksals unheilvoll lenken. Mit Tess sorgte Thomas Hardy 1891 für Aufsehen. Der Roman zählt zu den großen Klassikern der englischen Literatur. Diese Neuausgabe in attraktiver Sonderausstattung bietet die zeitgemäße Übersetzung von Helga Schulz.