Moral Philosophy A Reader

Author: Louis P. Pojman
Publisher: Hackett Publishing
ISBN: 9781603845038
Release Date: 2009-09-01
Genre: Philosophy

This collection of classic and contemporary readings in ethics presents sharp, competing views on a wide range of fundamentally important topics: moral relativism and objectivism, ethical egoism, value theory, utilitarianism, deontological ethics, virtue ethics, ethics and religion, and applied ethics. The Fourth Edition dramatically increases the volume’s utility by expanding and updating the selections and introductions while retaining the structure that has made previous editions so successful.

Moral Philosophy A Reader Third Edition

Author: Louis P. Pojman
Publisher: Hackett Publishing
ISBN: 9780872206618
Release Date: 2003-01-01
Genre: Philosophy

The third edition builds on the strengths of the second by including a unit of classic readings in applied ethics.

Moral Philosophy A Reader Fourth Edition

Author: Louis P. Pojman
Publisher: Hackett Publishing
ISBN: 9781603845021
Release Date: 2009-09-14
Genre: Philosophy

This collection of classic and contemporary readings in ethics presents sharp, competing views on a wide range of fundamentally important topics: moral relativism and objectivism, ethical egoism, value theory, utilitarianism, deontological ethics, virtue ethics, ethics and religion, and applied ethics. The Fourth Edition dramatically increases the volume's utility by expanding and updating the selections and introductions while retaining the structure that has made previous editions so successful.

The Elements of Moral Philosophy

Author: James Rachels
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education
ISBN: 9780077824914
Release Date: 2014-10-07
Genre: Philosophy

The Elements of Moral Philosophy by James Rachels and Stuart Rachels is a best-selling text for undergraduate courses in ethics. Thirteen thought-provoking chapters introduce readers to major moral concepts and theories in philosophy through clear, understandable explanations and compelling discussions.

Moral Philosophy from Montaigne to Kant

Author: J. B. Schneewind
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521003040
Release Date: 2003
Genre: History

Originally issued as a two-volume edition in 1990, the anthology is now re-issued (with a new foreword) as a one-volume anthology. It is a companion to Schneewind's highly successful history of modern ethics, The Invention of Autonomy. The anthology provides many of the sources discussed in The Invention of Autonomy. The combined two volumes are an invaluable resource for the teaching of the history of modern moral philosophy. This volume contains excerpts from some thirty-two important seventeenth and eighteenth century moral philosophers. As well as well-known thinkers such as Hobbes, Hume, and Kant, there are excerpts from a wide-range of philosophers never previously assembled in one text, such as Grotius, Pufendorf, Nicole, Clarke, Leibniz, Malebranche, Holbach and Paley. Including a substantial introduction and extensive bibliographies, it facilitates the study and teaching of early modern moral philosophy in its crucial formative period.

Ethics and Moral Philosophy

Author: Thom Brooks
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9789004203426
Release Date: 2011-10-28
Genre: Philosophy

Ethics and moral philosophy is an area of particular interest today. This book brings together some of the most important essays in this area. Topics include practical reason, particularism, moral realism, virtue ethics, and ethics and moral philosophy more generally.

Basic Moral Philosophy

Author: Robert L. Holmes
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305890268
Release Date: 2014-10-08
Genre: Education

Who ever heard of an easy-to-understand philosophy book? Now there is one. BASIC MORAL PHILOSOPHY presents clear information on the major ethical and philosophical theories that you can actually comprehend. Whether it's bioethics or broad moral philosophy, BASIC MORAL PHILOSOPHY is the ethics textbook that gives you an introduction to the tough questions and helps you get a great grade in class also. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Life and Death

Author: Louis P. Pojman
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: STANFORD:36105022135391
Release Date: 1999-07-01
Genre: Education

This anthology examines 11 key issues dealing with the beginning and end of life, and presents a balanced set of 67 classic and contemporary readings on each of them. It is unique in its coverage of applied ethics, medical topics, and broad theoretical considerations of issues of life and death—the sanctity of life versus the quality of life, and the meaning of life and death. The section on Ethical Theory covers the classic theories as well as ethical relativism to orient students to the nature and importance of ethics. The section on the sanctity of life versus the quality of life examines a vital but often neglected issue in moral philosophy. Introductions and study questions accompany each major reading.

Readings in Moral Philosophy

Author: Jonathan Wolff
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 9780393923605
Release Date: 2017-09-29

This NEW reader provides a more diverse selection of philosophers and ethical issues than any other book of its kind. Used on its own or as a companion to Jonathan Wolff’s An Introduction to Moral Philosophy, it offers an ideal collection of important readings in moral theory and compelling issues in applied ethics. Smart pedagogy and an affordable price make it an outstanding value for students.

Moral Philosophy

Author: Gerald Jones
Publisher: Hodder Arnold
ISBN: 0340888059
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Education

An accessible, student-centred guide to the key ideas in moral philosophy. Suitable for both A Level and undergraduate study. This book provides an accessible, readable, student-centred guide to moral philosophy. Through lucid explanation, careful use of modern examples and engaging activities it leads students towards deeper understanding of all the key issues in the study of ethics. Key features include: - a clear overview of the key ideas in moral philosophy, including detailed examination of the prescribed areas of study: meta-ethics, prescriptive ethics and applied ethics - application of those ideas to the contemporary issues of abortion, euthanasia and animal rights - imaginative tasks and activities to stimulate thought and explore ethical ideas in an engaging and motivating way - key quotes from the significant writers, and interesting examples of ethical debate in film and literature - a critical analysis of the various ethical theories - end-of-chapter key point summaries covering what readers need to know to answer exam questions on moral philosophy and ethics - an extensive glossary of key words and ideas - thorough referencing to enable students to follow up key ideas and quotes in independent study.

God and Morality

Author: R. Keith Loftin
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
ISBN: 9780830863457
Release Date: 2012-08-28
Genre: Religion

Is morality dependent upon belief in God? Is there more than one way for Christians to understand the nature of morality? Is there any agreement between Christians and atheists or agnostics on this heated issue? In God and Morality: Four Views four distinguished voices in moral philosophy ariticulate and defend their place in the current debate between naturalism and theism. Christian philosophers, Keith Yandell and Mark Linville and two self-identified atheist/agnostics, Evan Fales and Michael Ruse clearly and honestly represent their differing views on the nature of morality. Important differences as well as areas of overlap emerge as each contributor states their case, receives criticism from the others and responds. Of particular value for use as an academic text, these four essays and responses, covering the naturalist moral non-realist, naturalist moral realist, moral essentialist and moral particularist views, will foster critical thinking and contribute to the development of a well-informed position on this very important issue.

Introduction to Ethics

Author: Andrew J. Dell'Olio
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 074256357X
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Philosophy

"This is an excellent introductory ethics reader. Selections are wisely chosen with attention paid to both theoretical and applied ethics, classical and contemporary authors, Eastern and Western traditions, and religious and nonreligious perspectives. The well-written introductions to the selections and the helpful study questions will prove useful to both student and instructor."---Kelly Clark, Calvin College --

Lectures on the History of Political Philosophy

Author: John Rawls
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674042568
Release Date: 2009-06-30
Genre: Philosophy

This last book by the late John Rawls, derived from written lectures and notes for his long-running course on modern political philosophy, offers readers an account of the liberal political tradition from a scholar viewed by many as the greatest contemporary exponent of the philosophy behind that tradition. Rawls's goal in the lectures was, he wrote, "to identify the more central features of liberalism as expressing a political conception of justice when liberalism is viewed from within the tradition of democratic constitutionalism." He does this by looking at several strands that make up the liberal and democratic constitutional traditions, and at the historical figures who best represent these strands--among them the contractarians Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau; the utilitarians Hume, Sidgwick, and J. S. Mill; and Marx regarded as a critic of liberalism. Rawls's lectures on Bishop Joseph Butler also are included in an appendix. Constantly revised and refined over three decades, Rawls's lectures on these figures reflect his developing and changing views on the history of liberalism and democracy--as well as how he saw his own work in relation to those traditions. With its clear and careful analyses of the doctrine of the social contract, utilitarianism, and socialism--and of their most influential proponents--this volume has a critical place in the traditions it expounds. Marked by Rawls's characteristic patience and curiosity, and scrupulously edited by his student and teaching assistant, Samuel Freeman, these lectures are a fitting final addition to his oeuvre, and to the history of political philosophy as well.


Author: Peter Singer
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0192892452
Release Date: 1994
Genre: Philosophy

What is ethics? Where does it come from? Can we really hope to find any rational way of deciding how we ought to live? If we can, what would it be like, and how are we going to know when we have found it? To capture the essentials of what we know about the origins and nature of ethics, Peter Singer has drawn on anthropology, evolution, game theory, and works of fiction, in addition to the classic moral philosophy of such thinkers as Nietzsche, Kant, and Confucius. By choosing some of the finest pieces of writing, old and new, in and about ethics, he conveys the intellectual excitement of the search for answers to basic questions about how we ought to live. From the debates of Socrates and the profound writing of Rousseau to Jane Goodall's reflections on the ethics of chimpanzee kinship and Luther's commentary on the Sixth Commandment (thou shalt not kill), this engaging reader offers a complete and thorough introduction to the fascinating world of ethical debate.