Night Sniper

Author: James Patterson
Publisher: BookShots
ISBN: 031643308X
Release Date: 2017-04-04
Genre: Fiction

One killer. Eight million targets. Eight million suspects. Cheryl Mabern is the NYPD's most brilliant detective--and the most damaged. Now she must confront her darkest fears to stop a calculating killer committing random murders. BookShots LIGHTNING-FAST STORIES BY JAMES PATTERSON Novels you can devour in a few hours Impossible to stop reading All original content from James Patterson

Fear The Night

Author: John Lutz
Publisher: Pinnacle Books
ISBN: 9780786028634
Release Date: 2011-07-01
Genre: Fiction

A Madman's Obsession Is A City's Nightmare He comes out when the sun goes down. He's made New York City his shooting gallery. The Night Sniper threatens to increase the body count-unless legendary homicide detective Vin Repetto is willing to engage him in a lethal game of cat and mouse. When the next victim is murdered right before Repetto's eyes, the game is set to begin. But The Night Sniper doesn't realize they're playing by Repetto's rules. . . "A HEART-POUNDING ROLLER COASTER OF A TALE." --Jeffery Deaver on Night Victims "A PAGE-TURNER. . .TWISTY, CREEPY." --Publishers Weekly (starred review) on Mister X "LUTZ IS IN RARE FORM." -The New York Times Book Review on Chill of Night

Night of the Cobra

Author: Sgt. Jack Coughlin
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 9781466861916
Release Date: 2015-08-18
Genre: Fiction

In this enthralling new novel in the bestselling Kyle Swanson sniper series, an American warrior is called to redeem a debt of honor in Somalia amid haunting personal nightmares. Top-ranked sniper Kyle Swanson was a promising young Marine on a dangerous peace-keeping mission in Mogadishu when he first captured "the Cobra" and a life-long blood feud began. Twenty years later, Kyle works for the CIA while the Cobra emerges from prison to become an efficient killing machine, and has never slackened his hatred for Swanson. To draw out his ultimate target, the Cobra launches a violent campaign against the United States and attacks the second-largest shopping mall in America. Kyles teams with FBI agent Lucky Sharif, whom Swanson had saved as a child in Somalia, and they must fight through terrorists at home and abroad to stop his old enemy. The Cobra retreats to Somalia, where he is set to become a powerful warlord and leader of the bloody al Shabaab terror gang. To block him, Swanson must return to the daunting streets of Mogadishu-where he must face his personal nightmares, as well as the Cobra, who lies in wait.

Night of Thunder

Author: Stephen Hunter
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781849830416
Release Date: 2011-02-03
Genre: Fiction

Bob Lee Swagger, former Marine Corps sniper, is back. And this time, it's personal. Forced off the road and into a crash that leaves her in a coma, barely clinging onto life, journalist Nikki Swagger had been investigating reports of a crystal meth superlab in sleepy Tennessee, when she found herself inadvertently peeling back the layers on a huge conspiracy. Bob Lee Swagger is worried. As a former Marine Corps sniper, he's picked up more than his fair share of enemies hell-bent on revenge and he senses that something isn't right. Unconvinced by the Sheriff's conclusion that Nikki's crash was caused by a local kid high on Meth, Bob picks up the investigation where his daughter left off. As Swagger digs deeper, a violent crime clan, gunmen of all stripes and shapes, and deranged evangelicals all rear their ugly heads, but they will live to rue the day they targeted the wrong man's daughter. What people are saying about Bob Lee Swagger thrillers: ‘Stephen Hunter's I, Sniper brings back one of the great characters in modern thrillerdom, Bob Lee Swagger, everyone's favourite lethal, dour Southerner. I kind of want Swagger to meet up with Lee Child's Jack Reacher one day, in a contest to see who could say the least while doing the most damage.’ Malcolm Gladwell ‘The tension never lets up’ New York Times ‘Stephen Hunter is an Elmore Leonard on steroids’ John Sandford ‘As all Bob Lee fans know, it comes down to 'straight killing time.' And so it does, in a ramped-up, high-tech High Noon finale. As always, Hunter makes it work with precise, detail-rich prose that strips the faux glamour from gun fighting and leaves only the skills of the combatants set against the horrors they wreak.’ Booklist ‘Hunter is back at the top of his game.’ Publisher’s Weekly ‘In his guns-a-poppin' latest, Hunter pits his series hero against a nest of sharp-shooting vipers. Dust off the OK Corral. Even the somewhat squeamish, and even certifiable gun-dummies, may once again find chivalric, heroic Bob Lee just about irresistible.’ Kirkus Reviews ‘Hunter's thrillers are always taut, exciting, and well written, and his latest is no exception. There's also a lot of gun and tech talk as Swagger uses decades' worth of skills to stay a step or three ahead of the baddies. Swagger fans will not be disappointed.’ Library Journal 'Hunter has a unique writing style that thrills and captivates from the opening scene to deliver an exciting whodunit' The Sun ‘Stories of passion, guilt and redemption that jump right off the page and smack the reader clean between the eyes’ Independent on Sunday ‘American hardboiled at its very best, full of taciturn and stoical characters and plotting in explosive overdrive’ The Times ‘Hunter choreographs the violence in steely prose and Swagger ... remains one of crime fiction’s most engaging heroes’ Irish Independent

What s it Like

Author: Rodney Burke
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781438984797
Release Date: 2009
Genre: History

The book is a Journal of daily activities of United States Army life within the confines of a secure military installation, within a volitile and hostile environment. The Journal portrays a soldier of low rank, living out his days in sway to the activities of the larger mission and unit environment. Mainly, the manuscript is in it's raw form remains intact within the finished product, portraying in exactness, the attitudes and compellations of the author and those around him.unpolished except for corrections in spelling and grammar.

Asia Hand

Author: Christopher G. Moore
Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
ISBN: 9780802196866
Release Date: 2010-07-13
Genre: Fiction

Christopher G. Moore’s prize-winning series of Bangkok thrillers featuring Vincent Calvino, a disbarred American lawyer turned PI, have been praised for their captivating plots, engaging characters, and insight into the steamy Thai capital. In Asia Hand, the second novel in the series, Bangkok is celebrating Chinese New Year when Calvino’s revels are cut short. The body of an American, an acquaintance of Calvino’s, has been fished out of the lake in Lumpini Park. Around his neck are a string of wooden amulets, the kind upcountry Thais wear to protect themselves from evil spirits. Only rather than saving Hutton, these have killed him. A freelance cameraman scraping by on the margins, Hutton had photographed something shortly before his death that he thought would make his career. Now the footage—a shocking execution on the Thai/Burmese border—is running repeatedly on CNN, and the rights to Hutton’s life story have been sold to a Hollywood producer. But who killed Hutton and why? When Calvino investigates, he collides with a powerful filmmaker and an experienced old Asia hand who knows the terrain as well as our man in Bangkok. It’s all Calvino can do to stay alive, and find out who killed his fellow American.

Piper in the Night

Author: Dave Smeds
Publisher: Wildside Press LLC
ISBN: 9780809544769
Release Date: 2005-05
Genre: Fiction

Dennis Short thought his tour of war was over ...but now another war has taken its place. Short, a Navy medical corpsman stationed in Hawaii after a tour of Vietnam, is looking forward to his two-week sojourn to the island of Kahoolawe. He's there as the medic for a team of forward observers whose job it is to coordinate the bombing, strafing, and shelling of Kahoolawe, and all he anticipates doing is working on his tan, watching the fireworks, and, on days off, getting in a little fishing and hunting on an exclusive, untamed preserve...But this trip is not like the other visits to Kahoolawe that Short has enjoyed. From the first day, he is plagued by an oppressive sense that he is being manipulated. And beginning then, the first night, he slips into a dreamlike world of half-human creatures, creatures of myth who tempt him, frighten him, force him to become part of their battles with one another ...He only thought Vietnam was hell. The real hell on earth is an island paradise called Kahoolawe.

The Night Inspector

Author: Frederick Busch
Publisher: Ballantine Books
ISBN: 9780609607688
Release Date: 1999-11-17
Genre: Fiction

An immensely powerful story, The Night Inspector follows the extraordinary life of William Bartholomew, a maimed veteran of the Civil War, as he returns from the battlefields to New York City, bent on reversing his fortunes. It is there he meets Jessie, a Creole prostitute who engages him in a venture that has its origins in the complexities and despair of the conflict he has left behind. He also befriends a deputy inspector of customs named Herman Melville who, largely forgotten as a writer, is condemned to live in the wake of his vanished literary success and in the turmoil of his fractured family. Delving into the depths of this country's heart and soul, Frederick Busch's stunning novel is a gripping portrait of a nation trying to heal from the ravages of war--and of one man's attempt to recapture a taste for life through the surging currents of his own emotions, ambitions, and shattered conscience.

21st Century Sniper

Author: Brandon Webb
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.
ISBN: 9781616080013
Release Date: 2010-09-15
Genre: History

Twenty-first-century sniping tactics by Navy SeAL military sniper Brandon Webb.

Jersey Guns

Author: Don Pendleton
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 9781497685697
Release Date: 2014-12-16
Genre: Fiction

Hemmed in by killers, the Executioner fertilizes the Garden State with blood Mack Bolan bombs down the Jersey Turnpike in a stolen Mustang, a bullet lodged in his ribs and blood seeping down his leg. A dragnet is closing in on the Executioner, whose one-man war against the Mafia has crippled the international crime syndicate but has not yet destroyed it. To evade the roadblocks, he turns onto a lonely two-lane highway when he sees a car full of killers coming up behind him. Bolan only has three bullets, so he lures the hit men into a car wreck, killing them but sacrificing the Mustang. On foot, he limps into the Jersey night. This is the most corrupt state in the union—the place where mob bosses come to retire in tacky little towns whose police are proud to be on the Mafia payroll. The Executioner is alone, unarmed, and hunted by every killer in the state. But that’s his comfort zone.

True Devotion

Author: Dee Henderson
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 1414355327
Release Date: 2011-02-07
Genre: Fiction

Kelly Jacobs has already paid the ultimate price of loving a warrior; she has the folded flag and the grateful thanks of a nation to prove it. Navy SEAL Joe “Bear” Baker can't ask her to accept that risk again—even though he loves her. But the man responsible for her husband's death is back; closer than either of them realize. Kelly is in danger, and Joe may not get there in time. Uncommon Heroes: Welcome to a world where friendships go deep, loyalties stand strong, and uncommon heroes perform the toughest jobs in the world. Dee Henderson's military romance series provides a detailed passage into the world of the military and homeland heroes, and those they love.

Sniper Fire

Author: Kathy Lane
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Inc
ISBN: 9781628304732
Release Date: 2014-09-26
Genre: Fiction

After nearly losing his leg to sniper fire, Kyle Fagan knows his days in special ops are over. All he wants to do is hole up in his house and ignore the rest of the world. But ignoring Dr. Farrah Hastings is something Kyle is finding difficult to do, especially since being alone with the good doctor might just be the medicine he needs. Farrah can’t stand the thought of Kyle giving up. When her warm affection for him ignites into something much hotter after just one kiss, she finally understands why. Now nothing will stand in her way of prying Kyle out of his depression, not a forest fire, not an escaped criminal, not even Kyle himself.

Silent Night Standoff

Author: Susan Sleeman
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 9781460342428
Release Date: 2014-11-01
Genre: Fiction

HOSTAGE SITUATION When armed robbers strike her bank, hostage negotiator Skyler Brennan's life is on the line. Rescue comes from the last person she thought she could count on—the ex-boyfriend who chose his job over their relationship. FBI agent Logan Hunter knows how much is resting on this case. The promotion of his dreams…and the safety of the woman he's never been able to forget. But when an unexpected twist in the case pulls Logan in two separate directions, he'll have to make an impossible choice. Will he manage to have it all by Christmas—a career and love—or will he lose them both? First Responders: Brave men and women alert and ready for danger and love.