Nordic Runes

Author: Paul Rhys Mountfort
Publisher: Inner Traditions / Bear & Co
ISBN: 0892810939
Release Date: 2003-05-05
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

With information on understanding, casting, and interpreting the ancient Viking oracle, this volume reveals the document based on the runic Elder Futhark alphabet of the Norse. 24 illustrations.

Magic Words

Author: Craig Conley
Publisher: Weiser Books
ISBN: 1609250508
Release Date: 2008-10-01
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

Magic Words: A Dictionary is a one-of-a-kind resource for armchair linguists, pop-culture enthusiasts, Pagans, Wiccans, magicians, and trivia nuts alike. Brimming with the most intriguing magic words and phrases from around the world and illustrated throughout with magical symbols and icons, Magic Words is a dictionary like no other. More than seven-hundred essay style entries describe the origins of magical words as well as historical and popular variations and fascinating trivia. With sources ranging from ancient Medieval alchemists to modern stage magicians, necromancers, and wizards of legend to miracle workers throughout time, Magic Words is a must have for any scholar of magic, language, history, and culture.

Norse Goddess Magic

Author: Alice Karlsdóttir
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781620554081
Release Date: 2015-04-23
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

A practical guide to the magic of the feminine side of the Norse pantheon • Provides invocations and rituals to call each goddess forth for personal and group spirit work • Details the author’s trancework to discover the personalities and powers of Frigg the Allmother, wife of Odin, and the 12 lesser-known Aesir goddesses associated with her • Offers a comprehensive guide to tranceworking to connect with the deities Combining traditional research on folklore and the Eddas with trancework and meditation techniques, Alice Karlsdóttir was able to rediscover the feminine side of the Norse pantheon and assemble working knowledge of 13 Norse goddesses for both group ritual and personal spirit work. Detailing her trancework journeys to connect with the goddesses, the author reveals the long-lost personalities and powers of each deity. She explores the Norse goddess Frigg the Allmother, wife of Odin, along with the 12 Asynjur, or Aesir goddesses, associated with her, such as Sjofn the peacemaker, Eir the Healer, and Vor the Wisewoman. She shares their appearances in the Eddas and Germanic mythology and explains the meanings of their names, their relationships to each other, and their connections to the roles of women in Old Norse society. She provides detailed instructions for invocations and rituals to call each goddess forth for personal and group spirit work. She also offers a comprehensive guide to ritual tranceworking to allow anyone to directly experience deities and spiritual beings and develop spirit-work relationships with them.

Nightside of the Runes

Author: Thomas Karlsson
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781620557754
Release Date: 2019-02-12
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

Reveals the occult wisdom and multidimensional layers of meaning hidden in the Nordic Rune stones • Explores the practice of the Uthark divination system encoded within the traditional exoteric Futhark system of reading the runes • Traces the relationship between the rune stones and numerology, the Cabbala, alchemy, Gothicism, and sigil magic • Examines the history of the runes and the ancient spiritual mysticism of Odin Uncovering the dark side of the Nordic rune stones hidden beneath their traditional interpretation, Swedish scholar and runologist Thomas Karlsson examines the rune work of Swedish mystic and runologist Johannes Bureus (1568-1652) and professor Sigurd Agrell (1881-1937), both of whom devoted their lives to uncovering the secret uses of rune stones concealed from all but the highest initiates. Karlsson begins by examining the Uthark system of divination--the Left Hand Path of the runes--that lies hidden under the traditional Futhark system. According to the lore of Uthark, a cryptographic ruse was used to make it impossible for the uninitiated to know the true order of the runes. Exploring Agrell’s decryption of the Uthark system, Karlsson reveals similarities between the numerology of ancient mystery cults and the Runic tradition. He explains the multidimensional meaning of each rune from the Uthark perspective, their relationships with the nine worlds of Norse cosmogony, and the magical powers of rune-rows and the three aettir rune groupings. He details how to create your own magically-charged runes, direct and activate the force of the runes, and use them for rune meditation, divination, sigil magic, galders (power songs), and rune yoga. Karlsson also examines the secret dimensions of the 15 “noble” runes, the Adulrunes, based on the theories of Johannes Bureus. Using his knowledge of the Cabbala and alchemy, Bureus created magical symbols with the Adulrunes as well as one symbol containing all 15 Adulrunes, which Bureus called the “Adulruna.” Karlsson explains Bureus’ spiritual system of initiation, the Gothic Cabbala, revealing the connections between old Norse wisdom and the Cabbala. He explores Bureus’ Adulrune practices and explains how Bureus outlined seven levels of meaning for each rune, with those initiated into the highest rune levels able to conjure spirits and raise the dead. Covering more than just rune practices, Karlsson’s exploration of the dark or night side of the runes provides a comprehensive guide to Norse spirituality and the ancient spiritual mysticism of Odin.

An Introduction to Viking Mythology

Author: John Grant
ISBN: 1856278301
Release Date: 1996
Genre: Mythology, Norse

The whole range of Viking mythology covered, from Odin and the creation right through the lives and adventures to the death ofgoddesses and gods. Includes Viking artifacts.

Rune Power

Author: Kenneth Meadows
Publisher: Element Books Ltd
ISBN: 1852307064
Release Date: 1995-11-01
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

In this intriguing guide, the bestselling author of The Book of Runes reveals the origin, use, and true meaning of the runes: they are not simply an oracle for predicting the future; they are the key to the missing dimension in our understanding of the Universe and ourselves.

The Runes Pack

Author: Bryan Aspland
Publisher: Carlton Books Limited
ISBN: 1847329675
Release Date: 2013-05-01
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

With 25 ceramic Runes, a velvet Rune storage pouch, and an instructional book, this set has everything a beginner needs to begin learning the ancient Viking divination system The Runes are a simple to use and easy to understand method of divination based on the ancient script of the Norse World. The Runes can be used to help solve a dilemma or problem, or to enable one to focus calmly on a difficult situation and so work towards resolving it. This set contains all a novice needs to begin readings for themselves, family, and friends. Users will be amazed at how accurate the readings are and how they pinpoint exactly what to do resolve a troubling situation. The instructional book not only explains how to cast, read, and interpret the Runes, but also provides a primer on Norse mythology and how the Runes were originally used.

Ogam The Celtic Oracle of the Trees

Author: Paul Rhys Mountfort
Publisher: Inner Traditions / Bear & Co
ISBN: 0892819197
Release Date: 2002-08
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

This comprehensive and practical guide to the ancient oracle is based on the alphabet of the Druids. It provides an historical background and bibliographic references to the Druidic mythology ruling this 1,500-year-old oracle.


ISBN: IND:30000046148882
Release Date: 1996
Genre: Fashion


Author: Jean Markale
Publisher: Inner Traditions
ISBN: 0892815175
Release Date: 1995-06-01
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit

Was Merlin a mythical character or a real person? If he was a real person, when and where did he live? In this provocative survey of all the known literary and historical sources, Jean Markale pieces together a compelling story of who and what Merlin might have been. Combining his investigation of the sources with fragments of Celtic mythology, Druidic culture, and the esoteric tradition, Markale draws an enlightening portrait of the archetypal Wild Man and shaman known as Merlin, who lived in the Lowlands of Scotland late in the sixth century, some fifty years after the reign of King Arthur. In a state of divine madness Merlin sought refuge in the forest, where he inherited the gift of prophecy. With him was his companion, Vivian, an essential element of the Merlin legend. Their sacred clearing in the woods--described in some legends as an invisible castle of glass or air--was the site of their ecstatic journey of enlightenment and union with nature. From his place in the Cosmic Tree and outside of time, Merlin the enchanter challenges us to reexamine our way of life. When the Merlin legend resurfaced in the twelth century, his message of the universal brotherhood of all beings and things called out to a rapidly urbanizing society that was losing touch with nature. His warning, which went unheeded, is no less relevant to us today than it was at the dawn of the modern era.

Chronicles of the Vikings

Author: Raymond Ian Page
ISBN: UOM:39015034998099
Release Date: 1995
Genre: Vikings

This book brings the Vikings to life through new translations of primary sources by the author of Runes and Norse Myths. It defines the social values of the Viking Age and looks at the problems they encountered.