Numerical Solution of Algebraic Riccati Equations

Author: Dario A. Bini
Publisher: SIAM
ISBN: 9781611972085
Release Date: 2012-03-31
Genre: Mathematics

This treatment of the basic theory of algebraic Riccati equations describes the classical as well as the more advanced algorithms for their solution in a manner that is accessible to both practitioners and scholars. It is the first book in which nonsymmetric algebraic Riccati equations are treated in a clear and systematic way. Some proofs of theoretical results have been simplified and a unified notation has been adopted. Readers will find a unified discussion of doubling algorithms, which are effective in solving algebraic Riccati equations as well as a detailed description of all classical and advanced algorithms for solving algebraic Riccati equations and their MATLAB codes. This will help the reader gain an understanding of the computational issues and provide ready-to-use implementation of the different solution techniques.

Numerical Algebra Matrix Theory Differential Algebraic Equations and Control Theory

Author: Peter Benner
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783319152608
Release Date: 2015-05-09
Genre: Mathematics

This edited volume highlights the scientific contributions of Volker Mehrmann, a leading expert in the area of numerical (linear) algebra, matrix theory, differential-algebraic equations and control theory. These mathematical research areas are strongly related and often occur in the same real-world applications. The main areas where such applications emerge are computational engineering and sciences, but increasingly also social sciences and economics. This book also reflects some of Volker Mehrmann's major career stages. Starting out working in the areas of numerical linear algebra (his first full professorship at TU Chemnitz was in "Numerical Algebra," hence the title of the book) and matrix theory, Volker Mehrmann has made significant contributions to these areas ever since. The highlights of these are discussed in Parts I and II of the present book. Often the development of new algorithms in numerical linear algebra is motivated by problems in system and control theory. These and his later major work on differential-algebraic equations, to which he together with Peter Kunkel made many groundbreaking contributions, are the topic of the chapters in Part III. Besides providing a scientific discussion of Volker Mehrmann's work and its impact on the development of several areas of applied mathematics, the individual chapters stand on their own as reference works for selected topics in the fields of numerical (linear) algebra, matrix theory, differential-algebraic equations and control theory.

Exploiting Hidden Structure in Matrix Computations Algorithms and Applications

Author: Michele Benzi
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783319498874
Release Date: 2017-02-10
Genre: Mathematics

Focusing on special matrices and matrices which are in some sense `near’ to structured matrices, this volume covers a broad range of topics of current interest in numerical linear algebra. Exploitation of these less obvious structural properties can be of great importance in the design of efficient numerical methods, for example algorithms for matrices with low-rank block structure, matrices with decay, and structured tensor computations. Applications range from quantum chemistry to queuing theory. Structured matrices arise frequently in applications. Examples include banded and sparse matrices, Toeplitz-type matrices, and matrices with semi-separable or quasi-separable structure, as well as Hamiltonian and symplectic matrices. The associated literature is enormous, and many efficient algorithms have been developed for solving problems involving such matrices. The text arose from a C.I.M.E. course held in Cetraro (Italy) in June 2015 which aimed to present this fast growing field to young researchers, exploiting the expertise of five leading lecturers with different theoretical and application perspectives.

Numerical Methods for Linear Control Systems

Author: Biswa Datta
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080537887
Release Date: 2004-02-24
Genre: Mathematics

Numerical Methods for Linear Control Systems Design and Analysis is an interdisciplinary textbook aimed at systematic descriptions and implementations of numerically-viable algorithms based on well-established, efficient and stable modern numerical linear techniques for mathematical problems arising in the design and analysis of linear control systems both for the first- and second-order models. Unique coverage of modern mathematical concepts such as parallel computations, second-order systems, and large-scale solutions Background material in linear algebra, numerical linear algebra, and control theory included in text Step-by-step explanations of the algorithms and examples

Structure Preserving Doubling Algorithms for Nonlinear Matrix Equations

Author: Tsung-Ming Huang
Publisher: SIAM
ISBN: 9781611975352
Release Date: 2018-10-04
Genre: Mathematics

Nonlinear matrix equations arise frequently in applied science and engineering. This is the first book to provide a unified treatment of structure-preserving doubling algorithms that have been recently studied and proven effective for notoriously challenging problems, such as fluid queue theory and vibration analysis for high speed trains; present recent developments and results for the theory of doubling algorithms for nonlinear matrix equations associated with regular matrix pencils; and highlight the use of doubling algorithms in achieving robust solutions for notoriously challenging problems that other methods cannot. Structure-Preserving Doubling Algorithms for Nonlinear Matrix Equations is intended for researchers and computational scientists, and graduate students may also find it of interest.

The Riccati Equation

Author: Sergio Bittanti
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783642582233
Release Date: 2012-12-06
Genre: Technology & Engineering

Conceived by Count Jacopo Francesco Riccati more than a quarter of a millennium ago, the Riccati equation has been widely studied in the subsequent centuries. Since its introduction in control theory in the sixties, the matrix Riccati equation has known an impressive range of applications, such as optimal control, H? optimization and robust stabilization, stochastic realization, synthesis of linear passive networks, to name but a few. This book consists of 11 chapters surveying the main concepts and results related to the matrix Riccati equation, both in continuous and discrete time. Theory, applications and numerical algorithms are extensively presented in an expository way. As a foreword, the history and prehistory of the Riccati equation is concisely presented.

Matrix Riccati Equations

Author: H. Abou-Kandil
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 376430085X
Release Date: 2003-07-24
Genre: Education

The volume offers a complete treatment of generalized and coupled Riccati equations. It deals with differential, discrete-time, algebraic or periodic symmetric and non-symmetric equations, with special emphasis on those equations appearing in control and systems theory. Extensions to Riccati theory allow to tackle robust control problems in a unified approach."

The Autonomous Linear Quadratic Control Problem

Author: Volker L. Mehrmann
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3540541705
Release Date: 1991
Genre: Technology & Engineering

A survey is given on the state of the art in theory and numerical solution of general autonomous linear quadratic optimal control problems (continuous and discrete) with differential algebraic equation constraints. It incorporates the newest developments on differential algebraic equations, Riccati equations and invariant subspace problems. In particular, it gives a decision chart of numerical methods, that can be used to determine the right numerical method according to special properties of the problem. The book closes a gap between mathematical theory, numerical solution and engineering application. The mathematical tools are kept as basic as possible in order to address the different groups of readers, mathematicians and engineers.

Iterative Solution of Nonlinear Equations in Several Variables

Author: J. M. Ortega
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9781483276724
Release Date: 2014-05-10
Genre: Mathematics

Computer Science and Applied Mathematics: Iterative Solution of Nonlinear Equations in Several Variables presents a survey of the basic theoretical results about nonlinear equations in n dimensions and analysis of the major iterative methods for their numerical solution. This book discusses the gradient mappings and minimization, contractions and the continuation property, and degree of a mapping. The general iterative and minimization methods, rates of convergence, and one-step stationary and multistep methods are also elaborated. This text likewise covers the contractions and nonlinear majorants, convergence under partial ordering, and convergence of minimization methods. This publication is a good reference for specialists and readers with an extensive functional analysis background.

A First Course in the Numerical Analysis of Differential Equations

Author: A. Iserles
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521734905
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Mathematics

lead the reader to a theoretical understanding of the subject without neglecting its practical aspects. The outcome is a textbook that is mathematically honest and rigorous and provides its target audience with a wide range of skills in both ordinary and partial differential equations." --Book Jacket.

Lyapunov Matrix Equation in System Stability and Control

Author: Zoran Gajic
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0080535674
Release Date: 1995-08-14
Genre: Mathematics

The Lyapunov and Riccati equations are two of the fundamental equations of control and system theory, having special relevance for system identification, optimization, boundary value problems, power systems, signal processing, and communications. The Lyapunov Matrix Equation in System Stability and Control covers mathematical developments and applications while providing quick and easy references for solutions to engineering and mathematical problems. Examples of real-world systems are given throughout the text in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the presented methods and algorithms. The book will appeal to practicing engineers, theoreticians, applied mathematicians, and graduate students who seek a comprehensive view of the main results of the Lyapunov matrix equation. Presents techniques for solving and analyzing the algebraic, differential, and difference Lyapunov matrix equations of continuous-time and discrete-time systems Offers summaries and references at the end of each chapter Contains examples of the use of the equation to solve real-world problems Provides quick and easy references for the solutions to engineering and mathematical problems using the Lyapunov equation

Approximation of Large Scale Dynamical Systems

Author: Athanasios C. Antoulas
Publisher: SIAM
ISBN: 9780898716580
Release Date: 2009-06-25
Genre: Mathematics

Mathematical models are used to simulate, and sometimes control, the behavior of physical and artificial processes such as the weather and very large-scale integration (VLSI) circuits. The increasing need for accuracy has led to the development of highly complex models. However, in the presence of limited computational accuracy and storage capabilities model reduction (system approximation) is often necessary. Approximation of Large-Scale Dynamical Systems provides a comprehensive picture of model reduction, combining system theory with numerical linear algebra and computational considerations. It addresses the issue of model reduction and the resulting trade-offs between accuracy and complexity. Special attention is given to numerical aspects, simulation questions, and practical applications.

Computational Matrix Analysis

Author: Alan J. Laub
Publisher: SIAM
ISBN: 1611972213
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Matrix analytic methods

Using an approach that author Alan Laub calls "matrix analysis for grown-ups," this new textbook introduces fundamental concepts of numerical linear algebra and their application to solving certain numerical problems arising in state-space control and systems theory. It is written for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students and can be used as a follow-up to Matrix Analysis for Scientists and Engineers (SIAM, 2005), a compact single-semester introduction to matrix analysis for engineers and computational scientists by the same author. Computational Matrix Analysis provides readers with a one-semester introduction to numerical linear algebra; an introduction to statistical condition estimation in book form for the first time; and an overview of certain computational problems in control and systems theory. The book features a number of elements designed to help students learn to use numerical linear algebra in day-to-day computing or research, including a brief review of matrix analysis, including notation, and an introduction to finite (IEEE) arithmetic; discussion and examples of conditioning, stability, and rounding analysis; an introduction to mathematical software topics related to numerical linear algebra; a thorough introduction to Gaussian elimination, along with condition estimation techniques; coverage of linear least squares, with orthogonal reduction and QR factorization; variants of the QR algorithm; and applications of the discussed algorithms.