On This Spirit Walk

Author: Henrietts Mann
Publisher: Official Products of the Umph
ISBN: 1426758413
Release Date: 2012-05-01
Genre: Religion

On This Spirit Walk is a resource for small group study within the local church. Setting this resource apart is the list of Native American United Methodist writers who contributed to this work. This diverse group includes a cross-section of tribes and nations, ages and life experiences. The inclusion of indigenous activist and human rights advocate Rev. Liberato Bautista provides a powerful depth of vision to these voices.

Wearing the Morning Star

Author: Brian Swann
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 0803293402
Release Date: 2005-08-30
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

With Wearing the Morning Star, Brian Swann presents a collection of more than one hundred Native American songs that celebrate the rich and vibrant oral traditions of the Indigenous peoples of North America. These are songs of the earth and the sky, songs of mourning and of love, parts of ceremonies and rites and rituals. Some have familiar themes; others illuminate the complexities and differences of the Native cultures. The collection includes songs of derision and threat, ribald songs, hunting chants, and a song sung by an Inuit about the first airplane he ever saw. ø Swann has provided an authoritative introduction and notes for each selection that place the songs in their cultural contexts. He has reworked the original translations where appropriate to allow the modern reader to appreciate and enjoy these remarkable works and provides a new preface for this Bison Books edition.

American Indian Activism

Author: Troy R. Johnson
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
ISBN: 0252066537
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Social Science

Recounts the occupation of Alcatraz Island by Native American activists from 1969 to 1971, and places it in the context of organized Indian struggles in the 1960s and 1970s.

Queer Mobilizations

Author: Manon Tremblay
Publisher: UBC Press
ISBN: 9780774829106
Release Date: 2015-05-15
Genre: Political Science

Canada is considered a leader when it comes to LGBTQ rights, yet this is a fairly recent phenomenon – one that is largely due to the tireless work of disparate groups of LGBTQ activists. Queer Mobilizations examines the relationships between LGBTQ activists and local, provincial, and federal Canadian governments. The contributors explore how various governments have tried to regulate and repress LGBTQ movements, and how, in turn, queer activists have successfully shaped public policy, across the political spectrum, from city halls to Parliament Hill.

Indian Voices

Author: Alison Owings
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
ISBN: 9780813549651
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Social Science

A contemporary oral history documenting what Native Americans from 16 different tribal nations say about themselves and the world around them.

Spirit and Resistance

Author: George E. Tinker
Publisher: Fortress Press
ISBN: 1451408412
Release Date: 2004-09-15
Genre: Social Science

Writing from a Native American perspective, theologian Tinker probes American Indian culture, its vast religious and cultural legacy, and its ambiguous relationship to the tradition--historic Christianity--that colonized and converted it. He offers novel proposals about cultural survival and identity, sustainability, and the endangered health of Native Americans.

Spirit Walk

Author: Jay Treiber
Publisher: Torrey House Press
ISBN: 9781937226329
Release Date: 2014-05-13
Genre: Fiction

A journey into the violent past of a troubled college professor who must revisit the specters of a borderland massacre.

One Nation Under God

Author: Reuben Snake
Publisher: Clear Light Pub
ISBN: UOM:39015047565216
Release Date: 1997-10-01
Genre: Political Science

This inspirational book celebrates the faith and courage of members of a traditional church that -- in 20th century America -- still struggling for religious freedom. Their Greatest challenge is the ongoing legal battle against the 1990 Supreme Court decision citing peyote use to deny the Native American Church the First Amendment right to 'the free exercise of religion'. Legislation providing an exemption to the Native American Church was overturned by the Supreme Court in 1997. The eloquent personal testimony offered by Church members from many different tribes demonstrates the spiritual strength of this religious tradition and makes it clear that peyote is not used to obtain 'visions' but to heal the body and spirit and to teach righteousness. Peyote meetings play, which stress abstinence from alcohol, truthfulness, family obligations, economic self-suffering, service, and prayer. This book is important reading for any one who cares about spiritual values, political process, and the individual's freedom to worship according to the dictates of conscience.

Simply Living

Author: Shirley Jones
Publisher: New World Library
ISBN: 1608680061
Release Date: 2011-02-08
Genre: Psychology

Each of us has a tribal ancestry. We carry within us an ancient identity. Most of us took the technological path from this source: logical, analytical, exclusive, specialized, centralized. A very small minority has remained on the path of their ancestors: holistic, intuitive, inclusive, diversified, and generalized. Their lives are organized along simpler lines, simpler living. While critically endangered in most parts of the world, and disappearing as larger technological cultures surround and dilute them, the last strains of their wisdom live on today. Most of us now are trying to simplify our technological lives, to bring our existence more into line with the wisdom of nature and community. Simply Living gathers wisdom from 240 ethnic groups on every continent about this way of life, seeking to find a voice that harkens back to our ancient identity. This is wisdom based in villages and tribes, wisdom built on awareness of the natural world and awareness of the basic human needs often ignored by modern life. Often funny and eccentric, the quotes offered here avoid glorifying indigenous people and instead seek to show the full texture of human experience while revealing the common truths we share.

Native voices

Author: Richard A. Grounds
Publisher: Univ Pr of Kansas
ISBN: UOM:39015056963047
Release Date: 2003-06
Genre: History

Native peoples of North America still face an uncertain future due to their unstable political, legal, and economic positions. Views of their predicament, however, continue to be dominated by non-Indian writers. In response, a dozen Native American writers here reclaim their rightful role as influential "voices" in the debates about Native communities at the dawn of a new millennium. These scholars examine crucial issues of politics, law, and religion in the context of ongoing Native American resistance to the dominant culture. They particularly show how the writings of Vine Deloria, Jr., have shaped and challenged American Indian scholarship in these areas since the 1960s. They provide key insights into Deloria's thought, while introducing some of the critical issues still confronting Native nations today. Collectively, these essays take up four important themes: indigenous societies as the embodiment of cultures of resistance, legal resistance to western oppression against indigenous nations, contemporary,Native religious practices, and Native intellectual challenges to academia. Individual chapters address indigenous perspectives on topics usually treated (and often misunderstood) by non-Indians, such as the role of women in Indian society, the importance of sacred sites to American Indian religious identity, and the relationship of native language to indigenous autonomy. A closing essay by Deloria--in vintage form--brings the book full circle and reminds Native Americans of their responsibilities and obligations to one another--and to past and future generations. Ranging from insights into Native American astronomy to critiques of federal Indian law, this book strongly argues forthe renewed cultivation of a Native American Studies that is much more Indian-centered. Without the revival of that perspective, such curricula are doomed to languish as academic ephemera--missed opportunities for building a b

Indigenous Educational Models for Contemporary Practice

Author: Maenette K.P. A Benham
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781135662639
Release Date: 2000-02-01
Genre: Education

What is the philosophy that should drive native education policy and practice? In July 1997 a group of native educational leaders from the United States (including Alaska and Hawai'i), Canada, Australia, and New Zealand gathered to define a potential solution to this question. This book passes on the individual educational philosophies of the participants and captures the essence of each in a dynamic, transformational, and holistic model--"Go to the Source"--which forwards a collective vision for a native language- and culture-based educational philosophy that native educational leaders and teachers, policymakers, and curriculum developers can use to ground their work. For more information visit http://ed-web2.educ.msu.edu/voice/

The unheard voices

Author: University of California, Los Angeles. American Indian Studies Center
ISBN: 9790935626390
Release Date: 1994
Genre: Columbus Quincentenary, 1992-1993