Optimization by GRASP

Author: Mauricio G.C. Resende
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9781493965304
Release Date: 2016-10-26
Genre: Mathematics

This is the first book to cover GRASP (Greedy Randomized Adaptive Search Procedures), a metaheuristic that has enjoyed wide success in practice with a broad range of applications to real-world combinatorial optimization problems. The state-of-the-art coverage and carefully crafted pedagogical style lends this book highly accessible as an introductory text not only to GRASP, but also to combinatorial optimization, greedy algorithms, local search, and path-relinking, as well as to heuristics and metaheuristics, in general. The focus is on algorithmic and computational aspects of applied optimization with GRASP with emphasis given to the end-user, providing sufficient information on the broad spectrum of advances in applied optimization with GRASP. For the more advanced reader, chapters on hybridization with path-relinking and parallel and continuous GRASP present these topics in a clear and concise fashion. Additionally, the book offers a very complete annotated bibliography of GRASP and combinatorial optimization. For the practitioner who needs to solve combinatorial optimization problems, the book provides a chapter with four case studies and implementable templates for all algorithms covered in the text. This book, with its excellent overview of GRASP, will appeal to researchers and practitioners of combinatorial optimization who have a need to find optimal or near optimal solutions to hard combinatorial optimization problems.

Encyclopedia of Optimization

Author: Christodoulos A. Floudas
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780387747583
Release Date: 2008-09-04
Genre: Mathematics

The goal of the Encyclopedia of Optimization is to introduce the reader to a complete set of topics that show the spectrum of research, the richness of ideas, and the breadth of applications that has come from this field. The second edition builds on the success of the former edition with more than 150 completely new entries, designed to ensure that the reference addresses recent areas where optimization theories and techniques have advanced. Particularly heavy attention resulted in health science and transportation, with entries such as "Algorithms for Genomics", "Optimization and Radiotherapy Treatment Design", and "Crew Scheduling".

Recent Developments in Cooperative Control and Optimization

Author: Sergiy Butenko
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781461302193
Release Date: 2013-12-01
Genre: Mathematics

Over the past several years, cooperative control and optimization has un questionably been established as one of the most important areas of research in the military sciences. Even so, cooperative control and optimization tran scends the military in its scope -having become quite relevant to a broad class of systems with many exciting, commercial, applications. One reason for all the excitement is that research has been so incredibly diverse -spanning many scientific and engineering disciplines. This latest volume in the Cooperative Systems book series clearly illustrates this trend towards diversity and creative thought. And no wonder, cooperative systems are among the hardest systems control science has endeavored to study, hence creative approaches to model ing, analysis, and synthesis are a must! The definition of cooperation itself is a slippery issue. As you will see in this and previous volumes, cooperation has been cast into many different roles and therefore has assumed many diverse meanings. Perhaps the most we can say which unites these disparate concepts is that cooperation (1) requires more than one entity, (2) the entities must have some dynamic behavior that influences the decision space, (3) the entities share at least one common objective, and (4) entities are able to share information about themselves and their environment. Optimization and control have long been active fields of research in engi neering.

Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Systems

Author: Emilio Corchado
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783642023194
Release Date: 2009-06-22
Genre: Computers

The 4th International Conference on Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Systems (HAIS 2009), as the name suggests, attracted researchers who are involved in developing and applying symbolic and sub-symbolic techniques aimed at the construction of highly robust and reliable problem-solving techniques, and bringing the most relevant achievements in this field. Hybrid intelligent systems have become increasingly po- lar given their capabilities to handle a broad spectrum of real-world complex problems which come with inherent imprecision, uncertainty and vagueness, hi- dimensionality, and nonstationarity. These systems provide us with the opportunity to exploit existing domain knowledge as well as raw data to come up with promising solutions in an effective manner. Being truly multidisciplinary, the series of HAIS conferences offers an interesting research forum to present and discuss the latest th- retical advances and real-world applications in this exciting research field. This volume of Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (LNAI) includes accepted papers presented at HAIS 2009 held at the University of Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain, June 2009. Since its inception, the main aim of the HAIS conferences has been to establish a broad and interdisciplinary forum for hybrid artificial intelligence systems and asso- ated learning paradigms, which are playing increasingly important roles in a large number of application areas.

Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery

Author: Il-Yeol Song
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783540858355
Release Date: 2008-08-18
Genre: Business & Economics

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery, DaWak 2008, held in Turin, Italy, in September 2008. The 40 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 143 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on conceptual design and modeling, olap and cube processing, distributed data warehouse, data privacy in data warehouse, data warehouse and data mining, clustering, mining data streams, classification, text mining and taxonomy, machine learning techniques, and data mining applications.


Author: Toshihide Ibaraki
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780387253831
Release Date: 2006-03-30
Genre: Mathematics

Metaheuristics: Progress as Real Problem Solvers is a peer-reviewed volume of eighteen current, cutting-edge papers by leading researchers in the field. Included are an invited paper by F. Glover and G. Kochenberger, which discusses the concept of Metaheuristic agent processes, and a tutorial paper by M.G.C. Resende and C.C. Ribeiro discussing GRASP with path-relinking. Other papers discuss problem-solving approaches to timetabling, automated planograms, elevators, space allocation, shift design, cutting stock, flexible shop scheduling, colorectal cancer and cartography. A final group of methodology papers clarify various aspects of Metaheuristics from the computational view point.

Handbook of Heuristics

Author: Rafael Martí
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319071238
Release Date: 2017-01-16
Genre: Computers

Heuristics are strategies using readily accessible, loosely applicable information to control problem solving. Algorithms, for example, are a type of heuristic. By contrast, Metaheuristics are methods used to design Heuristics and may coordinate the usage of several Heuristics toward the formulation of a single method. GRASP (Greedy Randomized Adaptive Search Procedures) is an example of a Metaheuristic. To the layman, heuristics may be thought of as ‘rules of thumb’ but despite its imprecision, heuristics is a very rich field that refers to experience-based techniques for problem-solving, learning, and discovery. Any given solution/heuristic is not guaranteed to be optimal but heuristic methodologies are used to speed up the process of finding satisfactory solutions where optimal solutions are impractical. The introduction to this Handbook provides an overview of the history of Heuristics along with main issues regarding the methodologies covered. This is followed by Chapters containing various examples of local searches, search strategies and Metaheuristics, leading to an analyses of Heuristics and search algorithms. The reference concludes with numerous illustrations of the highly applicable nature and implementation of Heuristics in our daily life. Each chapter of this work includes an abstract/introduction with a short description of the methodology. Key words are also necessary as part of top-matter to each chapter to enable maximum search engine optimization. Next, chapters will include discussion of the adaptation of this methodology to solve a difficult optimization problem, and experiments on a set of representative problems.

Search Methodologies

Author: Edmund K. Burke
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781461469407
Release Date: 2013-10-18
Genre: Business & Economics

The first edition of Search Methodologies: Introductory Tutorials in Optimization and Decision Support Techniques was originally put together to offer a basic introduction to the various search and optimization techniques that students might need to use during their research, and this new edition continues this tradition. Search Methodologies has been expanded and brought completely up to date, including new chapters covering scatter search, GRASP, and very large neighborhood search. The chapter authors are drawn from across Computer Science and Operations Research and include some of the world’s leading authorities in their field. The book provides useful guidelines for implementing the methods and frameworks described and offers valuable tutorials to students and researchers in the field. “As I embarked on the pleasant journey of reading through the chapters of this book, I became convinced that this is one of the best sources of introductory material on the search methodologies topic to be found. The book’s subtitle, “Introductory Tutorials in Optimization and Decision Support Techniques”, aptly describes its aim, and the editors and contributors to this volume have achieved this aim with remarkable success. The chapters in this book are exemplary in giving useful guidelines for implementing the methods and frameworks described.” Fred Glover, Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado Boulder, USA “[The book] aims to present a series of well written tutorials by the leading experts in their fields. Moreover, it does this by covering practically the whole possible range of topics in the discipline. It enables students and practitioners to study and appreciate the beauty and the power of some of the computational search techniques that are able to effectively navigate through search spaces that are sometimes inconceivably large. I am convinced that this second edition will build on the success of the first edition and that it will prove to be just as popular.” Jacek Blazewicz, Institute of Computing Science, Poznan University of Technology and Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences

Optimization in Engineering Sciences

Author: Dan Stefanoiu
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118648780
Release Date: 2014-10-30
Genre: Technology & Engineering

The purpose of this book is to present the main metaheuristicsand approximate and stochastic methods for optimization of complexsystems in Engineering Sciences. It has been written within theframework of the European Union project ERRIC (Empowering RomanianResearch on Intelligent Information Technologies), which is fundedby the EU’s FP7 Research Potential program and has beendeveloped in co-operation between French and Romanian teachingresearchers. Through the principles of various proposed algorithms(with additional references) this book allows the reader to explorevarious methods of implementation such as metaheuristics, localsearch and populationbased methods. It examines multi-objective andstochastic optimization, as well as methods and tools forcomputer-aided decision-making and simulation fordecision-making.

Handbook of Metaheuristics

Author: Fred W. Glover
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780306480560
Release Date: 2006-04-11
Genre: Mathematics

This book provides both the research and practitioner communities with a comprehensive coverage of the metaheuristic methodologies that have proven to be successful in a wide variety of real-world problem settings. Moreover, it is these metaheuristic strategies that hold particular promise for success in the future. The various chapters serve as stand alone presentations giving both the necessary background underpinnings as well as practical guides for implementation.

Control and Automation and Energy System Engineering

Author: Tai-hoon Kim
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783642260094
Release Date: 2011-11-29
Genre: Computers

This book comprises selected papers of the International Conferences, CA and CES3 2011, held as Part of the Future Generation Information Technology Conference, FGIT 2011, in Conjunction with GDC 2011, Jeju Island, Korea, in December 2011. The papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from numerous submissions and focuse on the various aspects of control and automation, and circuits, control, communication, electricity, electronics, energy, system, signal and simulation.

Applications of Evolutionary Computing

Author: Egbert J.W. Boers
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783540419204
Release Date: 2001-04-04
Genre: Computers

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of five application-oriented workshops held concurrently as EvoWorkshops 2001 in Como, Italy in April 2001. The 52 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected out of 75 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on graph problems, Knapsack problems, ant algorithms, assignment problems, evolutionary algorithms analysis, permutative problems, aeronautics, image analysis and signal processing, evolutionary learning, and evolutionary scheduling and timetabling.

Encyclopedia of Business Analytics and Optimization

Author: Wang, John
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 9781466652033
Release Date: 2014-02-28
Genre: Business & Economics

As the age of Big Data emerges, it becomes necessary to take the five dimensions of Big Data- volume, variety, velocity, volatility, and veracity- and focus these dimensions towards one critical emphasis - value. The Encyclopedia of Business Analytics and Optimization confronts the challenges of information retrieval in the age of Big Data by exploring recent advances in the areas of knowledge management, data visualization, interdisciplinary communication, and others. Through its critical approach and practical application, this book will be a must-have reference for any professional, leader, analyst, or manager interested in making the most of the knowledge resources at their disposal.

Evolutionary Computation in Combinatorial Optimization

Author: Jin-Kao Hao
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783642291234
Release Date: 2012-03-28
Genre: Computers

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 12th European Conference on Evolutionary Computation in Combinatorial Optimization, EvoCOP 2012, held in Málaga, Spain, in April 2012, colocated with the Evo* 2012 events EuroGP, EvoBIO, EvoMUSART, and EvoApplications. . The 22 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 48 submissions. The papers present the latest research and discuss current developments and applications in metaheuristics - a paradigm to effectively solve difficult combinatorial optimization problems appearing in various industrial, economic, and scientific domains. Prominent examples of metaheuristics are evolutionary algorithms, simulated annealing, tabu search, scatter search, memetic algorithms, variable neighborhood search, iterated local search, greedy randomized adaptive search procedures, estimation of distribution algorithms, and ant colony optimization.