Algebraic Multiplicity of Eigenvalues of Linear Operators

Author: Julián López-Gómez
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783764384005
Release Date: 2007-06-22
Genre: Mathematics

This book brings together all available results about the theory of algebraic multiplicities. It first offers a classic course on finite-dimensional spectral theory and then presents the most general results available about the existence and uniqueness of algebraic multiplicities for real non-analytic operator matrices and families. Coverage next transfers these results from linear to nonlinear analysis.

Wissenschaft zwischen Qualitas und Quantitas

Author: Erwin Neuenschwander
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 9783034879941
Release Date: 2013-03-07
Genre: Science

Wissenschaft und insbesondere die Naturwissenschaften haben heute meist mit "Messen", das heisst mit der quantitativen Erfassung der Wirklichkeit zu tun. Das Eigentliche, die "Qualität" der Dinge, entzieht sich jedoch diesem technokratischen Zugriff. Die Position der Wissenschaft im Spannungsfeld zwischen den Polen Quantitas und Qualitas in Geschichte und Gegenwart auszuleuchten, ist das Anliegen der Beiträge dieses Bandes. Sie führen vor Augen, dass die Wissenschaftskonzeptionen des Altertums und des Mittelalters noch weitgehend qualitativ orientiert waren, und zeigen, wie diese in den verschiedenen Naturwissenschaften durch das neuzeitliche quantitativmessende Paradigma abgelöst wurden und welche Probleme es dabei zu bewältigen galt.

Mathematical Problems of the Dynamics of Incompressible Fluid on a Rotating Sphere

Author: Yuri N. Skiba
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783319654126
Release Date: 2017-09-21
Genre: Mathematics

This book presents selected mathematical problems involving the dynamics of a two-dimensional viscous and ideal incompressible fluid on a rotating sphere. In this case, the fluid motion is completely governed by the barotropic vorticity equation (BVE), and the viscosity term in the vorticity equation is taken in its general form, which contains the derivative of real degree of the spherical Laplace operator. This work builds a bridge between basic concepts and concrete outcomes by pursuing a rich combination of theoretical, analytical and numerical approaches, and is recommended for specialists developing mathematical methods for application to problems in physics, hydrodynamics, meteorology and geophysics, as well for upper undergraduate or graduate students in the areas of dynamics of incompressible fluid on a rotating sphere, theory of functions on a sphere, and flow stability.

Thinking in Problems

Author: Alexander A. Roytvarf
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780817684068
Release Date: 2013-01-04
Genre: Mathematics

This concise, self-contained textbook gives an in-depth look at problem-solving from a mathematician’s point-of-view. Each chapter builds off the previous one, while introducing a variety of methods that could be used when approaching any given problem. Creative thinking is the key to solving mathematical problems, and this book outlines the tools necessary to improve the reader’s technique. The text is divided into twelve chapters, each providing corresponding hints, explanations, and finalization of solutions for the problems in the given chapter. For the reader’s convenience, each exercise is marked with the required background level. This book implements a variety of strategies that can be used to solve mathematical problems in fields such as analysis, calculus, linear and multilinear algebra and combinatorics. It includes applications to mathematical physics, geometry, and other branches of mathematics. Also provided within the text are real-life problems in engineering and technology. Thinking in Problems is intended for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in the classroom or as a self-study guide. Prerequisites include linear algebra and analysis.

Dynamical Systems

Author: D. Arrowsmith
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 0412390809
Release Date: 1992-08-01
Genre: Mathematics

This text discusses the qualitative properties of dynamical systems including both differential equations and maps. The approach taken relies heavily on examples (supported by extensive exercises, hints to solutions and diagrams) to develop the material, including a treatment of chaotic behavior. The unprecedented popular interest shown in recent years in the chaotic behavior of discrete dynamic systems including such topics as chaos and fractals has had its impact on the undergraduate and graduate curriculum. However there has, until now, been no text which sets out this developing area of mathematics within the context of standard teaching of ordinary differential equations. Applications in physics, engineering, and geology are considered and introductions to fractal imaging and cellular automata are given.

Ordinary Differential Equations

Author: Jane Cronin
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 0824791894
Release Date: 1994-02-15
Genre: Mathematics

This text, now in its second edition, presents the basic theory of ordinary differential equations and relates the topological theory used in differential equations to advanced applications in chemistry and biology. It provides new motivations for studying extension theorems and existence theorems, supplies real-world examples, gives an early introduction to the use of geometric methods and offers a novel treatment of the Sturm-Liouville theory.

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