Osman s Dream

Author: Caroline Finkel
Publisher: Basic Books
ISBN: 046500850X
Release Date: 2007-08-01
Genre: History

The Ottoman Empire was one of the largest and most influential empires in world history. Its reach extended to three continents and it survived for more than six centuries, but its history is too often colored by the memory of its bloody final throes on the battlefields of World War I. In this magisterial work-the first definitive account written for the general reader-renowned scholar and journalist Caroline Finkel lucidly recounts the epic story of the Ottoman Empire from its origins in the thirteenth century through its destruction in the twentieth.

Under Osman s Tree

Author: Alan Mikhail
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226427171
Release Date: 2017-03-13
Genre: History

The early modern Middle East was a crucial zone of connection between Europe and the Mediterranean world, on the one hand, and South Asia, the Indian Ocean, and sub-Saharan Africa, on the other. Accordingly, global trade, climate, and disease both affected and were affected by what was happening in the Middle East s many environments. The trans-territorial and trans-temporal character of environmental history helps shed new light on the history of the region, and Alan Mikhail s latest tackles major topics in environmental history: natural resource management, climate, human and animal labor, water control, disease, and the politics of nature. It also reveals how one of the world s most important religious traditions, Islam, has related to the natural world. This is a model book that sets the course for Middle East environmental history."

Empress of the East

Author: Leslie Peirce
Publisher: Basic Books
ISBN: 9780465093090
Release Date: 2017-09-19
Genre: History

The extraordinary story of the Russian slave girl Roxelana, who rose from concubine to become the only queen of the Ottoman empire In Empress of the East, historian Leslie Peirce tells the remarkable story of a Christian slave girl, Roxelana, who was abducted by slave traders from her Ruthenian homeland and brought to the harem of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent in Istanbul. Suleyman became besotted with her and foreswore all other concubines. Then, in an unprecedented step, he freed her and married her. The bold and canny Roxelana soon became a shrewd diplomat and philanthropist, who helped Suleyman keep pace with a changing world in which women, from Isabella of Hungary to Catherine de Medici, increasingly held the reins of power. Until now Roxelana has been seen as a seductress who brought ruin to the empire, but in Empress of the East, Peirce reveals the true history of an elusive figure who transformed the Ottoman harem into an institution of imperial rule.

Subjects of the Sultan

Author: Suraiya Faroqhi
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 1850437602
Release Date: 2005-11-29
Genre: History

The cultural heritage of the Ottoman Empire has traditionally been presented to us through its monuments - mosques, mausoleums, palaces, baths - and its high arts, such as court painting and calligraphy. Our understanding of Ottoman culture has thus come from a world created by and for sultans, viziers and the elite of the Empire.

Osman s Dream

Author: Jesse Russell
Publisher: Book on Demand Limited
ISBN: 5512090100
Release Date: 2012-06

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Osman's Dream is an Old Turkish epic poem, narrative history, attributed to Osman I of Ottoman Empire, but most probably unknown authorship, dating at the 13th century. The work alludes to a dream experienced by the first sultan, Osman I, consisting of a summary of the rise and growth of the empire four centuries before the events happened. The dream illuminates via myth some of the conditions and ambitions in existence at the dawn of the Ottoman institution.

Between Two Worlds

Author: Cemal Kafadar
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520206002
Release Date: 1996
Genre: History

Cemal Kafadar offers a much more subtle and complex interpretation of the early Ottoman period than that provided by other historians. His careful analysis of medieval as well as modern historiography from the perspective of a cultural historian demonstrates how ethnic, tribal, linguistic, religious, and political affiliations were all at play in the struggle for power in Anatolia and the Balkans during the late Middle Ages. This highly original look at the rise of the Ottoman empire--the longest-lived political entity in human history--shows the transformation of a tiny frontier enterprise into a centralized imperial state that saw itself as both leader of the world's Muslims and heir to the Eastern Roman Empire.

Lords of the Horizons

Author: Jason Goodwin
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company
ISBN: 9781466874879
Release Date: 2014-06-10
Genre: History

Since the Turks first shattered the glory of the French crusaders in 1396, the Ottoman Empire has exerted a long, strong pull on Western minds. For six hundred years, the Empire swelled and declined. Islamic, martial, civilized, and tolerant, in three centuries it advanced from the dusty foothills of Anatolia to rule on the Danube and the Nile; at the Empire's height, Indian rajahs and the kings of France beseeched its aid. For the next three hundred years the Empire seemed ready to collapse, a prodigy of survival and decay. Early in the twentieth century it fell. In this dazzling evocation of its power, Jason Goodwin explores how the Ottomans rose and how, against all odds, they lingered on. In the process he unfolds a sequence of mysteries, triumphs, treasures, and terrors unknown to most American readers. This was a place where pillows spoke and birds were fed in the snow; where time itself unfolded at a different rate and clocks were banned; where sounds were different, and even the hyacinths too strong to sniff. Dramatic and passionate, comic and gruesome, Lords of the Horizons is a history, a travel book, and a vision of a lost world all in one.

A History of Iran

Author: Michael Axworthy
Publisher: Basic Books
ISBN: 9780465098774
Release Date: 2016-05-24
Genre: History

Iran is a land of contradictions. It is an Islamic republic, but one in which only 1.4 percent of the population attend Friday prayers. IranÕs religious culture encompasses the most censorious and dogmatic ShiÕa Muslim clerics in the world, yet its poetry insistently dwells on the joys of life: wine, beauty, sex. Iranian women are subject to one of the most restrictive dress codes in the Islamic world, but make up nearly 60 percent of the student population of the nationÕs universities. In A History of Iran, acclaimed historian Michael Axworthy chronicles the rich history of this complex nation from the Achaemenid Empire of sixth century B.C. to the present-day Islamic Republic. In engaging prose, this revised editionÊexplains the military, political, religious, and cultural forces that have shaped one of the oldest continuing civilizations in the world, bringing us up modern times. Concluding with an assessment of the immense changes the nation has undergone since the revolution in 1979, including a close look at IranÕs ongoing attempts to become a nuclear power, A History of Iran offers general readers an essential guide to understanding this volatile nation, which is once again at the center of the worldÕs attention.

Iran Under the Safavids

Author: Roger Savory
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521042512
Release Date: 2007-09-24
Genre: History

Iran Under the Safavids aims at providing, in non-technical language, a comprehensive history of the Safavid dynasty.

Ottoman Empire and Islamic Tradition

Author: Norman Itzkowitz
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226098012
Release Date: 2008-03-26
Genre: History

This skillfully written text presents the full sweep of Ottoman history from its beginnings on the Byzantine frontier in about 1300, through its development as an empire, to its late eighteenth-century confrontation with a rapidly modernizing Europe. Itzkowitz delineates the fundamental institutions of the Ottoman state, the major divisions within the society, and the basic ideas on government and social structure. Throughout, Itzkowitz emphasizes the Ottomans' own conception of their historical experience, and in so doing penetrates the surface view provided by the insights of Western observers of the Ottoman world to the core of Ottoman existence.

The Muslim Empires of the Ottomans Safavids and Mughals

Author: Stephen F. Dale
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781316184394
Release Date: 2009-12-24
Genre: History

Between 1453 and 1526 Muslims founded three major states in the Mediterranean, Iran and South Asia: respectively the Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal empires. By the early seventeenth century their descendants controlled territories that encompassed much of the Muslim world, stretching from the Balkans and North Africa to the Bay of Bengal and including a combined population of between 130 and 160 million people. This book is the first comparative study of the politics, religion, and culture of these three empires between 1300 and 1923. At the heart of the analysis is Islam, and how it impacted on the political and military structures, the economy, language, literature and religious traditions of these great empires. This original and sophisticated study provides an antidote to the modern view of Muslim societies by illustrating the complexity, humanity and vitality of these empires, empires that cannot be reduced simply to religious doctrine.

Ottoman Warfare 1500 1700

Author: Rhoads Murphey
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781135365912
Release Date: 2006-06-19
Genre: History

A study of the Ottoman military machine and its successes in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East in a period when they were feared by western European states and the focus of much military concern. The book is intended for undergraduate courses in early modern history, Ottoman history, history of the Middle East and North Africa, and for military historians.

Russia and the Arabs

Author: Yevgeny Primakov
Publisher: Basic Books
ISBN: 9780465019977
Release Date: 2009-09-22
Genre: History

Part memoir, part history, Russia and the Arabs reveals the past half-century in the Middle East from a viewpoint seldom seen by Westerners. Yevgeny Primakov, formerly the head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Foreign Minister, and Prime Minister of Russia, exposes how key political events unfolded through the personal interactions and rivalries among notable leaders from Yasser Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin to Anwar Sadat and Saddam Hussein, whom he knew personally. He shows how the 1967 and 1973 Arab-Israeli wars developed, exposes Russia’s previously unknown role in the 1991 Gulf War, and assesses Russia’s Middle East policies alongside those of other foreign players, including the United States. The author’s first-hand accounts of behind-the-scenes encounters and his insights into what really drove the region’s key events make Russia and the Arabs an essential read for everyone interested in world affairs.