Our Global Environment

Author: Anne Nadakavukaren
Publisher: Waveland Press
ISBN: 9781478609766
Release Date: 2011-02-28
Genre: Science

The crucial interdependence between humans and their environment is explored and illuminated in this revealing overview of the major environmental issues facing society in the twenty-first century. With attention to detail and cogent language, the author describes how human health and well-being are inextricably bound up in the web of interrelationships that characterize life on this planet. The presentation combines an overall ecological concern with specific elements related to personal and community health, giving readers a clear sense of how todays environmental issues directly impact their own lives. New to the seventh edition is a chapter on clean energy alternatives that evaluates the long-term potential of the most promising renewable energy technologies as well as short-term strategies to increase energy efficiency. The discussion of global climate change has been significantly updated to reflect the latest assessments of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change with regard to evidence of global warming, mitigation strategies, and adaptation measures, as well as an up-to-date summary of ongoing international efforts to negotiate binding treaties that would produce meaningful reductions in greenhouse gases. Our Global Environment is widely praised by students and faculty for its clear, compelling presentation. Abundant photographs and illustrations highlight salient issues and clarify trends, while boxed inserts in every chapter contain timely examples of general concepts presented in the chapters.

Our Global Environment

Author: Anne Nadakavukaren
ISBN: CORNELL:31924073145892
Release Date: 1995-01
Genre: Environmental health

This thoroughly revised edition builds on the successful base of the first three editions, providing a broad, up-to-date survey of the major environmental issues facing the world today.

Debates for the Digital Age The Good the Bad and the Ugly of our Online World 2 volumes

Author: Danielle Sarver Coombs
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 9781440801242
Release Date: 2015-11-23
Genre: Technology & Engineering

By evaluating the Internet's impact on key cultural issues of the day, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the seismic technological and cultural shifts the Internet has created in contemporary society. • Includes essays on overarching themes and issues that are essential to understanding Internet culture, including privacy, celebrity, superficiality, and the personal toll online living can have on users • Addresses current Internet material as well as classic memes, sites, and products • Engages readers through a deliberately provocative point of view • Provides a comprehensive examination of the realities surrounding Internet culture, which can be extremely positive or very ugly • Differentiates itself from other examinations of Internet culture through emphasis on continuing themes rather than time-specific content • Takes a distinctly international approach to the topic of today's digital, interconnected world

Environmental Health

Author: Kathryn Hilgenkamp
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
ISBN: 0763723770
Release Date: 2006-01
Genre: Health & Fitness

Environmental Health: Ecological Perspectives is intended as an environmental health text for both undergraduate and graduate levels. This text provides balanced coverage of how humans are affected by the quality of air, water, and food as well as how humans affect these survival necessities. The evolution and prosperity of the human species has resulted in concerns about pollution, overpopulation, and several other issues that are having a harmful effect on humans and our environment. This knowledge, along with an understanding of the legislation and history of environmental issues, will help students to make positive changes in their behavior and in the world around them.

Rapport sur la sant dans le monde 2003

Author: World Health Organization
Publisher: World Health Organization
ISBN: 9242562432
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Medical

« Nous avons actuellement une véritable occasion qui se présente pour réaliser des progrès devant permettre à des millions d'individus de vivre plus longtemps et en meilleure santé. » « Il faudra consentir un effort soutenu, accroître les ressources et intensifier la collaboration entre les partenaires. » Dr Jong-Wook Lee, Directeur général de l'OMS Le Rapport sur la santé dans le monde 2003 : Préparer l'avenir prévoit que des améliorations majeures seront apportées au cours des prochaines années. Selon le Directeur général de l'OMS, le Dr Jong-Wook Lee, l'OMS a pour ambition « d'aider tous les peuples, mais surtout les plus pauvres, à oeuvrer en faveur d'un avenir meilleur ». Le rapport préconise une nouvelle action pour améliorer la santé de manière équitable dans le cadre des efforts mondiaux en faveur de la justice et de la sécurité. Tirant les enseignements du passé, en particulier du mouvement de la Santé pour tous lancé il y a 25 ans, le rapport de cette année met l'accent sur les avancées majeures en matière de santé qui seront possibles au cours des années à venir et montre comment l'OMS et la communauté mondiale de la santé pourront atteindre ces objectifs. Compte tenu des cibles ambitieuses fixées par les objectifs de développement de la Déclaration du Millénaire, le Rapport sur la santé dans le monde 2003 brosse un tableau complet de la situation en analysant les principaux défis à relever aujourd'hui dans le domaine de la santé et en présentant un programme d'action pour l'amélioration de la santé dans le monde. La section sur les infections met particulièrement l'accent sur le VIH/SIDA, la poliomyélite - en passe d'être éradiquée - et des infections, nouvelles comme le SRAS. Une autre section importante est consacrée à la santé de la femme et de l'enfant. La partie concernant les maladies non transmissibles met l'accent sur les maladies cardio-vasculaires, les traumatismes et la poursuite des activités de lutte antitabac. Afin de concrétiser les améliorations qui sont à portée de main, les pays ont besoin de systèmes de santé dont le fonctionnement soit satisfaisant. Le rapport montre comment les systèmes peuvent être renforcés en associant à la fois les centres de soins primaires et les services de niveau plus élevé, reliés entre eux par un réseau efficace et intégré d'orientation. A cet égard, comme dans toutes ses activités, l'OMS renouvelle son engagement aux côtés des pays pour répondre aux problèmes sanitaires qui se posent aux niveaux national et local.

Biosphere 2000

Author: Donald G. Kaufman
Publisher: Kendall Hunt
ISBN: 0787257133
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Social Science

Global Environmental Change The Threat to Human Health

Author: Samuel S. Myers
Publisher: Worldwatch Institute
Release Date: 2009-11-01
Genre: Social Science

Over the past two-to-three hundred years, humanity's ecological footprint has ballooned to such an extent that we are now fundamentally altering the planet. We have transformed the Earth's land surface and altered the function of its ecosystems, and we are triggering the rapid loss of both terrestrial and marine life. We are also profoundly changing our planet's climate. It is increasingly apparent that the breadth and depth of the changes we are wreaking on the environment are imperiling not only many of the other species with which we share the ecological stage, but the health and wellbeing of our own species as well.Global climate change threatens human health in numerous and profound ways. Large segments of the population will experience more heat waves, altered exposure to infectious disease, and more-frequent natural disasters. Most significantly, climatic disruption threatens the adequacy of the core "building blocks" of health for large populations around the globe: sufficient food and nutrition, safe water for drinking and sanitation, fresh air to breathe, and secure homes to live in. As climate change dismantles these central elements of healthy societies, people with fewer resources will be forced to migrate in large numbers to lands where they may not be welcome. A likely result of all of these processes will be increased civic instability and strife.

Comprehensive Community Health Nursing

Author: Susan Clemen-Stone
Publisher: Mosby Incorporated
ISBN: UOM:39015054296309
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Medical

The latest edition of COMPREHENSIVE COMMUNITY HEALTH NURSING continues to offer complete coverage of the major topics in the field, from epidemiology and communicable disease to chronic illness and home health nursing. Written from a population-focused perspective, this edition thoroughly describes the theoretical foundations of community-oriented health promotion and health education. Aggregates at heightened risk are considered in a chapter on contemporary health issues including those experiencing poverty and homelessness, substance abuse, and violence. The text insightfully reports the impact of managed care on the health care delivery system. The changing roles and responsibilities of community health nurses within clinics, homes, and hospice centers - as well as nontraditional care settings such as schools, businesses, and industries - are clearly depicted. Community health nursing interventions with a variety of client groups, including individuals, families, groups, populations, and communities, are emphasized throughout, including group work and health advocacy for populations at risk.

Global Environmental Governance

Author: James Gustave Speth And Peter M. Haas
Publisher: Pearson Education India
ISBN: 8131709221
Release Date: 2007-09-01

Global Environmental Governance examines ten major environmental threats- climate disruption, biodiversity loss, acid rain, ozone depletion, deforestation, desertification, freshwater degradation and shortages, decline of marine fisheries, toxic pollutants, and excess nitrogen-and explores how they can be addressed through treaties, governance regimes, and new forms of international cooperation. It also critically examines the serious shortcomings of current efforts and the underlying reasons for the persistence of disturbing trends. This book presents key concepts in international law and regime formation in simple, accessible language, and describes the current institutional landscape, les-sons learned, and new directions need-ed in international governance.

Women Entrepreneurs and the Global Environment for Growth

Author: Candida G. Brush
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 9781849806633
Release Date: 2010-01-01
Genre: Businesswomen

Women's entrepreneurship research and the understanding of factors influencing the growth of women-owned business advanced significantly over the last decade. Yet, challenges remain. Women Entrepreneurs and the Global Environment for Growth provides wide-ranging insights on the challenges women entrepreneurs face growing their businesses and how these may be addressed. This volume is rooted in research and considers growth challenges both contextually and firm specific, provoking current thought and enriching the current literature on gender and entrepreneurship. Part one highlights how contextual factors, and especially social and familial settings of entrepreneurs, have a differential impact on men and women. Part two examines strategies, constraints and enablers of growth and performance. The authors aptly demonstrate that a well-focused gender lens is necessary to better explain the phenomenon of women's entrepreneurship. Extending previous studies about women's entrepreneurship, this volume is unique in its application of research from the Diana Project, a path breaking initiative dating from 1999 to study female entrepreneurial success. Contributions from an international cast of authors make this a comprehensive and broadly appealing reference work.

Chemicals Environment Health

Author: Philip Wexler
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781420084702
Release Date: 2011-08-09
Genre: Technology & Engineering

The past 40 years have seen a phenomenal growth in globally oriented public and private initiatives related to chemical and environmental issues. The groundbreaking 1972 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment held in Stockholm was the event responsible for initiating framework for global environmental policies, including those addressing chemical safety. It gave rise to the first World Environment Day and the creation of the United Nations Environment Programme, leading the way to the acknowledgement that sustainable development is the most logical and viable pathway to preserve and enhance our environment for future generations. Chemicals, Environment, Health: A Global Management Perspective presents an overview of the noteworthy conferences, organizations, and international treaties that focus on chemicals management and policy. It takes into account special challenges faced by developing countries regarding chemicals safety. From the Stockholm Conference to follow-ups in Rio and Johannesburg, it provides concise coverage of a vast swath of information. It highlights pivotal agreements such as the Basel, Rotterdam, and Stockholm Conventions, the more expansive Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management, as well as key regional agreements such as the European Union’s REACH legislation. The book includes invited essays in areas such as emergencies and financing instruments, and offers a clear look at future challenges and opportunities. Written by a team of authors from all continents, with backgrounds in international organizations, national governments, academia, industry, and NGOs, the book reflects a wide experience from a multitude of perspectives. A valuable guidebook to global chemicals management cooperation, this book reviews and analyzes multi-lateral efforts established to address the potential risks of chemicals on the world stage.

Governmental Response to Environmental Challenges in Global Perspective

Author: Joseph G. Jabbra
Publisher: IOS Press
ISBN: 9051994117
Release Date: 1998-01-01
Genre: Political Science

In our drive to improve human standards of living, we have paradoxically paid scant attention to the need for clean air and water; the impact of acid rain on agriculture, lakes and rivers; the effect of pollutants on the ozone layer; the safe disposal of hazardous wastes, and the relationship between population growth and the environment. It seems that every time governments are faced with an apparent choice between economic development and the protection of the environment, priority is always given to the former. Short-term plans -- dictated by canons of political survival and expediency -- always seem to take precedence over long-term strategies, with politicians and decision-makers deftly relegating environmental concerns to the realm of rhetoric. This book is an effort to better understand the problems faced by our global ecosystems. It is also the result of the authors deep commitment to urge both citizens and their leaders the world over to work together for a better protection of the environment so that our planet may be saved for the present and for future generations.