In and Out of Character

Author: Basil Rathbone
Publisher: Limelight Editions
ISBN: 9780879105563
Release Date: 2004-08-01
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

(Limelight). "Basil Rathbone's book about better written than most books by or about actors and is more intellectually vigorous...Sherlock Holmes fans will be much interested in his remarks on the character with whom he has been so closely identified." Library Journal ; "Quite naturally full of memories, full of names, full of glimpses of stars of stage and screen of yesterday and today." New York Times Book Review

Out of Character

Author: David DeSteno
Publisher: Harmony
ISBN: 9780307717771
Release Date: 2011-05-03
Genre: Psychology

Have you ever wondered why a trumpeter of family values would suddenly turn around and cheat on his wife? Why jealousy would send an otherwise level-headed person into a violent rage? What could drive a person to blow a family fortune at the blackjack tables? Or have you ever pondered what might make Mr. Right leave his beloved at the altar, why hypocrisy seems to be rampant, or even why, every once in awhile, even you are secretly tempted, to lie, cheat, or steal (or, conversely, help someone you never even met)? This book answers these questions and more, and in doing so, turns the prevailing wisdom about who we are upside down. Our character, argue psychologists DeSteno and Valdesolo, isn’t a stable set of traits, but rather a shifting state that is subject to the constant push and pull of hidden mechanisms in our mind. And it's the battle between these dueling psychological forces that determine how we act at any given point in time. Drawing on the surprising results of the clever experiments concocted in their own laboratory, DeSteno and Valdesolo shed new scientific light on so many of the puzzling behaviors that regularly grace the headlines. For example, you’ll learn: • Why Tiger Woods just couldn’t resist the allure of his mistresses even though he had a picture-perfect family at home. And why no one, including those who knew him best, ever saw it coming. • Why even the shrewdest of investors can be tempted to gamble their fortunes away (and why risky financial behavior is driven by the same mechanisms that compel us to root for the underdog in sports). • Why Eliot Spitzer, who made a career of crusading against prostitution, turned out to be one of the most famous johns of all time. • Why Mel Gibson, a noted philanthropist and devout Catholic, has been repeatedly caught spewing racist rants, even though close friends say he doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. • And why any of us is capable of doing the same, whether we believe it or not! A surprising look at the hidden forces driving the saint and sinner lurking in us all, Out of Character reveals why human behavior is so much more unpredictable than we ever realized. From the Hardcover edition.

Out of Character

Author: Omri Moses
Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 9780804791236
Release Date: 2014-05-07
Genre: Literary Criticism

"Characters" are those fictive beings in novels whose coherent patterns of behavior make them credible as people. "Character" is also used to refer to the capacity—or incapacity—of individuals to sustain core principles. When characters are inconsistent, they risk coming across as dangerous or immoral, not to mention unconvincing. But what is behind our culture's esteem for unwavering consistency? Out of Character examines literary characters who defy our culture's models of personal integrity. It argues that modernist writers Henry James, Gertrude Stein, and T. S. Eliot drew inspiration from vitalism as a way of reinventing the means of depicting people in fiction and poetry. Rather than regarding a rigid character as something that inoculates us against the shifting tides of circumstance, these writers insist on the ethical necessity of forming improvisational, dynamic social relationships. Charting the literary impact of William James, Charles Darwin, Friedrich Nietzsche, and, in particular, Henri Bergson, this book contends that vitalist understandings of psychology, affect, and perception led to new situational and relational definitions of selfhood. As Moses demonstrates, the modernists stirred by these vital life lessons give us a sense of what psychic life looks like at its most intricate, complex, and unpredictable.

Out of Character

Author: Vanessa Craft
ISBN: 1552638235
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Fiction

Well-kept and well-mannered journalist Emma Gordon has always taken the safe road in her personal and professional life. her romantic life is at a standstill, her career is steady but unremarkable, and her family life, though privileged, has never been the same since her mother disappeared years ago. Her father, Jack, a high-powered broker, finds Emma's lack of ambition disappointing; she finds his obsession with power distasteful. But there is a fire burning in Emma's belly for a life worth writing about. When one of Emma's colleagues pitches an idea for an undercover expose on strip clubs, she finds herself inadvertently volunteering to cover the story. Out of her depth in this gritty underground world, Emma soon finds herself drawn into this secret lifestyle of sex, seduction, and power. But when Jack discovers her at the club one night, father and daughter are forced to confront the past and finally face each other. Set against the dual backdrop of London's top gentlemen's clubs and the upper-crust world of Holland Park mansions, debut novelist Vanessa Craft explores themes of power and identity in this sexy, smart, and unconventional coming-of-age story.

Writing Out of Character

Author: John Lawton Wilkinson
Publisher: Reality Street Editions
ISBN: STANFORD:36105043397079
Release Date: 1992
Genre: Poetry

Poetry. Literary Nonfiction. WRITING OUT OF CHARACTER comprises three texts: Hid Lip, poems by John Wilkinson; The Romaniad, prose by Stephen Rodefer; and Kobro, poems by Rod Mengham.

Paper Trail

Author: Ellen Goodman
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743249194
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Literary Collections

A collection of essays by the popular columnist features pieces written during the Clinton and George W. Bush presidencies and highlights such topics as the dot-com industry, the American family, Viagra, and reality television shows.

Animation Writing and Development

Author: Jean Ann Wright
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9781136144059
Release Date: 2013-07-18
Genre: Art

The art. The craft. The business. Animation Writing and Development takes students and animation professionals alike through the process of creating original characters, developing a television series, feature, or multimedia project, and writing professional premises, outlines and scripts. It covers the process of developing presentation bibles and pitching original projects as well as ideas for episodes of shows already on the air. Animation Writing and Development includes chapters on animation history, on child development (writing for kids), and on storyboarding. It gives advice on marketing and finding work in the industry. It provides exercises for students as well as checklists for professionals polishing their craft. This is a guide to becoming a good writer as well as a successful one.


Author: Sebastian Richtarsky
Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand
ISBN: 9783837088472
Release Date: 2009-01

Natalie ist grade erst 15 als sie erfahrt das ihre Mutter unheilbar an Lungenkrebs erkrankt ist. Von der Situation uberfordert macht sie sich auf die Suche nach dem Tod um mit ihm deren Leben zu verhandeln. Auf ihrer eigentumlichen Reise lernt sie die verschiedenen Gesichtet des Todes kennen, und als der Schnitter schliesslich sie findet, wird ihr klar, das auch der Tod notwendig ist. Diese und 13 andere philosophische Erzahlungen und Gedichte uber das Leben, die Liebe und den Tod erwarten den Leser in diesem Buch. Teilweise voll traumerischer Romantik wie eine klassische Ballade, teilweise so gnadenlos brutal wie ein Heavy-Metal Drumsolo und teilweise erschreckend realistisch wie ein ungeschminkter Countrysong; Meistens aber alles auf einmal. Diese Alltagsmarchen konnten verstorend wirken, und sollten deshalb nicht von Kindern gelesen werden."

Creative Character Design

Author: Bryan Tillman
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9781136129810
Release Date: 2012-12-12
Genre: Art

Create compelling, original characters using archetypes and design elements such as shadows and line with the tips and techniques found in this image-packed book. Bryan Tillman bridges the gap between the technique of drawing characters and the theory of good character design by using case studies, examples of professional art, and literary and pop culture references to teach you how to develop a character, not just draw one. The book also features Character Model Sheets that will guide you through the creation of new and unique characters. Finally, Bryan will break down established character archetypes to show you why and how the different aspects of good character design work. The content on the book is based on Bryan's popular 2009 Comic-Con course on 'Character Design'. Learn what makes a character unique and powerful by using shapes, shadows, and form - this title includes 'character model sheets' so you can put it all together yourself, as well as case studies from established artists. It bridges the gap between the technique of drawing characters and the theory of good character design in a practical, hands-on way - learn how to use story and archetypes to develop compelling, new characters. Based on a standing-room only presentation at Comic-Con 2009 in San Diego, it features the artwork of a collection of professional artists as examples to the techniques shown in the book.

Character Out of Chaos

Author: David O. Dykes
Publisher: Kregel Publications
ISBN: 0825424933
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Religion

A pastor with a nationally syndicated television program takes an intriguing look at Daniel's personal life, exploring Daniel's convictions and revealing ways to become a Daniel in today's world.

Character in the Criminal Trial

Author: Mike Redmayne
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 9780191057045
Release Date: 2015-03-19
Genre: Law

If a defendant is on trial for a crime such as burglary, to what extent should the fact that he has a previous conviction for burglary feature in his trial? Should the prosecution be allowed to tell the jury about the previous conviction as evidence that the defendant is more likely to have committed burglary? Should the judge give the defendant a longer sentence because he has a previous conviction? These are the fundamental questions examined in Character in the Criminal Trial. Including an in-depth analysis of the character evidence provisions of the Criminal Justice Act 2003, this book assesses the arguments for and against using character evidence to prove a defendant's guilt. It explores the sentencing provisions in the same Act, as well as the general use of criminal record and other character evidence to aggravate and mitigate sentence. Issues examined in the course of the book include: psychological and philosophical debates about the stability of character; criminological research on recidivism and the nature of criminal careers; ethical debates about the use of prior behaviour to prove current or future offending; the process of reasoning underlying the use of bad character evidence; whether bad character evidence is prejudicial; and the use of risk assessment instruments to classify offenders as dangerous. By combining insights from law, psychology, criminology, and philosophy, Redmayne reassesses the use of character in the criminal trial and reflects on the significance of the law's increasing emphasis on character.

Breaking the Fourth Wall Direct Address in the Cinema

Author: Tom Brown
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 9780748669530
Release Date: 2012-05-21
Genre: Performing Arts

What happens when fictional characters acknowledge our 'presence' as film spectators? By virtue of its eccentricity and surprising frequency as a filmic device, direct address enables us to ask some fundamental questions of film theory, history and criticism and tackle, head-on, assumptions about the cinema as a medium. Brown provides a broad understanding of the role of direct address within fiction cinema, with focused analysis of its role in certain strands of avant-garde or experimental cinema, on the one hand, and popular genre traditions (musicals and comedies) on the other.