Overlanders Handbook

Author: Chris Scott
Publisher: Trailblazer Editions
ISBN: 1905864876
Release Date: 2017-05
Genre: Adventure travel

The second edition of the Overlanders' Handbook, the definitive manual for planning and undertaking a vehicle-dependent overlanding adventure across the wilds of Africa, Asia and Latin America, has been re-researched and updated into a more compact book.

Overlanders Handbook

Author: Chris Scott
Publisher: Trail Blazer Publications
ISBN: 1905864078
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Travel

"From Timbuktu to Kathmandu via Machu Picchu Overlanders' Handbook covers everything you need to know in one comprehensive manual"--Back cover.

Sahara Overland

Author: Chris Scott
Publisher: Trail Blazer Publications
ISBN: 1873756763
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Travel

Whether readers are traveling by 4WD or camel, this acclaimed guide covers all aspects Saharan and includes 10,000 miles of itineraries in Morocco, Mauritania, Libya, Mali, Tunisia, Algeria, Niger, Chad, and Egypt.

Morocco Overland

Author: Chris Scott
ISBN: 1905864892
Release Date: 2018
Genre: Morocco

For the independently-mobile traveller the mountains and deserts of southern Morocco are a year-round destination offering a thrilling variety of experiences. Now in full colour and covering nearly 12,000km from the High Atlas to the Mauritanian border, Morocco Overland features detailed GPS off-road routes for 4x4s, motorcycles and mountain bikes as well as scenic byways suitable for any vehicle. The book also includes guidance on choosing and preparing vehicles, the best places and times to go, getting to Morocco as well as local fly-drive options and off-road driving and riding techniques. With 40 pages of maps and more than 65 easy-to-follow-routes ranging from High Atlas trails reaching 3000m to arid canyons winding past hidden Berber villages and from the Atlantic surf to former Dakar Rally pistes, this comprehensive route and planning guide will appeal to both the first timer looking to dip their toe in Africa and to the seasoned adventurer.

Adventure Motorcycling Handbook

Author: Chris Scott
Publisher: Trail Blazer Publications
ISBN: 1905864469
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Travel

Presents a guide to planning and executing a selection of motorcycling adventures around the world, offering advice on dealing with culture shock, off-road riding, navigation, medical emergencies, and other issues that could arise.

Royal Geographical Society Expedition Handbook

Author: Shane Winser
Publisher: Profile Books Limited
ISBN: 1861970447
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Travel

The most comprehensive and useful book of its kind in the world - packed full of practical information and advice for the adventurous traveller. The Royal Geographical Society has been giving help and advice to the scientific and adventurous since 1830. This book is the distillation of many years of experience and expertise. It is packed full of practical information and advice from planning, fundraising and insurance to cures for amoebiasis, tapeworms and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. It explains why divers shouldn't wear gloves, why sharpening machetes can affect navigation in the rainforest and how aluminium foil can be useful in the desert. It covers every part of the world, from mountains and glaciers to savannah and jungle. This fifth edition has been completely revised and updated to take account of the latest changes in equipment, techniques and knowledge. It has invaluable directories of funding sources and specialist suppliers and services, and lists of useful addresses and further reading.

The Prairie Traveler

Author: Randolph Barnes Marcy
Release Date: 1859
Genre: Overland journeys to the Pacific

We Will be Free

Author: Graeme Bell
ISBN: 0620652993
Release Date: 2015
Genre: Africa

In 2010, the Bell family, Graeme, Luisa, Keelan and Jessica, set off in their Land Rover on an African adventure which would ultimately afflict them with the overlanding addiction. After touring Southern and East Africa for six months they returned to South Africa, to normal life and the corporate grind . Only touring in their trusty Landy, Mafuta, could still their trembling hands and sate their insatiable hunger. The decision was made to live an alternative travel lifestyle, a decision which would take them and Mafuta to South America where, through a combination of good luck and bad decisions, they circumnavigated the continent for over two years before setting their sights on North America. This is their story, the hard days, the laughter, the breakdowns, the life lessons and the love for each other and the road less travelled."

First Overland

Author: Tim Slessor
Publisher: Andrews UK Limited
ISBN: 9781908493200
Release Date: 2016-03-07
Genre: Travel

Why Not? After all, no-one had ever done it before. It would be one of the longest of all overland journeys – half way round the world, from the English Channel to Singapore. They knew that several expeditions had already tried it. Some had got as far as the desrts of Persia; a few had even reached the plains of India. But no one had managed to go on from there: over the jungle clad mountains of Assam and across northern Burma to Thailand and Malaya. Over the last 3,000 miles it seemed there were ‘just too many rivers and too few roads’. But no-one really knew … In fact, their problems began much earlier than that. As mere undergraduates, they had no money, no cars, nothing. But with a cool audacity, which was to become characteristic, they set to work – wheedling and cajoling. First, they coaxed the BBC to come up with some film for a possible TV series. They then gently persuaded the manufacturers to lend them two factory-fresh Land Rovers. A publisher was even sweet-talked into giving them an advance on a book. By the time they were ready to go, their sponsors (more than 80 of them) ranged from whiskey distillers to the makers of collapsible buckets. In late 1955, they set off. Seven months and 12,000 miles later, two very weary Land Rovers, escorted by police outriders, rolled into Singapore – to flash bulbs and champagne. Now, fifty years on, their book, ‘First Overland’, is republished – with a foreword by Sir David Attenborough. After all, it was he who gave them that film.

Overlanding the Americas La Lucha

Author: Mr Graeme Robert Bell
Publisher: A2a Expedition
ISBN: 0639925707
Release Date: 2017-12-22
Genre: Travel

La Lucha, the sequel to the reader acclaimed, We Will Be Free, is the story of one family's determination to travel the world as professional overlanders. The story picks up in Ecuador, after the family had successfully solo circumnavigated South America and continues with their dogged determination to drive up to Alaska and across the Americas from tip to tip, coast to coast. The family has had to overcome massive geographic, personal and financial obstacles, in order to achieve their dreams but continue to fight, despite the odds. They discover a strength they never knew they had and have many adventures, as they challenge themselves to the limit of their capabilities to not only survive but prosper. La Lucha demonstrates how, with passion and preserverance, anyone can achieve their dreams.

Live Long to Wander

Author: Bob Wohlers
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1975962885
Release Date: 2017-09-09

Could you survive a backcountry vehicle problem? "Live Long to Wander - Basic Survival for Vehicle-Supported Adventures" is for anyone who ventures into the wilderness - off-roaders, overlanders, hikers, mountain bikers, kayakers, all outdoor enthusiasts. This book can help you comfortably survive a minor or major mishap, breakdown, or accident in the remote backcountry when driving your full-size 4WD vehicle, ATV (Quad), UTV (Side-by-Side), Dual Sport Motorcycle, or Snowmobile. Vehicle complications can occur at anytime, so being prepared is very important. With the knowledge presented in this book, you can remain comfortable for several hours, a couple of days, or even a week or two in the backcountry should a recreational adventure or work-related incident go bad. Topics include: 1) The Will to Live, 2) Survival Kit, 3) Survival Shelter Building, 4) Survival Fire Building, 5) Disinfecting Water in the Field, 6) Signaling for Help. Even when a trip into the wilderness goes as planned, the knowledge offered within the pages of this book can be helpful on every outing. At the very least, being prepared will help you relax.

Travel the Planet Overland

Author: Graeme Robert Bell
ISBN: 0620719907
Release Date: 2016-10-03

Travel the Planet Overland was written to inspire others to explore this magnificent rock we all call home and the core message is simply that anyone sufficiently inspired can travel the planet overland. We take the readers hand and walk them through the long term world travelers reality, introducing the different types of overland travelers and the vehicles they prefer based on the fluidity of their cash flow. We then guide readers through the financial and emotional preparations for overland travel and provide the tools for overland travel success!

Africa Overland

Author: Siân Pritchard-Jones
Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides
ISBN: 1841622834
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Travel

Be vigilant when driving through Africa: camels are careless when crossing the road, and women carrying waterpots are little more watchful. So warn the authors of this fifth edition of Africa Overland. They also give updated information on each country’s political and security situation (Angola, Sierra Leone and Liberia are on the up; since this guide’s last edition, security in Western Sudan and Eastern Chad has turned sour); provide an expanded Route Outlines section including information on border crossings; and offer revised recommendations on vehicles including practical coverage on buying a vehicle, maintenance and driving. ‘This is the ultimate roadies' guide to traversing the wilderness of Africa. An indispensable guide to negotiating the unchartered perils of Africa's vast plains.’ Daily Express (UK)