Parenting Gifted Kids

Author: James R. Delisle
Publisher: Prufrock Press Inc.
ISBN: 1593631790
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Family & Relationships

Offers parents advice on raising gifted children, covering such topics as understanding a child's giftedness, dealing with perfectionism in gifted kids, and helping kids achieve their goals and dreams.

Raising a Gifted Child

Author: Carol Fertig
ISBN: 1593633440
Release Date: 2008-10-01
Genre: Education

Offers parents strategies and tips for ensuring their gifted children are happy and successful in and out of school, and suggest ways to identify optimal learning opportunities in academics, the arts, technology, and other fields.

Raising Gifted Kids

Author: Barbara Schave Klein
Publisher: AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn
ISBN: 0814429912
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Family & Relationships

Raising an extremely bright child - quick, curious, sensitive, and introspective - is a daunting challenge. Parents need insight into their own motivations (as well as those of their children), and the courage and ability to make tough decisions about their child's development. "Raising Gifted Kids" will help parents understand and cope with the obstacles they face in raising a gifted child, and help them make the best choices for their son's or daughter's growth and happiness.

Helping Gifted Children Soar

Author: Carol Ann Strip
Publisher: Great Potential Press, Inc.
ISBN: 9780910707411
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Education

A guide to the many issues gifted children face that offers parents and teachers advice on identifying gifted children, helping them get the most of classroom programs, forming parent support groups, meeting social and emotional needs, and choosing the appropriate curriculum.

The Everything Parent s Guide to Raising a Gifted Child

Author: Robbins Med Herbert
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781440530319
Release Date: 2011-12-15
Genre: Family & Relationships

Raising a gifted child is both a joy and a challenge. Gifted and exceptional children can seem self-sufficient, but it takes more than intelligence to lead a happy and fulfilling life. Your child need your support and advocacy in school, in social situations, and even at home. This guide shows you how to encourage and foster your gifted child from birth to adolescence, including information on How to determine if your child is gifted Options for school programs and activities Dealing with perfectionism and stress Setting realistic and healthy goals for your child Ensuring proper socialization and friendship Coping with jealousy and bullying from other children Packed with useful and professional advice, this is a reassuring guide to help your gifted child grow, thrive, and develop his talents.

Parenting Gifted Children

Author: Donald J. Treffinger
ISBN: 1593634307
Release Date: 2010-10-01
Genre: Education

Offers advice to parents on raising gifted children and on finding the support and resources their children need to succeed in school.

Guiding the Gifted Child

Author: James T. Webb
Publisher: Great Potential PressInc
ISBN: STANFORD:36105032753852
Release Date: 1982
Genre: Education

Presents a comprehensive guide for parents and teachers of gifted students and addresses issues such as motivation, discipline, stress management, depression, parenting strategies, and more.

Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students

Author: Christine Fonseca
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 9781618214591
Release Date: 2015-12-01
Genre: Family & Relationships

Teaching children how to manage their intense emotions is one of the most difficult aspects of parenting or educating gifted children. Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students: Helping Kids Cope With Explosive Feelings provides a much-needed resource for parents and educators for understanding of why gifted children are so extreme in their behavior and how to manage the highs and lows that accompany emotional intensity. Presented in an easy-to-read, conversational style, this revised and updated second edition contains additional chapters addressing temperament and personality development, as well as expanded role-plays and strategies designed to show parents and teachers how to interact and guide gifted children in a way that teaches them how to recognize, monitor, and adjust their behavior. Updated resources and worksheets make this practical resource a must-read for anyone wishing to make a positive and lasting impact on the lives of gifted children.

Academic Advocacy for Gifted Children

Author: Barbara Jackson Gilman
Publisher: Great Potential Press, Inc.
ISBN: 9780910707886
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Education

Formerly titled Empowering Gifted Minds: Educational Advocacy That Works, this double award-winning book is the definitive manual on gifted advocacy for gifted students. The author tells parents and teachers how to document a child's abilities to provide reasonable educational options year by year. This book provides imperative information on testing considerations, curriculum, successful programs, and planning your child's education. It is truly an essential guide.

Parenting Gifted Children 101

Author: Tracy Inman
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 9781618215208
Release Date: 2016-06-01
Genre: Family & Relationships

This practical, easy-to-read book explores the basics of parenting gifted children, truly giving parents the "introductory course" they need to better understand and help their gifted child. Topics include myths about gifted children, characteristics of the gifted, the hows and whys of advocacy, social and emotional issues and needs, strategies for partnering with your child's school, and more. Parenting Gifted Children 101 explores ways for you to help your child at home and maximize your child's educational experience with strategies that are based on research, but easy to implement. Each chapter--from parenting twice-exceptional students to navigating the possible challenges that school may hold for your child--contains resources for further reading and insights from more than 50 parents and educators of gifted children.

The Survival Guide for Parents of Gifted Kids

Author: Sally Yahnke Walker
Publisher: Free Spirit Publishing
ISBN: 9781575428659
Release Date: 2002-05-15
Genre: Gifted children

Defines giftedness and discusses special quirks and problems that arise living with a gifted child, from a lack of neatness to the "too-smart mouth," and explains how parents can find the right programs and make school as rewarding as possible for gifted children.

Understanding Your Gifted Child from the Inside Out

Author: James Delisle
ISBN: 1618218085
Release Date: 2018-01-10
Genre: Family & Relationships

Understanding Your Gifted Child From the Inside Out provides an engaging and encouraging look at raising gifted children today. A follow-up to the best-selling "Parenting Gifted Kids: Tips for Raising Happy and Successful Children," this new edition focuses on the social and emotional aspects of giftedness, highlighting new information on the issues of perfectionism, self-advocacy, underachievement, mindfulness, and the impact of technology on gifted kids' relationships. The book also features a section on life beyond college, for those readers whose children are no longer children. Understanding Your Gifted Child From the Inside Out features real-life stories about the lives of gifted children and how they and their parents recognize and enjoy the many intellectual talents and social and emotional insights they possess.

A Love for Learning

Author: Carol Strip Whitney
Publisher: Great Potential Press, Inc.
ISBN: 9780910707800
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Education

Learn techniques and strategies for keeping gifted children motivated.

You Know Your Child is Gifted when

Author: Judy Galbraith
Publisher: Free Spirit Pub
ISBN: 1575420767
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Family & Relationships

A guide to dealing with gifted children that uses cartoons, lists, definitions, and essays to help parents deal with the challenges and triumphs of raising a gifted child.