Author: Ian Kerner
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 9780062281081
Release Date: 2013-01-22
Genre: Health & Fitness

Transform Yourself from "Passion Victim" to Passionista! In the smash hit She Comes First, Ian Kerner singlehandedly waged battle against male sexual "ill-cliteracy," and women everywhere benefited from his "viva la vulva" philosophy of female pleasure. Now, in Passionista, it's time to learn all about what turns men on—and makes them stay on. In this point-by-point, "blow-by-blow" guide, Kerner makes giving as much fun as receiving as he covers every angle of male sexuality, unlocks the secrets of satisfaction, and offers knowledgeable answers to the questions every woman wonders about. His advice is the closest you'll ever come to waking up in a guy's skin and knowing what truly makes him sexually tick. Written in the same witty, insightful, and utterly readable voice that has made She Comes First and Be Honest—You're Not That Into Him Either so popular, Passionista is the empowered woman's guide to enjoying sex to the fullest—and ensuring that he does the same.

The Essential Elements of Sex

Author: Eryn-Faye Frans LL B.
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781475955293
Release Date: 2012-12-01
Genre: Family & Relationships

The Essential Elements of Sex; provides you with the building blocks you need for the sex life you have always hoped for and dreamed about in your marriage. We are facing an epidemic of divorce in the church, and the dirty little secret is that these marriages are falling apart because we, as Christians, are woefully unprepared for the most taboo aspect of our relationship—sex.The Essential Elements of Sexoutlines information crucial to the foundation of sexual intimacy and describes the nine essential elements necessary to build a strong, sustainable partnership. Eryn-Faye Frans combines the authoritative research of some of the most renowned experts in the field with her own experience coaching thousands of individuals and couples across North America. InThe Essential Elements of Sex, she provides a biblically based, scientifically established understanding of the issues men and women face in the bedroom. She debunks myths about sexual intimacy, provides answers to commonly asked questions, offers tips and how-tos, and suggests practical exercises that can improve communication, intimacy and appreciation for each other.

Feminine by Design

Author: John D. Garr
Publisher: Golden Key Press
ISBN: 9780979451454
Release Date: 2013-05-23
Genre: Religion

Women are he product of divine design, the exquisite creation tha God fashioned with careful, meticulous, and loving care. Understanding how and why God created woman enables both women and men to recognize the rightful contributions that God designed women to make for the welfare of humanity. Despite millennia of misguided efforts by men to control and dominate them, women were originally designed by God to be coequal with men and to have complete freedom to use any gift and to fulfill any role that he has given to them. That design is still God's ideal for the God-fashioned woman, and includes the following subjects: Designed to Be Feminine, Designed for Beauty, Designed for Purity and Modesty, Designed for Sexual Fulfillment, Designed for Nurture and Relationship, Designed for Freedom. Whatever your race, ethnicity, gender, faith, or social status, this book and the other volumes in this series will literally set you free from misconceptions that have restricted the roles of women. As you are reconnected with the Hebraic foundations of your faith, you will clearly understand God's original design and purpose for women, and you will begin to help remove obstacles that have kept women from assuming their God-given roles in the family, in society, and especially in the community of faith.

The Couples Psychotherapy Treatment Planner with DSM 5 Updates

Author: K. Daniel O'Leary
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781119064381
Release Date: 2014-12-09
Genre: Psychology

This timesaving resource features: Treatment plan components for 35 behaviorally based presenting problems Over 1,000 prewritten treatment goals, objectives, and interventions—plus space to record your own treatment plan options A step-by-step guide to writing treatment plans that meet the requirements of most accrediting bodies, insurance companies, and third-party payors Includes new Evidence-Based Practice Interventions as required by many public funding sources and private insurers PracticePlanners® THE BESTSELLING TREATMENT PLANNING SYSTEM FOR MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS The Couples Psychotherapy Treatment Planner, Second Edition provides all the elements necessary to quickly and easily develop formal treatment plans that satisfy the demands of HMOs, managed care companies, third-party payors, and state and federal agencies. New edition features empirically supported, evidence-based treatment interventions New chapters on Internet sexual use, retirement, and parenthood strain Organized around 35 behaviorally based presenting problems including jealousy, midlife crisis, parenting conflicts, and sexual dysfunction Over 1,000 prewritten treatment goals, objectives, and interventions—plus space to record your own treatment plan options Easy-to-use reference format helps locate treatment plan components by behavioral problem Designed to correspond with The Couples Psychotherapy Progress Notes Planner, Second Edition and Couples Therapy Homework Planner, Second Edition Includes a sample treatment plan that conforms to the requirements of most third-party payors and accrediting agencies including CARF, The Joint Commission (TJC), COA, and the NCQA Additional resources in the PracticePlanners® series: Progress Notes Planners contain complete, prewritten progress notes for each presenting problem in the companion Treatment Planners. Homework Planners feature behaviorally based, ready-to-use assignments to speed treatment and keep clients engaged between sessions. For more information on our PracticePlanners®, including our full line of Treatment Planners, visit us on the Web at:

Die sexuellen Phantasien der Frauen

Author: Nancy Friday
Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag
ISBN: 9783105619131
Release Date: 2017-10-27
Genre: Psychology

Was Frauen nicht einmal ihren Männern anvertrauen, hier ist es zu lesen: keine schamhaften Beichten, sondern ehrliche Berichte und Bekenntnisse. Was im geheimen Garten ihrer sexuellen Phantasien wächst und blüht, ihre geheimsten Wünsche, ihre unendlich erfinderischen Traumvorstellungen, hier werden sie in allen Varianten ausgesprochen. (Dieser Text bezieht sich auf eine frühere Ausgabe.)

The Routledge Companion to Media Sex and Sexuality

Author: Clarissa Smith
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781351685559
Release Date: 2017-08-09
Genre: Social Science

The Routledge Companion to Media, Sex and Sexuality is a vibrant and authoritative exploration of the ways in which sex and sexualities are mediated in modern media and everyday life. The 40 chapters in this volume offer a snapshot of the remarkable diversification of approaches and research within the field, bringing together a wide range of scholars and researchers from around the world and from different disciplinary backgrounds including cultural studies, education, history, media studies, sexuality studies and sociology. The volume presents a broad array of global and transnational issues and intersectional perspectives, as authors address a series of important questions that have consequences for current and future thinking in the field. Topics explored include post-feminism, masculinities, media industries, queer identities, video games, media activism, music videos, sexualisation, celebrities, sport, sex-advice books, pornography and erotica, and social and mobile media. The Routledge Companion to Media, Sex and Sexuality is an essential guide to the central ideas, concepts and debates currently shaping research in mediated sexualities and the connections between conceptions of sexual identity, bodies and media technologies.

Self Esteem as a Factor in Sex

Author: Scott Lobato
Publisher: FriesenPress
ISBN: 9781460248027
Release Date: 2014-11-25
Genre: Self-Help

While evolutionary theory would have us believe that sex is a biological drive to continue the gene pool, I suggest our drive for sex is to meet our need for esteem. Good sex flows from a healthy self-esteem. As an expression of self-esteem sex is necessary so we can feel valued, worthy, and desirable making sex an esteem enhancer. A healthy self-esteem is developed by looking at and exploring issues that make up our personality. This book presents a holistic integration of emotional desire, intimacy, and intellectual stimulation that entails developing respect, courtesy, listening, and seeing our self. If we cannot acknowledge self, how can we acknowledge the other? This book may appeal to those who are clamoring for something on a deep emotional level, estimation.

Die ganze Wahrheit ber Gluten

Author: Dr. Alessio Fasano
Publisher: Südwest Verlag
ISBN: 9783641154998
Release Date: 2015-04-20
Genre: Cooking

Fundierter Rat zu Zöliakie und Glutensensitivität Macht Brot tatsächlich dumm? Sollten wir alle auf Gluten verzichten? Was sind die wissenschaftlich erwiesenen Fakten und was kann man tun, wenn man wirklich an Zöliakie leidet? Dieses Buch hilft Betroffenen, deren Angehörigen und auch allen Fachleuten, weil es fundierten Rat zu einem heiß diskutierten Thema gibt. Und es ist ein Segen für alle Menschen, die eine Glutensensitivität bei sich vermuten und nicht als "eingebildete Kranke" abgetan werden wollen. Frei von Polemik und leicht verständlich erklärt der renommierte amerikanische Arzt Prof. Dr. Alessio Fasano neueste Forschungsergebnisse, Diagnosemethoden und Ernährungsempfehlungen. Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Zöliakie, Glutensensitivität und einer Weizenallergie? Wer darf was essen? Worauf müssen Menschen in unterschiedlichen Lebensphasen achten? Was ist beim Einkaufen und in Restaurants wichtig? Hier gibt es umfassende Antworten.


Author: Robert Harris
Publisher: Heyne Verlag
ISBN: 9783641188948
Release Date: 2016-10-31
Genre: Fiction

Der Papst ist tot. Die um den Heiligen Stuhl buhlenden Gegner formieren sich: Traditionalisten, Modernisten, Schwarzafrikaner, Südamerikaner ... Kardinal Lomeli, den eine Glaubenskrise plagt, leitet das schwierige Konklave. Als sich die Pforten hinter den 117 Kardinälen schließen, trifft ein allen unbekannter Nachzügler ein. Der verstorbene Papst hatte den Bischof von Bagdad im Geheimen zum Kardinal ernannt. Ist der aufrechte Kirchenmann der neue Hoffnungsträger in Zeiten von Krieg und Terror – oder ein unerbittlicher Rivale mit ganz eigenen Plänen? Die Welt wartet, dass weißer Rauch aufsteigt ...