Paulo Coelho Los senderos del peregrino

Author: Gloria, Esther
Publisher: Ediciones LEA
ISBN: 9789876345835
Release Date:
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

La vida apasionante del escritor más leído del mundo, es la excusa para este bello libro que nos permite conocer parte de la obra del autor de El Alquimista, rescatar su voz y entender su percepción del universo.


Author: Paulo Coelho
Publisher: Vergara & Riba Editoras
ISBN: 9879338820
Release Date: 2008-03-15
Genre: Self-Help

An illustrated collection of selected quotes by one of the most influential writers of our time.

The Pilgrimage

Author: Paulo Coelho
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 9780061841927
Release Date: 2009-10-13
Genre: Fiction

Here Paulo Coelho details his journey across Spain along the legendaryroad of San Tiago, which pilgrims have travelled since Middle Ages. On this contemporary quest, he encounters a Chaucerian variety of mysterious guides and devilish opponents and learns to understand the nature of truth through the simplicity of life. The Pilgrimage holds an important place in Paulo Coelho's literary canon. His first book, it not only paved the way for his phenomenal novel The Alchemist , but it also fully expresses his humanist philosophy and the depth of his unique search for meaning.

El peregrino

Author: Paulo Coelho
Publisher: Vintage Espanol
ISBN: 9780345807045
Release Date: 2013-07-02
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

"Edicion conmemorative 25th aniversario"--Cover.


Author: Anselm Grun
Publisher: Editorial San Pablo
ISBN: 9587151046
Release Date:

The Road to Santiago

Author: Kathryn Harrison
Publisher: National Geographic Books
ISBN: 9781426209093
Release Date: 2011-06-15
Genre: Travel

Displaying her "real talent for conjuring far-flung times and places," Kathryn Harrison tells the mesmerizing story of her 200-mile pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. In the spring of 1999, Kathryn Harrison set out to walk the centuries-old pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela. "Not a vacation, " she calls it, "but a time out of time." With a heavy pack, no hotel reservations, and little Spanish, she wanted an experience that would be both physically and psychically demanding. No pain, no gain, she thought, and she had some important things to contemplate. But the pilgrim road was spattered with violets and punctuated by medieval churches and alpine views, and, despite the exhaustion, aching knees, and brutal sun, she was unexpectedly flooded with joy and gratitude for life's gifts. "Why do I like this road?" she writes. "Why do I love it? What can be the comfort of understanding my footprint as just one among the millions? ... While I'm walking I feel myself alive, feel my small life burning brightly." Throughout this deeply personal and revealing memoir of her journey, first made alone and later in the company of her daughter, Harrison blends striking images of the route and her fellow pilgrims with reflections on the redemptive power of pilgrimages, mortality, family, the nature of endurance, the past and future, the mystery of friendship. The Road to Santiago is an exquisitely written, courageous, and irresistible portrait of a personal pilgrimage in search of a broader understanding of life and self.

Warrior of the Light

Author: Paulo Coelho
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061828661
Release Date: 2009-03-17
Genre: Fiction

Warrior of the Light: A Manual is an inspirational companion to The Alchemist, an international bestseller that has beguiled millions of readers around the world. Every short passage invites us to live out our dreams, to embrace the uncertainty of life, and to rise to our own unique destiny. In his inimitable style, Paulo Coelho helps bring out the Warrior of the Light within each of us. He also shows readers how to embark upon the way of the Warrior: the one who appreciates the miracle of being alive, the one who accepts failure, and the one whose quest leads him to become the person he wants to be. Paulo Coelho is one of the most beloved storytellers of our time. Now, in the long-awaited companion to his first novel, Coelho presents a collection of philosophical stories that will delight and guide seekers everywhere.

The Soul of a Pilgrim

Author: Christine Valters Paintner
Publisher: Ave Maria Press
ISBN: 9781933495873
Release Date: 2015-05-05
Genre: Religion

The renowned author of eight books and abbess of the online retreat center Abbey of the Arts, Christine Valters Paintner takes readers on a new kind of pilgrimage: an inner journey to discover the heart of God. Eight stages of the pilgrim's way--from hearing the call to coming home--are accompanied by scripture stories of great biblical journeys and the author's unique and creative practices of prayer, writing, and photography. As she did in The Artist's Rule and Eyes of the Heart, Christine Valters Paintner once again helps readers travel to the frontiers of their souls to discover the hidden presence of God. In The Soul of a Pilgrim, Paintner identifies eight stages of the pilgrim's way and shows how to follow these steps to make an intentional, transformative journey to the reader's inner "wild edges." Each phase of the exploration requires a distinct practice such as packing lightly, being uncomfortable, or embracing the unknown. Paintner shows how to cultivate attentiveness to the divine through deep listening, patience, and opening oneself to the gifts that arise in the midst of discomfort. Each of the eight chapters offers reflections on the themes, a scripture story, an invitation to the practice of lectio divina, and a creative exploration through photography and writing.

A Jewel in His Crown

Author: Priscilla C. Shirer
Publisher: Moody Publishers
ISBN: 0802480632
Release Date: 2009-02-01
Genre: Religion

A bestseller! Priscilla Shirer has her hands on the pulse of women today. Women are becoming increasingly weary and discouraged and are thus losing sight of their real value as daughters of the King. A Jewel in His Crown examines how a woman's view of her worth deeply affects her relationships. Her practical wisdom has helped thousands of women renew their strength and become women of excellence.

I m Off Then

Author: Hape Kerkeling
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781439100486
Release Date: 2009-06-16
Genre: Travel

I'm Off Then has sold more than three million copies in Germany and has been translated into eleven languages. The number of pilgrims along the Camino has increased by 20 percent since the book was published. Hape Kerkeling's spiritual journey has struck a chord. Overweight, overworked, and disenchanted, Kerkeling was an unlikely candidate to make the arduous pilgrimage across the Pyrenees to the Spanish shrine of St. James, a 1,200-year-old journey undertaken by nearly 100,000 people every year. But he decided to get off the couch and do it anyway. Lonely and searching for meaning along the way, he began the journal that turned into this utterly frank, engaging book. Filled with unforgettable characters, historic landscapes, and Kerkeling's self-deprecating humor, I'm Off Then is an inspiring travelogue, a publishing phenomenon, and a spiritual journey unlike any other.

Paulo Coelho

Author: Paulo Coelho
ISBN: 0732270812
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Authors, Brazilian

Paulo Coelho's success has been phenomenal. In this biography, Coelho's readers gain an insight into his spiritual manifesto. Coelho talks about his many painful moments; his early memories; and how his political and ethical philosophies were formed.