Teach Yourself Dutch Complete Course

Author: Teach Yourself Publishing
Publisher: Contemporary Books
ISBN: 0844238570
Release Date: 1994-07-01
Genre: Foreign Language Study

Functional and fun, this course offers full pronunciation guides, grammar summaries, dialogues, cultural notes, vocabulary charts, and irregular verb tables. Ideal for complete language study from comprehension, to speaking and writing skills, to understanding the culture.

Dutch For Dummies

Author: Margreet Kwakernaak
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780470519868
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Foreign Language Study

This simple guidebook and audio CD covers Dutch grammar, pronunciation and everyday phrases, making this vibrant language more accessible to English speakers, whether you're just visiting or planning to stay on a long-term basis.


Author: Vincent Noot
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1534999671
Release Date: 2016-06-30

500 Phrases that will help you learn the language! Even though languages contain thousands of words and phrases, at least you can get started by memorizing some of these common sentences and expressions. It's a fun, easy travel guide with simple things people say in everyday situations. As a native speaker, I know exactly what a Dutch person would say, so you can consider yourself safe to be taught correctly. Chapters include: Common questions. Conversation related to work, religion, and hobbies. All kinds of small talk. Explaining personal data. Money matters, the weather, and taking pictures. What to say in case of an emergency. Asking directions. And much more! So are you looking for a quick, simple, easy-to-use language guide? Then why not pick up this one and find your way in a foreign country or get some of the basics down with these short sentences? Bonus in the back! First 27 sentences pronounced by a native speaker (me). Keywords: dutch, learn dutch, Netherlands language, Holland language, language Holland, language Netherlands, learning dutch, speaking dutch, speak dutch, how to learn dutch, how to speak dutch, dutch sentences, dutch phrase book, phrase book dutch, dutch phrases, dutch words, words in dutch, phrases in dutch, learn dutch now, learn dutch fast, learning dutch fast, how to learn dutch fast, how to speak dutch fast

Speak Dutch

Author: Vincent Noot
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1512014036
Release Date: 2015-05-03

Book 1 of 3: Beginners (How to Speak Dutch, Dutch for Beginners, Dutch Language, Learn Dutch, How to Learn Dutch, Speaking Dutch, Learning Dutch, Dutch Guide, Dutch Quickly, Dutch Fast)The ultimate guide to speaking Dutch, taught by a native Dutch speaking translator! This is book 1, for beginners. About me: I grew up in the Netherlands, so I have spoken Dutch all my life. Not only that, but I have mastered to speak a total of 6 languages in my life, and an additional 2 (ancient Greek and Latin) as minors in high school. Learning languages has been a lifelong endeavor and joy to me. I have worked for a translation company as editor and translator (English-Dutch) for more than 5 years. In this book series, I will share with you the secret grammar rules, exceptions, as well as fun words with my funny cartoons inserted; all in order to help you learn the Dutch language. Learning a language can be FUN and if you are willing to understand the logic of the culture and how the language is made up, you'll discover patterns and start to have a feeling for it. This is exactly what I focus on in this book series. In this book, you'll find topics and knowledge about:Pronunciation (including links to YouTube videos to hear me pronounce the sounds) Conversation Small words Animals Greeting Verbs Body parts And much more!!!!! Don't wait if you want to learn some Dutch and start right now! I will see you in the first chapter Keywords: Learning Dutch, Speaking Dutch, How to Speak Dutch, Dutch for Beginners, Dutch Language, Learn Dutch, How to Learn Dutch, Speaking Dutch, Learning Dutch, Dutch Guide, Dutch Quickly, Dutch Fast, Beginners Dutch, Dutch Language Course, Dutch Language Book, Little Dutch Book, Learn Dutch Now, Speak Dutch Now, Rapid Dutch Course, Dutch Course for Beginners, Dutch Speaking Course, Netherlands Language, Belgium Language, Netherlands Language Book, Dutch E-book, Dutch Ebook, Dutch Language Ebook, Belgian Language Ebook, Flemish Course, How to Speak Flemish, Dutch Netherlands, Speaking Netherlandish, Speak Netherlandish, Learn Netherlandish, Dutch Quick, Quick Dutch Course, Quick Dutch Book, Learn Dutch Faster, Learn Dutch Fast, Speak Dutch Fast, Speaking Dutch Faster, Write Dutch, Dutch Spelling, Spell Dutch, Read Dutch, Reading Dutch, Read Dutch Now, Read and Write Dutch, Reading and Writing Dutch, Speak and Read Dutch, Know Dutch, Dutch Dictionary, Dutch Language Dictionary, Dutch Vocabulary, Dutch Word Book, Dutch Phrases, Dutch Sentences, Dutch Sentence Book, Dutch Phrase Book, Dutch Vocabulary Book, Dutch Words, Dutch Word E-Book, Dutch Book Kindle, Kindle Book Dutch, Dutch Grammar, Dutch Grammar Book, Dutch Grammar Fast, Dutch Grammar Ebook, Dutch Conversation, Dutch Manual, Dutch Guide, Dutch Speaking Guide, Dutch Language Manual, Dutch Language Guide, Dutch Language Book