Plant Physiology and Development

Author: Lincoln (University of California Taiz, Santa Cruz)
ISBN: 1605357456
Release Date: 2018-03

Published by Sinauer Associates, an imprint of Oxford University Press. Throughout its twenty-two year history, the authors of Plant Physiology and Development have continually updated the book to incorporate the latest advances in plant biology and implement pedagogical improvements requested by adopters. This has made Plant Physiology and Development the most authoritative, comprehensive, and widely-used upper-division plant biology textbook.

Allgemeine Botanik f r Dummies

Author: Rene Fester Kratz
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9783527668090
Release Date: 2013-03-01
Genre: Science

Von der Wurzel bis zum Blatt – alles, was die Botanik zu bieten hat Ohne Pflanzen wäre das Leben des Menschen auf der Erde undenkbar – sie dienen als Nahrung, Sauerstoffund Energielieferant, Baustoff und Heilmittel. Dieses Buch gibt Ihnen einen umfassenden und leicht verständ - lichen Überblick über die Botanik, von den zellbiologischen Grundlagen über die verschiedenen Pflanzen - gewebe und -strukturen bis hin zu Physiologie, Genetik, Systematik und Ökologie. Themen wie Biodiversität, Biotechnologie und die Bedeutung von Pflanzen für den Menschen runden das Buch ab. So ist Allgemeine Botanik für Dummies das Richtige für Sie – egal ob Sie studieren oder sich einfach für Botanik interessieren.


Author: Peter Schopfer
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 9783662498804
Release Date: 2016-08-08
Genre: Science

Der Lehrbuchklassiker zur Pflanzenphysiologie überzeugt mit klaren Grafiken und dem präzisen Text. Das erfolgreiche Lehrbuch von den beiden deutschen Autoren Peter Schopfer und Axel Brennicke liegt nun aktualisiert bereits in der 7. Auflage vor. Kompetent und anschaulich wird die gesamte Bandbreite der Pflanzenphysiologie behandelt, erweitert um die aktuellen molekularbiologischen Erkenntnisse der letzten Jahre. Als Lehrbuch und Nachschlagewerk ist es gleichermaßen geeignet.

Fundamentals of Plant Physiology

Author: Lincoln Taiz
Publisher: Sinauer Associates, Incorporated
ISBN: 1605357901
Release Date: 2018
Genre: Science

A condensed version of the best-selling Plant Physiology and Development, this fundamentals version is intended for courses that focus on plant physiology with little or no coverage of development. Concise yet comprehensive, this is a distillation of the most important principles and empiricalfindings of plant physiology.

Plant Physiology 10

Author: F.C. Steward
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 9780323145046
Release Date: 2012-12-02
Genre: Science

Plant Physiology: A Treatise, Volume X: Growth and Development explores the physiology of plant growth and development, considering the morphogenesis and morphogenetic systems, dormancy, environmental cues in plant growth and development, plant senescence, the role of hormones in growth regulation, cell division, and growth and development in space. This volume is organized into eight chapters and begins with an introduction to morphogenesis as a developmental phenotype, emphasizing the cell and the shoot. The next chapters cover events in the life of the plant, reflecting the importance of the whole plant concept to the subject, and the ways in which these events are controlled and integrated into environmental signals and events. An experimental approach to a model system for dormancy is described, and then the discussion shifts to senescence and death of plants as aspects of plant development. This volume also presents a clear and illuminating overview of the major plant growth regulators and their modes of action. This book also introduces the reader to cell division and its effect on most major developmental events after fertilization, along with the genetic analysis of development and its control by genes. The final chapter focuses on the integration of plant growth studies with the technology of space travel, which permits analysis of plant behavior in the complete absence of gravity. This book is intended for researchers, students, and specialists in related fields who wish to gain insight on the concepts and research trends in plant growth and development.

Plant Physiology

Author: Lincoln Taiz
Publisher: Sinauer Associates Incorporated
ISBN: 0878938567
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Science

This fourth edition provides the basics for introductory courses on plant physiology without sacrificing the more challenging material sought by upper division and graduate level students. Many new or revised figures and photographs, study questions and a glossary of key terms have been added.

Plant Physiology 7A

Author: F.C. Steward
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780323146074
Release Date: 2012-12-02
Genre: Science

Plant Physiology: A Treatise, Volume VIA: Physiology of Development: Plants and Their Reproduction explores the various problems of development and reproduction that arise as plants, responsive to environmental stimuli, develop a vegetative plant body and produce seeds and fruits or organs of perennation. This book considers the morphological aspects of plant growth and development as well as the growth and reproduction of fungi, physiological aspects of vegetative reproduction and flowering, and perennation and dormancy. This volume is organized into four chapters and begins with an overview of growth and development, with reference to organization and patterns of development in vascular plants and the initiation and development of plants. The discussion then shifts to vegetative, sexual, and asexual reproduction in fungi, along with heterokaryosis and morphogenesis. The next chapter explores reproduction in plant biology, focusing on vegetative and sexual reproduction, sex determination, and photoperiodism. This book concludes by considering the physiological mechanisms underlying the production of organs of perennation and the establishment of dormancy. This text will be of value both to graduate students and to established investigators with specific interest in plant physiology.

Plant Physiology Development and Metabolism

Author: Satish C Bhatla
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9789811320231
Release Date: 2018-11-28
Genre: Science

This book focuses on the fundamentals of plant physiology for undergraduate and graduate students. It consists of 34 chapters divided into five major units. Unit I discusses the unique mechanisms of water and ion transport, while Unit II describes the various metabolic events essential for plant development that result from plants’ ability to capture photons from sunlight, to convert inorganic forms of nutrition to organic forms and to synthesize high energy molecules, such as ATP. Light signal perception and transduction works in perfect coordination with a wide variety of plant growth regulators in regulating various plant developmental processes, and these aspects are explored in Unit III. Unit IV investigates plants’ various structural and biochemical adaptive mechanisms to enable them to survive under a wide variety of abiotic stress conditions (salt, temperature, flooding, drought), pathogen and herbivore attack (biotic interactions). Lastly, Unit V addresses the large number of secondary metabolites produced by plants that are medicinally important for mankind and their applications in biotechnology and agriculture. Each topic is supported by illustrations, tables and information boxes, and a glossary of important terms in plant physiology is provided at the end.

Plant Physiology 6C

Author: F.C. Steward
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780323149198
Release Date: 2012-12-02
Genre: Science

Plant Physiology: A Treatise, Volume VIC: Physiology of Development: From Seeds to Sexuality deals with the physiology of development in angiosperms, from seeds to sexuality. This book treats germination and cell division, growth, and development from a single point of view, emphasizing the problems of early development in flowering plants. This volume begins with an introduction to the process of germination, focusing on the dispersal unit that emerges at some stage in the life cycle of plants, seed viability and dormancy, and properties of seed components. The following chapters discuss cell division in higher plants, the importance of cell expansion for the growth of the whole plant, and the sexuality of angiosperms. Topics such as meiosis in the anther and the ovule, male spores and gametophytes, and the embryo sac are discussed in detail. This book concludes with problems that arise, and points of view that emerge, as development is considered in the light of genetics. This book is a valuable resource for researchers, students, and specialists in related fields who wish to gain insights on the concepts and research trends in the physiology of development in flowering plants.

Plant Physiology 6B

Author: F.C. Steward
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780323152969
Release Date: 2012-12-02
Genre: Science

Plant Physiology: A Treatise, Volume VIB: Physiology of Development: The Hormones focuses on the history and status of the hormone concept in plant physiology. This book considers the responses of plant cells, tissues, and organs to regulatory substances that may be naturally occurring, exogenously applied, or even synthetic in their origin. References to auxins and other plant hormones, or regulatory substances, are made throughout at levels that extend from cell division and cell enlargement, cell physiology and metabolism, to morphogenesis and reproduction. This volume begins with an introduction to naturally occurring plant hormones ranging from auxins to gibberellins, cytokinins, and ethylene. This book also looks at some of the clearest and best studied cases where growth is controlled by interactions between two or more hormones. The concept of hormone action in plants is discussed, along with methods of auxin bioassay and the nature and metabolism of indole auxins. The physiological actions, transport, and mode of action of auxins are described, followed by an overview of naturally occurring growth inhibitors such as phenols, flavonoids, and abscisic acid. This book is intended for researchers, students, and specialists in related fields who wish to gain insight on the concepts and research trends in plant hormones.

Plant Physiology

Author: Hans Mohr
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540580166
Release Date: 1995-01-23
Genre: Science

In this comprehensive and stimulating text and reference, the authors have succeeded in combining experimental data with current hypotheses and theories to explain the complex physiological functions of plants. For every student, teacher and researcher in the plant sciences it offers a solid basis for an in-depth understanding of the entire subject area, underpinning up-to-date research in plant physiology. The authors vividly explain current research by references to experiments, they cite original literature in figures and tables, and, at the end of each chapter, list recent references that are relevant for a deeper analysis of the topic. In addition, an abundance of detailed and informative illustrations complement the text.


Author: J. Derek Bewley
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781461446927
Release Date: 2012-10-23
Genre: Science

This updated and much revised third edition of Seeds: Physiology of Development, Germination and Dormancy provides a thorough overview of seed biology and incorporates much of the progress that has been made during the past fifteen years. With an emphasis on placing information in the context of the seed, this new edition includes recent advances in the areas of molecular biology of development and germination, as well as fresh insights into dormancy, ecophysiology, desiccation tolerance, and longevity. Authored by preeminent authorities in the field, this book is an invaluable resource for researchers, teachers, and students interested in the diverse aspects of seed biology.

Principles of Plant Physiology

Author: Walter Stiles
Publisher: Discovery Publishing House
ISBN: 8171412475
Release Date: 1994
Genre: Plant physiology

The book principles of plant physiology will be found particularly useful to University students reading for pass or honours degrees. For the benefit of the latter and of others who desire to read further on the subjects dealt with, references to monographs on the respective subjects are given at the ends of some of the chapters. In addition a bibliography is appended of works cited in the text. It is hoped this will be found useful to those students who wish to obtain detailed information from the original sources.

Plant Physiology

Author: Steward, F. C. (Frederick Campion)
Publisher: New York : Academic Press
ISBN: UOM:39015020801448
Release Date: 1991-01-01
Genre: Growth (Plants)