Politics from Afar

Author: Terrence Lyons
Publisher: Hurst Publishers
ISBN: 9781849041850
Release Date: 2012
Genre: Emigration and immigration law

"More than ever, diasporas have a direct impact on the politics of their homelands. Today's diasporic activists-empowered by new media and the ease of travel afforded by globalization-engage directly to shape elections and conflicts in distant settings: politics from afar. Drawing on a global range of cases, this groundbreaking volume explores the impact of transnational diaspora politics on development, democratization, conflict, and the changing nature of citizenship. The contributors to this collection, representing a variety of disciplinary perspectives and area studies expertise, reveal the diasporic politics shaping the governance of development in Mexico, conflict in Sri Lanka, and elections in Ethiopia among other timely cases. While some predicted that globalization would usher in a new era of cosmopolitanism, Politics from Afar demonstrates that ethno-nationalism and patron-client relationships are alive and thriving in transnational spaces. Cognizant of the political capital residing in diasporas, homeland governments, opposition political parties, and insurgent groups seek to tap theirA" co-nationals abroad to advance development strategies and broader geopolitical agendas. Politics from Afar maps an ambitious theoretical and empirical agenda for the analysis of contemporary diaspora politics" (ed).

Politics from Afar

Author: Peter G. Mandaville
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 9780231702782
Release Date: 2012-03-01
Genre: Political Science

Modern diasporas may seem far-flung and incohesive, but in fact they have an outsized impact on the politics of their homeland. Through a global range of case studies, this groundbreaking volume explores transnational diaspora politics and its effect on development, democratization, conflict, and the changing nature of citizenship. Contributors speak from a variety of disciplinary perspectives and areas of expertise, revealing how diasporic politics have played an undeniable role in shaping the development governance of Mexico, popular unrest in Sri Lanka, and recent Ethiopian elections. While many thought globalization would usher in a new era of cosmopolitanism, the essays in this volume prove ethnonationalism and patron-client relationships continue to thrive in transnational spaces. Homeland governments, opposition parties, and insurgent groups are all cognizant of the political capital residing in global diasporas, and they eagerly pursue the power of "co-nationals" to advance their strategies of development and broader geopolitical aims. Ambitious and timely, this anthology puts forth a comprehensive, theoretical, and empirical paradigm for mapping contemporary diaspora politics.

Contentious Politics in the Middle East

Author: Fawaz A. Gerges
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9781137530868
Release Date: 2016-04-29
Genre: Political Science

While the Arab people took center stage in the Arab Spring protests, academic studies have focused more on structural factors to understand the limitations of these popular uprisings. This book analyzes the role and complexities of popular agency in the Arab Spring through the framework of contentious politics and social movement theory.

Nation as Network

Author: Victoria Bernal
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226144818
Release Date: 2014-08-19

How is the internet transforming the relationships between citizens and states? What happens to politics when international migration is coupled with digital media, making it easy for people to be politically active in a nation from outside its borders? In Nation as Network, Victoria Bernal creatively combines media studies, ethnography, and African studies to explore this new political paradigm through a striking analysis of how Eritreans in diaspora have used the internet to shape the course of Eritrean history. Bernal argues that Benedict Anderson’s famous concept of nations as “imagined communities” must now be rethought because diasporas and information technologies have transformed the ways nations are sustained and challenged. She traces the development of Eritrean diaspora websites over two turbulent decades that saw the Eritrean state grow ever more tyrannical. Through Eritreans’ own words in posts and debates, she reveals how new subjectivities are formed and political action is galvanized online. She suggests that “infopolitics”—struggles over the management of information—make politics in the 21st century distinct, and she analyzes the innovative ways Eritreans deploy the internet to support and subvert state power. Nation as Network is a unique and compelling work that advances our understanding of the political significance of digital media.

Diasporas and Homeland Conflicts

Author: Dr Bahar Baser
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 9781472425621
Release Date: 2015-03-28
Genre: Social Science

As violent conflicts become increasingly intra-state rather than inter-state, international migration has rendered them increasingly transnational, as protagonists from each side find themselves in new countries of residence. In spite of leaving their homeland, the grievances and grudges that existed between them are not forgotten and can be passed to the next generation. This book explores the extension of homeland conflicts into transnational space amongst diaspora groups, with particular attention to the interactions between second-generation migrants. Comparative in approach, Diasporas and Homeland Conflicts focuses on the tensions that exist between Kurdish and Turkish populations in Sweden and Germany, examining the effects of hostland policies and politics on the construction, shaping or elimination of homeland conflicts.

Kleine j dische Geschichte

Author: Michael Brenner
Publisher: C.H.Beck
ISBN: 9783406621246
Release Date: 2012

Klar, anschaulich und mit Blick für das Wesentliche erzählt Michael Brenner die wechselvolle Geschichte der Juden, die sich über 3000 Jahre und fünf Kontinente erstreckt. Der Holocaust, die Geschichte Israels und das amerikanische Judentum kommen ebenso zur Sprache wie die Anfänge in biblischer Zeit und die reichhaltigen Spuren, die eine über tausendjährige jüdische Präsenz in Europa hinterlassen hat. (Quelle: Homepage des Verlags).

Mobilisierung der Diaspora

Author: Katrin Radtke
Publisher: Campus Verlag
ISBN: 9783593388991
Release Date: 2009-08-10
Genre: Political Science

Welche Rolle spielen Flüchtlingsgemeinschaften bei der Finanzierung von Bürgerkriegen? Am Beispiel der Bürgerkriege in Eritrea und Sri Lanka untersucht Katrin Radtke das transnationale Beziehungsgeflecht zwischen den bewaffneten Gruppen und den Flüchtlingen in der Diaspora. Auf der Grundlage mehrmonatiger Feldforschungsaufenthalte in beiden Konfliktländern beschreibt sie, mit welchen Strategien die Flüchtlinge moralisch unter Druck gesetzt werden. Eine ursprünglich freiwillige Gabe wird so zu einer Pflichtabgabe für den bewaffneten Kampf.

Pluralism and Democracy in India

Author: Wendy Doniger
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199380930
Release Date: 2015-02-09
Genre: Religion

Wendy Doniger and Martha Nussbaum bring together leading scholars from a wide array of disciplines to address a crucial question: How does the world's most populous democracy survive repeated assaults on its pluralistic values? India's stunning linguistic, cultural, and religious diversity has been supported since Independence by a political structure that emphasizes equal rights for all, and protects liberties of religion and speech. But a decent Constitution does not implement itself, and challenges to these core values repeatedly arise-most recently in the form of the Hindu Right movements of the twenty-first century that threatened to destabilize the nation and upend its core values, in the wake of a notorious pogrom in the state of Gujarat in which approximately 2000 Muslim civilians were killed. Focusing on this time of tension and threat, the essays in this volume consider how a pluralistic democracy managed to survive. They examine the role of political parties and movements, including the women's movement, as well as the role of the arts, the press, the media, and a historical legacy of pluralistic thought and critical argument. Featuring essays from eminent scholars in history, religious studies, political science, economics, women's studies, and media studies, Pluralism and Democracy in India offers an urgently needed case study in democratic survival. As Nehru said of India on the eve of Independence: ''These dreams are for India, but they are also for the world.'' The analysis this volume offers illuminates not only the past and future of one nation, but the prospects of democracy for all.


Author: Ruth Mayer
Publisher: transcript Verlag
ISBN: 9783839403112
Release Date: 2015-07-31
Genre: Social Science

Seit geraumer Zeit lässt sich eine Neuorientierung in den kultur- und sozialwissenschaftlichen Debatten um Migration, Kulturkontakt, Imperialismus und Globalisierung feststellen, in denen der Begriff der Diaspora eine zentrale Rolle spielt. Die diasporische Situation - das (Über-)Leben als ethnische oder kulturelle Gemeinschaft in der Fremde - erweist sich als Paradigma der globalisierten Welt. Der Begriff der Diaspora gestattet, sich globalen Phänomenen in Gesellschaft, Kultur und Literatur zuzuwenden, die sich einer nationalstaatlichen Zuordnung entziehen, obwohl sie durch das Vokabular und die Denkmodelle, die für die Beschreibung des Nationalstaats entwickelt wurden, mitgeprägt sind. Die Diaspora situiert sich im Spannungsfeld zwischen kosmopolitischer Losgelöstheit und einem radikalen Nationalismus, der sich nicht länger territorial definiert. In diesem Band soll der Begriff in seinen unterschiedlichen Dimensionen und in seiner Bedeutung für die aktuelle kultur- und sozialwissenschaftliche Debatte vorgestellt und diskutiert werden.

Alltagsmobilit ten

Author: Jörg Gertel
Publisher: transcript Verlag
ISBN: 9783839409282
Release Date: 2014-03-31
Genre: Social Science

Die Proteste des »Arabischen Frühlings« verdeutlichen zweierlei: einerseits die grundlegenden Unzufriedenheiten und Unsicherheiten, die in den vergangenen 30 Jahren im Gefüge neoliberaler Globalisierung entstanden sind. Andererseits entlarven sie unsere Unwissenheit über lokale Alltagsbezüge, die trotz einer digitalen Informationsflut sogar zu wachsen scheint. »Alltagsmobilitäten« stellt diesen Zusammenhängen kontextbezogenes Wissen entgegen. Am Beispiel von Marokko bieten die Beiträge neue Einblicke in die Ursachen und Ausprägungen gesellschaftlicher Aufbrüche - im doppelten Sinne: Analysiert wird das Zerbrechen historisch gewachsener sozialer Zusammenhänge ebenso wie das Sich-Aufmachen in eine widersprüchliche, unsichere, jedoch auch neue Chancen bietende Zukunft.