Prayers That Avail Much

Author: Germaine Copeland
Publisher: Harrison House
ISBN: 1606839799
Release Date: 2014-09-16
Genre: Religion

Prayer is powerful. Prayer is not a religious form without power. It is effective and accurate and brings results. God watches over His Word to perform it. Prayer is the living Word in your mouth. This book is the original best-selling Prayers that Avail Much Volume I. It includes prayers for personal concerns, prayers for others, prayers for those in authority and prayers for the world. Commit yourself to pray and to pray correctly by approaching the throne with your mouth filled with His Word!

Prayers That Avail Much

Author: Germaine Copeland
Publisher: Harrison House
ISBN: 1577940628
Release Date: 1998-01-01
Genre: Prayers

The Word of God is the most valuable gift one can give. Now, the amazing three-book treasury of Prayers That Avail Much "R," Volumes 1, 2 and 3, are available for the first time in one book in the classic richness of genuine leather. Readers can share the power of praying Scriptures with those who are closest to them. They will learn how to pray in even the most difficult circumstances and see God do extraordinary things through the promises in His Word! This classic collection includes prayers on: -- Peace in the Family -- Victory Over Circumstances -- Revival -- Your Child's Future -- Godly Wisdom -- And much more! This invaluable resource is a legacy to cherish for years to come and a necessity for every family library. Readers and their loved ones will never be without the power of biblical prayer as they add this elegant keepsake to their family heritage.

Prayers That Avail Much for Teens

Author: Germaine Copeland
Publisher: Harrison House Incorporated
ISBN: 1577944917
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Presents a collection of prayers arranged by subject that provides guidance and support to young adults, with references to Biblical passages.

Prayers That Avail Much for Women

Author: Germaine Copeland
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 9781577948421
Release Date: 2006-11-01
Genre: Religion

With over 4 million copies sold in the series, Prayers That Avail Much for Women full of the classic scriptural prayers that readers love, is now available a user-friendly paperback.

Prayers That Avail Much for Men

Author: Germaine Copeland
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 9781577941828
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Religion

The Power of Prayer Will Change Your Life! The most powerful men are men of prayer -- climbing the ladder of success by first getting down on their knees. The legacy of a man's life can be measured by the time he spent alone with God and praying His Word. The prayers in this book are designed to teach you how to pray effectively and equip you for the art of intercession. Prayers based on the Word rise above the senses, communicate with God and set His spiritual laws into motion. Praying God's Word opens the door for you to know the person and the character of the Father. God attends to the promises in His Word when His child comes before Him with a heart full of faith. Discover effectual prayers for: -- Being Equipped for Success -- Building the Home with Godly Wisdom -- Improving Communication Skills -- Setting of Proper Priorities -- Protection and Care -- Facing a Financial Crisis Become intimately acquainted with God the Father by activating the integrity of His Word in your life. Pray for the needs of those around you and discover the power of God being unleashed through you -- and find that your prayers will be Prayers That Avail Much!

Handbook of Modern Sensors

Author: Jacob Fraden
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783319193038
Release Date: 2015-10-15
Genre: Technology & Engineering

This book presents a comprehensive and up-to-date account of the theory (physical principles), design, and practical implementations of various sensors for scientific, industrial and consumer applications. This latest edition focuses on the sensing technologies driven by the expanding use of sensors in mobile devices. These new miniature sensors will be described, with an emphasis on smart sensors which have embedded processing systems. The chapter on chemical sensors has also been expanded to present the latest developments. Digital systems, however complex and intelligent they may be, must receive information from the outside world that is generally analog and not electrical. Sensors are interface devices between various physical values and the electronic circuits that "understand" only a language of moving electrical charges. In other words, sensors are the eyes, ears, and noses of silicon chips. Unlike other books on sensors, the Handbook of Modern Sensors is organized according to the measured variables (temperature, pressure, position, etc.). This book is a reference text for students, researchers interested in modern instrumentation (applied physicists and engineers), sensor designers, application engineers and technicians whose job it is to understand, select and/or design sensors for practical systems.

The CNT in the Spanish Revolution

Author: José Peirats
Publisher: PM Press
ISBN: 9781604865974
Release Date: 2011-08-01
Genre: Political Science

A careful chronicle of political change and hope in 1930s Spain, this staggering work examines how the Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT), rose up against the oppressive structures of Spanish society. Documenting a history of revolution that failed at the hands of its enemies on both the reformist left and reactionary right, this intelligent account covers all areas of the anarchist experience—from the spontaneous militias and the revolutionary collectives to the moral dilemmas occasioned by the clash of revolutionary ideals and the stark reality of the war effort. Passionately written and carefully indexed, this edition is the only in-depth English-language text available and converts the work into a usable tool for historians and anarchists alike. Volume 1 focuses on the initial stages of the Spanish Revolution as the CNT gathered strength, built an anarchist civilian and military movement, and confronted Franco's fascist army. Additionally, "The History of a History" by editor Chris Ealham traces the writing, publication, and various turns Peirats' book took to reach this new English-language text.