Problems and Materials on the Sale and Lease of Goods

Author: Douglas J. Whaley
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
ISBN: 9781454874850
Release Date: 2016-01-28
Genre: Law

Clear, lucid, and extremely accessible, Problems and Materials on the Sale and Lease of Goods helps students understand black letter law and the statutory language of Articles 2, 2A, 5, and 7 in the Uniform Commercial Code and related federal statutes. A sensible, flexible organization follows the order of the UCC, and is adaptable to many teaching styles. Drawing on experience in both teaching and writing, the authors provide thorough and practical coverage using a popular problems approach. The text s effective format, manageable length, and inclusion of the most important cases make Problems and Materials on the Sale and Lease of Goods concise and efficient. A Teacher s Manual provides sample syllabi, answers to all the problems in the text, and suggestions on the best ways to teach various topics. Hallmark features of Problems and Materials on the Sale and Lease of Goods: Uniform Commercial Code Thorough and up-to-date Manageable length Concise and lucid Effective format makes black letter law accessible and helps students understand statutory language Sensible, flexible organization follows the order of UCC Articles 2, 2A, 5, and 7 Adaptable to many teaching styles Popular problems approach straightforward and practical problems, with interesting fact patterns, illustrate the relevant issues and their resolution and help to put the consumer law statutes and regulations into context Distinguished authorship draws on experience in both teaching and writing Includes most important cases to illustrate the reactions of the courts to the issues Thoroughly updated, the Seventh Edition presents: An introduction to the UCC, especially as it addresses sales law Multiple-choice assessment questions, with analysis, for each chapter New cases, including: In re Sony Gaming Networks and Customer Data Security Breach Litigation; Western Dermatology Consultants, P.C. v. VitalWorks; Fish Net, Inc. v. ProfitCenter Software, Inc.; Deere & Co. v. Cabelka; Minkler v. Apple; Bissinger v. New Country Buffet; Hanwha Azdel, Inc. v. C & D Zodiac; Timoschuk v. Daimler Trucks North America; and Peace River Seed Co-Operative, Ltd. v. Proseeds Marketing, Inc. UCC Article 2 on Sales has increasingly been used to resolve disputes about software licenses and other high tech transactions. There are also interesting case development on the core areas of sales, such as warranty, acceptance, and remedies for breach, along with the ability of the parties to contract around the default rules of Article 2 Updated discussions of equipment leasing, of the Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, of the effect of the Magnuson-Moss Act on privity, causation in warranty actions, and of the requirement that consumers give notice of breach of warranty Continued uncertainty about the application of the battle of the forms rule to common clauses, such as choice of forum provisions Effectiveness on limitations on remedies in high-tech and chemical contracts Widespread use of electronic documents of title, together with more state adoptions of most recent version of UCC Article 7

Problems and Cases on Secured Transactions

Author: James Brook
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
ISBN: 9781454874768
Release Date: 2016-01-12
Genre: Law

The problem approach featured in Problems and Cases on Secured Transactions thoroughly engages students with imaginative scenarios, presenting the material as easily accessible and as manageable as possible without avoiding the intricacies of secured transactions. Students come to appreciate that the principal resource for the course is UCC Article 9 itself. While the casebook is an essential tool for study, the law is found in the Code. Problems and Cases on Secured Transactions is carefully designed for an introductory mainstream course, not for an advanced course or seminar. The material is presented as completely comprehensible, even enjoyable rather than an arcane science than only an insider can understand. Cases are heavily edited, and liberal editorial note help express the vibrancy of true-life situations. A good mix of short and long problems gives each lesson a comprehensive linear flow while keeping students focused. A progressive mix of problems helps students see the common elements, as rules and principals learned in a simpler setting can readily be applied to more complex transactions. Earlier problems lean more heavily, though not exclusively, on the individual and consumer-borrower situations. As the lessons advance, the mix of materials progressively includes more small-business and large-business transactions.

Arbitration Law in America

Author: Edward Brunet
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781107320673
Release Date: 2006-01-09
Genre: Law

Arbitration Law in America: A Critical Assessment is a source of arguments and practical suggestions for changing the American arbitration process. The book, first published in 2006, argues that the Federal Arbitration Act badly needs major changes. The authors, who have previously written major articles on arbitration law and policy, here set out their own views and argue among themselves about the necessary reforms of arbitration. The book contains draft legislation for use in international and domestic arbitration and a detailed explanation of the precise justifications for proposed legislative changes. It also contains two proposals that might be deemed radical - to ban arbitration related to the purchase of products by consumers and to prohibit arbitration of employment disputes. Each proposal is vetted fully and critiqued by one or more of the other co-authors.


Author: Ingeborg H. Schwenzer
ISBN: 3406644236
Release Date: 2013
Genre: Export sales contracts

Das Herz des Yoga

Author: Max Strom
Publisher: Kailash Verlag
ISBN: 9783641060923
Release Date: 2011-08-25
Genre: Health & Fitness

Den Geist des Yoga leben – Gelassenheit im Alltag finden YOGA IST POPULÄRER DENN JE und zum Inbegriff für Wellness, Schönheit und Entspannung geworden. Doch Yoga vermag weit mehr: Max Strom nimmt seine Leser mit auf eine Reise, die zum Wesenskern der indischen Weisheitslehre vordringt. Er erklärt nicht, wie wir unsere Körper kunstvoll verknoten, sondern wie wir die Knoten in unseren Herzen lösen. Erstmals zeigt ein herausragender Lehrer der neuen Generation, wie Yoga uns nicht nur »fitter« macht, sondern das gesamte Leben positiv verwandeln kann: Übungen wie »Richte dich jeden Morgen auf ein Ziel aus« oder »Erfahre mit Hilfe tiefer Atmung deine Gefühle neu« helfen uns, tagtäglich Frieden, Klarheit und Konzentration zu bewahren. Max Stroms neue Sicht des Yoga hat ihm bereits eine treue Anhängerschaft auf drei Kontinenten erworben. Allen Menschen, die ihr Leben intensiv und kraftvoll leben wollen, bietet dieses Buch eine verlässliche Basis.