Quality Management with SAP

Author: Michael Hölzer
Publisher: SAP PRESS
ISBN: 1592292623
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Management information systems

his book gives you a comprehensive introduction to the processes of quality management. You ll find details on installing and using SAP QM in your production environment, and learn about viable solution options for business-related tasks with your SAP system. And you ll find real-life examples to help you quickly understand and implement the concepts. In addition to quality planning, quality inspection, and quality control, you ll learn about vendor evaluation and test equipment management, which are integrated in other SAP modules and integral to quality management. You'll find many useful tips based on the authors practical experience to give you valuable insight into solving complex tasks and customizing to meet your own specific requirements, and you'll examine Audit Management and the integration with SAP NetWeaver BI. The 3rd edition of this benchmark work was completely updated for SAP ERP 6.0; however, it is also suitable for users as of Release 4.6C.

SAP Certified Application Associate Quality Management With ERP 6 0

Author: N. Thind
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 1482573199
Release Date: 2013-02-18
Genre: Computers

Clearing the Quality Management (QM) Certification will not automatically lead you to a job. However a Certification with some project experience will certainly open a lot of doors for you. The consultants who will benefit the most from a certification are the ones with typically less than 2 year's project experience. This is not to say that consultants with higher experience will not benefit, but at that level, having a certification matters much less. So if you have little or no SAP- QM experience, you should get yourself certified, get some project experience, and then the whole of the SAP World open for you to explore. Helping you with the first step on you ladder to success is this book. Some unique features of this Book: - There is NO Other material in the market for the SAP Quality Management (QM) ERP 6.0 Certification exam. - The authors have themselves cleared the exam. - All questions are multiple choice format, similar the questions you will get in the actual exam. - Nearly 200 authentic questions, testing the exact same concepts that will be tested in Your exam!

Production Planning with SAP and QM Integration

Author: Nitishkumar Sinha
Publisher: Educreation Publishing
Release Date: 2017-08-25
Genre: Education

This book is written keeping in mind the students of SAP production planning, Engineering undergraduates, Management graduates and working professionals. For lucid understanding of concepts to the readers, extensive use of screenshots has been made in the book. The book begins with explaining organizational structure, not only the elements important from PP point of view, but also those important from MM and SD point of view. After organizational structure, an entire chapter has been dedicated to configurations required to setup master data, order type and processes for production planning in discrete industry. Consultants often face some specific issues while creating certain master data or executing certain processes, this book also discusses solution to such issues. This book introduces you with the concept of MRP and essential configuration required for setting up MRP in SAP system. You will also be guided through two important production strategies – Make-to-stock and Make-to-order – showing you both end-to-end scenarios in discrete manufacturing with the help of screenshots. Furthermore, two important types of quality inspection scenarios – Inprocess Inspection and Final Inspection – have been shown along with quality management master data setup. The last chapter is a very important chapter based on ASAP methodology of SAP implementation providing you guidance through each phase of implementation and equipping you with a good understanding of business processes and requirements. Thus this book brings you a knowledge bank covering diverse topics from configurations and production processes to quality management integration to implementation project.

Quality Management with SAP R 3

Author: Michael Hölzer
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
ISBN: 0201675315
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Business & Economics

Written for SAP users, quality managers, technicians, project leaders and consultants, Quality Management with SAP R/3 provides detailed coverage of the following essential topics: implementing, operating and customizing R/3; how QM interacts with other R/3 modules; quality and inspection planning; quality inspection; quality control; quality notification; processing and evaluating quality data; test equipment management; internet scenarios with R/3 and mySAP.com; and consistent data transfer and migration concepts.

Production Planning and Control with SAP ERP

Author: Jawad Akhtar
Publisher: SAP Press
ISBN: 1493214306
Release Date: 2016-06-01
Genre: Computers

Step up your SAP PP game! Learn how to configure SAP ERP Production Planning for discrete, process, and repetitive manufacturing and master BOM status definitions, process message characteristics, and master data. Dive into SAP PP workflows and use Process Management, release production orders, and create planning tables. Covering everything from S&OP and MRP to SAP Demand Management and the Early Warning System, this book will help you get your production process to maximum efficiency!


Author: P. K. AGRAWAL
Publisher: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN: 9788120348516
Release Date: 2014-02-01
Genre: Computers

SAP is a powerful software that can meet the needs of any business and for any type of business in any part of the world. Its all encompassing nature makes SAP complex. To understand SAP well, in this book on SAP MM Purchasing, like in his earlier four books on SAP (HR module), the author gives an indepth analysis of SAP, with its focus on materials management purchasing. Divided into 26 chapters, the book clearly explains both the SAP Menu and the Customizing Implementation Guide. It also indicates the chapter number where these are covered, thereby creating a direct link between the book and the SAP software. This well-organized book can be used to learn SAP from scratch. Being a learning guide, it would be immensely valuable for all those who are training to be SAP Consultant. The book would be especially useful to Business Process Owners and Senior Managers to get an overview of SAP and the important choices it offers. Salient Features • The book balances details with overviews which explain linkages between concepts. • Each chapter forms an important business concept and covers business processes carried out in SAP by the user. • The book can be used as a User Manual by SAP readers. • SAP implementation becomes easy by using the book.

Sap Qm Interview Questions Answers Explanations

Author: Terry Sanchez
ISBN: 1933804165
Release Date: 2006-06-01
Genre: Business & Economics

From implementing the basic system to debugging the most involved problems, dozens of examples show readers how to do it or how to do it better. More than just a rehash of SAP documentation and help.sap.com, each question is based on project experience gained at succesful QM implementations. (Computer Books)

Logistic Core Operations with SAP

Author: Jens Kappauf
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642182046
Release Date: 2011-09-15
Genre: Technology & Engineering

“Logistic Core Operations with SAP” not only provides an overview of core logistics processes and functionality—it also shows how SAP’s Business Suite covers logistic core operations, what features are supported, and which systems can be used to implement end-to-end processes in the following logistic core disciplines: Procurement, Distribution, Transportation, Warehouse Logistics and Inventory Management, and Compliance and Reporting. In this context the authors not only explain their integration, the organizational set-up, and master data, but also which solution fits best for a particular business need. This book serves as a solid foundation for understanding SAP software. No matter whether you are a student or a manager involved in an SAP implementation, the authors go far beyond traditional function and feature descriptions, helping you ask the right questions, providing answers, and making recommendations. The book assists you in understanding SAP terminology, concepts and technological components as well as their closed-loop integration. Written in a clear, straight-forward style and using practical examples, it contains valuable tips, illustrative screenshots and flowcharts, as well as best practices—showing how business requirements are mapped into software functionality.

Plant Maintenance with SAP

Author: Karl Liebstückel
Publisher: SAP PRESS
ISBN: 1493214845
Release Date: 2017
Genre: Computers

Plant maintenance with SAP Enterprise Asset Management (SAP EAM) is more than just a routine checkup. Use this must-have guide to structure your functional locations, capture shift notes and shift reports, and much more. Dive into the technical underpinning of SAP PM, from material and plant maintenance assemblies to linear asset management. Discover best practices and real-world tips make to your SAP PM job easier. a. Best Practices for Your Day-to-Day Duties Harness the power of SAP EAM with real-world best practices and strategies. Discover critical SAP EAM functionality like shift notes, shift reports, and preventative maintenance. b. Specialized Functionality and Framework Master SAP EAM business processes, from planned repairs and refurbishment, to subcontracting, and pool asset management. Map and implement these processes to your specialized requirements with detailed guides to optimize SAP PM daily workload. c. Under-the-Hood Insight Explore technologies both old and new; see how SAP Work Manager, SAP Rounds Manager, SAP Business Client, and SAP HANA can impact your day-to-day with SAP PM.

Customizing Extended Warehouse Management with SAP ERP

Author: Varun Uppuleti
Publisher: SAP PRESS
ISBN: 1592292860
Release Date: 2009-08
Genre: Data warehousing

The goal of every warehouse manager is to have an efficiently-run operation that provides clear visibility into warehouse activities, as well as the ability to quickly optimize stock, reduce inventory movements, and streamline the supply chain process. To achieve these goals you also need the right tools, and with extended warehouse functionalities in SAP ERP, you do. Throughout this book, you'll learn everything about core functionalities and how to use them in your company. Written in a practical and straightforward style, this is the one resource you need to really understand extended warehouse management with SAP ERP and how to customize it to meet your own business requirements. First, you'll develop a solid understanding of what SAP ERP EWM is and how it can provide a competitive advantage for your business. To this end, the author gives you an in-depth look at the various tools used for EWM, including Yard Management, Task and Resource Management, Cross Docking, and more. Then, learn the basic SAP ERP configuration steps, and find the concepts and techniques necessary for getting SAP ERP EWM to work for your needs.By making use of the insider tips provided throughout, you will be able to quickly assess and tackle your own customization issues without wasted trial and error. Plus, volumes of helpful additional resources are provided such as a full glossary to quickly find definitions of key terminology and a highly detailed index to help you easily search for key topics.

SAP Transaction Codes

Author: Venki Krishnamoorthy
Publisher: SAP PRESS
ISBN: 1493213660
Release Date: 2016-03
Genre: Computers

Are you tired of endless searches through the SAP transaction tree? Can t remember the code for some transactions you use only on a monthly basis? Do you want to know what s behind a specific, yet obscure-sounding code, but have trouble finding the answer? With this comprehensive transaction reference, you can now save time by getting easy access to the most commonly used transactions in SAP ERP. Find transactions by module and code, and learn what each transaction s functionality is, when to use them, and when best to avoid them. Plus, use the extensive key word index to find the right transaction code for the task you have to perform in no time. All major modules of SAP ERP are covered, including the most important system transactions.

Product Development with SAP PLM

Author: Eudes Canuto
Publisher: SAP PRESS
ISBN: 1493215205
Release Date: 2017-04
Genre: Computers

Looking for better control over your product development? With this guide to SAP Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM), you'll get in-depth instructions and configuration information for all stages! Set up and use SAP Portfolio and Project Management (PPM), variant configuration, Product Structure Management, and more. Then integrate with R&D, manufacturing, and authoring systems. From product visualization to collaborative development--get all the tools you need to succeed with SAP PLM! Highlights: -SAP Innovation Management -SAP Portfolio and Project Management (PPM) -Requirements and target management -Variant configuration -Product structures -Product validation -Processes management -Change, release, and configuration management -Product visualization -Collaboration product developme