Government Is the Problem

Author: Colonel Patrick Murray
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781496969774
Release Date: 2015-03-06
Genre: Political Science

---Love your country, not the government--- Colonel Patrick Murray (USA, retired) makes the compelling case that the biggest divide in America isn’t racial disharmony, economic disparity, or Republican vs. Democrat. The biggest rift today is the widening gap between Washington, DC, and Main Street America. Our Founding Fathers created a unique system of limited government and individual liberty against a backdrop of free markets that ignited the greatest explosion of wealth, prosperity, and opportunity in history. However, the American Dream is now on life support. Government has become a massive parasite, leeching us of our liberty and productivity, and putting us on the path to civil unrest. The federal government, along with career politicians of both political parties, has become the problem. The good news is that there is a way out. America’s Founders, who were all too familiar with the oppressive nature of government, included an “escape hatch” in Article 5 of the Constitution to deal with the very situation in which we find ourselves. It is the last best option for America’s citizens to impose change upon government. Colonel Murray’s book is a call to action at the grassroots level, an operations order on how to change the conditions on the political battlefield, take back our country, and restore the American Dream for future generations.

Rebooting the Regions

Author: Paul Spoonley
Publisher: Massey University Press
ISBN: 9780994132567
Release Date: 2016-09-01
Genre: Business & Economics

Loss of jobs, loss of young people, the ageing demographic, the apparently irresistible magnet of Auckland . . . the economic fortunes of New Zealand’s regions are of great concern to politicians, the business community, schools, employers — and indeed most citizens. What is the dynamic at work here? Is there a remedy? Is there a silver lining? What works? What doesn’t? What are the smart regions doing that shows promise? This collection of expert articles addresses the issues facing our regions and investigates the reasons for population loss. Often those solutions involve facing up to the fact that decline is inevitable and unavoidable — and then coming up with smart new plans and policies that accept that the end of growth does not have to mean the end of prosperity.

Rebooting India

Author: Nandan Nilekani
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 9780141978604
Release Date: 2016-02-04
Genre: Business & Economics

A timely call to reshape government through technology, from Nandan Nilekani and Viral Shah, two leading experts in the field. For many aspects of how our countries are run - from social security and fair elections to communication, infrastructure and the rule of law - technology can play an increasingly positive, revolutionary role. In India, for example, where many underprivileged citizens are invisible to the state, a unique national identity system is being implemented for the first time, which will help strengthen social security. And throughout the world, technology is essential in the transition to clean energy. This book, based on the authors' collective experiences working with government, argues that technology can reshape our lives, in both the developing and developed world, and shows how this can be achieved. Praise for Nandan Nilekani: 'A pioneer . . . one of India's most celebrated technology entrepreneurs' Financial Times 'There is a bracing optimism about Nilekani's analysis . . . which can only be welcome in this age of doom and gloom' Telegraph 'The Bill Gates of Bangalore . . . Nilekani achieves an impressive breadth' Time Nandan Nilekani is a software entrepreneur, Co-founder of Infosys Technologies, and the head of the Government of India's Technology Committee. He was named one of the '100 Most Influential People in the World' by TIME magazine and Forbes' 'Business Leader of the Year', and he is a member of the World Economic Forum Board. Viral B. Shah is a software expert who has created various systems for governments and businesses worldwide.

Rebooting the American Dream

Author: Thom Hartmann
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
ISBN: 9781605099439
Release Date: 2010-10-11
Genre: Political Science

America does not need an “upgrade.” For years the Right has been tampering with one of the best political operating systems ever designed. The result has been economic and environmental disaster. In this hard-hitting new book, nationally syndicated radio and television host and bestselling author Thom Hartmann outlines eleven common-sense proposals, deeply rooted in America’s history, that will once again make America strong and Americans—not corporations and billionaires—prosperous. Some of these ideas will be controversial to both the Left and the Right, but the litmus test for each is not political correctness but whether or not it serves to revitalize this country we all love and make life better for its citizens.

Rebooting the Government Printing Office

Author: National Academy of Public Administration
ISBN: OCLC:827581127
Release Date: 2013
Genre: Archival materials

Report from the National Academy of Public Administration with 15 recommendations for the Government Printing Office, designed to position the federal government for the digital age, strengthen GPO's business model, and continue to build the GPO of the future. Critical issues for the federal government in the digital age include publishing formats, metadata, authentication, cataloging, dissemination, preservation, public access, and disposition.

E government in Europe

Author: Paul G. Nixon
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781134143757
Release Date: 2006-12-05
Genre: Political Science

This book traces the development of e-government and its applications across Europe, exploring the effects of information and communication technology (ICTs) upon political action and processes. Explores a range of concepts and topics underpinning e-government in Europe: the degree to which e-government translates into genuine reform of government and public administration the dual role of the EU as both a provider of e-government through its own internal activities and also as a facilitator or aggregator in the way it seeks to engender change and promote its ethos in member states across the EU cyberterrorism and its use both by terrorists and governments to pursue political agendas. Featuring in-depth case studies on the progress of e-government in the UK, France, Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Portugal, Greece, Slovenia, Hungary, and Estonia. These case studies address the above issues, whilst at the same time highlighting commonality and diversity in practice and the paradox between top-down strategies and the effort to engage wider civil participation via e-government. e-Government in Europe will be of interest to students and scholars of public policy, politics, media and communication studies, computing and information and communications technologies and European studies.

Rebooting American Politics

Author: Jason Gainous
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9781442210493
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Political Science

"Going beyond theory and guess-based forecasts, this book systematically explores and measures the implications of the growing use of the Internet in the American political landscape. The authors show that the Internet changes the way voters process information and explain how the use of the Internet is causing a marked shift not just in who votes but in who wins. Breaking away from conjecture, the book demonstrates how the new digital world is changing the very heart of American politics."--Publisher description.

After the Coalition

Author: Kwasi Kwarteng
Publisher: Biteback Publishing
ISBN: 9781849542128
Release Date: 2011-09-16
Genre: Political Science

In After the Coalition five new Conservative Members of Parliament tackle the challenges of contemporary Britain. They argue that Conservative principles adapted to the modern world are essential for national success. For Britain to prosper in today's global economy, we need a new era of responsibility, for governments as well as individuals. The Conservative Party last won a general election in 1992. The formation of the coalition in 2010 ushered in a politics of compromise for the important task of bringing the deficit under control. At the next election, the Conservative Party may well fight for its own mandate. What that will be and the ideas supporting it need to be defined now. After the Coalition is an attempt to do precisely this.

America 3 0

Author: James C. Bennett
Publisher: Encounter Books
ISBN: 9781594036439
Release Date: 2013
Genre: History

Addressing the current state of our country, this thought-provoking volume presents the idea that America is poised on the brink of a new transition—America 3.0—that will bring about immense productivity, rapid technological progress and a leaner and strictly limited government. 10,000 first printing.

Rebooting the West

Author: Christopher Coker
ISBN: UVA:X030634079
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Europe

The West is in bad shape. In Afghanistan, it is committed to fighting a war that it probably cannot win. It confronts a resurgent Russia and an ever-rising China-- the latter deemed by many to herald the beginning of a post-American world. It now needs to accommodate itself to the new rising powers on the block, few of whom share its vision of the future. The author's premise is that the West needs to be 're-booted'. It needs new ideas, as well as a new idea of itself. Unless it regrounds itself, it may lose purchase on the imagination not only of the rest of the world, but its own citizens at home. This is far more challenging for Europe than for the United States. America can probably live without the West; Europe probably cannot. This paper sets out to reassure the reader that the world will be a better place if the Western powers can reaffirm the principles that brought them together in the dark days of 1941.

United Nations E government Survey 2008

Publisher: United Nations Publications
ISBN: OSU:32437122960962
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Political Science

A trend towards reforming the public sector has emerged in many countries in recent years, attempting to revitalize public administration and make it more proactive, efficient, transparent and especially more service oriented. E-government can contribute significantly to the process of transformation of the government towards a leaner, more cost-effective government. However, the real benefit of e-government lies not in the use of technology per se, but in its application to processes of transformation. The 2008 year Survey presents an assessment of the new role of the government in enhancing public service delivery, while improving the efficiency and productivity of government processes and systems. The first part of the publication describes the findings of the United Nations e-Government Survey 2008 while the "how to" approach connected governance is the focus of Part II.--Publisher's description.