Reign of Error

Author: Diane Ravitch
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 9780385350891
Release Date: 2013-09-17
Genre: Education

From one of the foremost authorities on education in the United States, former U.S. assistant secretary of education, “whistle-blower extraordinaire” (The Wall Street Journal), author of the best-selling The Death and Life of the Great American School System (“Important and riveting”—Library Journal), The Language Police (“Impassioned . . . Fiercely argued . . . Every bit as alarming as it is illuminating”—The New York Times), and other notable books on education history and policy—an incisive, comprehensive look at today’s American school system that argues against those who claim it is broken and beyond repair; an impassioned but reasoned call to stop the privatization movement that is draining students and funding from our public schools. ​In Reign of Error, Diane Ravitch argues that the crisis in American education is not a crisis of academic achievement but a concerted effort to destroy public schools in this country. She makes clear that, contrary to the claims being made, public school test scores and graduation rates are the highest they’ve ever been, and dropout rates are at their lowest point. ​She argues that federal programs such as George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind and Barack Obama’s Race to the Top set unreasonable targets for American students, punish schools, and result in teachers being fired if their students underperform, unfairly branding those educators as failures. She warns that major foundations, individual billionaires, and Wall Street hedge fund managers are encouraging the privatization of public education, some for idealistic reasons, others for profit. Many who work with equity funds are eyeing public education as an emerging market for investors. ​Reign of Error begins where The Death and Life of the Great American School System left off, providing a deeper argument against privatization and for public education, and in a chapter-by-chapter breakdown, putting forth a plan for what can be done to preserve and improve it. She makes clear what is right about U.S. education, how policy makers are failing to address the root causes of educational failure, and how we can fix it. ​For Ravitch, public school education is about knowledge, about learning, about developing character, and about creating citizens for our society. It’s about helping to inspire independent thinkers, not just honing job skills or preparing people for college. Public school education is essential to our democracy, and its aim, since the founding of this country, has been to educate citizens who will help carry democracy into the future.

Reclaiming Our Children Reclaiming Our Schools

Author: Eric Shyman
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9781475829914
Release Date: 2016-12-16
Genre: Education

Reclaiming Our Children,Reclaiming our Schools offers both a comprehensive censure of the current corporate interest in privatizing public schooling as well as a framework for attaining meaningful education reform based in democracy and the combined will of the public. Using current research and sound philosophical and ethical arguments, Shyman argues for more attention to be paid to teacher expertise, participatory democratic practices, genuine valuation of ethnic and cultural diversity, attention to global citizenship and cooperation, and the prevention of private profit-based interests in public schooling policy and practice.

Issues for Debate in American Public Policy

Author: CQ Researcher,
Publisher: CQ Press
ISBN: 9781544303956
Release Date: 2018-01-31
Genre: Political Science

Written by award-winning CQ Researcher journalists, this annual collection of nonpartisan reports focuses on sixteen hot-button policy issues currently up for debate in America. With reports ranging from immigration and the economy to sports and sexual assault, Issues for Debate in American Public Policy, Nineteenth Edition promotes in-depth discussion, facilitates further research, and helps you formulate your own positions on crucial policy issues. And because it is CQ Researcher, the policy reports are expertly researched and written, showing you all sides of an issue. Because this annual volume comes together just months before publication, all selections are brand new and explore some of today’s most significant American public policy issues, including: The Trump presidency Affirmative action and college admissions High-tech policing Immigration and the economy Sports and sexual assault Trust in media And much more! Key Features Chapters follow a consistent organization, beginning with a summary of the issue, then exploring a number of key questions around the issue, next offering background to put the issue into current context, and concluding with a look ahead. A pro/con debate box in every chapter offers you the opportunity to critically analyze and discuss the policy issues by exploring a debate between two experts in the field. All issues include a chronology, a bibliography, photos, charts, and figures to offer you a more complete picture of the issue at hand.

America s Addiction to Terrorism

Author: Henry A. Giroux
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 9781583675700
Release Date: 2015-12-22
Genre: Political Science

In the United States today, the term "terrorism" conjures up images of dangerous, outside threats: religious extremists and suicide bombers in particular. Harder to see but all the more pervasive is the terrorism perpetuated by the United States itself, whether through military force overseas or woven into the very fabric of society at home. Henry Giroux, in this passionate and incisive book, turns the conventional wisdom on terrorism upside down, demonstrating how fear and lawlessness have become organizing principles of life in the United States, and violence an acceptable form of social mediation. He addresses the most pressing issues of the moment, from officially sanctioned torture to militarized police forces to austerity politics. Giroux also examines the ongoing degradation of the education system and how young people in particular suffer its more nefarious outcomes. Against this grim picture, Giroux posits a politics of hope and a commitment to accurate-and radical-historical memory. He draws on a long, distinguished career developing the tenets of critical pedagogy to propose a cure for our addiction to terrorism: a kind of "public pedagogy" that challenges the poisoned narratives of "America's dis-imagination machine."

Social Welfare Policy for a Sustainable Future

Author: Katherine S. van Wormer
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 9781483322421
Release Date: 2015-02-17
Genre: Social Science

Unique in its use of a sustainability framework, Social Welfare Policy for a Sustainable Future by Katherine S. van Wormer and Rosemary J. Link goes beyond U.S. borders to examine U.S. government policies—including child welfare, social services, health care, and criminal justice—within a global context. Guided by the belief that forces from the global market and globalization affect all social workers in their practice, the book addresses a wide range of relevant topics, including the refugee journey, the impact of new technologies, war trauma, global policy instruments, and restorative justice. A sustainability policy analysis model and an ecosystems framework for trauma-informed care are also presented in this timely text.

Black Girls and Adolescents Facing the Challenges

Author: Catherine Fisher Collins
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 9781440830549
Release Date: 2015-03-03
Genre: Social Science

This one-of-a kind book challenges the current thinking about black girls to show how America has failed them—and what can be done to make their lives better. • Provides the first research work on this topic • Covers health (physical, mental, and sexual), education, crime/criminal justice, and parenting as they affect black teen girls and adolescents • Features contributors from a broad range of fields, including psychology, biology, criminal justice, sociology, spirituality, law, medicine, and popular culture • Examines characteristics of at-risk girls and the lure of the "bad girl" image • Clarifies what parents/mentors and others can do to help these girls and teens live happy, healthy, more rewarding lives

Deeper Learning

Author: Monica Martinez
Publisher: New Press, The
ISBN: 9781595589941
Release Date: 2014-06-17
Genre: Education

Studies suggest that up to half of high school dropouts leave school because their classes are boring or irrelevant to their lives and aspirations. Yet the majority of U.S. schools continue their attempts to engage some 50 million students through conventional methods such as lectures, note-taking, and rote learning, often with dismal results. In Deeper Learning, award-winning education strategist Monica Martinez and education sociologist Dennis McGrath offer a transformative framework for learning that has led to standout results in schools across the country and has the potential to support the development and success of every student. Through examples from eight public schools, the authors chart the path to crafting flexible learning environments that meet the widely varied needs of individual students. They showcase interactive approaches that compel students to learn how to learn and provide an invaluable guide for teachers and communities wondering how their schools will be able to adapt to the Common Core standards and new assessments. Above all, Deeper Learning shows how inspired, engaging education does not have to be the province of elite private schools and how all young people can become creators, collaborators, and critical thinkers.

This Is Not A Test

Author: José Vilson
Publisher: Haymarket Books
ISBN: 9781608464289
Release Date: 2014-05-05
Genre: Education

José Vilson writes about race, class, and education through stories from the classroom and researched essays. His rise from rookie math teacher to prominent teacher leader takes a twist when he takes on education reform through his now-blocked eponymous blog, He calls for the reclaiming of the education profession while seeking social justice. José Vilson is a middle school math educator for in the Inwood/Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City. He writes for Edutopia, GOOD, and TransformED / Future of Teaching, and his work has appeared in Education Week,, Huffington Post, and El Diario / La Prensa.

Essays on Various Topics

Author: Eric Schiltz
Publisher: Booktango
ISBN: 9781468955804
Release Date: 2015-02-23
Genre: Education

This book of essays is a hodgepodge of topics. It contains essays on education, ethics, animal rights, Common Core State Standards, and government, among others.

The Death and Life of the Great American School System

Author: Diane Ravitch
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 9780465097999
Release Date: 2016-06-28
Genre: Education

A passionate plea to preserve and renew public education, The Death and Life of the Great American School System is a radical change of heart from one of America's best-known education experts. Diane Ravitch-former assistant secretary of education and a leader in the drive to create a national curriculum-examines her career in education reform and repudiates positions that she once staunchly advocated. Drawing on over forty years of research and experience, Ravitch critiques today's most popular ideas for restructuring schools, including privatization, standardized testing, punitive accountability, and the feckless multiplication of charter schools. She shows conclusively why the business model is not an appropriate way to improve schools. Using examples from major cities like New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver, and San Diego, Ravitch makes the case that public education today is in peril. Ravitch includes clear prescriptions for improving America's schools: leave decisions about schools to educators, not politicians or businessmen devise a truly national curriculum that sets out what children in every grade should be learning expect charter schools to educate the kids who need help the most, not to compete with public schools pay teachers a fair wage for their work, not "merit pay" based on deeply flawed and unreliable test scores encourage family involvement in education from an early age The Death and Life of the Great American School System is more than just an analysis of the state of play of the American education system. It is a must-read for any stakeholder in the future of American schooling.

High stakes Stories

Author: Elisa Frias
ISBN: OCLC:953881133
Release Date: 2015

While many in the United States have direct experience with the American public school system, few have an actual understanding of its intricacies. Accordingly, many rhetors use narrative in the social discourse of America's public schools in order to provide an organizational schema that makes such a complex system understandable to a mass audience. The dominant narrative regarding America's public schools is that they are failing and in desperate need of reform. However, many have grown discontent with the dominant narrative of America's "failing schools" – contending that this narrative is inaccurate and prompted by the would-be reformers' self-interest rather than goodwill. Thus, this study explores both the failing schools narrative and the counter-narrative of America's public schools. Specifically, Diane Ravitch's book Reign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America's Public Schools is analyzed as a counter-narrative in response to other key cultural texts. In considering narrative rationality as a means of rhetoric, Ravitch asks her readers to entertain literary indeterminism, that the reformers may not have a perfect and final view of the public school system and its problems, and may therefore not have the correct corresponding solutions. She brings the codes of the dominant narrative to the surface – reminding her audience that stories, while compelling, might be more appropriately called "myth." However, the counter-narrative she provides re-orients the audience in narrative rationality. In this way, Ravitch rejects the reformers' narrative, but affirms narration as a tool for understanding. This interplay between narrative and counter-narrative demonstrates how rhetoric performs its work in shaping an audience's values and intentions. By analyzing how both narrative and counter-narrative are mobilized to create the political will to act or resist, a more broad understanding of narrative rationality (both its power to persuade and its utility in political struggles) is revealed. This thesis argues that while narrative rationality should always be questioned, narration is so deeply embedded in human epistemology and persuasion that telling a "better story" is often more effective than merely dismantling a dominant narrative. Thus, counter-narrative emerges as a viable means of challenging hegemonic cultural narratives.

Das Fl stern der Stille

Author: Heather Gudenkauf
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 9783959676083
Release Date: 2016-11-07
Genre: Fiction

Als sie an einem sonnigen Morgen im August aufwachen, stellen zwei Familien fest, dass ihre Töchter über Nacht verschwunden sind. Die siebenjährige Calli, ein verträumtes Kind, das seit seinem vierten Lebensjahr kein Wort mehr gesprochen hat, und Petra, ihre beste Freundin, ihre Seelenverwandte und ihre Stimme. Bei der verzweifelten Suche der Eltern schlägt die gegenseitige Unterstützung schnell in Misstrauen um. Und bald schon müssen alle der Wahrheit ins Auge sehen: Niemand ist so unschuldig, wie es scheint - und einer von ihnen könnte ein Mörder sein ... "Heather Gudenkauf besitzt das seltene Talent, eine Geschichte poetisch zu erzählen und gleichzeitig eine beinahe unerträgliche Spannung aufzubauen." New York Times-Bestsellerautorin Tess Gerritsen