Author: Elizabeth Foley
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781101575338
Release Date: 2012-04-12
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

"A lot of outlandish entertainment." —The New York Times Everyone in Remarkable is remarkable. Everyone except Jane, that is. While the rest of the town is busy being talented, gifted, or just plain extraordinary, she's never been anything but ordinary. Then Jane finds herself in school with the mischievous Grimlet twins, and her life suddenly gets a whole lot more interesting. And when a strange pirate captain appears in town, setting of a series of adventures that put the whole town in danger, it's up to Jane to save the day. Along the way, she might just find that she can be pretty remarkable after all. * "A rich, unforgettable story that's quite simply - amazing." —Kirkus Reviews, starred review * "Filled with clever word play, wholly unique situations, outlandish characters...Foley's novel is a remarkable, middle-grade gem." —Booklist, starred review From the Trade Paperback edition.

Die unvergleichliche Feuerwerksrakete The Remarkable Rocket

Author: Oscar Wilde
Publisher: BoD E-Short
ISBN: 9783739206424
Release Date: 2017-02-14
Genre: Fiction

In dieser amüsanten Geschichte behandelt Oscar Wilde die Folgen einer selbstverliebten Sentimentalität, die die Realität komplett aus den Augen verliert. Die deutsch- und englischsprachige Ausgabe dieses Märchens wurde sorgfältig und liebevoll editiert. Für ein ungetrübtes Lesevergnügen wurden die Texte den aktuellen Rechtschreibregeln angepasst. Eine Einführung erläutert den historischen Hintergrund und Interpretationsansätze. Dieses E-Book eignet sich hervorragend für alle Literaturfans, die nicht nur eine ebenso humorvolle wie hintergründige Geschichte schätzen, sondern sich auch wieder einmal in der englischen Sprache üben möchten.

Remarkable Service

Author: The Culinary Institute of America
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780470197400
Release Date: 2009-05-04
Genre: Cooking

As competition for customers is constantly increasing, contemporary restaurants must distinguish themselves by offering consistent, high-quality service. Service and hospitality can mean different things to different foodservice operations, and this book addresses the service needs of a wide range of dining establishments, from casual and outdoor dining to upscale restaurants and catering operations. Chapters cover everything from training and hiring staff, preparation for service, front-door hospitality to money handling, styles of modern table service, front-of-the-house safety and sanitation, serving diners with special needs, and service challenges—what to do when things go wrong. Remarkable Service is the most comprehensive guide to service and hospitality on the market, and this new edition includes the most up-to-date information available on serving customers in the contemporary restaurant world.

Remarkable Australian Farm Machines

Author: Graeme R. Quick
Publisher: Rosenberg Pub Pty Limited
ISBN: 9781877058585
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Technology & Engineering

This book tells the story of the men, machines and equipment developed for Australian agriculture. It traces developments ranging from broadacre cultivation to garden rotaries, to prickly pear destruction, to auto headers, to banana harvesting for paper making. Contemporary advertising sprinkled through the book provides a backdrop for the people, companies and products that have been important to our farming history. Did you know that tractor hands-free steering was first commercialised by Beeline in Moree, NSW? That the worlds biggest paddock cleaning machines are made in Banana? That single-pass grain and straw harvesting began in Western Australia? Dr Graeme Quick, is an internationally-recognised expert on farm equipment. He has worked on farm machinery engineering in over thirty countries and holds fourteen patents, two of which are incorporated into grain harvesters world-wide. This is the companion volume to "Australian Tractors, Indigenous Tractors and Self-propelled Machines in Rural Australia", the definitive reference on the 40-plus Australian manufacturers of tractors and self-propelled machines. He has published half a dozen other books. This one fits a unique place in documenting remarkable machines in the Australian economic and historical context.


Author: Margaret Feinberg
ISBN: 0996715142
Release Date: 2018

Want to draw closer to Jesus? Imagine spending the next 40 days drinking in the teachings of Jesus, watching His jaw-dropping miracles unfold, and falling more in love with God with each turning page.You¿re invited to come along on this remarkable adventure by diving into the Gospel of Mark. Remarkable includes a reading guide that divides this action-packed gospel into 40 sections. Inside, you¿ll discover: ¿A Welcome Letter¿The Reading Plan¿Instructions on How to Use the Color Method¿40 Devotionals ¿40 Sets of Discussion QuestionsRemarkable creates a space for you to study Scripture in a way that primes your heart to hear from God through familiar passages in a fresh way.Together, let¿s dive into the remarkable story of Jesus and the remarkable work He¿s accomplishing in us.

A Book of Remarkable Criminals

Author: H. B. Irving
Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.
ISBN: 9781596057319
Release Date: 2005-12-01
Genre: History

[W]e must be content to study in the microcosm of ordinary crime those instincts, selfish, greedy, brutal which, exploited often by bad men in the so-called cause of nations, have wrought such havoc to the happiness of mankind. It is not too much to say that in every man there dwell the seeds of crime; whether they grow or are stifled in their growth by the good that is in us is a chance mysteriously determined. As children of nature we must not be surprised if our instincts are not all that they should be.-from the IntroductionWriting in the sobering aftermath of World War I, Irving's famed 1918 treatise on some of the most infamous murderers of his day is powerfully fueled by the then newfound recognition that the evil men do is not limited to criminals. But this remains, nevertheless, a hugely entertaining narrative of such villains as Charles Pearce, the "outstanding popular figure in nineteenth-century crime," a professional burglar brought down by a crime of passion; Robert Butler, who "desire[d] to acquire things by a short cut, without taking the trouble to work for them honestly"; the gentleman murderer Professor John W. Webster; and H. H. Holmes, who was "completely insensible to all feelings of humanity." Crime buffs and readers of 19th-century history will find a gruesome delight in these Remarkable Criminals.British author HENRY BRODRIBB IRVING (1870-1919) studied law at Oxford University, but turned to writing about legal matters only after a long, acclaimed career as an actor on the British stage. He also wrote Studies of French Criminals of the Nineteenth Century.

Remarkable Plants of Texas

Author: Matt Warnock Turner
Publisher: University of Texas Press
ISBN: 9780292773714
Release Date: 2010-01-01
Genre: Nature

With some 6,000 species of plants, Texas has extraordinary botanical wealth and diversity. Learning to identify plants is the first step in understanding their vital role in nature, and many field guides have been published for that purpose. But to fully appreciate how Texas's native plants have sustained people and animals from prehistoric times to the present, you need Remarkable Plants of Texas. In this intriguing book, Matt Warnock Turner explores the little-known facts—be they archaeological, historical, material, medicinal, culinary, or cultural—behind our familiar botanical landscape. In sixty-five entries that cover over eighty of our most common native plants from trees, shrubs, and wildflowers to grasses, cacti, vines, and aquatics, he traces our vast array of connections with plants. Turner looks at how people have used plants for food, shelter, medicine, and economic subsistence; how plants have figured in the historical record and in Texas folklore; how plants nourish wildlife; and how some plants have unusual ecological or biological characteristics. Illustrated with over one hundred color photos and organized for easy reference, Remarkable Plants of Texas can function as a guide to individual species as well as an enjoyable natural history of our most fascinating native plants.

The table book

Author: William Hone
ISBN: UOM:39015068324477
Release Date: 1827
Genre: History

Remarkable Providences

Author: John Demos
Publisher: UPNE
ISBN: 1555530982
Release Date: 1991
Genre: History

This revised collection of documents provides a large and colorful slice of colonial life between 1608 and 1767, newly augmented with documents on the southern colonies, African Americans, and women.

Remarkable Leadership

Author: Kevin Eikenberry
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118047559
Release Date: 2011-02-17
Genre: Business & Economics

Remarkable Leadership is a practical handbook written for anyone who wants to hone the skills they need to become an outstanding leader. In this groundbreaking book, Kevin Eikenberry outlines a framework and a mechanism for both learning new things and applying current knowledge in a thoughtful and practical way. Eikenberry provides a guide through the most important leadership competencies, offers a proven method for learning leadership skills, and shows approaches for applying these skills in today’s multitasking and overloaded world of work. The book explores real-world concerns such as focus, limited time, incremental improvement, and how we learn.

Remarkable Hotels of Europe

Author: Thomas Prebensen Steen
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781462806386
Release Date: 2002-01-28
Genre: Travel

Remarkable Hotels of Europe contains a collection of in-depth reports on hotels recognised by their prominent position at the forefront of the European hospitality industry. Although edited as a guide—with all strategic travel details and some photographs included—the ambition of this book is above all to introduce a more individual and comprehensive style of describing the finest of hotels compared to those typical of today’s travel guides. Aspiring connoisseurs will find investigative but passionately angled reviews focusing on history, architecture, atmosphere, service, clientele, interiors, setting, food, wine and more. Most likely, this pertinent documentation of each establishment’s uniqueness will make these travellers eager to plan journeys or detours in order to experience for themselves. Finally, even sophisticated globetrotters, used to the choicest of accommodations, may enjoy a new rendezvous while reading appropriate stories and up-to-date information on such favourites as Paris Ritz, London’s Dorchester and Brenner’s in Baden-Baden.

Quest for Discovery

Author: Richard Carl Bright
Publisher: New Leaf Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780892215058
Release Date: 2001-01
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Richard Bright has spent two decades investigating the ark. Over a dozen expeditions to the site and countless hours in research make Bright an authority on the ship. The book details the climbs, political intrigue, and danger in a quest for the greatest archaeological treasure of all time.

Children s Drawing and Writing

Author: Diane Mavers
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781136919596
Release Date: 2011-06-23
Genre: Education

Children’s everyday drawing and writing are paradoxical: charmingly engaging, yet seemingly unremarkable in their ordinariness. This book takes a very close look at what passes by largely unnoticed at home and in school: copying, texts fleetingly present then gone, a picture drawn after the valued work of writing has been completed. Examining features of children’s text making that are commonly disregarded because of their very ordinariness, or dismissed as mistakes because they are flawed or lacking, the book examines features such as shading, arrangement and forms of shorthand, and uncovers an intensity of effort in the making of meaning. In decisively shifting the focus away from insufficiency to what children can do and to the ‘work’ they invest in the texts they make, the lens taken here reveals resourcefulness and purposiveness. The unremarkable turns out to be remarkable. This has the most profound implications for what takes place at school, and beyond.