Rsmeans Building Construction Cost Data 2016

Author: Stephen C. Plotner
Publisher: Rsmeans
ISBN: 1943215014
Release Date: 2015-11-02
Genre: Architecture

The Building Construction Cost Data 2016 Get the confidence and know-how you need to deliver more accurate cost estimates and improve profitability. The 74th edition of this bestselling cost guide has been updated and expanded to provide you with the information you need to estimate projects, planning & budgeting.

RSMeans Building Construction Cost Data 2009

Author: Phillip R. Waier
Publisher: R S Means Company
ISBN: 0876290950
Release Date: 2008-09-01
Genre: Reference

The professional's choice for construction cost estimating information now includes more costs than ever. It provides more than 500 updated unit prices that had formerly been available only in the western edition, as well as many other new line items.

RSMeans Green Building Cost Data

Author: Rsmeans
Publisher: Rsmeans
ISBN: 1943215081
Release Date: 2015-11-20
Genre: Technology & Engineering

Means Green Building Cost Data 2016 The 6th annual edition of this popular book is designed to help construction professionals estimate, plan and budget the costs of green constructionboth new commercial construction and renovation work. It reflects years of careful cultivation and expansion of the thousands of green line items in the RSMeans cost database, presented in CSI MasterFormat 2010 for convenient reference.

Construction Management

Author: Daniel W. Halpin
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781119256809
Release Date: 2017
Genre: Construction industry

TRY (FREE for 14 days), OR RENT this title: It's often said that the construction professional has to be a "jack of all trades, and master of all." This text covers a wide range of subjects, reflecting the breadth of knowledge needed to understand the dynamics of this large and complex industry. This edition includes updated chapters on planning and scheduling, a new chapter addressing linear scheduling methods, material regarding the historical background of construction as a profession, and includes an Instructor Resource of solutions to the end-of-chapter review exercises. This text has become a standard course text at many universities. The first four editions have enjoyed wide success as an introductory treatment of the subjects which are critical to success in the construction industry. This fifth edition preserves the features that have been most appreciated by its users throughout the years, and adds suggestions provided by instructors and students through formal surveys and informal feedback to the authors.

Reliability of Geotechnical Structures in ISO2394

Author: K.K. Phoon
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781351783408
Release Date: 2016-11-25
Genre: Science

The latest 4th edition of the international standard on the principles of reliability for load bearing structures (ISO2394:2015) includes a new Annex D dedicated to the reliability of geotechnical structures. The emphasis in Annex D is to identify and characterize critical elements of the geotechnical reliability-based design process. This book contains a wealth of data and information to assist geotechnical engineers with the implementation of semi-probabilistic or full probabilistic design approaches within the context of established geotechnical knowledge, principles, and experience. The introduction to the book presents an overview on how reliability can play a complementary role within prevailing norms in geotechnical practice to address situations where some measured data and/or past experience exist for limited site-specifi c data to be supplemented by both objective regional data and subjective judgment derived from comparable sites elsewhere. The principles of reliability as presented in ISO2394:2015 provides the common basis for harmonization of structural and geotechnical design. The balance of the chapters describes the uncertainty representation of geotechnical design parameters, the statistical characterization of multivariate geotechnical data and model factors, semi-probabilistic and direct probability-based design methods in accordance to the outline of Annex D. This book elaborates and reinforces the goal of Annex D to advance geotechnical reliability-based design with geotechnical needs at the forefront while complying with the general principles of reliability given by ISO2394:2015. It serves as a supplementary reference to Annex D and it is a must-read for designing geotechnical structures in compliance with ISO2394:2015.

RSMeans Residential Cost Data

Author: Rsmeans
Publisher: Rsmeans
ISBN: 1943215162
Release Date: 2015-11-02
Genre: Technology & Engineering

Means Residential Cost Data 2016 organizes every aspect of residential construction pricing into 3 major estimating sections, square foot costs; assemblies costs, and unit costs. It contains more than 30 reliable square foot cost models for popular types of residential construction in a simple-to-use format. Assemblies cost 100 commonly used residential construction systems with a wide variety of alternative specifications and prices as well as, Residential unit costs covering more than 9,000 items. Location Factors over 930 U.S. zip codes and selected locations in Canada to adjust material and labor costs. Easy to use reliable price information for adjusters, architects, contractors, developers, finance professionals and project managers.

Pavement Life Cycle Assessment

Author: Imad L. Al-Qadi
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781351659215
Release Date: 2017-04-11
Genre: Technology & Engineering

An increasing number of agencies, academic institutes, and governmental and industrial bodies are embracing the principles of sustainability in managing their activities and conducting business. Pavement Life-Cycle Assessment contains contributions to the Pavement Life-Cycle Assessment Symposium 2017 (Champaign, IL, USA, 12-13 April 2017) and discusses the current status of as well as future developments for LCA implementation in project- and network-level applications. The papers cover a wide variety of topics: - Recent developments for the regional inventory databases for materials, construction, and maintenance and rehabilitation life-cycle stages and critical challenges - Review of methodological choices and impact on LCA results - Use of LCA in decision making for project selection - Implementation of case studies and lessons learned: agency perspectives - Integration of LCA into pavement management systems (PMS) - Project-level LCA implementation case studies - Network-level LCA applications and critical challenges - Use-phase rolling resistance models and field validation - Uncertainty assessment in all life-cycle stages - Role of PCR and EPDs in the implementation of LCA Pavement Life-Cycle Assessment will be of interest to academics, professionals, and policymakers involved or interested in Highway and Airport Pavements.

Building Construction Cost Data 1998

Author: R.S. Means Company
Publisher: R.S. Means Company
ISBN: UVA:X004141998
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Building

This guide offers readers unchallenged unit price reliability in an easy-to-use arrangement. Whether used for complete, finished estimates or for periodic checks, it supplies more cost facts better and faster than any comparable source. Over 21,000 unit prices for 1998. The City Cost Indexes now cover over 930 areas, for indexing to any project location in North America. Illus.

RSMeans Assemblies Cost Data

Author: Rsmeans
Publisher: Rsmeans
ISBN: 1943215006
Release Date: 2015-11-02
Genre: Technology & Engineering

This Assemblies Cost Data 2016 Want to improve project planning and budgeting? This easy-to-use guide gives you the building components required to develop accurate assemblies-level cost estimates, evaluate trade-off costs, and verify unit price estimates. Be prepared to estimate any job with this indispensable cost reference.

Fondements pratiques de l immobilier

Author: Ünsal Özdilek
Publisher: PUQ
ISBN: 9782760539549
Release Date: 2014-01-15T00:00:00-05:00
Genre: Business & Economics

Le domaine de l’évaluation immobilière et mobilière repose sur la notion de la « valeur » économique, qu’il importe d’estimer correctement. Néanmoins, cette valeur échappe à notre connaissance empirique, même si nous en pressentons la grandeur, dans une certaine mesure, que ce soit par son importance ou son utilité. La nature passionnante et inintelligible de la « valeur » dans son universalité, les jugements chaotiques des agents économiques et les aléas du marché demandent aux professionnels de posséder des compétences solides en pratique d’évaluation.Pour parvenir à une opinion justifiable de la valeur des biens, les professionnels recourent à ses expressions, qui transparaissent à travers le prix, le coût et le revenu, dont chacune sous-tend une méthode d’évaluation particulière. Cet ouvrage présente ces trois méthodes reconnues : la méthode de prix (qui utilise les prix observés relatifs à des propriétés comparables), la méthode de coût (qui fait appel au résultat des coûts en vigueur des composants structuraux) et la méthode de revenu (qui se base sur les flux monétaires engendrés par les revenus de loyers). À l’aide de nombreux exemples, l’auteur explique comment et dans quelles circonstances utiliser chacune de ces méthodes. Il prend soin, auparavant, d’exposer les lois, les principes et les concepts de base de la pratique de l’évaluation, de même que les multiples déterminants de la valeur d’une propriété. Il montre aussi comment réaliser une évaluation dans une approche statistique et moderne, appelée approche « hédonique », qui consiste à créer une base de données opérationnelle et à y appliquer une approche statistique. Par ailleurs, il aborde aussi l’estimation de biens mobiliers en traitant particulièrement le cas des œuvres d’art. Les divers types de rapports pouvant être utilisés pour donner les résultats d’une évaluation sont également présentés.Les futurs professionnels de l’évaluation et les passionnés de l’immobilier, tout comme les professionnels en exercice, trouveront dans cet ouvrage les outils indispensables à leur pratique.