Author: Konnie Saliba
Publisher: Alfred Music
ISBN: 1457454971
Release Date:
Genre: Music

A musical adventure for the elementary class. The author gives special attention to creating and unifying an ensemble of voices and instruments. Individual improvisation is explored within the context of the ensemble.


Author: Bartle Bull
Publisher: Carroll & Graf Pub
ISBN: 0786716789
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Sports & Recreation

A history of the African safari from its first major expedition in 1836 to the adventures of modern guides shares the experiences of such individuals as Beryl Markham, Teddy Roosevelt, and Ernest Hemingway, in an account that evaluates the ethical dilemma faced by hunter-conservationists as well as the African bush's role in weapons development, transportation, and art. Reprint.


Author: Boyd Varty
Publisher: Piper Verlag
ISBN: 9783492966603
Release Date: 2014-04-14
Genre: Travel

Wo Elefanten im Vorgarten grasen und Wildkatzen heimlich vom Esstisch naschen – das legendäre Londolozi-Resort am Rande des Krüger-Nationalparks befindet sich seit 1926 im Besitz der Vartys. Und so unkonventionell und furchtlos, wie sich Boyd Vartys Vorfahren hier für den Artenschutz einsetzten, so wechselvoll ist seine eigene Geschichte: Er erinnert sich an seine Jugend zwischen wilden Tieren, abergläubischen Angestellten und eigenwilligen Besuchern. Erzählt von seiner Schwester, die unter einfachsten Bedingungen im Busch geboren wurde, dem draufgängerischen Onkel John und einem dramatischen Überfall, der seine Familie auf eine harte Probe stellte ... Bewegend offenbart der Ranger, wie er danach auf Umwegen zurück zu seinen Träumen und seiner Heimat auf Londolozi fand.


Author: Gene S. Stuart
Publisher: National Geographic Society
ISBN: 0870443852
Release Date: 1982
Genre: Science

Describes the experiences of travellers on safaris to remote areas in Botswana, Mongolia, and the Galapagos Islands, and along the Amazon River, and their observations of local customs, wild animals, and exotic scenery.


Author: Millie Kelley
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781449056933
Release Date: 2009-12
Genre: Fiction

Pressure --personal or professional --can yield precious results. Millie Kelley's first work, A Diamond in the Rough, proves that a strong, southern, smalltown writer can create her own gem... Chapter after chapter, readers will become engaged and intrigued as the storyline unravels." --Elizabeth Wilder, Eyewitness News, WNCT TV, Greenville, North Carolina A Diamond in the Rough is a tale of triumph, tragedy, deceit, and love that spans three generations and two continents. Journey with the McCartney family from the rugged hunting grounds of the Colorado mountains, where one can hear snow melting from the trees, to the spectacular countryside of South Africa, where one can hear the elephants tromping over trees. Their thriving safari business is adventure enough for Matt, but his sister Jess is seeking more. When she returns to the States to live out her altruistic ideologies, however, she becomes entangled in a sinister plot


Author: Tony Park
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 9780857385949
Release Date: 2011-09-29
Genre: Fiction

A volatile Zimbabwe and the jungles of the Congo are the battlefields for a deadly game of cat and mouse in Africa's wildlife wars. Canadian researcher Michelle Parker jumps at the chance to visit the famed mountain gorillas, but she is wary of the man offering it, a professional big game hunter, Fletcher Reynolds. He represents everything that she has fought against - the slaughter of animals for material gain - but she is reassured by his apparent support for the stamping out of poaching. Ex-SAS officer Shane Castle has been recruited by Fletcher to spearhead the anti-poaching campaign. Shane has seen what bullets can do to both man and animal. He makes Michelle start to doubt the choices she has made.

Barrington Bear on Safari

Author: Keith Szafranski
Publisher: Keith Szafranski
ISBN: 9780980166217
Release Date: 2008-01-01
Genre: Africa

Book two in the Travels With Barrington Bear Series. Barrington Bear, a small, stuffed teddy bear, goes on safari in Africa. There he makes a new friend, sees many interesting animals and even learns a bit of the native language. Full of fun and adventure for kids of all ages.

Her Safari

Author: Lisa Mikitarian
Publisher: DemmeHouse
ISBN: 9780983524694
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Short stories, American

Take Me on Safari

Author: Anthony P. Mauro Sr.
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1462818188
Release Date: 2003-07-02
Genre: Travel

The Two River Times says "... The book ́s vibrant descriptions of his hunting excursions express a true excitement and passion for the sport." Tracker Outdoors calls it "... a wonderfully written and inspiring book about a family on safari in South Africa... This finely crafted writing will surely inspire families, hunters and nature lovers to explore the African bush." African Hunter magazine proclaims " ...this is a good story... a story worth reading. A First World family ́s initiation into the African bush, and their appreciation of not only the wildlife, but the (country ́s) unique culture." “Take Me On Safari: A Family Affair” is a compelling and one-of-a-kind chronicle of a husband, wife, their teenage son, young daughter, and “grandmom” on safari in rural South Africa. This is the unforgettable memoir of the Mauro family, swept from their daily routines in suburbia U.S.A. and dropped into the center of adventure, drama and suspense in a remote corner of the Dark Continent. The experience strengthened family bonds, exposed them to the wonders of an ancient land and laid witness the timeless rituals of wildlife. This uniquely written account also includes the unedited thoughts of family members as taken from their diaries. The book is more than an sequential accounting of a family’s journeys in the Northern Province of South Africa. It is living testimony that a safari can be a catalyst that strengthens family bonds and supports wholesome values. According to the author “a safari is something much less than an arena for machismo but rather a voyage for the soul”. He continues, “... because of a need to share this truth I just thought writing a book was the best way to get the message out”. Those that have enlisted the event know that a safari brings modern man within proximity to reasonably glimpse the life of primitive man. It is a way to transport oneself as far as possible from the information driven and over-regulated new age in which we live to the stark, uninhibited and impulsive ways of ever-present wildlife. It can move us from a reality defined by the pillars of logic to a place where instinct governs survival and has done so since the dawn of time. The book gives numerous examples of the safari testing the mettle of one’s character. It lays bare thoughts and emotions ranging from fatigue, boredom, disappointment, fear and sadness to understanding, euphoria, pride, awe, excitement and surprise – all of which were called upon randomly and at a moments notice. Also highlighted is the family’s respect, appreciation and concern for wildlife and their desire for it to be available for future generations. The book demonstrates that a safari is more than an education about the wilderness. As described by Mr. Mauro, “In a way a safari is a religious experience and it can be as simple as living a humble life of faith or as complex to comprehend as all that is holy”. He continues, “It would give me great pleasure if my modest attempt at writing would inspire families, hunters, and observers to visit Africa and to take an interest in its future. In my opinion the continent is an archaeological testimony to the ways of time immemorial and an important display of the intricate patterns and interdependencies of our world’s ecology”. Although it is not a “how to” book “Take Me on Safari” can be a resource for anyone looking to take his or her family on safari – or even go it alone for that matter.

Dark Star Safari

Author: Paul Theroux
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 9780241958643
Release Date: 2011-11-24
Genre: Travel

Dark Star Safari is Paul Theroux's now classic account of a journey from Cairo to Cape Town. Travelling across bush and desert, down rivers and across lakes, and through country after country, Theroux visits some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth, and some of the most dangerous. It is a journey of discovery and of rediscovery -- of the unknown and the unexpected, but also of people and places he knew as a young and optimistic teacher forty years before. Safari in Swahili simply means "journey", and this is the ultimate safari. It is Theroux in his element -- a trip where chance encounter is everything, where departure and arrival times are an irrelevance, and where contentment can be found balancing on the top of a truck in the middle of nowhere. Praise for Paul Theroux: 'Theroux's work remains the standard by which other travel writing must be judged' Observer 'One needs energy to keep up with the extraordinary, productive restlessness of Paul Theroux ... [He is] the most gifted, most prodigal writer of his generation'Jonathan Raban 'Always a terrific teller of tales and conjurer of exotic locales, he writes lean prose that lopes along at a compelling pace'Sunday Times Paul Theroux's books include Dark Star Safari, Ghost Train to the Eastern Star, Riding the Iron Rooster, The Great Railway Bazaar, The Elephanta Suite, A Dead Hand, The Tao of Travel and The Lower River. The Mosquito Coast and Dr Slaughter have both been made into successful films. Paul Theroux divides his time between Cape Cod and the Hawaiian islands.

Reise Know How Tansanias Nationalparks mit Safari Urlaubsplaner Reisef hrer f r individuelles Entdecken

Author: Jörg Gabriel
Publisher: Reise Know-How Verlag Peter Rump
ISBN: 9783831741298
Release Date: 2015-02-23
Genre: Travel

Dieser Reiseführer wendet sich an Urlauber, die eine Nationalpark-Safari in Tansania planen (mit oder ohne Badeurlaub auf Sansibar), und liefert das dazu notwendige Reise-Know-how. Denn Tansania bietet eine Vielzahl an Möglichkeiten der Tierbeobachtung: vom Geländewagen aus, zu Fuß, im Ballon oder mit dem Boot. Inzwischen herrscht ein regelrechter Safari-Boom - dieses Handbuch bietet eine Orientierung im Gestrüpp der Anbieter, Preise und Programme. Aus dem Inhalt: + Tipps und Infos zur Organisation der Safari zu Hause und vor Ort. + Alles Wissenswerte rund um Safaris. + Ausführliches Kapitel zur Tierwelt Ostafrikas. + Unterkunftsempfehlungen: Safari Lodges, Tented Camps, Hotels, Beach Resorts + Infos zu den wichtigsten Nationalparks und Wildschutzgebieten. + Tipps zum Bergsteigen und Trekking. + Separates Kapitel für den Badeurlaub auf Sansibar. + Kleines Tier-Wörterbuch Deutsch/Englisch/Kisuaheli Ausstattung: 468 Seiten, komplett in Farbe, zahlreiche Fotos, 32 Karten und Stadtpläne, ausführliches Register, Kartenverweise. Jetzt in neuem Layout. Für die Auflage 2015 wurde das Erscheinungsbild des Reiseführers vollständig überarbeitet: + Verbesserte Orientierung im Buch + Größere Fotos + Modernisierte Seitengestaltung + Übersichtlichere Karten. REISE KNOW-HOW - Reiseführer für individuelle Reisen