Sawmill Springs

Author: Gerri Hill
Publisher: Bella Books
ISBN: 9781594936425
Release Date: 2017-05-01
Genre: Fiction

Homicide detective Mandi Murphy had seen enough bloodshed on the streets of Houston to last a lifetime. After a botched drug bust left a friend dead, she wanted out of the city. Peaceful little Sawmill Springs seemed like the perfect spot to start over. Six weeks on patrol proved the town to be as quiet and serene as she’d imagined. When things soured between FBI agent Kayla Dixon and her lover, she was ready for a change from the fast paced life she was living. Her father, the Police Chief in Sawmill Springs, offered her a job and she decided a change of pace was just what she needed. Her wish for slow and peaceful didn’t materialize, however, as mere hours after she starts her first shift, a prominent citizen is gunned down. The two women are thrust together to solve the murder and return Sawmill Springs to the sleepy small town the residents expect. As the investigation grows, so does their attraction. There’s just one problem—Murphy thinks Kayla is straight. Kayla admits to a failed marriage when she was eighteen and an ambiguous affair with another FBI agent convinces Murphy to steer clear of her. Kayla’s innocent flirting is met with skepticism and doubt…and temptation. Another murder not only strengthens their bond as partners but has them fighting to escape the clutches of a murderer. No longer able to ignore the budding attraction between them, they must decide if they are willing to start over…this time, together.

Annual Report

Author: New York (State). Department of Labor. Bureau of Statistics
ISBN: CHI:79328526
Release Date: 1902
Genre: Labor and laboring classes

Taken by Surprise

Author: Kenna White
Publisher: Bella Books
ISBN: 9781594939792
Release Date: 2011-10-01
Genre: Fiction

Snow is falling around the Aspen cabin that Leigh Insley never has time to visit. As winter gathers closer she wonders if it might finally be time to sell her getaway retreat. It’s only a few hours from Denver, true, but her career as a corporate lawyer has left her little time to enjoy it, and the years have ticked by, almost unnoticed. Snow and ice are part of Margo Tosch. She’s been on skis since she could strap them to her boots, and her love of the sport has taken her around the world. Now, as snowplow driver, ski instructor and shopkeeper, this Jill-of-all-trades has carved a life for herself and her daughter in the mountains she loves, where the isolation lets her keep her secrets to herself. When their paths cross in the high-mountain air, city-dweller Leigh is certain she has nothing in common with this rustic mountain woman named Margo. But even the frostiest of hearts can be taken by surprise. Bestselling author Kenna White warms the rugged mountains of Colorado with a smoldering Lambda Literary Award Winning love story.


Author: Gerri Hill
Publisher: Bella Books
ISBN: 9781594939778
Release Date: 2011-07-12
Genre: Fiction

Estranged for years from her father and four brothers after her mother’s death, Carson Cartwright is surprised when she gets a phone call from her twin brother, urging a reconciliation before their father succumbs to his final illness. Though she has spent more than a decade trying to forget her family existed, she is suddenly pulled back to the Montana ranch where she grew up. Carson discovers her brothers divided over plans to change their working ranch into a guest ranch, and their consultant, Kerry Elder, doesn’t seem above using her wiles to get her way. Kerry finds that while she may have her clients right where she wants them, it’s the wayward sister that may be awakening something she has long denied. The big Montana sky crackles with thunder and lightning as emotions twist in unbidden directions. Neither Carson nor Kerry is prepared for the wild storms of summer.

The Cabin on Sawmill Creek

Author: Mary Jo Churchwell
Publisher: Caxton Press
ISBN: 9780870043802
Release Date: 1997-01
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Distributed by the University of Nebraska Press for Caxton Press Mary Jo and Stew Churchwell fled Southern California to get away from the rat race. They couldn't get much farther away than a cabin on a tiny stream called Sawmill Creek, high in the Idaho Rockies. Mary Jo details what it's like to live on $2,500 a year, fifteen miles from the nearest power pole, in a canyon where summer often lasts only a month.


Author: M. E. Logan
Publisher: Bella Books
ISBN: 9781594938245
Release Date: 2014-04-10
Genre: Fiction

The past keeps Kendra McKenna in torment. Her first love is dead and haunts her while the murderer walks free. Kendra might be able to avenge her, but only if she can play a dangerous deception with old enemies. She has no room in her life for distractions. When reporter Robin Slusher recognizes Kendra among a militia’s ranks she can only guess at her motives. Their surprising, passionate affair ended by Kendra’s choice, leaving Robin badly bruised. Determined to remain professional, she’s certain Kendra’s warnings are just more emotional games. Then she asks one question too many… Caught up in deceit and betrayal—and feelings neither of them trust—can two women work together before they lose everything, including their lives?

Delay of Game

Author: Tracey Richardson
Publisher: Bella Books
ISBN: 9781594936715
Release Date: 2017-02-01
Genre: Fiction

Passion and patriotism sizzle on the ice at the Winter Olympics. It’s been a dozen years since two of the world’s best women hockey players, Niki Hartling and Eva Caruso, first competed against each other in the Olympic Games. The pressure of the intense USA–Canada rivalry forced an end to their love affair, and both women moved on—Niki to coach and to marry, Eva to stretch out a playing career that her ravaged body can barely sustain anymore. The Games are upon them once again. Eva wants one last chance to beat the Canadians and win hockey’s biggest prize. Niki, now a widow and single mother, strives to coach her country to gold, even as the obstacles against her mount. The locker room seems to have ears and there are few people Niki and Eva can trust. Rivals and former lovers on hockey’s biggest stage, will Niki and Eva feel the same spark that first brought them together? And can they win on—and off—the ice with the whole world watching?