Collaborative Partnerships that Promote Seamless Learning for Students with Disabilities

Author: Katherine A. Stolz
ISBN: MSU:31293030638575
Release Date: 2010
Genre: College students with disabilities

This instrumental case study employed a qualitative approach to explore ways that partnerships were built on a large, decentralized campus to support the seamless learning for students with disabilities. The number of college students with disabilities is increasing today, yet higher education lacks coordinated systems that provide a coherent learning experience for students who have specialized needs. This study addressed two overarching research questions: In what ways does a student affairs unit that provides disability services interact with campus partners to promote student learning? What factors influence the interaction between these organizational units? To explore these questions, Buchmiller Hall at Midwestern University was selected as the site for this case study. Three Buchmiller staff members were interviewed, in addition to nine individuals who Buchmiller staff identified as campus partners. Two campus leaders, who provided a broader view of organizational dynamics at mwu, where also interviewed. First interviews took place during spring and summer of 2009, followed by second interviews during the late fall of 2009. Document analysis supplemented data collected through on-site interviews. After data were collected and transcribed, several themes emerged during analysis of the data. Findings in this study examine themes that emerged in regard to factors that were supports or barriers in collaborative efforts with partners. Discussion explores support and barrier themes in light of three research sub-questions that address how, why, and when collaboration took place. Participants described three types of boundaries, which included boundaries of position, identity, and space. They described two primary ways that they negotiated these boundaries, using both a structural and human component of navigation. Values of individuals and leaders emerged as an important theme during the process of navigation, in addition to the importance of individuals having the necessary tools to act upon values. Finally, when certain elements of context aligned, an "incredible moment" was created, in which the above themes came to light Present throughout all themes, the context of disability presented unique characteristics in partnership efforts. After discussion of the themes, implications for practice and research are provided. [The dissertation citations contained here are published with the permission of ProQuest llc. Further reproduction is prohibited without permission. Copies of dissertations may be obtained by Telephone (800) 1-800-521-0600. Web page:].

Can a Seamless Garment Be Truly Torn

Author: Peter Steffen
Publisher: Liturgical Press
ISBN: 9780879077396
Release Date: 2014-04-30
Genre: Religion

The conversion of Lutz Löb and Jenny van Gelder from Judaism to Roman Catholicism dramatically changed the lives of the extended Löb family. This scientific-historical study traces the personal and spiritual journey of Lutz and Jenny from their baptisms in 1907 through the lives of their children. The story benefits from historical documents and pieces of oral history from the only one of their eight children who survived the Nazi era, Paula van Broekhoven-Löb. The abbess of Koningsoord Abbey and the abbot of Koningshoeven Abbey generously provided access to the archives of the monasteries where the seven other Löb children lived as nuns and monks of the Löb family. Each chapter begins with a citation from a significant situation or event, placing the reader immediately within the lived experience of that period. Photos of the time and the family supplement the historical narrative. The secret conversion of Lutz and Jenny and their lifelong witness to their faith created a tear in the fabric of the extended family while later leading to many idealized portrayals of them and their children. It is the intent of this book to offer an accurate and balanced account, situating the Catholic Löb family within their extended Jewish family, and to correct several decades of hagiography, so restoring humanity and dignity to the memories of the Löb family.


Author: Anders Sorman-Nilsson
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780730332862
Release Date: 2017-01-17
Genre: Business & Economics

Achieve brand success with smarter change management and seamless transformation Seamless is a guide for transforming your brand and heroically taking your business into the future. Customers are sick and tired of the inconvenience, friction, arrogance and grating seams they experience on their customer journeys caused by brands undergoing awkward and haphazard change. This book shows you how to remove the external and internal seams for a smooth transition between marketing channels, to provide a transformative customer journey. Anders Sörman-Nilsson, futurist and author of Digilogue (Wiley 2013), reveals the key factors to designing a cohesive and agile brand that is fit for the future. This book looks at on-the-ground implementation of Digilogue ideas, giving you a first-hand account of how emerging technology has evolved and disrupted the business landscape since 2013. You'll learn the trials and tribulations of omnichannel marketing, change leadership, start up thinking versus a heritage (and family) business legacy and why there has never been a better time to implement seamless technologies in your business. The future doesn't unfold neatly — in fact, it's often a disruptive slap in the face. Seamless is the key to a successful business future, and this book shows you how to make seamlessness work for your company, starting today. Design away the friction with transformative customer experiences Weave disparate channels and parts of a brand together into a seamless whole Take an integrative, rather than additive, approach to communications Achieve the highest level of customer intimacy, the key to customer loyalty Drive seamless change inside your organisation by designing journeys of constant adaptation Communication channels continue to proliferate, and simply adding every new flash in the pan is a sure path to ruin. You need to bring together every part of your brand into a cohesive whole, one with deliberate, strategic structure and wholeheartedly gather all your stakeholders around it. Seamless shows you how to remove the scar tissue, reveal your brand's fresh edge and meet the future curious, agile and open-minded.

Gestaltungsorientierte Bildungsforschung und Didaktik Theorie Empirie Praxis

Author: Gerhard Tulodziecki
Publisher: Julius Klinkhardt
ISBN: 9783781519282
Release Date: 2013

Gerhard Tulodziecki / Silke Grafe / Bardo Herzig Gestaltungsorientierte Bildungsforschung und Didaktik Theorie – Empirie – Praxis Im Mittelpunkt des Bandes stehen Überlegungen, wie Theorie und Empirie in Didaktik und Bildungsforschung in konsequenter Weise in den Dienst einer verbesserten Unterrichtspraxis gestellt werden können. Mit diesem Ziel wird das Verfahren einer praxis- und theorieorientierten Entwicklung und empirischen Evaluation von Konzepten für unterrichtliches Handeln als Ansatz zu einer gestaltungsorientierten Bildungsforschung dargestellt. Anhand mehrerer Beispiele werden lern- und entwicklungstheoretische Grundlagen sowie didaktische Einsichten auf praxisrelevante Fragen bezogen, in theoretisch fundierte Entwürfe umgesetzt und in der Unterrichtspraxis einer empirischen Kontrolle unterzogen. Zudem werden weitere Ansätze thematisiert, die dem Streben nach einer innovativen und wissenschaftlich fundierten Unterrichtsgestaltung verpflichtet sind. Das Buch bietet vielfältige Anregungen für alle, die an didaktischer Forschung interessiert oder damit befasst sind. Zugleich richtet es sich an Studierende in Masterstudiengängen für ein Lehramt oder für andere pädagogische Berufe, an Referendarinnen und Referendare sowie an Lehrpersonen im Schuldienst und soll zu einer forschenden Grundhaltung als Bestandteil pädagogischer Professionalität beitragen.

Seamless Learning in the Age of Mobile Connectivity

Author: Lung-Hsiang Wong
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9789812871138
Release Date: 2014-11-02
Genre: Education

The book departs from the approach of related titles by focusing on describing and reflecting upon the notion of seamless learning with regard to salient characteristics of learner mobility and bridging of learning experiences across learning spaces. It is the first such work that is solely dedicated to research on and the practice of seamless learning, uniquely combining interpretations, visions, and past research on and practices in seamless learning from diversified perspectives. The book also strikes a good balance between theoretical and practical perspectivess, going beyond a collection of reports on specific research projects. Instead of thick descriptions of research processes and findings, readers will find significant insights and food for thought intended to inspire further advances in the research on and practice of seamless learning.

Seamless Leadership Learning in Curricular and Cocurricular Facets of University Life A Pragmatic Approach to Praxis

ISBN: OCLC:1053741495
Release Date: 2014

Abstract The development of curricular and cocurricular leadership experiences is often a complex undertaking, second only to the complexities of learning how to lead effectively. The current article outlines the shared and diverse experiences of two leadership faculty charged with coordinating academic leadership programs at separate institutions. Both faculty members were previously student affairs professionals and chose to educate undergraduate leaders in the classroom while providing research for the leadership consortium. Additionally, both faculty members continue to partner with student affairs to facilitate strong curricular and cocurricular student experiences. The current article shares a practical approach to providing ongoing strategic practice opportunities for future leaders enrolled in academic, undergraduate leadership education programs while suggesting the creation of a common leadership language for both academic and cocurricular programs.


Author: Bernhard Meuser
ISBN: 3945148065
Release Date: 2016-01

Ein s kulares Zeitalter

Author: Charles Taylor
Publisher: Suhrkamp Verlag
ISBN: 9783518740408
Release Date: 2010-11-16
Genre: Philosophy

Was heißt es, daß wir heute in einem säkularen Zeitalter leben? Was ist geschehen zwischen 1500 – als Gott noch seinen festen Platz im naturwissenschaftlichen Kosmos, im gesellschaftlichen Gefüge und im Alltag der Menschen hatte – und heute, da der Glaube an Gott, jedenfalls in der westlichen Welt, nur noch eine Option unter vielen ist? Um diesen Wandel zu bestimmen und in seinen Folgen für die gegenwärtige Gesellschaft auszuloten, muß die große Geschichte der Säkularisierung in der nordatlantischen Welt von der frühen Neuzeit bis in die Gegenwart erzählt werden – ein herkulisches Unterfangen, dem sich der kanadische Philosoph Charles Taylor in seinem mit Spannung erwarteten neuen Buch stellt. Mit einem Fokus auf dem »lateinischen Christentum«, dem vorherrschenden Glauben in Europa, rekonstruiert er in geradezu verschwenderischem Detail die entscheidenden Entwicklungslinien in den Naturwissenschaften, der Philosophie, der Staats- und Rechtstheorie und in den Künsten. Dem berühmten Diktum von der wissenschaftlich-technischen »Entzauberung der Welt« und anderen eingeschliffenen Säkularisierungstheorien setzt er die These entgegen, daß es die Religion selbst war, die das Säkulare hervorgebracht hat, und entfaltet eine komplexe Mentalitätsgeschichte des modernen Subjekts, das heute im Niemandsland zwischen Glauben und Atheismus gefangen ist.

Das Buch von Gott

Author: Walter Wangerin
ISBN: 3417246733
Release Date: 1997

Der amerikanische Theologe, lutherischer Pfarrer, erzählt meisterhaft von dramatische Ereignissen, Liebesgeschichten und den grossen Taten Gottes - beginnend mit dem Urvater Abraham und den Anfängen der Menschheit bis zum Leben und Sterben des Messias.

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Teaching Like Our Students Lives Matter

Author: Sheryl Taylor
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9781780520315
Release Date: 2011-07-19
Genre: Education

Views culturally responsive teaching as a contextual and situational process for both teachers and students—the students—including those who are from a diversity of languages, cultures, racial/ethnic backgrounds, religions, economic resources, interests, abilities, and life experiences.

Complete Book of Colleges 2003

Author: Princeton Review
Publisher: Princeton Review
ISBN: 0375762566
Release Date: 2002-08-01
Genre: Study Aids

Lists more than 1,600 colleges and universities and provides information about admissions and academic programs.

Die 6 S ulen des Selbstwertgef hls

Author: Nathaniel Branden
Publisher: Piper ebooks
ISBN: 9783492959469
Release Date: 2015-01-19
Genre: Self-Help

Kein Urteil ist wichtiger, als das über uns selbst. Für persönliches Glück und berufliche Karriere gilt ein einfaches Grundprinzip: Sich selbst zu fördern. Nathaniel Branden zeigt anhand der sechs Säulen des Selbstwertgefühls, wie sich das Leben einfach erfolgreicher gestalten lässt.

Leading Academic Change

Author: Elaine P. Maimon
Publisher: Stylus Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 9781620365700
Release Date: 2018-01-31
Genre: Education

Written by a sitting college president who has presided over transformative change at a state university, this book takes on the big questions and issues of change and change management, what needs to be done and how to do it. Writing in a highly accessible style, the author recommends changes for higher education such as the reallocation of resources to support full-time faculty members in foundation-level courses, navigable pathways from community college to the university, infusion rather than proliferation of courses, and the role of state universities in countering the disappearance of the middle class. The book describes how these changes can be made, as well as why we must make them if our society is to thrive in the twenty-first century.