Simulation Modeling and Analysis

Author: Averill M. Law
ISBN: 0071165371
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Digital computer simulation

This senior/graduate-level text is the classic text in its field and established itself as the authoritative source on the theory & practice of simulation over 15 years ago. It is used in most of the better schools of engineering and in some business programs as well.

Industrielle Energiestrategie

Author: Frank J. Matzen
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 9783658076061
Release Date: 2016-08-25
Genre: Business & Economics

Dieses Herausgeberwerk zeigt die Chancen, die sich für Industrieunternehmen aus einer expliziten Energiestrategie ergeben. Denn trotz intensiver Diskussionen über die Herausforderungen der Energiewende besitzen viele energieintensive Unternehmen keine eigene Energiestrategie. Dabei gibt es vielfältige und kreative Möglichkeiten, wie in den einzelnen Unternehmensbereichen interfunktionale Wechselwirkungen strategisch genutzt werden können. Die Autoren sind anerkannte Experten verschiedener Fachrichtungen aus Wissenschaft und Praxis, die politische, wirtschaftliche, sozio-kulturelle, technische und rechtliche Rahmenbedingungen und deren Veränderung durch die Energiewende erörtern. Darauf aufbauend werden die Implikationen der veränderten Rahmenbedingungen auf die unterschiedlichen Bereiche des Unternehmens erörtert und daraus mündende industrielle Energiestrategien dargestellt.

Modeling and Simulation Support for System of Systems Engineering Applications

Author: Larry B. Rainey
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118501740
Release Date: 2015-01-05
Genre: Mathematics

“...a much-needed handbook with contributions from well-chosen practitioners. A primary accomplishment is to provide guidance for those involved in modeling and simulation in support of Systems of Systems development, more particularly guidance that draws on well-conceived academic research to define concepts and terms, that identifies primary challenges for developers, and that suggests fruitful approaches grounded in theory and successful examples.” Paul Davis, The RAND Corporation Modeling and Simulation Support for System of Systems Engineering Applications provides a comprehensive overview of the underlying theory, methods, and solutions in modeling and simulation support for system of systems engineering. Highlighting plentiful multidisciplinary applications of modeling and simulation, the book uniquely addresses the criteria and challenges found within the field. Beginning with a foundation of concepts, terms, and categories, a theoretical and generalized approach to system of systems engineering is introduced, and real-world applications via case studies and examples are presented. A unified approach is maintained in an effort to understand the complexity of a single system as well as the context among other proximate systems. In addition, the book features: Cutting edge coverage of modeling and simulation within the field of system of systems, including transportation, system health management, space mission analysis, systems engineering methodology, and energy State-of-the-art advances within multiple domains to instantiate theoretic insights, applicable methods, and lessons learned from real-world applications of modeling and simulation The challenges of system of systems engineering using a systematic and holistic approach Key concepts, terms, and activities to provide a comprehensive, unified, and concise representation of the field A collection of chapters written by over 40 recognized international experts from academia, government, and industry A research agenda derived from the contribution of experts that guides scholars and researchers towards open questions Modeling and Simulation Support for System of Systems Engineering Applications is an ideal reference and resource for academics and practitioners in operations research, engineering, statistics, mathematics, modeling and simulation, and computer science. The book is also an excellent course book for graduate and PhD-level courses in modeling and simulation, engineering, and computer science.

Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management 2015

Author: Ershi Qi
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9789462391802
Release Date: 2016-01-29
Genre: Technology & Engineering

Being the premier forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of Industrial Engineering, IEEM 2015 aims to provide a high-level international forum for experts, scholars and entrepreneurs at home and abroad to present the recent advances, new techniques and applications face and face, to promote discussion and interaction among academics, researchers and professionals to promote the developments and applications of the related theories and technologies in universities and enterprises, and to establish business or research relations to find global partners for future collaboration in the field of Industrial Engineering. All the goals of the international conference are to fulfill the mission of the series conference which is to review, exchange, summarize and promote the latest achievements in the field of industrial engineering and engineering management over the past year, and to propose prospects and vision for the further development. This volume is the first of the two proceedings volumes from this conference.

Decision Making and Forecasting

Author: Kneale T. Marshall
Publisher: McGraw-Hill College
ISBN: 0070480273
Release Date: 1995-01-01
Genre: Business & Economics

This book discusses how to design the most important features of realistic decision problems into analytical models that reveal their structure and give insight. Emphasis is on model formulation using graphical techniques with influence diagrams and decision trees. Decision Making and Forecasting shows how forecasting must be integrated with decision making in a coherent manner and makes frequent use of the economic value of forecasts.

International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Management Science 2013

Author: Dr. X. Chen,
Publisher: DEStech Publications, Inc
ISBN: 9781605951294
Release Date: 2013-10-16
Genre: Technology & Engineering

ICIEMS 2013 is to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academicians as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Industrial Engineering and Management Science. This conference provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and experiences face to face, to establish business or research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration.

Dynamic Stochastic Optimization

Author: Kurt Marti
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783642558849
Release Date: 2012-12-06
Genre: Science

Uncertainties and changes are pervasive characteristics of modern systems involving interactions between humans, economics, nature and technology. These systems are often too complex to allow for precise evaluations and, as a result, the lack of proper management (control) may create significant risks. In order to develop robust strategies we need approaches which explic itly deal with uncertainties, risks and changing conditions. One rather general approach is to characterize (explicitly or implicitly) uncertainties by objec tive or subjective probabilities (measures of confidence or belief). This leads us to stochastic optimization problems which can rarely be solved by using the standard deterministic optimization and optimal control methods. In the stochastic optimization the accent is on problems with a large number of deci sion and random variables, and consequently the focus ofattention is directed to efficient solution procedures rather than to (analytical) closed-form solu tions. Objective and constraint functions of dynamic stochastic optimization problems have the form of multidimensional integrals of rather involved in that may have a nonsmooth and even discontinuous character - the tegrands typical situation for "hit-or-miss" type of decision making problems involving irreversibility ofdecisions or/and abrupt changes ofthe system. In general, the exact evaluation of such functions (as is assumed in the standard optimization and control theory) is practically impossible. Also, the problem does not often possess the separability properties that allow to derive the standard in control theory recursive (Bellman) equations.

Proceedings of 20th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management

Author: Ershi Qi
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783642400728
Release Date: 2013-12-17
Genre: Business & Economics

The International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management is sponsored by the Chinese Industrial Engineering Institution, CMES, which is the only national-level academic society for Industrial Engineering. The conference is held annually as the major event in this arena. Being the largest and the most authoritative international academic conference held in China, it provides an academic platform for experts and entrepreneurs in the areas of international industrial engineering and management to exchange their research findings. Many experts in various fields from China and around the world gather together at the conference to review, exchange, summarize and promote their achievements in the fields of industrial engineering and engineering management. For example, some experts pay special attention to the current state of the application of related techniques in China as well as their future prospects, such as green product design, quality control and management, supply chain and logistics management to address the need for, amongst other things low-carbon, energy-saving and emission-reduction. They also offer opinions on the outlook for the development of related techniques. The proceedings offers impressive methods and concrete applications for experts from colleges and universities, research institutions and enterprises who are engaged in theoretical research into industrial engineering and engineering management and its applications. As all the papers are of great value from both an academic and a practical point of view, they also provide research data for international scholars who are investigating Chinese style enterprises and engineering management.

Decision Making in Service Industries

Author: Javier Faulin
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781439867341
Release Date: 2012-08-08
Genre: Business & Economics

In real-life scenarios, service management involves complex decision-making processes usually affected by random or stochastic variables. Under such uncertain conditions, the development and use of robust and flexible strategies, algorithms, and methods can provide the quantitative information necessary to make better business decisions. Decision Making in Service Industries: A Practical Approach explores the challenges that must be faced to provide intelligent strategies for efficient management and decision making that will increase your organization’s competitiveness and profitability. The book provides insight and understanding into practical and methodological issues related to decision-making processes under uncertainty in service industries. It examines current and future trends regarding how these decision-making processes can be efficiently performed for better design of service systems by using probabilistic algorithms as well as hybrid and simulation-based approaches. Traditionally, many quantitative tools have been developed to make decisions in production companies. This book explores how to use these tools for making decisions inside service industries. Thus, the authors tackle strategic, tactical, and operational problems in service companies with the help of suitable quantitative models such as heuristic and metaheuristic algorithms, simulation, or queuing theory. Generally speaking, decision making is a hard task in business fields. Making the issue more complex, most service companies’ problems are related to the uncertainty of the service demand. This book sheds light on these types of decision problems. It provides studies that demonstrate the suitability of quantitative methods to make the right decisions. Consequently, this book presents the business analytics needed to make strategic decisions in service industries.

Industrial engineering and management

Author: Philip E. Hicks
Publisher: McGraw-Hill College
ISBN: 0070288070
Release Date: 1994
Genre: Technology & Engineering

The book emphasizes that a good place to start is to get out of your office, go down to the production floor, and simply ask "What are you doing and why are you doing it?" The answers and the results will amaze you!.

Linear and Nonlinear Programming

Author: Stephen G. Nash
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Science, Engineering & Mathematics
ISBN: 0070460655
Release Date: 1996
Genre: Technology & Engineering

A complete and unified introduction to applications, theory and algorithms which contains modelling examples, computer based exercises and material on interior point methods and trust-region methods. Gives both numerical methods for optimisation and optomisation problems.