Small scale Poultry Production

Author: Emmanuel Babafunso Sonaiya
Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.
ISBN: 9251050821
Release Date: 2004-01-01
Genre: Business & Economics

This technical guide promotes sustainable small-scale, family-based poultry production. It gives a comprehensive review of all aspects of small-scale poultry production in developing countries and includes sections on feeding and nutrition, housing, general husbandry and flocks health. Regional differences in health practices are also described. The guide provides the technical and scientific "building blocks" needed to develop sustainable programs for small-scale poultry production. It will be of practical value to those keeping or planning to keep poultry and as a valuable technical reference for poultry specialists, researchers, students and those interested in broader rural development issues.--Publisher's description.

Small Scale Poultry Production Technical Guide

Author: E B Sonaiya
Publisher: Daya Books
ISBN: 8170355028
Release Date: 2007-01-01
Genre: Chickens

This technical guide promotes sustainable small-scale, family based poultry production. It gives a comprehensive review of all aspects of small-scale poultry production in developing countries and includes sections on feeding and nutrition, housing, general husbandry and flock health. Regional differences in production practices are also described. The guide provides the technical and scientific building blocks needed to develop sustainable programmes for small-scale poultry production. It will be of practical value to those keeping or planning to keep poultry and as a valuable technical reference for poultry specialists, researchers, students and those interested in broader rural development issues. Contents Chapter 1: Introduction; Chapter 2: Species and Breeds; Chapter 3: Feed Resources; Chapter 4: General Management; Chapter 5: Incubation and Hatching; Chapter 6: Health; Chapter 7: Breed Improvement; Chapter 8: Production Economics; Chapter 9: Marketing; Chapter 10: Research and Development for Family Poultry.

Small Scale Poultry Keeping

Author: Ray Feltwell
Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 9780571265398
Release Date: 2011-03-17
Genre: Technology & Engineering

Whether you hope to produce eggs and poultry meat for local sale, or simply relish the joy of eating your own freshly collected free-range eggs, this new addition gives invaluable advice on the type of poultry to choose, housing, feeding, breeding and general management.

The Small Scale Poultry Flock

Author: Harvey Ussery
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing
ISBN: 9781603583671
Release Date: 2011-10-07
Genre: Technology & Engineering

The most comprehensive guide to date on raising all-natural poultry for the small-scale farmer, homesteader, and professional grower. The Small-Scale Poultry Flock offers a practical and integrative model for working with chickens and other domestic fowl, based entirely on natural systems. Readers will find information on growing (and sourcing) feed on a small scale, brooding (and breeding) at home, and using poultry as insect and weed managers in the garden and orchard. Ussery's model presents an entirely sustainable system that can be adapted and utilized in a variety of scales, and will prove invaluable for beginner homesteaders, growers looking to incorporate poultry into their farm, or poultry farmers seeking to close their loop. Ussery offers extensive information on: The definition of an integrated poultry flock (imitation of natural systems, integrating patterns, and closing the circle) Everything you need to know about your basic chicken (including distinctive points about anatomy and behavior that are critical to management) Extended information on poultry health and holistic health care, with a focus on prevention Planning your flock (flock size, choosing breeds, fowl useful for egg vs. meat production, sourcing stock) How to breed and brood the flock (including breeding for genetic conservation), including the most complete guide to working with broody hens available anywhere Making and mixing your own feed (with tips on equipment, storage, basic ingredients, technique, grinding and mixing) Providing more of the flock's feed from sources grown or self-foraged on the homestead or farm, including production of live protein feeds using earthworms and soldier grubs Using poultry to increase soil fertility, control crop damaging insects, and to make compost-including systems for pasturing and for tillage of cover crops and weeds Recipes for great egg and poultry dishes (including Ussery's famous chicken stock!) And one of the best step-by-step poultry butchering guides available, complete with extensive illustrative photos. No other book on raising poultry takes an entirely whole-systems approach, or discusses producing homegrown feed and breeding in such detail. This is a truly invaluable guide that will lead farmers and homesteaders into a new world of self-reliance and enjoyment.

Products and Profit from Poultry

Author: Martin Hilmi
Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org
ISBN: UIUC:30112110366140
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Business & Economics

Traditionally poultry is found in many communities the world over and can be, with adequate support, training and investment, a viable commercial enterprise for many small-scale farmers. Poultry can provide for a good source of nutrition for the farm family and an income source, which does not depend on the harvest cycle common to crops. The booklet is aimed at raising awareness and promoting poultry as a business to all those who are involved in supporting small-scale farming and rural development in general.

The Complete Guide to Small scale Farming

Author: Melissa Nelson
Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Company
ISBN: 9781601383754
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Nature

Starting a small scale farm is the dream of Americans young and old, from those who watched the majesty of the great western farm in films during their youth to those who spent their childhood actually working on a farm. However, for many of these individuals it is a matter of logistics and cost that keeps them from realizing their dreams. Raising beef cattle, ducks, rabbits, and any other small animals such as sheep, goats, or chickens takes not only a decent amount of money to get started, but know how that doesn't come in textbooks while in school. This book was written with the intent of providing anyone who has ever wanted to start their own small scale farm the necessary resources and information needed to start raising small animals and cattle. You will learn everything you need to know to raise a wide variety of small animals. You will learn how to care for chickens, from choosing the right breed to raising them for egg production. You will learn how to handle geese and ducks, choosing the correct breeds, feeding, housing, breeding, and selecting the right ones for egg production. You will also learn about egg incubation, maintaining poultry health, and how raise them for meat. Other animals you will learn how to care for include rabbits, goats, sheep, dairy cows, and beef cattle. Small farmers and animal experts have been interviewed in detail and their responses added to this book to provide additional insight into every aspect of raising farm animals. This includes details about how to purchase, house, feed, breed, record, and butcher animals of all types as well as how to gather milk, use goats and cows for maintaining your fields, and even keeping records of births and selling babies. Everything you might need to know about raising small animals for your farm is included in this guide to provide you the first steps to raising domesticated poultry and livestock. Atlantic Publishing is a small, independent publishing company based in Ocala, Florida. Founded over twenty years ago in the company presidentâe(tm)s garage, Atlantic Publishing has grown to become a renowned resource for non-fiction books. Today, over 450 titles are in print covering subjects such as small business, healthy living, management, finance, careers, and real estate. Atlantic Publishing prides itself on producing award winning, high-quality manuals that give readers up-to-date, pertinent information, real-world examples, and case studies with expert advice. Every book has resources, contact information, and web sites of the products or companies discussed.

Storey s Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds

Author: Carol Ekarius
Publisher: Storey Publishing
ISBN: 9781612128436
Release Date: 2016-07-18
Genre: Technology & Engineering

More than 128 birds strut their stuff across the pages of this definitive primer for intrepid poultry farmers and feather fanciers alike. From the Manx Rumpy to the Redcap and the Ancona duck to his Aylesbury cousin, each breed is profiled with a brief history, detailed descriptions of identifying characteristics, and colorful photography. Comprehensive and fun, Storey’s Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds celebrates the personalities and charming good looks of North America’s quirkiest barnyard birds and waterfowl.

Processing of Poultry

Author: G. C. Mead
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781461520597
Release Date: 2012-12-06
Genre: Technology & Engineering

Over the last 40 years, poultry-meat production has undergone considerable expansion in much of the developed world. The industry has changed from an essentially farm-based operation to one where economies of scale in rearing and processing have led to a high degree of operational efficiency. As a sequel to these changes, however, there is now greater emphasis on product quality, rather than mere 'production at least cost'. Also, the more recent growth in further processed and 'value-added' convenience items has helped to maintain a buoyant market for poultry, and has shown that the industry can rapidly adapt to changing consumer needs and preferences. It is in the areas of primary processing and further-processed product development that the greatest technological changes have occurred within the industry. Processing, in particular, has become more mechanical, so that most stages in the production of oven-ready carcasses or cut-portions are now either semi-or fully-automated, thus reducing labcur costs and helping to maximise the speed and efficiency of the process. However, not all of the changes that have taken place have necessarily been in the best interests of maintaining product quality, e.g. in relation to meat tenderness and microbial contamina tion, and it is essential for any processor to understand fully the effects of processing on all aspects of meat quality, including the efficacy of possible control measures.

Humane and Healthy Poultry Production

Author: Karma Glos
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing
ISBN: 9781603583589
Release Date: 2011-04-15
Genre: Technology & Engineering

Part of the NOFA guides. Includes information on: Organic poultry basics Establishing the facilities (housing and equipment, choosing and using litter, outdoor access, brooding, grazing and pasturing) Purchasing and brooding chicks Organic feed and supplements Poultry health care in the organic system Management challenges (production and culling, spotted shells, yolk color) Slaughter and Processing Marketing Production expectations and economic viability

Decision Tools for Family Poultry Development

Author: Food and Agriculture Organization
Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org
ISBN: 9251080879
Release Date: 2014-11-18
Genre: Business & Economics

This publication provides guidance for personnel in governments, development organizations and NGOs to better determine and plan development interventions for family poultry. The decision tools address the situation of four distinct family poultry production systems and their development opportunities: small extensive scavenging, extensive scavenging, semi-intensive production and small-scale intensive production. They describe the poultry production systems, including their required inputs and expected outputs and the techniques and tools used to assess the operational environment, in order to design interventions suited to the local conditions. Practical technical information are provided about genetics and reproduction, feeds and feeding, poultry health, housing, marketing and value chain development, microfinance and credit, institutional development, training and extension, and creating an enabling policy. Guidance is then provided on how to utilize this relevant information to design and develop projects targeted at specific conditions.


Author: Cherie Langlois
Publisher: i5 Publishing
ISBN: 9781935484790
Release Date: 2011-05-03
Genre: Nature

Written by hobby farmer Cherie Langlois from Washington state, Ducks is a fantastic overview of these entertaining and adaptable waterfowl. The author begins by asking “What do these water-crazy birds have that make them as much an asset to farms as landlubbing poultry?” She provides many answers that defend the virtues and versatility of ducks and argues that the duck is superior to the ubiquitous chicken in many ways. As a zoologist, Langlois has a gift for elucidating the details of the waterfowl’s anatomy, traits and behavior, all revealed in the first chapter “Meet the Duck.” She proceeds by leading readers through the process of choosing the right ducks for their hobby farm, considering the various domestic breeds (from bantams to heavyweights) as well as the sex of the birds and number of birds/breeds ideal for beginning a hobby-farm flock. The book offers advice on housing these very adaptable birds that thrive in various climates and regions throughout the world: space requirements, ventilation, flooring, feeders, and fencing. Naturally, ducks need water to thrive in the form of an existing lake, a manmade pond or simple duck pools, all discussed in the housing chapter. “The Duck Diet” chapter discusses the nutritional needs of the flock and various feeding options farmers and ranchers can consider. Seasoned duck aficionados interested in getting into the business of ducklings will find much information in the breeding chapter, which catalogs methods for hatching, incubators, mama duck and baby care, and more. The health of livestock is always a major consideration for the hobby farmer, and the chapter “Flock Health and Handling” offers a mini course in disease prevention, proper hygiene, recognizing symptoms of illnesses, and dealing with common maladies. The advantages of duck farming—the superior quality of duck eggs, down, and meat--are the focal point of the final chapter “Harvesting the Rewards,” likely the first chapter the dubious duck farmer will read prior to taking the dive into ducks. The book concludes with appendices of endangered duck breeds and duck diseases, resources, a glossary of terms, and a complete index.

Poultry for Profit and Pleasure

Author: Robyn G. Alders
Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.
ISBN: 9251050759
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Nature

This publication is part of a series which seeks to raise awareness amongst policymakers and agricultural support services in low and middle income countries about sustainable income generation opportunities for small-scale farmers and local communities. It contains guidance on the keeping of poultry, and topics discussed include: the history of domestic poultry production, its contribution to sustainable rural livelihoods, key components of rural poultry production, diversification and intensification issues, utilisation of poultry products. It includes examples of case studies of poultry production schemes in Bangladesh, South Africa, Guatemala, Cambodia and the Philippines.

Good Practices in Planning and Management of Integrated Commercial Poultry Production in South Asia

Author: R. Prabakaran
Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.
ISBN: 9251050090
Release Date: 2003-01-01
Genre: Business & Economics

This publication reviews all aspects of poultry production in South Asia, including layer production for eggs and broilers for meat. Information is given on feeding and nutrition, housing and general husbandry, as well as on flock health. Regional specificity always exists but this type of production also shows the many similarities in other parts of the world with regard to potential and constraints.

Poultry Production in Hot Climates

Author: N. J. Daghir
Publisher: CABI
ISBN: 9781845932589
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Technology & Engineering

This book gives an overview of the poultry industry in the warm regions of the world and covers research on breeding for heat resistance. And highlights some of the findings on nutrient requirements of chickens and turkeys.