Sous Chef

Author: Michael Gibney
Publisher: Ballantine Books
ISBN: 9780804177887
Release Date: 2014-03-25
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

NAMED ONE OF THE TEN BEST NONFICTION BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY TIME The back must slave to feed the belly. . . . In this urgent and unique book, chef Michael Gibney uses twenty-four hours to animate the intricate camaraderie and culinary choreography in an upscale New York restaurant kitchen. Here readers will find all the details, in rapid-fire succession, of what it takes to deliver an exceptional plate of food—the journey to excellence by way of exhaustion. Told in second-person narrative, Sous Chef is an immersive, adrenaline-fueled run that offers a fly-on-the-wall perspective on the food service industry, allowing readers to briefly inhabit the hidden world behind the kitchen doors, in real time. This exhilarating account provides regular diners and food enthusiasts alike a detailed insider’s perspective, while offering fledgling professional cooks an honest picture of what the future holds, ultimately giving voice to the hard work and dedication around which chefs have built their careers. In a kitchen where the highest standards are upheld and one misstep can result in disaster, Sous Chef conjures a greater appreciation for the thought, care, and focus that go into creating memorable and delicious fare. With grit, wit, and remarkable prose, Michael Gibney renders a beautiful and raw account of this demanding and sometimes overlooked profession, offering a nuanced perspective on the craft and art of food and service. Praise for Sous Chef “This is excellent writing—excellent!—and it is thrilling to see a debut author who has language and story and craft so well in hand. Though I would never ask my staff to read my own book, I would happily require them to read Michael Gibney’s.”—Gabrielle Hamilton “[Michael] Gibney has the soul of a poet and the stamina of a stevedore. . . . Tender and profane, his book will leave you with a permanent appreciation for all those people who ‘desire to feed, to nourish, to dish out the tasty bits of life.’”—The New York Times Book Review “A terrific nuts-and-bolts account of the real business of cooking as told from the trenches. No nonsense. This is what it takes.”—Anthony Bourdain “A wild ride, not unlike a roller coaster, and the reader experiences all the drama, tension, exhilaration, exhaustion and relief that accompany cooking in an upscale Manhattan restaurant.”—USA Today “Vibrantly written.”—Entertainment Weekly “Sizzling . . . Such culinary experience paired with linguistic panache is a rarity.”—The Daily Beast “Reveals the high-adrenaline dance behind your dinner.”—NPR From the Trade Paperback edition.

Cooking as Fast as I Can

Author: Cat Cora
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781476766157
Release Date: 2016-07-19
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Chef Cora, best known for her role on the Food Network's Iron Chef America, here recounts ger childhood in Jackson, MS, the influence of her Greek heritage and the meals that have shapped her memories.

Gordon Ramsay

Author: Jeanne Nagle
Publisher: Enslow Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 9780766072473
Release Date: 2015-12-15
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Although he started his life wanting to be a professional soccer player, Ramsay’s competitive streak gave him a head start in a career as a chef and as the host of several television shows. But the Scottish-born chef is much more than a tough-as-nails television personality. Readers will learn about Ramsay’s culinary career, rise to celebrity status, and personal life. They will also discover how to become a chef and get the chance to try some recipes inspired by him.

Food Arts

ISBN: CORNELL:31924095702530
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Food industry and trade

The New York Times Guide to New York City 2005

Author: New York Times Guides
Publisher: New York Times Books
ISBN: 193088110X
Release Date: 2004-12-01
Genre: Travel

By utilizing the resources of America's premier newspaper, The New York Times Guide is now widely recognized as the most complete and reliable source of information on what to see and do in New York City. Sightseeing: Writers who live and work here tell you what you need to know about all of New York's legendary landmarks, as well as how to get around this great city--from walking tours of famous neighborhoods to hailing a cap or taking the subways. Plus plenty of maps. Restaurants: The most respected reviewers in town--William Grimes and Eric Asimov--tell you where to find the city's best restaurants as they guide you through more than 350 of them, from four-star temples of food to great inexpensive neighborhood eateries. Hotels: Detailed reviews of more than 100 hotels in every price range, including options in every Manhattan neighborhood and the best airport options. No other guide can match this coverage. Shopping: More than 40 pages of information on stores, boutiques and markets, with a special feature on tracking down bargains all over town. There's even an insider's guide to finding antiques. Theater, Art and Music: Broadway! Lincoln Center! Carnegie Hall! Top Times critics--Ben Brantley on theater, Michael Kimmelman on art, Anna Kisselgoff on dance, and Bernard Holland and Anthony Tommasini on music--tell you all you need to know about New York's rich cultural life. Plus Grace Glueck helps you locate the most important art galleries. Nightlife: Want to find a cozy little bar for a nightcap? Looking for a romantic evening of cabaret or a rowdy night of dancing? You'll find descriptions of hundreds of bars and clubs throughout the city, from elegant hotel haunts to the deepest dives. New York for Children: Laurel Graeber of the Times explores great places for kids--and there are many more than you think. The Neighborhoods: Find out what's going on in Manhattan--Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island, too--as well as which restaurants are your best bets in each borough.