Learn Microsoft SQL Server Intuitively

Publisher: Peter Lalovsky
ISBN: 9780995245105
Release Date: 2016-09-09

Learn Microsoft® SQL Server® Intuitively is a complete, hands-on and practical guide to everything you will ever need to know about the basics of Microsoft® SQL Server® relational database management systems. From the basics, ideal for beginners with their own PC, to more complex ideas for big business, Learn Microsoft® SQL Server® Intuitively teaches you one step at a time, in an easy-to-follow and simple format, written in a language that you will understand. The wide ranging benefits and features of this book include: • A hands on approach • Fast and easy • Practical problem solving • Saves you time and money • Self-educating • Intuitive and visual • Tutorials and in-depth explanations • And much more... Learn Microsoft® SQL Server® Intuitively is the only book you will ever need to help you navigate these complex processes. Due to its unique visual approach you will find it easier than ever to completely understand the database programming and how it can work better for you. Get your copy of Learn Microsoft® SQL Server® Intuitively now and make the most out of your home PC or business.

Einf hrung in SQL

Author: Alan Beaulieu
Publisher: O'Reilly Germany
ISBN: 9783897219380
Release Date: 2009-08-31
Genre: Computers

SQL kann Spaß machen! Es ist ein erhebendes Gefühl, eine verworrene Datenmanipulation oder einen komplizierten Report mit einer einzigen Anweisung zu bewältigen und so einen Haufen Arbeit vom Tisch zu bekommen. Einführung in SQL bietet einen frischen Blick auf die Sprache, deren Grundlagen jeder Entwickler beherrschen muss. Die aktualisierte 2. Auflage deckt die Versionen MySQL 6.0, Oracle 11g und Microsoft SQL Server 2008 ab. Außerdem enthält sie neue Kapitel zu Views und Metadaten. SQL-Basics - in null Komma nichts durchstarten: Mit diesem leicht verständlichen Tutorial können Sie SQL systematisch und gründlich lernen, ohne sich zu langweilen. Es führt Sie rasch durch die Basics der Sprache und vermittelt darüber hinaus eine Reihe von häufig genutzten fortgeschrittenen Features. Mehr aus SQL-Befehlen herausholen: Alan Beaulieu will mehr vermitteln als die simple Anwendung von SQL-Befehlen: Er legt Wert auf ein tiefes Verständnis der SQL-Features und behandelt daher auch den Umgang mit Mengen, Abfragen innerhalb von Abfragen oder die überaus nützlichen eingebauten Funktionen von SQL. Die MySQL-Beispieldatenbank: Es gibt zwar viele Datenbankprodukte auf dem Markt, aber welches wäre zum Erlernen von SQL besser geeignet als MySQL, das weit verbreitete relationale Datenbanksystem? Der Autor hilft Ihnen, eine MySQL-Datenbank anzulegen, und nutzt diese für die Beispiele in diesem Buch. Übungen mit Lösungen: Zu jedem Thema finden Sie im Buch gut durchdachte Übungen mit Lösungen. So ist sichergestellt, dass Sie schnell Erfolgserlebnisse haben und das Gelernte auch praktisch umsetzen können.

MySQL Tutorial

Author: Luke Welling
Publisher: Pearson Deutschland GmbH
ISBN: 3827321697
Release Date: 2004

SQL Server

Author: Priyanka Agarwal
Publisher: MeetCoogle
Release Date: 2017-03-26
Genre: Computers

SQL Server - Tips and Tricks I book has solutions of some real time SQL Server problems that a developer face in most of the real time projects. Find out how to migrate databases, work with constraints, create stored procedures, triggers, functions, views and cursors and configure effective queries. Security, monitoring, and tuning techniques are also covered in this volume. All solutions are written with best practices and comes with complete to-the-point description and source code. You know the basics of the SQL query language, yet you feel you aren't taking full advantage of SQL's expressive power. You'd like to learn how to do more work with SQL inside the database before pushing data across the network to your applications. Let's face it, SQL is a deceptively simple language to learn, and many database developers never go far beyond the simple statement: SELECT columns FROM table WHERE conditions. But there is so much more you can do with the language. In the SQL Server - Tips and Tricks, experienced SQL developer Priyanka Agarwal shares her favorite SQL techniques and tricks to take your SQL skills to the next level. As you develop these skills, you will use either Microsoft SQL server to execute SQL statements. Everyone reading this book can jump right in with writing SQL statements in MS SQL Server with great ease. It's easy to find basic SQL syntax and keyword information online. What's hard to find is challenging, well-designed, real-world problems—the type of problems that come up all the time when you're dealing with data. Learning how to solve these problems will give you the skill and confidence to step up in your career. With SQL Server - Tips and Tricks, you can get that level of experience by solving sets of targeted problems. These aren't just problems designed to give an example of specific syntax. These are the most common problems you encounter when you deal with data. You will get real world practice, with real world data. I'll teach you how to "think" in SQL, how to analyze data problems, figure out the fundamentals, and work towards a solution that you can be proud of. It contains challenging problems, which develop your ability to write high quality SQL code. It has data analysis and reporting oriented challenges that are designed to step you through introductory, intermediate and advanced SQL Select statements, with a learn-by-doing technique. Most textbooks and courses have some practice problems. But most often, they're used just to illustrate a particular syntax. There's no filtering on what's most useful, and what the most common issues are. What you'll get with SQL Practice Problems is the problems that illustrate some the most common challenges you'll run into with data, and the best, most useful techniques to solve them. Published by: MeetCoogle

SQL f 1 4r Dummies

Author: Allen G. Taylor
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9783527810895
Release Date: 2017-04-24
Genre: Computers

Daten und Datenbanken sind quasi ï¿1⁄2berall. Mit der Standardabfragesprache SQL kï¿1⁄2nnen Daten in relationalen Datenbanken einfach, strukturiert und zielsicher abgefragt werden. Erfahren Sie in diesem Buch, welches kein Vorwissen voraussetzt, wie man Datenbanken erstellt, wie man Daten ordnet und abfragt und wie man SQL-Anweisungen in Programme und Websites einbindet. Nutzen Sie dieses Buch auch als Nachschlagewerk. Ganz wichtig: Sie lernen auch, wie Sie Ihre Datenbanken und Daten schï¿1⁄2tzen und wie Sie typische Fehler vermeiden.


Release Date: 1992-01-13

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Working with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System

Author: Richard Hundhausen
ISBN: 0735621853
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Computers

Hundhausen offers a pragmatic, hands-on overview of the new Microsoft Visual Studio team development environment, which features new tools and end-to-end integration for the roles of architect, developer, tester, and project manager.

MCITP SQL Server 2005 Database Developer All in One Exam Guide Exams 70 431 70 441 70 442

Author: Darril Gibson
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780071643764
Release Date: 2008-04-13
Genre: Computers

All-in-One is All You Need Get complete coverage of all three Microsoft Certified IT Professional database developer exams for SQL Server 2005 in this comprehensive volume. Written by a SQL Server expert and MCITP, this definitive exam guide features learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter, exam tips, practice questions, and in-depth explanations. Detailed and authoritative, the book serves as both a complete certification study guide and an essential on-the-job reference. Get full details on all exam topics including how to: Install and configure SQL Server 2005 Manage database design Use Transact-SQL and XML Work with functions, triggers, and CLR integration Optimize, monitor, and secure databases Create stored procedures Handle disaster recovery Work with Service Broker, Web Services, and MARS Use SQL Server Reporting Services and Notification Services Manage locks, deadlocks, and cursors Transfer data using Replication and SQL Server Integration Services The CD-ROM features: Six full practice exams-two for each exam: 70-431, 70-441, & 70-442 Scripts from the step-by-step exercises in the book Video training clips from the author Complete electronic book

C Programming Evolution

Author: Kevin Hoffman
Publisher: Sams
ISBN: PSU:000054347915
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Computers

Readers learn real-world techniques in context and get a production quality application to use as a starting point for their own projects.

Abfragen Von Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Original Microsoft Training Fur Examen 70 461

Author: Itzik Ben-Gan
Publisher: Microsoft Press Deutschland
ISBN: 3866459610
Release Date: 2013
Genre: Electronic books

Erlernen Sie das Abfragen von Microsoft SQL Server 2012 und bereiten Sie sich gleichzeitig auf das Examen 70-461 vor. Das vorliegende Buch bietet Ihnen einen umfassenden Lehrbuchteil, mit dem Sie selbstandig lernen und anhand praktischer Ubungen die prufu

Oracle SQL High performance Tuning

Author: Guy Harrison
Publisher: Prentice Hall Ptr
ISBN: 0136142311
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Computers

The complete developer's guide to optimizing Oracle SQL code. Optimizing SQL code is the #1 factor in improving Oracle database performance. Yet most guides to Oracle tuning virtually ignore SQL. "Until now." "Oracle SQL High-Performance Tuning" zeroes in on SQL, showing how to achieve performance gains of 100% or more in many applications. Expert Oracle developer Guy Harrison presents a detailed overview of SQL processing, and then introduces SQL tuning guidelines that improve virtually any application. Learn how to: Choose execution plans. Work with joins. Search for nulls and ranges. Trace SQL statement execution. Build indexes that support efficient queries. Optimize virtually all type of SQL including: views, hierarchical queries, table scans, GROUP BY, updates, subqueries, distributed SQL, and more. As databases grow, and ad hoc queries to data warehouses increase, optimizing SQL becomes even more critical. Harrison offers practical guidance on using Oracle's parallel query facility for large-volume queries, and shows when to use Oracle's PL/SQL instead of standard SQL. The book is replete with examples, showing poorly tuned SQL, how to fix it--and specific performance measurements collected on a wide range of computer hardware, from high-end UNIX SMP hosts to 486 laptops running Personal Oracle. The CD-ROM contains an extraordinary collection of Oracle SQL tuning tools, including: A complete freeware Tuning Toolkit for generating SQL execution plans in a Windows environment, and for monitoring server load and efficiency. Trial versions of the SQLab tuning environment, Precise/SQL tuning tools, and SQL Navigator development environment. Full-function 90-daytrial versions of Personal Oracle for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. If your Oracle applications must deliver supercharged performance, you can't afford to be without Guy Harrison's "Oracle SQL High-Performance Tuning."


Release Date: 1992-04-27

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World Wide Web Database Programming for Windows NT

Author: Brian Jepson
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: UOM:39076001733406
Release Date: 1996-06-06
Genre: Computers

As more companies build their Web sites on Windows NT, popular database programs like FoxPro and SQL Server are becoming valuable applications for the Web. Web database authority Brian Jepson explains exactly how to add a database to enhance either an existing or new Web site. From Internet fundamentals like TCP/IP, Perl and ODBC to practical advice on designing and developing a Web database, this book covers it all. You'll learn how to configure your Web site so that visitors can access databases that reside at the site as well as those in other locations on your company's network.