Author: Sandra Brown
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 9781455581238
Release Date: 2016-08-16
Genre: Fiction

#1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Sandra Brown jolts the reader from the first page of this heart-pounding story of corruption, treachery, and ceaseless deception . . . where nothing is what it seems and every truth brought to light exposes a darker lie. When Jordie Bennet and Shaw Kinnard lock eyes across a disreputable backwater bar, something definitely sparks. Shaw gives off a dangerous vibe that makes men wary and inspires women to sit up and take notice. None feel that undercurrent more strongly than savvy businesswoman Jordie, who doesn't belong in a seedy dive on the banks of a bayou. But here she is . . . and Shaw Kinnard is here to kill her. As Shaw and his partner take aim, Jordie is certain her time has come. But Shaw has other plans and abducts Jordie, hoping to get his hands on the $30 million her brother has stolen and, presumably, hidden. However, Shaw is not the only one looking for the fortune. Her brother's ruthless boss and the FBI are after it as well. Now on the run from the feds and a notorious criminal, Jordie and Shaw must rely on their wits-and each other-to stay alive. Miles away from civilization and surrounded by swampland, the two play each other against their common enemies. Jordie's only chance of survival is to outwit Shaw, but it soon becomes clear to Shaw that Jordie isn't entirely trustworthy, either. Was she in on her brother's scam, or is she an innocent pawn in a deadly vendetta? And just how valuable is her life to Shaw, her remorseless and manipulative captor? Burning for answers-and for each other-this unlikely pair ultimately make a desperate move that could be their last. With nonstop plot twists and the tantalizing sexual tension that has made Sandra Brown one of the world's best-loved authors, STING will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the final pages.


Author: Ross Davies
Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group
ISBN: 082393490X
Release Date: 2001-09-01
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Examines the performing techniques, athletic ability, and career of the wrestler known as Sting.


Author: Sting
Publisher: Dial Press
ISBN: 9780307421999
Release Date: 2009-07-16
Genre: Music

From the first Police album, Outlandos D'Amour, through Sacred Love, here are the collected lyrics written by Sting, along with his commentary. From the Hardcover edition.

Sting A Loot Novel

Author: Jude Watson
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 9780545863483
Release Date: 2016-08-30
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

Rule Number One for Cat Burglars: Never Do a Favor for a Friend. So why is March McQuin dangling upside-down twenty feet above a stone floor in the middle of the night, instead of tucked in bed like a regular kid? Along with his twin sister, Jules, he’s set on stealing a set of stunning diamonds. It should have been an easy job, in and out. Except another thief got there first. March and Jules are lucky to escape with their lives, and one measly stone. Now the botched heist has created a world of trouble. The stone they grabbed was the Morning Star, one of a trio of famous sapphires, and it’s cursed. The theft puts the twins and their friends in the crosshairs of Interpol, the FBI, and a vicious adult gang of criminals. And worst of all, the only way to break the curse and set everything to rights is by pulling off two more impossible heists... and stealing the other two sapphires in the set. Break out the black gloves. Lay out the masks. There’s a full moon coming, and jewels to steal...

The Sting of the Wild

Author: Justin O. Schmidt
Publisher: JHU Press
ISBN: 9781421419282
Release Date: 2016-03-03
Genre: Nature

"The story of the man who got stung for science"--Jacket.

Broken Music

Author: Sting (Musician)
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0385336780
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

The popular singer discusses his early childhood, adolescence, and rise to success with the Police, detailing personal moments and relationships that shaped his life.


Author: Sheila Wyborny
Publisher: Blackbirch PressInc
ISBN: 1567119743
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction

Candid and revealing portraits of contemporary music's most successful and influential stars.


Author: Robert Sellers
Publisher: Omnibus Press& Schirmer Trade Books
ISBN: 0711921075
Release Date: 1989-01-01
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

The Sting Australia s plot to crack a global drug empire

Author: Nick McKenzie
Publisher: Melbourne Univ. Publishing
ISBN: 9780522861532
Release Date: 2012-04-01
Genre: True Crime

It was a David and Goliath style battle: Australian investigators up against a global organised crime empire. What seemed like an impossible task resulted in one of the most ambitious investigations in the world, infiltrating international money laundering streams and exposing the global crime bosses in control of the world’s drug trade. The Sting is the never-before-told story of the ongoing efforts of Australia’s most secretive and powerful law enforcement agency to topple the new face of organised crime. This is a tech-savvy, billion-dollar empire with tentacles reaching across the world, from outlaw motorcycle gangs to powerful Asian crime syndicates to law and government agencies. This is not a conventional story of good versus evil. It chronicles criminal, law enforcement and political tactics through the eyes of its major players—the criminal investigators, the international crime bosses, the senator, the drug cook and the investigative journalist—and exposes what many in power don’t want the public to know.


Author: Anne E. Hill
ISBN: 1560069813
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Although known for his musical talents as lead singer of The Police and as a solo artist, Sting is more than just an entertainer. His dedication to work on behalf of human rights and the environment has also won him praise.

A Sting in the Tale

Author: James Berryman
Publisher: Mirage Publishing
ISBN: 1902578139
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Rock musicians

In this authorized biography, James Berrymore writes about his lifelong friendship with the rock star Sting, from their school days onwards.


Author: Wensley Clarkson
Publisher: Bradford Press
ISBN: 1857821254
Release Date: 1996
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Based on two years of research and interviews with colleagues, relatives and friends, this book paints a revealing portrait of rock star Sting. It tells of his unsettled childhood, of his time in The Police, his passionate love-life, his interest in fitness and self-awareness, his more tranquil, contemplative nature of the 1990s, and how his idealistic attempt to help save the Brazilian Rainforest nearly cost him his career as a rock star.

The Words and Music of Sting

Author: Christopher Gable
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 9780275993603
Release Date: 2009
Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Gable provides an analysis of the songs, recordings, and influence of one of the most important singer-songwriters in Western popular music over the past twenty years.

The Sting Man

Author: Robert W. Greene
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9780698144446
Release Date: 2013-12-02
Genre: History

The true story behind the film AMERICAN HUSTLE The Sting Man is the amazing inside story of Mel Weinberg, one of the most fascinating fast-buck operators to ever live, and the incredible scandals he masterminded. Hustling his way from the streets of the Bronx to hawking bogus businesses around the world, Weinberg netted millions and famously dreamed up Abscam—the infamous FBI-run sting operation of the late 1970’s that would bag seven congressmen and one U.S. senator.


Author: Steve Gett
Publisher: Cherry Lane Music
ISBN: 0895242818
Release Date: 1985
Genre: Music

Traces the life of Sting and examines the development of his careers as a rock musician and film actor