Author: Rebecca Robbins
ISBN: 1540342026
Release Date: 2016-11-11

Ready to become a Sudoku master? Then 400+ Sudoku Puzzles - Volume 3 is for you! Whatever your level, you'll love this huge Sudoku puzzle book from Sudoku expert Rebecca Robbins. The 400 puzzles increase in difficulty from warm-ups to total mind-bogglers-perfect for players who want to gradually improve their skills and for masters who want a range of challenges to stay sharp. 400+ Sudoku Puzzles makes an excellent gift and is perfect for Sudoku players of all levels. You can even buy several copies and compete with your friends to see who can solve more puzzles. 400 unique sudoku puzzles 4 difficulty Levels - easy, medium, hard, very hard Includes answers for every puzzle (but no cheating!) Hours of entertainment Perfect gift for that special someone Are you good enough to finish every Sudoku puzzle? Buy Now to Find Out!


Author: Akihito Koumura
ISBN: 1978049528
Release Date: 2017-10-07

SUDOKU Sharpen Your Brain with this SUDOKU Puzzles Book Sudoku puzzles add a fresh challenge to your mental workout. Although they are number puzzles, they do not require math skills. The objective of these crosswords without words is to place the numbers 1 through 9 only once. The same single integer may not appear twice in the same row, column, or any of the nine 3�3 subregions of the 9x9 playing board. Never would have guessed, all the puzzles can be solved by logicical. Brain Games: Sudoku puzzles are sorted into four levels of difficulty. The book s introduction offers helpful tips and techniques for solving the puzzles, starting with the process of elimination. As you work through the sudoku puzzles, you will uncover your own techniques for solving them. Answers to every puzzle are provided at the back of the> Whether you are new to sudoku or craving a fresh challenge, Brain Games: Sudoku will give your brain a healthy workout. The book features:More than 400 sudoku puzzles, arranged in order of difficulty. Whatever your level, you'll love this Sudoku puzzle book. The 400 puzzles increase in difficulty from warm-ups to total mind-bogglers-perfect for players who want to gradually improve their skills and for masters who want a range of challenges to stay sharp. 4 difficulty Levels - easy, medium, hard, very hard

Sudoku Madness

Author: Kiwi Kiwi Puzzles
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1545024391
Release Date: 2017-03-29

Keep Your Mind Sharp with Sudoku Madness! It's a crazy world out there. With so much going on in your daily life, you need a way to unwind and keep your mind focused. Sudoku Madness from Kiwi Puzzles is just the thing for you. Fun for all ages, this book contains 400 sudoku puzzles that are guaranteed to sharpen your wits. With four different difficulty levels there's a puzzle in here for everyone! In this jam-packed sudoku puzzle book, you'll find: A brief explainer guide to teach the newbies the rules and show them how to successfully complete a sudoku puzzle 18 Easy puzzles to get the juices flowing 180 Normal puzzles to help the casual player kick back and relax or simply kill the time 180 Hard puzzles to satisfy players who are looking for a challenge or to strengthen their mental agility 30 Very Hard puzzles for those sudoku masters out there to hone their skills The solution to every puzzle so you either know you were right, or exactly where you went wrong Sudoku has been scientifically proven to have calming effects and build mental resilience. Sudoku puzzles can help you pack on a few extra IQ points (literally) and may even help you to reduce the risk of dementia and other cognitive disorders later in life (according to the American Alzheimer's Association). This puzzle book is the perfect way to step back from the daily drudge for a relaxing (or challenging!) escape. If you're looking to kill some time, trying to keep your mind in good shape, or just need a calming method to get your day started off the right way, Sudoku Madness from Kiwi Puzzles is the solution you need. Click "Add to Cart" now, and keep your mind sharp as a tack for years to come.

Sudoku Puzzles Volume 2

Author: A. D. Ardson
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1533654719
Release Date: 2016-06-08

Sudoku puzzle books, Sudoku puzzles, Sudoku puzzle magazines, Sudoku plus, Sudoku puzzle books easy, Sudoku puzzle books for adults, Sudoku puzzle books hard, Sudoku puzzle books for kids SUDOKU PUZZLES Volume 2: 400 Sudoku Puzzles with 4 difficulty levels for beginners and advanced puzzle lovers Sudoku Easy, Sudoku Medium, Sudoku Hard and Sudoku Very Hard Do you like solving Sudoku Puzzles? This book is for you! SUDOKU PUZZLES Volume 2: 400 Sudoku puzzles with 4 difficulty levels for beginners and advanced puzzle lovers is the second book in Sudoku Puzzle Book Series by A. D. Ardson. This book contains 400 challenging Sudoku puzzles for beginners and experienced Sudoku solvers alike. Features: - 400 Sudoku puzzles grouped in 4 difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard and very hard, with difficulty factor ranging from 0.01 up to 1.0 (the lower the number the easier the puzzle) - 100 grids for each level - Full solution to each puzzle at the end of the book Whether you are a novice or a skilled puzzler, these Sudoku puzzles will enhance your concentration and it will generate a lot of fun!

Sudoku Volume 3

Author: Puzzlemadness
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 154540318X
Release Date: 2017-04-16

Crazy about Sudoku? This the perfect book for you! This book contains 400 puzzles, they start off easy, but they don't stay easy! This book has easy puzzles, medium puzzles, hard puzzles and tough puzzles. 100 puzzles of each difficulty to make sure there is something for everybody!

200 Difficult Sudoku Puzzles

Author: Peter Greene
ISBN: 1411637429
Release Date: 2005-07-01
Genre: Games

This book contains 200 difficult Sudoku puzzles, including solutions and clues. All of the puzzles in this book are made by hand and carefully tested to make sure they are difficult but not impossibly so. You should be able to solve one of the puzzles in under 30 minutes. That means this book can keep you occupied for up to 100 hours! The book also includes a few examples on how to solve Sudoku puzzles to get you started in case you've bought this book without ever having solved a Sudoku before. If that is the case, the clues may also be of help. However, this book is intended for the reasonably experienced Sudoku player.

Funster 500 Sudoku Puzzles

Author: Charles Timmerman
ISBN: 099709298X
Release Date: 2017-06-26

Classic puzzles expertly designed for Sudoku lovers. A range of challenges to suit all levels of solvers. 500+ puzzles: 174 Easy, 174 Medium, 162 Hard. Bigger print than in most newspapers and magazines (and with better paper). Wide inner margins make it easy to tear out the puzzles for convenience.

The Largest Sudoku Book in the History of the Universe 2000 Puzzles with 5 Difficulty Levels

Author: Kiyo Tanaka
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 1500410330
Release Date: 2014-07-11
Genre: Games

Are you a compulsive Sudoku puzzle player? Do you finish the average Sudoku puzzle in no time at all? If so, then you'll love "The Largest Sudoku Puzzle Book in the History of the Universe". It is indeed the largest Sudoku puzzle book ever, packed with more than 2,000 easy to extremely challenging puzzles. This huge Sudoku puzzle collection is the perfect companion for Sudoku fans like you who can't get enough of these addicting number puzzles. This Sudoku book is packed with the following features: 2,000 Puzzles All Solutions 5 difficulty levels from beginner to expert How-to-play instructions No matter what your ability level, "The Largest Sudoku Puzzle Book in the History of the Universe" is sure to help to improve your logic and problem-solving skills. Plus, this giant volume will provide you with countless hours of fun! And don't forget, this book also makes absolutely the best possible gift for the Sudoku puzzle fanatic in your life!

Sudoku 8x8 Easy Volume 49 276 Puzzles

Author: Nick Snels
ISBN: 9781503353497
Release Date: 2015-11-30
Genre: Games

Sudoku is a fun and addicting logic puzzle game that has taken the world by storm. Sudoku 8x8 is a just tiny bit smaller than classic Sudoku 9x9, but just as entertaining and addicting. This book is ideal for beginners to learn how to play Sudoku 8x8. Once you pick up this book, you won't be able to put it back down. You have been warned! Sudoku 8x8 - Easy is a collection of 276 puzzles: • 216 easy Sudoku 8x8 puzzles • 60 extra logic puzzles The goal of Sudoku 8x8 is to fill in the empty cells, one number in each, so that each column, row, and region contains the numbers 1-8 exactly once. I guarantee that every logic puzzle in this Sudoku puzzle book has been carefully checked to ensure that each puzzle has only 1 solution. None of the puzzles in this book will appear in any of the other English books. At you find other books and e-books with puzzles like Jigsaw Sudoku, Kakuro, CalcuDoku, Wordoku, Hyper Sudoku, Samurai Sudoku, Killer Sudoku, Hoshi Sudoku, Tridoku, Anti-King Sudoku, Anti Diagonal Sudoku, Hitori, Slitherlink, Center Dot Sudoku, Girandola Sudoku, Anti-Knight Sudoku, Hashi, Masyu, Argyle Sudoku, Futoshiki, Nurikabe, Hidoku, Numbricks, Asterisk Sudoku, Shikaku, Minesweeper, Binary Puzzles, Solitaire Dominoes.

The Must Have 2018 Sudoku Puzzle Book

Author: Jonathan Bloom
ISBN: 0987004069
Release Date: 2017-09-08
Genre: Games & Activities

The Must Have 2018 Sudoku Puzzle book is an exciting, fun compilation of 365 sudoku games for 2018. The whole family can enjoy this sudoku book. **** NOW INCLUDES NEW SYMMETRICAL SUDOKU PUZZLES **** Each day brings a new challenge of sudoku puzzles with different difficulty levels - your daily sudoku brain exercises. ALWAYS in Stock on Amazon - There's a brand new sudoku puzzle for every day of the year - 5 difficulty levels (easy, moderate, nasty, cruel and deadly) - Date & Difficulty printed above every puzzle - Plenty of white space for number scribbling, with only 2 large print puzzles per page - Includes full solutions for every puzzle at back of the book - bold numbers for original clues in the solution section. - Easy Sudoku. Hard Sudoku. Sudoku for kids and adults The Guarantee One often finds sudoku books with puzzles that have multiple solutions. This can waste a lot of time and drain a fair amount of ones sanity when it comes to solving sudoku puzzles. Every puzzle in this sudoku puzzle book has been carefully checked to ensure that each puzzle has only 1 possible solution. The puzzles in this book will not appear in any of the the other titles

Sudoku Puzzle Book

Author: Chris Leander
ISBN: 1519041128
Release Date: 2016-09-06

Do you have what it takes? Become a master at Sudoku! From Novice to Veteran in the Ultimate Sudoku Puzzle Challenge! 1000 Puzzles! ***Large Print*** 1000 Unique Sudoku puzzles in 4 difficulty levels, Novice (250 levels) Amateur (250 levels) Professional (250 levels) Veteran (250 levels) Great for beginners! All the answers are included in the back. Please, don't cheat! Perfect as a gift!

Grandad s Book of Sudoku

Author: Clarity Media
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1499397763
Release Date: 2014-05-08
Genre: Games

Packed with 200 9x9 sudoku puzzles in levels easy, medium and hard, this book is sure to keep Grandad entertained for hours! Printed in a large 8x10" book, the sudoku puzzles are clear and easy to see. Printed on high quality paper, Grandad can easily take notes to make the puzzle experience all the more enjoyable! Whether you're looking for a less challenging puzzle to wind down with, or you're wanting to really work your brain and tackle the more difficult sudoku's, there's definitely something to keep you busy here. Featuring a fantastic collection of 200 of the very best sudoku puzzles, this book is the perfect gift for any Grandad. All puzzles come complete with solutions towards the back of the book so if you get stuck, take a look there for some inspiration! This puzzle book is part of our huge collection. See more at

Sudoku 16 X 16

Author: David Badger
Publisher: Udv
ISBN: 3954972891
Release Date: 2014-01-11

Sudoku 16 x 16 100 large Sudoku puzzles Place digits from 1 to 16 in each empty cell. Every column, every row and every 4 x 4 box should contain one of each digit.

Jigsaw Sudoku Volume 3

Author: Puzzlemadness
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 154649958X
Release Date: 2017-05-06

Bored of standard Sudoku? This book is the new challenge you are looking for! 400 Jigsaw Sudoku puzzles from the popular PuzzleMadness website. Containing 400 graded Jigsaw Sudoku puzzles there is something for everyone! Printed on high-quality paper that will easily withstand the constant erasing and re-writing that a Sudoku puzzle requires. The 400 puzzles are broken down as... 100 easy puzzles. Perfect if you've never played Jigsaw Sudoku before! 100 medium puzzles. A little more challenge. 100 hard puzzles. 100 tough puzzles. Perfect for those who are experienced Jigsaw Sudoku puzzlers looking for extra challenge. Every puzzle has a unique solution and can be solved by logic alone - no guessing required. Full answers are given in the book. Jigsaw Sudoku is very similar to standard Sudoku, but instead of all the regions being 3�3 squares, they are instead irregular 'jigsaw' shapes.

Jigsaw Sudoku 4

Author: Gareth Moore
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1495365824
Release Date: 2014-01-29
Genre: Games

Featuring a huge number of Jigsaw Sudoku puzzles, all carefully sorted into order of increasing difficulty, this unique collection of 200 puzzles is full of attractively-designed challenges from best-selling puzzle author Dr Gareth Moore, author of many international books. Jigsaw Sudoku replaces the regular 3x3 boxes of normal Sudoku with twisting, irregular jigsaw shapes, resulting in a much trickier puzzle. Printed on large, top-quality paper ideal for solving on, the 200 Jigsaw Sudoku puzzles vary in difficulty from easy to hard so whatever your preference or experience you'll always find a puzzle here to suit you. Visit for a full list of other titles in this series.